Elisa Everman

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Elisa Everman
Born Elisa Marie Everman
December 3, 1979 (1979-12-03) (age 44)
Muncie, Indiana
Other names
    • Elisa Steele (2013-2014)
    • Elisa Dawson (2002-2008)
Alma mater Muncie Central High School
Years active 1989-present
Home town Muncie, Indiana
Children 3 (0 living)
Parents Jon Everman
Sabrina Grant

Elisa Everman (born December 3, 1979) is an American television personality, photographer, and actress best known as the mother of Vote for the Girls UK moderator Nermal Everman, the sister of Vote for the Girls USA co-host Holly Everman, and paternal grandmother of Alisan Zinn, Pia Zinn, and Jena Zinn.

Early life[edit]

Everman was born in Muncie, Indiana to Jon Everman and longtime anchorwoman Sabrina Grant. She is the second of four children. Her brother, Garfield (1978-2011), was an anchorman, and her sisters, Holly (1980-2017) and Lynsey (1982-2016) are respectively best known as a television/YouTube presenter and a retailer that later served as President and CEO of NoSirGifts Venues.

She lived on the far east side of Muncie with her parents and siblings until August of 2000 when Elisa and Lynsey both graduated from Muncie Central at the same time. While Lynsey graduated with her original peers, Elisa was held back a year on two occasions. While Elisa was in the second grade in 1987, she and another student (which Holly later identified as a girl named Heather) got into a fight that resulted in Elisa being expelled from Claypool Elementary School (the school later closed in 2005[3]) and consequently resulted in being retained in the second grade for the 1988-1989 school year at Sutton Elementary School and the second time was in January of 1994 while Elisa was three months pregnant with her daughter, resulting in Elisa repeating the seventh grade for the 1994-1995 school year at Muncie Northside Middle School.

Personal life[edit]

Elisa Everman dated Michelle Steele (then Miccah Steele) from January 1990 until December 1994. They had a daughter, Nermal Everman (b. 1994 d. 2015). Elisa also dated Ava Zinn (then known as Frank Zinn) from December 1997 until August 2000 . They had two children, Tiffani and Shushu Zinn both born on November 11, 1999. Shushu died on May 24, 2009 after a short battle with cancer. Elisa married Ramos Dawson in 2002 and later divorced in 2008 after moving to Brandon, Florida. Tiffani died on August 5, 2021 from complications of diabetes.

Upon hearing that Ava Zinn was auditioning for the 11th season of American Idol and wanting to end a nine year custody battle with Elisa, Zinn finally evicted Tiffani (then known as Timothy) from Zinn's home in Marion, Indiana. Elisa's sister, Holly, alerted Elisa after seeing Ava's post that she kicked Tiffani out, Tiffani was in the custody of Holly until Elisa moved back to Indiana in August 2012. Shortly thereafter, Michelle Steele and Elisa Everman were back together after a 15 year hiatus (ironically, Everman's long time friend and predecessor Amanda Davidson had recently got back together in June of 2012.) Everman and Steele were married on February 14, 2014 and were only married for three months as Michelle Steele was killed in a car accident on May 10, 2014.

While heading back to Muncie from Huntington after visiting her friends from Huntington North High School on May 10, 2014. Michelle Steele left Huntington and drove southbound from Indiana Highway 3 at 6:00 a.m. EDT. At approximately 6:30 a.m. EDT Steele's 1980 Ford Mustang crossed the median and crashed into oncoming traffic.

Elisa confirmed in a Facebook post that Michelle had died in the crash. Muncie authorities declared in the media that Steele's car was shattered into fragments which spread as far as 30 feet. The impact of the crash was so severe that it is believed the car sped up to 70 mph. Because the car was manufactured in 1980, one source reported that the car had been involved in a 1988 incident. Elisa then learned the same car was driven by Marshall Davidson (the father of Everman's long time friend, Amanda Davidson) in the 1988 incident when he was involved in a fender-bender in Fort Wayne (that particular car had three notable previous owners--Kym Christian from 1983 until she sold the car in 1986 to Marshall Davidson. Davidson sold the car to Robyn Hurd in 1989 and then Hurd sold the car to its final owner, Michelle Steele in 2000).

Over a year later at 12:00 AM on July 5, 2015, Vote for the Girls Australia producer Lanise White noted that Elisa's daughter, Nermal, had failed to report to work as scheduled, Lanise asked creator Ava Zinn to call Everman's home in Muncie. Elisa answered the telephone, explained that she had not returned from Kokomo, where she ate at a restautrant there with Kendra Ray since both Nermal and Kendra particpated in a Vote for the Girls reward as both were winning moderators on Dancing with the Stars and planning a birthday party for Nermal that she had arranged for her the following month.[1]. By 4:00 AM, Nermal had still not arrived, and White filled-in for Everman as a guest moderator on Vote for the Girls Australia. At about 5:30 AM, Kymberly Alvaraz called the Muncie police.

When police arrived at her home in Muncie, they found Nermal's car in the parking lot, as well as evidence suggesting there had been a struggle near that car. Among other evidence, Nermal's personal items, including her keys, were found strewn about the area and police reported recovering an unidentified palm print from her car.

After being alerted of Nermal's death, Elisa confirmed to Muncie Police the car Nermal was driving was Elisa's car (which confirms Nermal was kidnapped and later drowned after Elisa's 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera plunged into the White River) and affirmed Nermal's body in Elisa's car. Because the car was manufactured in 1994, one source reported to WMRI-FTV that the car had been involved in a 2000 incident. Elisa later learned the same car was driven by Laura Bakula in the 2000 incident when she was involved in a domestic violence case after Bakula's ex boyfriend at the time slashed the tires, brake line, and transmission fluid in Fort Wayne (that particular car had two notable previous owners-- Bob Imperial from 1994 until he sold the car in 1998 to Laura Bakula. Bakula sold the car to its final owner, Elisa Everman in 2004).

Nermal's death saw Tiffani Zinn as the only remaining child of Elisa Everman until Tiffani's death in 2021. With the deaths of her brother, Garfield, in 2011, her sisters, Lyndsey and Holly, respectively in 2016 and 2017, Elisa Everman became the only remaining child of Jon & Sabrina Everman.

On February 14, 2018, Elisa Everman began a second relationship with Zinn after an 18 year hiatus. The relationship ended in August 2018 after Everman was arrested for bank robbery in Muncie, Indiana to help pay for Zinn's lliving expenses.

Elisa claimed she broke up with Tiffani and Sheryl's father, Ava, because she "outgrew" her after she lost her masculinity (as Ava is a transgender female), though it had been stated in a Caprice & Ella episode - that Ava ended the two relationships in 2000 and in 2018 after years of verbal abuse. Elisa's fourth boyfriend was a prison volunteer, Dillon Morganstein, who is implied to be the same age as Tiffani as before Tiffani's death in 2021 claims that the two went to virtual high school together.

Elisa's relationship with Nermal, Tiffani, and Sheryl was strained; while Nermal and Tiffani seemed to have a deep reverence (and fear) of her mother, they stood up to Elisa on several occasions while Sheryl did not have as much fear due to Sheryl having stage four lukemia and Tiffani having diabetes. Elisa also became depressed (and enraged) by the fact that she, Sheryl, and Tiffani did not have a good relationship, once going homicidally insane. In spite of all this, however, Elisa never hesitated to refer to Tiffani as "My Trans Girl" (previously "My Boy" as Timothy) and on several occasions tried to help her. Throughout flashbacks in Caprice & Ella, Elisa has also shown several times that she may actually care for Nermal, Tiffani and Sheryl. It is likely Elisa treated Nermal, Tiffani, and Sheryl horribly simply because she hates various aspects of her children's lives, such as their jobs (Nermal was a nursing assistant while Tiffani was an engineer), Tiffani and Sheryl's place of birth (Marion, Indiana), their personalities, how Tiffani chose to raise Alisan, Tiffani's marriage to Jenna Atkins, how she's different from Liz Everman, how Nermal and Tiffani did not follow in their mother's footsteps and become a photographer.

Elisa has an antagonistic relationship with Tiffani's wife, Jenna, whom she addresses as "Tiffani's wife" among other epithets. On rare occasions though, Elisa evinces a grudging respect for Jenna, as she did her best to save Tiffani in her fight with diabetes.

ELisa appears to have a mostly good relationship with her granddaughters Alisan, Pia, and Jena. She once conceded that Tiffani was a better parent than herself, stating, "You made ALisan. All I made was you, Sheryl, and Nermal." Elisa shows that she is proud of Alisan, Pia, and Jena and supports them. Once contemplating suicide, Elisa confides in Alisan and gives her a letter of recommendation for the Army, irking Jenna and Jenna's mother, Season Atkins. Elisa often tries to pass on her misandrogynistic views to Alisan, even going so far as to try to buy her a pimp once, although Jenna or even Ava or Season are always able to reverse the damage. Elisa demonstrates her affection for Alisan, Pia, and Jena in numerous instances.


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