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"Quillsville Wasteland"
Queen of the Willis episode
Episode no. Season 9
Episode 2
Directed by Michael Simpson
Written by Ava Zinn and Fritz Gordon
Produced by Alexandra Moffitt
Original air date October 2, 2020
Guest actors
Episode chronology
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← Previous
"Revenge of the Male Anchors 4"
Next →
"Angie's Progress"

"Quillsville Wasteland" is a direct-to-video special of the animated series Queen of the Willis which later served as the four-hour eighth season Haloween episode and is the final part of the series' Sleepaway Camp parody trilogy Laugh It Up, Fuzzball.[1] The home video was first released on December 21, 2018 and later aired on first-run syndication in the United States on May 1, 2020.

The episode was written by Fritz Gordon and series creator Ava Zinn and directed by Michael Simpson. It retells the story of Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland as "Nightmare Vacation" did with Sleepaway Camp and "It's a Camp Trap!" did with Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers by recasting characters from Queen of the Willis into roles from the film.[1][2]


The Willis family experience another power outage, forcing them to reluctantly go through Sleepaway Camp III. Rather than setting up the plot, the opening crawl states that NoSirGifts required Ava Zinn to complete the trilogy as she has commitements to Vote for the Girls with Ava Zinn & Alexandra Moffitt and Retail Nightmares.

One year after the events of the second film, new character Maria (Samantha Kendall) is heading to camp. Suddenly, she is chased into an alleyway and run over by a large truck, driven by serial killer Angela Baker (Shushu Willis). Angela poses as Maria in order to board the bus to Camp New Horizons, which was Camp Rolling Hills where Angela massacred campers the year before.

After arriving, news reporter Tawny Richards (Kendra Kendall) asks Angela to get her some cocaine. Angela gives her Ajax cleaner instead, which kills Tawny when she snorts it. After the campers have settled in, camp counselors Melanie and Rita Costic (Ava and Angie Willis), and Officer Sharane Hamilton, who Angela realizes is the mother of a previous victim, split the campers into three groups. Angela is placed in a group with Rita, Virginia (Brandi Willis), Snowboy (Miles Kendall), Paula (Deanna Willis), and Jan (Alisan Porter).

While camping, Angela goes fishing with Snowboy and Paula but soon gets annoyed by them setting off firecrackers. Returning to camp, she finds Melanie and Jan having sex as does Virginia and Paula, kills Jan with a stick, but knocks Melanie unconcious. That night, Angela sets off a firecracker in Paula's breasts as well as Virginia's Vagina and burns Snowboy alive, along with the other bodies.

The next morning, Angela travels to Rita's campsite, where Ricky (Tabby Willis), Artie (Heather Willis), Riff (Rhonda Willis), and Arab (Suzanne Willis) are camping. Angela tells Rita that Melanie told her to switch places with Arab. As Angela escorts Arab to the other camp, she decapitates her with an axe. When Angela returns to camp, Rita sets the campers out on a trust building exercise. Angela attaches the blindfolded Artie to a flag pole, raises her into the air, and drops her from a high height, gravely injuting her. Angela covers up her injury by telling Rita she returned to the main camp. Later, Angela convinces Rita to go check on Artie and buries her in a trash hole before running over her head with a lawnmower. Angela then rips Ricky's arms off before stabbing Riff with tent spikes.

The following morning, Angela travels to the remaining camp, where Sharane, Kendra (Connie Rose) Tony (Brittany Willis), Marcia (Karly Jameson), Anita (Heidi Unger), and Suzie (Stephanie Rose) are camping. Angela tells Sharane she is supposed to switch with Marcia. As Sharane accompanies them, Angela is forced to fake a leg injury. As Sharane tends to Angela at the main camp, Marcia discovers Rita's body and flees, while Sharane discovers Angela's identity. After a tense stand-off she shoots her dead. Angela catches up with Marcia and Melanie captures her.

That night, Angela returns to the remaining campers and ties them together. She shows them the body of Sharane and forces them to find Marcia in one of the cabins. Upon finding Marcia, Suzie and Anita are killed by landmines. Angela decides to let Marcia and Tony live. But as she leaves, Angela is attacked and stabbed numerous times by Melanie and Rita.

Marcia and Tony summon the police to the camp and Angela, unconscious, is taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Angela awakens and stabs two orderly workers with a syringe, killing them. When the ambulance driver asks what is going on, Angela replies "Just taking care of business" and the film ends.

The Willis' power returns just as Angie concludes the story, Brynn then asks Angie "What about the prequel trilogy?" with Angie suggesting that The Souzas might do the prequels. After that, the family starts arguing about whether Kendra Ray, Rachael Passalt or Ava Zinn are a better personality.


  • Amanda Dawson (Ava Zinn) as Amanda
  • Elisa Donovan (Ava Zinn) as Elisa
  • Dana Carson (Ava Zinn) as Maître d’hôtel
  • Shushu Willis (Ava Zinn) as Angela Baker
  • Tabby Willis (Ava Zinn) as Ricky Thomas
  • Deanna Willis (Candis Cayne) as Paula
  • Ava Willis (Ava Zinn) as Melanie Costic
  • Angie Willis (Karly Jameson) as Rita Costic
  • Connie Rose (Breeanna Sorensen) as Kendra
  • Heather Willis (Ava Zinn) as Artie the Head Chef
  • Brandi Sousa (Crystal Bowersox) as Virginia the Sous Chef
  • Stephanie Rose (Alexandra Moffitt) as Susie
  • Austen Willis (Ava Zinn) as Pastry Chef Austen
  • Melissa Rose (Kendra Ray) as Waitress Melissa
  • Angelika Mullins (Ava Zinn) as Ben (born Bethany)
  • Lilly Rush (Kathryn Morris) as herself
  • Officer Dailey (Luka Runecraft) as himself
  • Joyce the Cow (Ava Zinn) as Bartender Joyce
  • Chaztity Morris (Karly Jameson) as Waitress Chaztity
  • Samantha Kendall (Jacqui Fountaine) as Waitress Sam
  • Addison the Tiger (Ava Zinn) as Waitress Addison
  • Trista Parker (Tracia Ward) as Veronica the Chef de Parie
  • Karly Jameson (herself) as Marcia Holland.
  • Brittany Willis (Ava Zinn) as Tony DeRaro.
  • Rhonda Willis (Ava Zinn) as Riff.
  • Sharane Hamilton (Eboni Hill) as herself.
  • Miles Kendall (Luka Runecraft) as Snowboy.
  • Suzanne Willis (Alexandra Moffitt) as Arab.
  • Samantha Kendall (Tracia Ward) as Maria Nacastro.
  • Kendra Kendall (Ava Zinn) as Tawny Richards.
  • Heidi Unger (Maribel Mort) as Anita Bircham.
  • Alisan Porter (herself) as Jan Hernandez.


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