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Kendra Kendall
Hoosier Anchorwoman!/Queen of the Willis character
Kendra Kendall.png
First appearance
Created by Ava Zinn
Voiced by Ava Zinn
Full name Kendra Lauren Kendall
(born Kenneth Albert Kendall)
Nickname(s) *Kennie
  • anchor at WIMI CBS 28 Michiana
  • anchor at CBS 40 Quillsville
Religion Episcopalian

Kendra Lauren Kendall (born Kenneth Albert Kendall November 2, 1972) is the main protagonist of the adult animated sitcom Hoosier Anchorwoman! and a fictional character on Queen of the Willis. She is voiced by the series' co-creator and executive producer, Ava Zinn.

Kendra is the patriarch of the Kendall family. As the family's breadwinner, she works for the WIMI CBS 28 Michiana. Kendra often makes the mistake of applying the same extreme measures suited and used for her job in her personal life and with her family.

Kendra is portrayed as drastic, endangering, rash, insensitive, inconsiderate, dog-eat-dog, and very transgendered feminity. In the series she is emphasized as a conservative Republican. Kendra's exaggeratedly muscular body as a woman has been described satirically as a "???". She usually wears a red skirt suit with a lapel pin that is a simplified version of the Indiana flag.

Kendra is married to Miles Kendall. Despite living as a woman, she remains the father of Samantha, Allison, and Jackie Kendall. Also living under Kendra's roof are three housemates: Joyce, a cow; Kayla, the family's woman-in-a-snake-body pet;[1] and Alec Dailey, who is Samantha's boyfriend turned husband.

Kendra's mother is named Margaret, and her father is a Ponzi schemer (as revealed in the episode "Fraud and Senile") named Albert Kendall.

In the earlier seasons of Hoosier Anchorwoman! and since season 8 of Queen of the Willis, Kendra frequently appears alongside her husband Miles (voiced by Luka Runecraft). Five years after the cancellation of Hoosier Anchorwoman! 2013, Kendra moves to Queen of the Willis.

Role in Hoosier Anchorwoman!/Queen of the Willis[edit]

Kendra Kendall is the exaggeratedly transgendered femininie wife of Miles and father of Samantha, Jackie and Allison. As the Kendall family's breadwinner, in Hoosier Anchorwoman! she anchored at CBS 28 Michiana Falls and in Queen of the Willis anchors at CBS 40/29 and Fox 11 Quillsville. Tending to take extreme measures with no regard for others nor potentially disastrous consequences, Kendra is portrayed as insanely drastic; endangering; rash; dog-eat-dog; and both inconsiderate and insensitive of others. Kendra's mentality is of a staunchly conservative Republican and self-proclaimed American patriot. Her conservatism is expressed ludicrously with her often coming off as severely intolerant, self-abnegating, and wrongheaded. All the same however, Kendra has numerous alternate ways of taking drastic measures beyond politics. As examples—in the episode "I Can't Kendra With You", Kendra evicted her entire neighborhood and her own family just for overhearing some of his neighbors gossiping about her behind her back; in the episode "Five Little Words", Kendra framed her husband as a murderer all so as not to hear her say the words "I was right all along"; etc.

After moving from Michiana Falls to Quillsville, Ava Willis and Kendra share the same political beliefs while Ava is often tolerable to Kendra's conservatism and antics.

Troublesome sides & extreme-measure taking[edit]

Insanely drastic and rashly so, Kendra at times acts on her first impulses which typically result in extreme measures.[2] Often, her extreme measures are of a conspicuously destructive, disastrous, offensive, or life-threatening nature to others.[2] Very selfish and inconsiderate on Hoosier Anchorwoman!, Kendra never stops to think about the feelings, needs, or welfare of others, even in circumstances where others obviously could be or have been negatively impacted. Moreover, Kendra often proves to be insensitive, completely unfazed when fully conscious of the distresses, displeasure and sufferings brought upon and felt by others including her very own family. This changes on Queen of the Willis when Ava has to remind Kendra to think about the feelings, needs, or welfare of others. However, Melissa Rose and Kendra do push Ava to her limit, often ending disputes with her self-popularized quote "I'm gonna kick your ass!" (though she rarely follows through on this threat as Kendra and Melissa are the most frequent recipients of this threat).

Transgendered feminitity[edit]

Kendra is also shown to be very virile and feminine. She often bears out her chest, stands up rigidly straight, and possesses a deep, huskier voice quality. Moreover, she has expressed typical transgender female beliefs. For example, she has expressed opposition to showing emotion, associating it with being a woman. He once told Ava, "Women have feelings that come from their ovaries" and Ava responded "It's 2020. There's four women and three of us living in Indiana, and if one more ovary is damanged I'm gonna kick your ass!"

Troublesome/redeeming qualities[edit]

Though Kendra typically tries to effect a transgenedered feminitiy image and repress her feelings, her emotions, sensitivity, and endearing side still manifest themselves from time to time. For example, on several occasions, it has been revealed that even as an adult transgendered woman, Kendra has desperately desired the fatherly love and attention that she never got as a boy, such as in the episode "Something About Loose Ava".

At the same time, however, her incredibly drastic, dog-eat-dog, and inconsiderate qualities tend to show through in combination with her sensitive and redeeming qualities. For example, Ava once told Kendra, "Kendra, I've never seen this side of you. It's so good." Kendra playfully replied, "Well, if you tell anybody I'll kick your ass." The two laughed together for a moment before Kendra suddenly took a serious, browbeating manner and added, "Damn it!" Kendra concluded by affectionately stating, "Well, good night my friend."

Original persona[edit]

In the beginning of the Hoosier Anchorwoman! series, it was heavily emphasized that Kendra was a highly Conservative Republican, bordering on right-wing authoritarianism. He idolized then Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels and former Michigan Governor William Milliken. Combined with these traits, she was also portrayed as patriotic of Indiana. Kendra regularly caused havoc and disorder with her bigotry, Conservatism, patriotism, chauvinism, xenophobia, and paranoia.[3] Zinn has likened Kendra's original character to Ava Willis from Queen of the Willis.[4] Ironically, Kendra would appear on Queen of the Willis starting in the season 8 episode "The Girls Are Back in Quillsville" joining her friends Ava, Melissa, Karly, Alisan, Avril and later Pamhouser.

Under her initial persona, she also opposed homosexuality and gay marriage for a time prior to her sex change in 2002. After she completed her gender transition, she changed her views on homosexuality, however, watching her competitors (Cindy Ward and Deborah Daniels). Kendra's stance on homosexuality further softened in the Queen of the Willis episode "[[]]" when seeing Ava with Angie and Melissa with Stephanie. At the end of this episode, Kendra realized what loving families Ava and Melissa have with Angie and Stephanie, respectively.

After Hoosier Anchorwoman! progressed, Kendra was portrayed as growing out of these particular traits and they were largely dropped from her character. Branching out, she later began displaying her wrongheadedness and penchant for taking to extremes in numerous other ways beyond ultra right-wing politics.

She, along with Ava Willis, has also exhibited instances of gullibility (like her daughter Jackie) such as when she believed she was taking cold medicine when in fact she was smoking "crack" as Joyce nonchalantly points out. Samantha has also tricked her into buying mirrored sunglasses that wound up getting her kidnapped by a group of radicals.


Kendra's history can be traced back to 1990 when she was 18, she joined the Marines and eventually being selected to join the Marines' Delta Force. After leaving the Marines in 1991 she joined Quillsville 24 as the weekday morning anchor with Stephanie Rose (who also did weather) for six years until she moved to Michigan Falls, Indiana in 1997 and reuinted with Stephanie Rose on CBS 40 in 2019. Kendra was anchor/reporter for WIMI Channel 28. Kendra has shown expertise and knowledge in hand-to-hand combat, small arms, covert surveillance methods, torture, the ability to fly aircraft and the handling of assault weapons.

Even though she has been arrested several times on several felony charges, such as animal cruelty, child pornography (though this was a wrongful accusation), attempted murder, drug trafficking, possession and use of crack cocaine (she almost flees to South America), transporting infected cattle to be slaughtered for food, impersonating a U.S. Marshal, and identity theft, she retains her official position.

Though it is well known she works for CBS 28 Michiana Falls from 1997 to 2018 and since 2019 CBS 40 Quillsville, very little is actually known about what exactly she does. Sometimes she is seen as a field anchor, sometimes an undercover reporter, but most often she is seen working in a small cork-walled cubicle with a few of her buddies: Jackson, Sanders, Laura O'Bannon, and others in "Hoosier Anchorwoman!". Kendall's assumption of these different roles may indicate that she works as a sort of troubleshooter; taking on different responsibilities as required. However, since assuming the role of Midday and afternoon anchor, her duties do not appear to have changed.

In Hoosier Anchorwoman! and Queen of the Willis Kendra drivess a white Ford Explorer but has also been seen driving a white Chrysler 300C in Michiana Falls. Later in the Hoosier Anchorwoman! series she buys a blue C6 Chevrolette Corvette to deal with the fact that she could possibly be a grandfather which she continues to drive when not in the Explorer.

Despite her traditional values, she has been married to three other women (prior to her sex change in 2002). Prior to marrying Miles in 2002, Kendra (as Ken) married Tiffani Donovan during Tiffani's senior year of high school.

Both Kendra and Miles admit that each married the other for what Kendra describes as selfish reasons. That is, that Kendra admits that she married Miles because he was attractive as Marissa. Miles, for his part, says that he wants someone to take care of him financially and both go so far as to admit this during their vow renewal ceremony to a room full of people. In the Hoosier Anchorwoman! episode "Kendra's Food Restaurant", it is revealed that Kendra is originally from Gas City, Indiana and moved to Quillsville, Indiana for high school.


Writers named the character Kendra Kendall as a woman in reference to the similarly named British newsreader who has since died in 2012,[citation needed] although her last name revealed until Hoosier Anchorwoman premiered in 2009.

Ava Zinn voices Kendra Kendall and Joyce on Hoosier Anchorwoman!, as well as some minor recurring characters in Hoosier Anchorwoman! and Queen of the Willis.[5] She made her first appearance in Ava and the Great D Cups.

Hoosier Anchorwoman aired its last episode on May 12, 2013 and was cancelled on July 16. After Queen of the Willis was revived from cancellation in 2018, Ava Zinn revealed that Kendra will move to Queen of the Willis during the 8th season in the episode "The Girls Are Back in Quillsville". In that episode, Ava, Melissa, Avril, Karly, and Alisan still accept her back into the group of friends replacing Pamhouser and ex-wife Tiffani. Ava, Melissa and Kendra are excited to hang out again. Kendra, along with Karly Jameson, Avril Lavinge and Alisan Porter replaced Anna Pamhouser and Tiffani Donovan in the opening credits in season 8, yet after "Turkey Queens", Pamhouser returns to join Ava, Melissa, Kendra, Avril, Alisan, and Karly.


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