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Kellie Willis
Queen of the Willis / Quillsville Cold Case character
Kellie Martin on QOTW.png
First appearance "Into That Final Good Night in Quillsville"
Created by Ava Zinn
Voiced by Kellie Martin
Full name Kellie Noelle Martin
Species human
Gender Female
Occupation Owner of Angie's Sweethearts Restaurant (2026-future)
Actress/Producer (-2026)
Spouse(s) Ava Willis (m. 2028)
Children Maggie Martin
Olivia Martin
Nationality American

October 16, 1975

Kellie Willis (née Martin) is a fictonal character voiced by American actress and producer Kellie Martin on the American animated television series Queen of the Willis and its spin-off Quillsville Cold Case. She is the second wife of Ava Willis after Ava's first wife, Angie died in the Queen of the Willis series finale episode "Into That Final Good Night in Quillsville".

Role in Queen of the Willis[edit]

In a coincidence, Kellie is almost the exact opposite of Ava and a stark contrast to Angie. Depicted as restrained and safe, Ava is said to be wild and reckless. Kellie was denounced by Deanna and Brynn at first, arguably due to the jealousy that her father remarried (and her true mother died after driving drunk). However, Deanna and Brynn soon warmed-up to Kellie, developed a family relationship and noticed she had qualities that Angie sorely lacked. When Ava married Kellie, she lived with her at Ava's house on Evansville Road in Quillsville, Indiana.

Like Ava's first wife Angie, Kellie is depicted as the matriarch of the Willis family and the second wife of series protagonist Ava Willis, step-mother to Deanna Annalisa Willis and Brynn Addison Hannah Willis, pet mother to Tabitha Andrea "Tabby" Willis, Sheryl Juanita "Shushu" Willis, Heather Alexandra Willis.

Kellie was born in Quillsville, Indiana on October 16, 1975 and grew up in Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter to a kindergarten teacher and a retail execuitive.


Since her first appearance in "Into That Final Good Night in Quillsville", she wears contacts and is generally seen wearing blouses and either a black skirt or tan pants. She is attractive, and has abnormally larger breasts than Ava; she wears a 36D cup bra while Ava has 38D. Like Angie, Kellie's breasts (and later her weight) are the traits she is deeply insecure about, despite the fact that it's been said that such breasts give her exceptional athletic ability. She is gifted at bowling, among other sports. Kellie's most prominent character traits are her minor laziness; this differs from Ava's first wife Angie whose most prominent character traits are her laziness, minor obesity, as she gave birth to eight children.

Kellie frequently smokes cigarettes with Ava's neighbors and friends, Alisan Porter, Avril Lavigne (Queen of the Willis), and Karly Jameson at the front yard of Ava's house. Unlike Angie, who frequently got drunk with her neighbors and friends Sharane Hamilton, Miles Kendall, Stephanie Rose at "The Drunken Hoosier," Quillsville's local tavern; Kellie occasionally drinks with Stephanie, Miles, and Sharane.

Kellie has a good relationship with Ava's children as well as her own. She communicates and has a much better relationship with Olivia and Maggie as well as Ava's respective anthropomorphic lobster, cat and dog, Heather, Shushu and Tabby.


Kellie Martin provides the voice for Kellie Willis.

Queen of the Willis creator Ava Zinn watched several episodes of Life Goes On when she was kid and saw many of Martin's television films. In one particular movie Zinn saw ("Her Last Chance"), Martin's fictionalized persona displays characteristics that differ to the later Queen of the Willis and Quillsville Cold Case character. However, she dressed formally and behaved slightly similarly to her role as Rebecca Thatcher.

Like many celebrity characters in Queen of the Willis, Zinn found Martin's personality so outstanding that she created a similar character for Queen of the Willis once the announcement of the show would return.[1]

The character we've created is kind of this alternate-universe Kellie Martin where she begins a relationship with Ava Willis, and we deliberately have not made any references to her as any other characters she played, because we like keeping that separate. It's the obvious place to go. We tried it; we thought it would be funny to do something different with her as the replacement for Angie who dies in the series finale and becomes Ava's wife. People like Clint Eastwood have taken whacks at this sort of thing — there's a precedent for it. She's Ava's new wife, but she's this woman who has to clean up the mess that Angie has made.


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