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Mandy Willis
Queen of the Willis character
Mandy Willis.png
First appearance "Peggy's Eminent Domain Pain" (2006 as an infant)
"Serves Me Right for Giving Plasma to Frank O'Bannon" (2019 as a teenager)
Created by Ava Zinn
Holly Everman
Voiced by Ava Zinn
Full name Amanda Ava Willis
Nickname(s) Ava, Jr. or Ava II
A.A. (by Peggy Willis)
Mandy (by Ava/Ava, Sr.)
Manda (by Pamhouser)
Gender Female
Occupation Student at Lee Kelso High School
Student at Bart Peterson Middle School (former)
  • Peggy Willis (mother)
  • Harry Willis (adoptive father)
  • Finola Atkinson (adoptive mother)
  • Charlie Harvey (biological father)
  • Albert Willis (half-brother)
  • Vladamir (transgender half-brother)
  • Ava Willis (A.B.) (half-sister)
  • Diane Willis (cousin)
  • Bianca Willis (transgendered pet niece)
  • Austen Willis (nephew)
  • Tom Willis (transgendered nephew)
  • Deanna Willis (transgendered niece)
  • Stuart Willis (nephew)
  • Brian Willis (nephew)
  • Ron Willis (nephew)
  • Emilie Willis (niece)
  • Luanne Willis (niece)
  • Hillary Willis (niece)
  • Brynn Willis (niece)
  • Stan Hicks (nephew)
  • Dominique Hicks (niece)
  • Breeanna Sellars (niece)
  • Dylan Porter (nephew)
Religion United Methodist
Nationality American

October 11, 2006

Amanda Ava "A.A." Willis[1], also known as Mandy Willis is a fictional character of the syndicated animated television series Queen of the Willis. She is voiced by series creator Ava Zinn.[2][3][4][5] She was the infant daughter of Peggy and Charlie Harvey. She first appeared in "Peggy's Eminent Domain Pain," but she was introduced through Peggy's pregnancy in "Knocked Up Quillsville." A.A. bears an uncanny resemblance to her older niece Deanna.


A.A.'s voice is provided by Queen of the Willis creator Ava Zinn. Zinn also provides the voice for Ava (A.A.'s half-sister), Ron (A.A.'s nephew), Tabby, Shushu, Heather, Pamhouser as well as the voice for various other recurring and one-time only characters, most prominently those of news anchor Zach Mullins, Angelika Mullins (Zach's daughter), Doctor Mario Coxson, Peggy Willis (A.A. and Ava's mother) and Ned Shanks (Angie's stepfather). Zinn has been part of the main voice cast from the beginning of the series including the pilot and had been voicing Ava from the start .[6] Zinn chose to voice Ava and several other biological male and transgender female characters herself, believing it would be easier to portray the voices she already envisioned than for someone else to attempt it.[7] Zinn's speaking voice is not very close to Ava's; Zinn used her normal voice as the voice of Heather Willis.[8] Zinn drew inspiration for the voice of Ava and A.A. from the classmates she overheard talking while she was attending Mississinewa High School;[9] according to her, "I knew a few transwomen who would not think before they spoke, like [switching to Ava's voice] there was no self-editing mechanism. [Pointing to herself] Everything in here, [pointing to her front] it's coming out here".[10] Zinn also voiced many of Ava's ancestors, including A.A. Willis, who share the same type of voice.[6] She noted in an interview that she voices Ava and the rest of the characters partly because they initially had a small budget, but also that she and Holly Everman prefers to have the freedom to do it themselves.[11]

Character biography[edit]

Show Creator Ava Zinn provides the voice for Amanda Willis.

Early life and family[edit]

Mandy Willis was born Amanda Ava Willis on October 11, 2006 at Craven Gifts in Quillsville, Indiana (at 12:15 pm, measuring 15 in and weighing 6.25 lbs)[1] to Margaret Harriet "Peggy" Harvey (née Zinn and formerly Willis, b. 1933 d. 2012) and Charlie Harvey (b. 1952) in the episode "Peggy's Eminent Domain Pain". Her birthdate is 29 years after her older brother, Albert Willis (as well as the real-life brother of Ava Zinn). Mandy is the fourth child of Peggy Willis after her Russian half-transgendered brother named Vladamir (born Veronica, "To Russia: With an F2M Brother" b. 1969 d. 2017), half-sister Ava (b. Frank 01-04-1973) and half-brother Albert (b. 10-11-1977).

Mandy's mother, Peggy was also revealed in "To Russia: With an F2M Brother" to have slept with many men before and after that (148 as Peggy once stated), meaning Ava, Albert, and Mandy likely has several other illegitimate brothers and sisters, although none of these other relatives have been confirmed throughout the series. Not much is known about Mandy due to being so young in the original series.

Mandy was born when Peggy held two of Ava's co-workers hostage at Craven Gifts and Peggy went into labor forcing Ava to intervene. Tina Craven's depression led to deep tension in the Willis family, leaving no one truly willing or capable of taking care of Mandy, except for Deanna. Eventually, however, the family issues were resolved. Angie's effort seemed to influence the others to put aside their own problems for Mandy's sake.

Due to being a baby during the initial run of the show, Mandy's importance is more measurable in how she affects others than in her own actions. Peggy is perhaps the one who has grown the most because of Mandy. Peggy eventually dies ("Death Picks Peggy") while Mandy is still a baby. Mandy was last alluded to in "Serves Me Right for Giving Plasma to Frank O'Bannon" when Charlie brought Ava some of Peggy's stuff and dropped Mandy (now a teenager), but quickly drove off again. Charlie now lives with another woman closer to her own age and has lost custody of Mandy.

In "Something About Loose Ava", Ava's father, Harry brought up the fact that Mandy sounds very similar to her mother when she speaks. As a response, Ava tells Harry that Mandy is her half-sister and that there are only so many voices in the world; some are bound to be similar and that only Ava, Harry, and Carter Willis noticed because they do not talk all that much despite the fact that Peggy Willis is in fact the mother of Vladimir, Ava, Albert, and Mandy. This was brought up to turn the scenario that Ava Zinn voices both Peggy and Mandy into a comical situation. In the same episode, Harry and Ava's step-mother, Finola Atkinson, adopt Mandy.

Personal life[edit]

Mandy also suffers from the same enlarged clitoris/penis as her half-siblings transgendered brother Vladamir, transgendered sister Ava, and brother Albert.


As of "Serves Me Right For Donating Plasma to Frank O'Bannon", Mandy is tall and slightly overweight. She has dark gery hair (due to hereditary and Peggy being 75 when Mandy was born). Her physical appearance changes throughout the rebooted series, according to her license, she is 5 ft. 8 in. and her weight is shown to be anywhere from 115 to 150 pounds in different episodes. There have been several episodes that featured Mandy with a drastically different hairstyle, often (and humorously) due to Bianca's poor hairstyling skills. In one episode, Ava reveals that she goes for a haircut every two weeks, an example of how uptight her sister can be. Only two occurances that Mandy changed her hairstyle because of someone other than Bianca was because she refused to get a hair cut in the season 10 episode "Hypermarket Sweep".


Mandy is generally seen wearing a light yellow blouse and black plazzo pants. In the original series and the first three seasons of the revived series, Mandy is very similar to Ava's transgendered daughter/Mandy's niece, Deanna, but unlike Deanna, Mandy is able to get pregnant and carry a baby to full-term. At Lee Kelso High School beginning in season 10, she is generally seen either wearing a purple turtleneck and a black skirt or a white blouse and blue pants. Since the seventh season, other episodes that fatured Mandy in drastically different outfits such as a skit suit, a pant suit, etc. In various episodes, like Ava, Mandy is seen wearing a black pantsuit and a white blouse.


A.A. previously lived in Bloomington, then Quillsville, and Detropolis, Ohio before Charlie lost custody of A.A. She starts living in Ava's Rancher, where she spent the remainder of her teen years.

Like Ava, A.A. is also a follower of sports and is a huge fan of basketball and football, as her half-sister before her gender transition was a former player of both sports herself; but also a huge fan of baseball. Like Ava, she is also long-time fan of the Indiana Colts. She also follows basketball as a fan of the Pacers and Fever and baseball as a fan of the Indians. Unlike Ava, who is critical of baseball/softball, claiming to A.A., "I didn't think I ever needed to tell you this, but then again I would be a bad sister if I didn't; Baseball was invented by men to throw curve balls to women." Like Ava, A.A. also hates soccer and also hates hockey as well.

Like most Queen of the Willis characters, A.A. looks to Ava when they have any seemingly useless or dull work that needs to be done. Her gruff, temperamental, and impartial tendencies have been challenged a few times throughout the series, during which Ava always proves herself to be on top of her game. She follows in Ava's footsteps in taking auto-shop and shop class in junior high, high school, and college.

Like her mother, A.A. is a consistently misandrist, chauvinistic, abusive and intolerant character. She talks down to men and berates her transgendered sister. Her abrasive manner is consistently embarrassing for Ava and usually infuriating for Ava's wife, Angie. Throughout her history on the series, Peggy passed on some of her sexist traits to A.A. at one point, teaching them that men should be made to work and be beaten to death by their wives.

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