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Albert Willis
Queen of the Willis character
Albetr Willis.png
First appearance "Pilot" (2006, original series)
"Quillsville Cold Case: From Retirement to Homicide Detective" (2024, resurrected)
Last appearance "Pilot" (2006, original series)
Created by Ava Zinn
Voiced by Ava Zinn
Full name Albert Fred Willis
Nickname(s) Al (by Pamhouser and Mayor Pence)
Gender Male
Occupation Automotive Mechanic
  • Peggy Willis (mother)
  • Harry Willis (father)
  • Finola Atkinson (step mother m. to Harry)
  • Charlie Harvey (step father m. to Peggy)
  • Mandy Willis (half-sister)
  • Vladamir (transgender half-brother, deceased)
  • Ava Willis (transgendered sister)
  • Diane Willis (cousin)
  • Bianca Willis (transgendered dog)
  • Tom Willis (transgendered nephew)
  • Deanna Willis (transgendered niece)
  • Suzanne Willis (transgendered niece)
  • Brittany Willis (transgendered niece)
  • Rhonda Willis (transgendered niece)
  • Emilie Willis (niece)
  • Luanne Willis (niece)
  • Hillary Willis (niece)
  • Brynn Willis (niece)
  • Stan Hicks (nephew)
  • Dominique Hicks (niece)
  • Breeanna Sellars (niece)
  • Dylan Porter (nephew)
Spouse(s) Nicole Pence (1999-)
Julie Crawford (1989-1996)
  • Austen Willis (son)
  • Marla Pence (daughter)
Religion United Methodist
Nationality American

October 11, 1977

Albert Fred Willis[1] is a fictional character of the syndicated animated television series Queen of the Willis. She is voiced by series creator Ava Zinn.[2][3][4][5] He is son of Margaret Harriett "Peggy" Willis and Harrison Elroy "Harry" Willis. In the orginal series, he first appeared in the pilot, drowning into comatose for 22 years.

Death and resurrection[edit]

Albert's death was the primary focus in the pilot episode and the season five epiosde of "Quillsville Cold Case: Albert Willis". In the latter episode, then-Detective Lilly Rush (who had just relocated from Philadelphia to Quillsville) interviewed Albert's ex-wife, Julie Crawford Willis, only to be ambushed by the person who had supposedly murdered Ava's brother on August 10, 2002. The entire Quillsville Police Department was held hostage for a short time, with Albert's transgendered sister (Ava Willis), Albert's transgendered nephew (Tom Willis), Tabby (then Rags), and Shushu inside the building while Quillsville Police Officers Tiffani Kendall and Jarrett Dailey outside the building and under orders from the SWAT team not to break their perimeter. Ava Willis approached Lilly's location in an observation room, where Rush was attempting to negotiate with Julie Willis. Using a code word they had established that morning, Tiffani shot Julie Willis from the blind side of a two-way mirror in the interview room, but not before Julie shot Lilly in the chest as well as Ava Willis in her left arm and Tom Willis in the stomach (Tom Willis dieed from his injuries). Ava Willis and Lilly Rush eventually recovers in time to convince Quillsville Police Commissioner Chelsea Wolf to reopen the "Who Shot Ava" case, and credits Ava Willis for saving her life.

After a month of mourning the loss of Albert, Albert's mother and step-father, Peggy and Charlie Harvey have a baby Mandy, who was born exactly 29 years to the day Albert was born. The death of Pamhouser in the episode "The Rape of Heather Willis" was met with massive anger from Queen of the Willis fans around the world, many of whom threatened to boycott the show due to Pamhosuer's absence. Karly Jameson's email was bombarded with messages and comments from fans demanding that they bring Pamhouser back. Hostile messages were also directed towards Queen of the Willis' producing staff, including the show's creator, Ava Zinn.[6] In a Facebook post in January 2020, Zinn later thanked fans "for caring so much about Pamhouser, she is overcome with gratitude."[7] Fan petitions sprang up within hours of "The Rape of Heather Willis"'s first airing, also receiving media attention towards Ava Zinn,[8] attracting over 12,000 signatures in a petition.[9]

Twelve years later in "Quillsville Cold Case: From Retirement to Homicide Detective", Tabby and Shushu still misses Albert dearly and they obtain a DNA sample of Albert from Mayor Nicole Pence who has managed to keep the sample. Taking the samples and fecal matter while, unbeknownst to Ava, provideed the distraction, Tabby and Shushu put the sample into their cloning device as well as going back in time and Mayor Pence saves Albert's life, at the cost of erasing themselves from history. Albert is extremely grateful for being saved, but Tabby and Shushu of this timeline finds Albert and Nicole's affections unnerving, not knowing the reason behind them.

After "Turkey Queens" aired, Ava Zinn tweeted, "you didn't really think in 2019 ago we'd kill off Pamhouser, did you? *****, we'd have to be ****ing high on drugs and dangerously intoxicated."[10]

Character biography[edit]

Show Creator Ava Zinn provides the voice for Albert Willis.

Early life and family[edit]

Albert Fred Willis was born on October 11, 1977 at Eli Lilly Hospital in Quillsville, Indiana (at 7:35 pm, measuring 13 in and weighing 7.25 lbs to Margaret Harriet "Peggy" Willis (née Zinn, b. 1933 d. 2012) and Harrison Elroy "Harry" Willis (b. 1938). Albert is modeled after the real-life brother of Ava Zinn and in a coincidence, shares the same October 11, 1977 birthday and is exactly 29 years older than his baby half-sister, Amanda Ava "Mandy" Willis (b. 10-11-2006). Albert is the second child of Harry and Peggy Willis after his Russian half-transgendered brother named Vladamir (born Veronica, "To Russia: With an F2M Brother" b. 1969 d. 2017) and sister Aeverine Melanie Florence "Ava" Willis (b. Frank 01-04-1973)

Albert's mother, Peggy was also revealed in "To Russia: With an F2M Brother" to have slept with many men before and after that (148 as Peggy once stated), meaning Ava, Albert, and Mandy likely has several other illegitimate brothers and sisters, although none of these other relatives have been confirmed throughout the original series.

Due to initially being deceased during the initial run of the show, Albert's importance was measurable in the series. In "From Retirement to Homicide Detective", Ava's wife, Angie brought up the fact that Albert sounds very similar to Kendra Kendall when he speaks. As a response, Kendra tells Albert that Ava has been one of Ava's neigbors and that there are only so many voices in the world; some are bound to be similar and that only Angie, Albert, and Ava, Mandy Willis noticed because Kendra and Albert do not talk all that much despite the fact that Albert Willis is in fact the brother of Vladimir, Ava, and Mandy. This was brought up to turn the scenario that Ava Zinn voices both Albert and Kendra into a comical situation.

In "From Retirement to Homicide Detective", Albert moved in with Angie and Ava after he saw his girlfriend, Nicole Pence, with another man, Steve Rappapport. He does win Nicole Back after Steve was caught with cocaine. Albert gets married to Nicole Pence.

Personal life[edit]

Albert also suffers from the same enlarged clitoris/penis as his transgendered half-brother Vladamir, transgendered sister Ava, and half-sister Mandy.


In "Pilot", Albert was slightly tall. He had black hair in 2002. His physical appearance changed as of "From Retirement to Homicide Detective" throughout the rebooted series, according to his license, she is 5 ft. 11 in. and his weight is shown to be anywhere from 175 to 200 pounds in different episodes.


In "Something About Ava" Albert was seen wearing a red shirt and black pants. In the revived series, Albert's facial features are very similar to Peggy's. Other episodes that fatured Albert in drastically different outfits such as a suit and tie, etc. In various episodes, unlike Ava and Mandy, Albert is seen wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans.


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