Amanda Dawson

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Amanda Dawson
Amanda and Elisa/Queen of the Willis character
First appearance Guys Suck (Amanda & Elisa)
The Story of Amanda & Elisa (Queen of the Willis)
Last appearance "Amanda & Elisa's Judgement Day" (Amanda & Elisa)
Created by Ava Zinn
Voiced by Ava Zinn
Aliases Femholio
Gender female
Occupation Student,
Cashier at Square J, Honorary ATF agent
Relatives Stephanie Dawson (sister)
Mellissa Rose (sister-in-law)

Amanda Dawson is a fictional character from the animated series Amanda and Elisa and Queen of the Willis. She is voiced by the show's creator, Ava Zinn.

Ava Zinn got the name Amanda from first significant other, when she (as a male) and Amanda Davidson were dating at the time[1]

Amanda has blond hair which she wears in a longer hairstyle, a pronounced underbite, and an obsessive stare. She is nearly always seen in profile, rather than looking directly at the camera. She is usually seen wearing a Chicago Bears T-shirt, though in merchandising appearances his shirt displays the slogan "Death Rock" to avoid licensing issues.

She is slightly shorter than her best friend Elisa, although she appears to be the same height when viewed at a distance because of her hairstyle. Amanda works as a fry cook at the (fictional) buffet restaurant Salad World and once defiantly revealed that she is a fan of women's sports to Elisa, who prefers men's sports.


The Chronicle-Tribune described Amanda as "the sidekick and follower" who developed into "more of a loose cannon".[2]

Ava Zinn once said in an interview that Amanda "is a zero" when it comes to intelligence;[citation needed] indeed, Amanda is often oblivious to what should be obvious.[3] Generally submissive to Elisa and willing to tolerate a large amount of physical and verbal abuse, Amanda nonetheless has limits. In "Counterstrike", Amanda was driven to attack and nearly kill Elisa, who ceaselessly called her "Ass-knocker", a term which Elisa resents. Amanda also stood up to Elisa while they were watching a 1989 WLKY newscat with Liz Everman and Vicki Dorch: Elisa kept talking about it derisively, prompting Amanda to tell Elisa to shut up. When Elisa reacted with fury, ordering Amanda never again to tell her to shut up and threatening to attack her, Amanda preemptively kicked Elisa in the vagina, told her to shut up again, and walked out of the room to get something to eat. In another episode, while the duo were watching a WSBT newscast featuring Cindy Ward and Debra Damniel, Amanda claimed to _____ one part of the song, causing Elisa to slap her in disgust. After being struck a few times, Amanda kicked Elisa in the stomach and proclaimed "Girls Rule, Boys Drool!".

In spite of her overt idiocy, Amanda possesses a number of character strengths. She can be inadvertently witty and, when discussing subjects that neither she nor Elisa understand, she is more likely to guess the actual mechanisms at work. Also, on the rare occasion that a male exhibits interest in one of the duo, it is usually Amanda who gets the attention. This could be because of Amanda's somewhat childlike temperament, which is less off-putting than Elisa's crasser, more blatantly sexual approaches. For example, when the two encounter members of the opposite sex, Elisa will typically lead off with a smug opening line such as "Hey, baby", which invariably flops; Amanda, on the other hand, will usually approach the man with a less obvious "Hi!" or "Hey, how's it going?". Easily influenced by Elisa, however, Amanda will often imitate her buddy's cruder pick-up lines. Amanda has also shown instances of insight on such topics as the true meaning of Christmas. However, in both instances Amanda seems to be either in a trance or possessed, and shortly afterward she displays no recollection of what she just said.

In Amanda & Elisa[edit]


Amanda has a more volatile, unpredictable nature. Her hasty actions usually end in disaster, ranging from to severely injuring herself and occasional arrest for crimes such as trespassing.


Femholio is an alter ego of Amanda. Though the Femholio character was developed in the episode "The Great Femholio", Amanda first plays the entity as a passing gag in "Generation in Crisis". Amanda sometimes undergoes a radical personality change, usually after consuming large amounts of sugar and/or caffeine. She pulls her shirt collar over her head, raises her forearms in a 45-degree angle next to her chest, and then begins to yell or scream erratically, producing a stream of gibberish and strange noises, her eyes wide. Femholio is a normally dormant persona (apparently the name is derived from the words female and "cornhole"). Femholio tends to wander aimlessly while reciting "I am the Great Femholio! I need tampons for my canal" in an odd faux-Spanish accent. Sometimes Amanda will momentarily talk normally before resuming the persona of Femholio. When she stops acting as the Femholio persona, Amanda usually has no memory of what happened. In the guise of Femholio, Amanda becomes a successful beat poet. Amanda's professor Dana Carson refers to Nicaragua during a lecture on world economic systems in "The Great Femholio", after which Amanda repeats the word while pacing back and forth in the classroom. She had stood up to Averi Planucchio, who demanded he move out of the road. She prepared to beat Amanda up in her Femholio form with her friends. She later spares Amanda deeming her too insane, in favor of beating up the saner Elisa.

Relationship with Elisa[edit]

Though the closest of confidants, Amanda and Elisa have a jaded, violent, and at times borderline sadistic relationship. Elisa often insults and physically abuses Amanda (usually by slapping her, sometimes accompanied by a request to "Settle down, Amanda!" if Elisa feels her friend is getting a bit too hyperactive, as she often does). On occasion, Amanda will fight back or stand up for herself. Her favorite means of retribution is kicking Elisa in the clitoris. On at least one occasion, Amanda throws the first punch. In "Boat", she initiates a fight by smacking Elisa across the head with a paddle (although Elisa goaded her into doing it). Elisa usually knows when Amanda is approaching her breaking point and will back off (as seen when she calls Amanda "Assknocker" or insults Indianapolis Colts one too many times). In "Choke", he specifically states that Elisa is "not really my friend". Nevertheless, it can be inferred that the duo are still best friends, considering their shared activities, residency, interests, and their lack of any other friends. The two usually complement each other when one makes any sort of endeavor, especially if it involves their lifelong goal to 'score with dudes'.

Amanda is usually a follower, willingly taking Elisa's instructions and cooperating in her endeavors. This appears to be a byproduct of Amanda's own general witlessness rather than any fear of Elisa's abuse.

Relationship with other characters[edit]

Like Elisa, Amanda shares scorn for Carly and Mrs. Carson. Though she shares Elisa's mutual hatred for Coach Shorthair for the way she exploited their lack of intelligence, manliness and strength, Amanda has a little respect for her. She has shown some level of respect for Hank Cappellman, as he is the only student who tolerates the duo the most without losing his cool.


While Elisa's main interest in life is "dudes", Amanda seems to be more interested in toilet humor and displays of violence. Amanda has a penchant for making off-beat sound effects to suit the occasion. Whenever she sees something that is sexually arousing, she imitates a spring (onomatopoetically saying "Boi-oi-oi-oi-oiiing!!!") indicating a quick erection. She sometimes makes a Bronx cheer by puckering her lips. She occasionally does impersonations, such as of Principal Mughmaw ("Speech Therapy"), motivational speaker Mrs. Manners/Mrs. Candy ("Manners Suck/Candy Sale"), and Woody Woodpecker ("Top O' the River"). During one episode, Amanda conspicuously reveals that she is sometimes prone to getting nipple erections in the company of other women. A special ability of her is speaking backwards, as seen in "Vidiots", while the duo review a video; however, she forgets how to do so by the end of the video. Amanda also displays a predilection for defecating. She frequently pulls down her skirt and spread her legs during video reviews. Amanda sometimes displays examples of the idiot savant when slapped hard by Elisa or when attempting to pass out by holding her breath and blowing into her thumb, in which cases Amanda starts to make intellectual statements usually regarding the video she is viewing.

Other Interests[edit]

In one episode, Amanda mentions that she is actually fond of baseball, and that she would watch the Pittsburgh Pirates, Indianpolis Indians or Fort Wayne Tincaps.

Amanda's parents[edit]

Amanda's family is occasionally mentioned but has never been seen on Amanda & Elisa in person but is mentioned by Stephanie Rose who is said to be Amanda's sister. An example is when Amanda states: "My dad's a pimp and my sister's an anchorwoman... meh heh heh." According to discussion during some video segments, Amanda's father shares his daughter's peculiar hairstyle, is somewhat obese, and (most significantly) is an ignorant pimp. While Amanda is conscious of her father's promiscuity, it doesn’t seem to bother her much, as she often laughs along in agreement whenever Amanda brings it up (in fact, when Elisa refers to Amanda's father as a whore, Amanda nonchalantly says "He's not a pimp, he's a stud, he doesn't charge for it"). The irony, however, is lost on Elisa, whose own father's promiscuity is implied in Amanda and Elisa Do Indiana.

In “United We Stand”, Elisa states that Amanda's father was in the Army and told the Navy recruiter that Amanda's father was "a sperm whale" — although this could have been a joke designed to allow Elisa to use the word "sperm".

In Amanda and Elisa Do Indiana, Amanda is reunited with her biological mother, who seems to exhibit the same pyromania obsession as Amanad, as well as an overt physical resemblance. She is said to be a drifter and a one-time roadie for. However, they remain oblivious of their mother-daughter relationship and part ways before they make the connection.

In Queen of the Willis[edit]

In the series Queen of the Willis which followed Amanda & Elisa, Amanda and Elisa move from Port Melissa to Quillsville after Amanda and Elisa finally confront their fear of alleged homophobia. She and Elisa had graduated from Port Melissa University and moved to a new town (Quillsville), having moved from Port Melissa in Amanda and Elisa. The duo make their first appearance in "The Story of Amanda and Elisa" when they moves in on Owensboro Street across the street from the Willis family in early 2010, Angie Willis files a complaint against them after a boisterous party. In response, Amanda and Elisa makes a diss video entitled "Eff Tranny and MILF", invoking a rivalry between the two.

In Amanda and Elisa Do Indiana, at the beginning during the Star Trek-like scene, Amanda is called Jean-Manda; however, when she sees Elisa, she calls her by her real name.

Amanda appears alongside Elisa Donovan and Kendra Kendall in the Queen of the Willis episode "Aeverine Kills Rags" and Rags Willis (now Tabby Willis) mistakes Elisa for Tiffani due to the similarities between Elisa and Tiffani.


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