Ava's Virginity Auction

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"Ava's Virginity Auction"
Vote for the Girls episode
Episode no. Season 6
Episode 1
Directed by ??
Narrated by Ava Zinn
Produced by
Production code May 2014 (2014-05)
Original air date July 11, 2014 (2014-07-11)
Running time ??
Episode chronology
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"American Idol 13 Top 7 Result"
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"Rising Star Qualifiers, Part 1"

"Ava's Virginity Auction" is the first episode of the sixth season of Vote for the Girls, and the 135th episode of the series overall. The episode first aired on July 11, 2014 and centered on Ava Zinn attempting to get the respective second and fourth consecutive American Idol and The Voice.

The previous episode marked the first time in the series that conflict with the male contestants and moderators prevented Zinn from completing the competitions. The moderators' actions the week before Zinn called off the season received negative attention in social media after Vote for the Girls UK moderator Khayla Chow shoved Vote for the Girls USA moderator Holly Everman to the floor after Chow was called a Bi-Black-Bimbo.

The episode aired as the season 6 season premiere on July 11, 2014.


Khayla Chow shoves Holly Everman[edit]

With less than three minutes left during the American Idol 13 Top 8 Redux Result, a fight broke out between moderators on the set of Vote for the Girls upon the announcement Vote for the Girls pick Malaya Watson had the fewest votes on April 10, 2014. A week earlier Holly Everman commented after Sam Woolf was saved from elimination and learning about Rachael O'Connor's elimination and subsequent loss on The Voice UK for the British version of VFTG stating: "I denounce that Khayla Chow is no good as a Bi-black-bimbo when it comes to making picks to win these singing competitions." Everman later said that Chow had warned her she would be hit. Chow and Everman are shown verbally berating each other and get into a heated profanity-laced argument about Watson's elimination and Chow responded by shoving Everman in the face with both hands and onto the floor, which led to a physical confrontation between several moderators and audience members with Ava Zinn trying to keep Everman and Chow separated[1][2] . After the fight was broken up, an fan in the audience threw a drink at Chow. Chow then entered the audience and sparked a massive brawl between moderators and the audience. After unsuccessfully attempting to break up the confrontation, Zinn prepared to eject various moderators before the taping resumed.

Ninety seconds after Chow shoved Everman, most of the moderators were huddled at midstage, attempting to calm down Chow. (Kathi Jameson was the only Vote for the Girls moderator to not leave her seat during the entire incident, though she was struck in the face by an unknown object and wound up with a black eye; others became automatically eligible for one-episode suspensions. ) Chow remained approximately 20 feet from the set's entrance apparently angered Everman, who threw a towel at Chow. An audience member, Marlena Watts (whom was later revealed to support eventual Voice winner Josh Kaufman and Sam Woolf) , then threw a cup of a beverage at Chow while she retreated.[3] The drink hit Chow in the neck.[1] Chow ran into the audience and grabbed a woman whom she mistakenly believed was responsible. Rock and Zinn attempted to hold back Chow and was trampled in the effort, with Rock suffering five fractured vertebrae and a gouge on her head.[2] Rock's niece, Maribel Mort, then ran into the stands and punched a fan in the face in retaliation for the woman throwing a drink over Chow while she was being restrained by other spectators. Other Vote for the Girls officials also quickly entered the stands to retrieve Chow and Mort, and to break up the fighting. Watts punched Chow in the head from behind (causing both Chow and Mort to hit her). More fans in the audience then began throwing drinks and other objects, while a number of fans spilled out on to the set.[1]

Another melee started when Chow returned to the set and was confronted by two unnamed producers. Chow punched one of the producers in the face causing both of the producers to fall over as they attempted to grab her. Holly Everman's wife at the time, Veronica Willis, intervened by punching the other unnamed producer in the jaw as she was getting back up after a running start;[1] the punch would have been much more powerful had Willis not slipped in liquid. Willis later claimed that security had ordered one of the producers to leave the set because of a history of fights. Zinn pulled Chow and Everman away from the audience, but the scene became chaotic as outnumbered set security struggled to reestablish order.[1] Although Marion police had plans to handle many disorders, and had no officers in the area, they were unprepared for moderators entering the audience.

American Idol 13 and The Voice 6[edit]

During the sixth season of The Voice, Zinn, Holly Everman, Ariel Swaringen, Michelle Steele, and new moderators Kellie Rock, and Kathi Jameson make their picks to what was to have been the web site's fourth consecutive victory and the quest for an undefeated season as Vote for the Girls had two victories with Tessanne Chin and Alex & Sierra. During the competition, Zinn criticizes the Indianapolis NBC affiliate WTHR, which the station was supporting Josh Kaufman, an Indianapolis resident, and begs those to support the website's pick of Christina Grimmie instead. During the competition Zinn and WTHR anchorman Scott Swan then get into a heated Twitter-war and intercepts Kaufman's tweets and attempts to change their minds in supporting Grimmie to the web site's fourth consecutive Voice victory to no avail.

Meanwhile, on the thirteenth season of American Idol, Zinn, Everman, Swaringen, Steele, Rock, and Jameson unanimously chose former X Factor contestant Jillian Jensen and fellow Indianapolis resident Marrielle Sellars.

Zinn enthusiastically compliments the Indianapolis Fox affiliate WXIN, which the station was supporting Sellars, but has a rather negative response after Sellars and Jensen's eliminations. During both competition, Zinn learns from a news report from WTHR,[4] that Kaufman was a white guy with guitar from Indiana competing on The Voice and all the male contesnats on Idol were also white guys with guitars. Seeing this as a threat to Vote for the Girls, Zinn discusses this issue with the moderators and tries, to convince undecided voters to stop voting for the male contestants, as site chose M.K. Nobilette as a transmale and becoming available only to Zinn, Jameson, and Steele as Everman, Swaringen, and Rock were ruled ineligible to choose Nobilette as a pick but ultimately chose Jessica Meuse to make it a "TRANSWOMEN vs. BISEXUAL WOMEN"[5]. The pick of Nobilette stirred up controversy as a fan of the site pointed out and mentioned on Twitter [6]. Jena Asciutto later broke the record for Vote for the Girls' longest-running American Idol pick, which will remain intact, surpassing Jessica Meuse on the 13th season of American Idol and Lauren Alaina of the 10th season of American Idol. Jena Irene remained VFTG pick for 14 weeks, from top 30 to the finale while Jessica Meuse remained VFTG pick for 12 weeks from the top 30 to the top 4.

The male contestants on both competitions were mostly "white guys with guitars." The competitions became increasingly heated and the American public reacts defensively, refusing to accept the truth about WGWG's, and blaming others for no reason. Zinn concludes, "I think the competition's too far gone". After the eliminations of MK Nobilette, Majesty York, Malaya Watson, and Jessica Meuse landed in the bottom two the week following Watson's elimination, and Zinn tells in a YouTube video on April 18, 2014, the competition that's basically lopsided with dreaded WGWG's are not normal for this kind of competition and announces that she would be auctioning off her virginity, and it is implied that she called off the competition for that reason.

A day after seeing that Jessica Meuse landed in the bottom two on April 18, 2014, Ava Zinn announced via a YouTube video that she would sell her virginity to the highest bidder as a Vote for the Girls punishment for failure.

In a concluding monologue, Zinn states that this is the first time she has ever watched a competition she could not pick a winner out of the remaining female contestants. Before calling off the competition she cites the fact that the American Idol season 13 competition has been lopsided with white guys with guitars (which are never supported on any competitions that Vote for the Girls follows), states that the American public and Zinn's home state of Indiana have upset the web site and are incapable of accepting the truth about white guys with guitars, and saw one of the most extreme punishments for failing to obtain a perfect season.


The episode was shot in May 2014.

Reception and reaction[edit]

The episode premiered on July 11 2014, viewed by approximately 34 on the site's YouTube channel. The site aired special episode revolving around the events involving the American Idol season 13 and The Voice season six competitions during and after the competitions aired with a new, specially-recorded interview with Holly Everman, Kathi Jameson, and Kellie Rock.

Nearly six months after the show aired, it was confirmed that Ava Zinn had successfully auctioned her virginity for a long term relationship to 47-year-old Kymberly Alvaraz (then known as Kym Christian), a former news anchorwoman from Denver. Alvaraz had reportedly been in a lesbian relationship Zinn when Alvaraz traveled to NoSirGifts' offices in November 2010 (Zinn was at the time NoSirGifts President and Chief Executive before retiring in 2011) and again in May 2014 (after Alvaraz's last KDNC newscast), that was revealed in Kym's criminal trial and during a segment of Vote for the Girls on February 2015. Zinn's Ebay listing was removed, and Zinn reportedly accepted Christian's offer of a three-year long-term-relationship deal with Zinn in 2014.

To avoid legal issues since the virginity auction was considered to be prostitution in Indiana and Zinn had raised issues when she made the virginity auction announcement on April 18, 2014, Zinn suggested the event would have occurred in a Nevada brothel (where prostitution is legal in parts of that state). Alvaraz (as a biological woman) and Zinn (for the time being has kept her male reproductive organs for reproduction purposes) reportedly consummated the transaction at Zinn's home in September 2014, with Zinn providing Alvaraz spermicide suppository and Zinn using a male condom. Alvaraz reportedly then took a morning-after pill the next day (Labor Day) as the sex, despite being protected, reportedly wanted to take additional measures. Zinn also claims to have been inspired by Natalie Dylan and Elizabeth Raine, and Christian confirmed that she found herself attracted to Zinn and enjoyed the experience.


On November 20, 2014, a month after Alvaraz fatally shot former Vote for the Girls UK moderator Khayla Chow and two months after the sex act with Zinn, Dan Alvaraz, Kymberly's husband of 20 years filed for an at-fault divorce in Noblesville, Indiana, citing adultery by Christian and named Ava Zinn and Kristina Chow as a co-respondents. [7] When questioned by reporters (notably Zinn's former and Alvaraz's current colleague, Lynne Jackson), Alvaraz said, "There are a lot of things I will clear up when the time is right, but I really have to be sensitive because there's a lot of people's feelings involved here," while the Alvarazes released separate statements expressing concern for the well-being of their children during the divorce process. Kymberly later confirmed that Dan and Kymberly could not resolve their differences and she had been involved in a lesbian sexual relationship. Upon learning about the affair, Dan Alvaraz committed suicide (via self-inflicted gunshot) on November 22, 2014, in Alvaraz's Carmel home. He was 55 years old when he died. [8] By that time, Kymberly and Dan had separated prior to the shooting.

Ava Zinn then announced on November 28, 2014, that she is involved in a relationship with Alvaraz effective January 4, 2015. This confirmed speculation that Kymberly's infidelity and her 20 year marriage to Dan Alvaraz came to an end. This resulted in Alvaraz (at age 47 and 15 years Zinn's senior) becoming the sixth significant other of Ava Zinn while at the same time, also became the eldest significant other of Ava Zinn (surpassing Angie Willis) as well as becoming the first significant other (in an unprecedented demand) to pay Ava Zinn for a long-term relationship – a form of reverse compensation. This agreement was groundbreaking and notable, as Alvaraz became the first woman to pay a significant other for relationship rights and will Zinn adopting new step children, Alvaraz's daughters Stephani, Haley, Benita, and Davina.

This marked the first time a moderator on the American adaptation of Vote for the Girls has taken away a spouse or significant other away from each other, followed by Holly Everman under similar circumstances with Perri Johnson (ending Johnson's 25 year marriage to Mick Still) and Lanise White after she and Danni McClannahan agreed to a long-term relationship agreement after White, like Alvaraz, moved from the pink team to the purple team on Vote for the Girls while McClannahan's husband, Leonard, had considered filing for divorce, but McClannahan reportedly balked at Lai's demands for alimony before Lai's October 26, 2015 death[9] and Thia Tola, in an ironic coincidence, had become the highest bidder in former Vote for the Girls New Zealand moderator Natasha Gower in July 2016.


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