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Caprice & Ella: The Movie
Caprice & Ella - The Movie Poster.jpg
Movie release poster
Directed by Ava Zinn
Produced by Karly Jameson
Written by Ava Zinn
Narrated by Karly Jameson
Music by Kevin MacLeod
Edited by
Aeverine Zinn Digital Media Group
Release date
  • 2024 (2024)
Country United States

Caprice & Ella: The Movie is a 2024 American black comedy film directed by Ava Zinn in her feature film directorial debut and produced by Karly Jameson. It stars Ava Zinn, Breeanna Sorensen, Rachael Passalt, Karly Jameson, Caprice Zinn, and Ella Zinn. It is slated for release in July 2024.[1]


In 1993, ten-year-old Ava Zinn is a two-friend child living in Landess, Indiana, a town that was annexed into Van Buren a year earlier.

Nealry 30 years later, Ava Zinn (herself) is a good-hearted transgender woman, but so far she has had no success despite being in a relationship with Breeanna Sorensen (herself). In 2021, Ava adopts a cat Caprice (Caprice Zinn and voiced by Ava Zinn), a brown, black and white domestic short hair cat, and Gabriella "Ella" (Ella Zinn and voiced by Ava Zinn), a brown, tan and white Chihuahua.

However, Caprice and Ella are hardly model pets; mean-spirited and incorrigible, the feline and canine leaves a path of serious destruction in their wake. They later win a golf tournament at Shoaff Park by hitting Rachael Passalt and Kendra Ray (themselves) with a golf club. Horrified, Ava realizes she needs to hire a pet sitter and put them in a pet day care facility. Meanwhile, Ava's three grandchildren (Alisan, Michael II, and Leah), arrives with Alisan's mother, Jenna Zinn (Amy Thompson), and Michael and Leah's father, Martin Becker (Jared Harris) to live with Ava, Breeanna, Caprice, and Ella when Jenna and Martin nearly lose custody of their children via Indiana Department of Child Services after allegations of child abuse that is later proved to be false after Ava explains everyhting.

However, a new mother figure in Breeanna, who is nine months pregnant, isn't what Caprice and Ella want. But they have more to worry about than Ava's time with Breeanna -- the little troublemakers might have met their match in Jackson Doogan (himself and voiced by Justice Margowski), a tom cat with a big chip on his shoulder.

On Caprice and Ella's first day of pet day care, they find that Ivyann Ozbourne (Karly Ryder) is the principal at the facility. Horrified, Ms. Ozbourne promptly promotes Caprice and Ella to the senior pet class to avoid dealing with them for four years. There, Caprice meets Garfield and Heathcliff (respectively voiced by Morrison James and Sam Williamson), the pet day care bullies, and gets on their bad side when Caprice tapes Heathcliff to the dry erase board after Garfield tries to kiss Caprice. Heathcliff retaliates by dropping a heavy and blunt object on Caprice and Ella, but it misses them and hits Ava instead, knocking her out. When Ava comes to, she sees the facility's nurse/vet, Donna Doogan (herself), and becomes smitten with her. Caprice and Ella, annoyed at Ava's sudden love interest despite being in a relationship with Breeanna, attempts to vandalize Donna's picture hanging in the hall, only to be foiled by Jackson, Donna's male cat, who is as mischievous as Caprice and Ella. When Caprice confronts Jackson for harassing her, Jackson states that he can harass anybody he wants and punctuates his point by giving Caprice a lit M-80. Caprice panics and promptly flushes it, and it explodes right when their teacher, Larisa Thorn (Caitlyn Skinner), sits on the toilet and renders her permanently infertile. Throughout the film, Caprice, Ella, and Jackson engage in an escalating prank war.

Around the same time, Breeanna is pregnant with Ava's seventh child, much to the chagrin of Caprice and Ella. Caprice and Ella are later seen with Jenna and Martin at home with presumably Ella defecating on the floor. Ava, Breeanna, Caprice, and Ella are invited to a party put on by Ava's manizing college professor (Kelly Miller). The professor manages to get a date with Rachael's father, Julia Passalt (herself), at a Johnny Mathis concert at the Embassy Theatre, that Ava, Breeanna, Julia, and the professor attend. Ava goes on the stage at the request of Caprice and Ella, who with the help of Jenna and Martin, sneak out and make the trip and goes to Johnny Mathis before the concert. Ava performs a rendidition of Dan Fogelberg's 1987 minor hit "Lonely in Love." Breeanna is touched by Ava's performance and returns home.

Caprice and Ella thwarts Ava's date night with Breeanna by phoning her jealous former boyfriend, Harrison Bokamp (who has since underwent a sex change and goes by Harmony Bokamp, portrayed by Kendra Ray), who storms into Savery Grill in Fort Wayne and picks a fight with Ava. Caprice and Ella also videotapes their irresponsible petsitter, Melissa (Alison Smith), having sex with her boyfriend, Dan (Brenston Bailey), and broadcasts it to the entire neighborhood as well as on Ava's Ring video doorbell and Blink security camera. Ava and Breeanna reminds Caprice and Ella they are new in the neighborhood and must attempt to fit in.

That evening, Ava's daughter-in-law, Jenna with her daughter Alisan, Ava's son-in-law, Martin with his daughter Leah and son Michael, arrive to temporarily live with them after Jenna nearly loses custody of Allisan as well as Martin nearly losing custody of Leah and Michael following the deaths of Ava's daughters Samantha (Martin's wife) in November 2020 and Tiffani (Jenna's wife) in August 2021. Ava's second date with Breeanna goes even worse when Caprice and Ella place several mousetraps in and round the Ring video doorbell, and Breeanna gets injured. While Caprice, Ella, Alisan, Leah, Michael, and Ava are gone, Traci Davidson (herself), Rachael Passalt, and Karly Jameson (herself) redecorates the home to impress Ava while Breeanna is running errands at Kroger Marketplace on Saint Joe Center Road, Walmart on Coldwater Road, Target also on Coldwater Road near Glenbrook Square, and Meijer on Lima Road and eventually joins Caprice, Ella, Alisan, Leah, Michael, and Ava at the carnival.

Meanwhile, Ava takes Caprice, Ella, Alisan, Leah, and Michael to the carnival during the Three Rivers Festival. After being taunted by Jackson, Garfield and Heathcliff for being too short to ride the Crazy Dance, as well as seeing Jackson cheat his way on by wearing platform shoes, Ella relives herself on the ride's floor (with Alisan cleaning up the mess) while Caprice (with the help of Michael and Leah) tampers with the ride by turning its settings up to maximum speed, causing everyone, including Garfield, Jackson and Heathcliff, to get sick and vomit all over each other (including throwing up hairballs) and the entire ride to eventually break down. On the way home, a disappointed Ava makes Caprice and Ella promise to behave and to a smaller extent, Alisan, Michael, and Leah.

However, when Caprice and Ella learns that Breeanna redecorated their beds with a clown theme, which they detests, they swiftly reneges on their promise and retaliates by putting live mice in a picnic that Rachael and Traci made. Disgusted and angered, Breeanna threatens to send Caprice and Ella to boarding school in Breeanna's home state of North Carolina after the wedding. They try to tell Ava this, but Ava refuses to believe them, saying Caprice and Ella are no longer credible.

While at a pet day care function, Ava sees the puppet show go awry and thinks Caprice and/or Ella are to blame. She stops it (while falling backwards in the process) but is surprised to see it was Jackson ruining it. It is also revealed that Donna is Jackson's owner. Donna rushes to take him home: Ava tries to tell her she understands what it is like raising a problem pet or two and thinks they can help one another. She tells Ava she likes her, but if they date, Jackson's behavior would only get worse as well as Ava having an extramarital affair (therefore cheating on Breeanna). Ava proposes to Breeanna believing she is the only woman who will marry Ava.

By a chance meeting in a pet-friendly vegetarian restaurant, Ava, Breeanna, Donna, Caprice, Ella, and Jackson have dinner together and have a good time, even after the food fight Caprice, Ella, and Jackson start with Ms. Ozbourne and her transgendered girlfriend (Julia Passalt) gets them thrown out. Caprice and Jackson apologize and decide their owner should date. Caprice and Ella attempt to stop the wedding at all costs. The night before the wedding, Caprice, Ella and Jackson make a wish at the city's Johnny Appleseed statue near Parkview Field that their pet parents will get together.

At the altar the next day, Jackson appears operating a bulldozer with the Johnny Appleseed statue, and as Ava and Breeanna are about to exchange vows, Breeanna goes into labor. Caprice puts Jackson's firecracker in Ella's slingshot, causing the cake to blast off and land on Karly Ryder and Julia Passalt, respectively Karly's mother and Rachael's father. Ava then realizes Caprice and Ella may have telling the truth about Breeanna. Breeanna gives birth to a girl named Sierra. Caprice, Ella, Ava, Donna, and Jackson then walk off while Breeanna, Sierra, and Jenna head to nearby Lutheran Downtown Hospital as the film comes to a close.

The narrator of the film (Karly Jameson) provides the following; Rachael and Kendra became golfing buddies. The Pet Day Care Manager, Ivyann Ozbourne, resigned after two years on the job and becomes a dental assistant after going back to school. Melissa and Dan were arrested in Van Wert County, Ohio after they were caught making meth after Ava fired Melissa as their pet sitter. Jenna Zinn did not lose custody of her daughter Alisan and Martin Becker did not lose custody of his children, Michael and Leah. The professor gives up her pursuit of Ava, falls into a deep depression, and dies of an overdose of sleeping pills and opioids. Christopher Mullolly and Tom Powell became roomates and are "god-awful".


  • Caprice Zinn as herself (voiced by Ava Zinn)
  • Ella Zinn as herself (voiced by Ava Zinn)
  • Ava Zinn as herself, owner of Caprice and Ella as well as paternal grandfather of Alisan Zinn and maternal grandfather of Michael Zinn II and Leah Zinn
  • Breeanna Sorensen as herself, Ava's girlfriend, de facto paternal step-grandmother of Alisan Zinn as well as de facto maternal step-grandmother of Michael Zinn II and Leah Zinn
  • Sierra Sorensen as herself, Ava and Breeanna's daughter born in the film
  • Karly Jameson as herself and narrator, Ava's closest friend
  • Rachael Passalt as herself and co-narrator, Ava's closest friend
  • TBA as Professor
  • Donna Doogan as herself
  • Jackson Doogan as himself (voiced by Justice Margowski)
  • TBA as Jenna Zinn, Ava's daughter-in-law who was married to Tiffani, daughter of Season Atkins, and mother of Alisan
  • Jared Harris as Martin Becker, Ava's son-in-law who was married to Samantha and father of Michael and Leah
  • Karly Ryder as Ivyann Ozbourne, the principal/general manager of the pet day care facility
  • Karly Jameson as Marylin Hudson (voice)
  • TBA as Larisa Thorn
  • Cathryn Everman as Indiana Department of Child Services Social Worker
  • Ginger Poupon as himself (voiced by Ava Zinn)
  • Kendra Ray as herself and Harmony Bokamp, Breeanna's ex-boyfriend now living as a woman
  • Andrea Coolranch as Neighbor #1
  • Jacqui Fountaine as Neighbor #2
  • Season Atkins as herself, Jenna's mother and maternal grandmother of Alisan Zinn
  • Johnny Mathis as himself
  • Katrina Redmon-Emery as Classmate #1
  • Paul Hedrick as Classmate #2
  • Katie Chattin as Classmate #3
  • TBD as Alisan Zinn, Ava's eldest granddaughter as well as Jenna's daughter and the granddaughter of Season Atkins
  • Patrick Gazzarato as Michael Zinn II, Ava's grandson and son of Martin Becker
  • TBD as Leah Zinn, Ava's youngest granddaughter and daughter of Martin Becker
  • TBA as Melissa, the pet sitter
  • Brenston Bailey as Dan, Melissa's boyfriend
  • Cerena Johnson as Waiter (Savery Grill and Vegetarian Steakhouse)
  • Morrison James as Garfield Arbuckle (voice)
  • Sam Williamson as Heathclliff (voice)
  • Phil Sorensen as himself, Breeanna's father
  • Jason Blevins as Minister
  • Maribel Mort as BrightPoint Head Start/Northcrest Elementary School Employee
  • Ava Zinn as Shushu Willis (voice)
  • Ava Zinn as Tabby Willis (voice)
  • Julia Passalt as herself, Rachael's father
  • Karly Ryder as herself, Karly's mother
  • Traci Davidson as herself, Rachael's wife
  • TBA as Male Teacher
  • Anna Wood as Carnival Worker #1
  • Christian Hunter as Carnival Worker #2
  • Hank Cash as Police Officer #1
  • George Williamston as Police Officer #2
  • Seth MacFarlane as Brian Griffin (voice)


In an assignment for Ava Zinn's Video & Sound course at Ivy Tech - Fort Wayne on April 15, 2022, it was revealed that a Caprice & Ella movie was in the works to be released on in the summer of 2023.[1]

The film was shot on location in Indiana. The primary location is Fort Wayne.


Caprice Zinn, Ella Zinn, Ava Zinn, and initially, Tuxedo Kitty, Ragdoll Kitty, and Grey Poupon reprised their roles from the YouTube series. Ava Zinn reprised her Queen of the Willis roles of Shushu Willis and Tabby Willis although they respectively sound like Caprice and Ella. Zinn said the pet day care scene is comical. On June 10, 2022, Ragdoll Kitty and Grey Poupon died while Tuxedo Kitty and Random Black Kitty declined the roles. Ginger Poupon decided to take over the role as one of the community cats from the YouTube series.

Just hours after the casting call was announced in May 2022, Rachael Passalt was confirmed to portray the Aninal Shelter Volunteer and Karly Jameson was confirmed to be the narrator on May 25, 2022 as well as herself due to portaying herself on the YouTube series on October 3, 2022. On June 5, 2022, Justice Margowski and Dexter Manning were confirmed as the voice of Jackson Grubb and the puppets, respectively. The following day, Ava Zinn confirmed the voices of Garfield and Heathcliff will be respectively played by Morrison James and Sam Williamson, while Andrew LaFerrea was slated to be cast as the role of Michael Zinn II (that role ultimately went to Patrick Gazzarato).

Production was set to begin in mid-July 2022 to early September 2022, but was delayed due to Aeverine Zinn Holdings' relocation of the Digital Media Group's Production in summer 2022.

There are concerns that Ava Zinn's style of cursing at individuals on her other programs (most notably the series, Vote for the Girls and Queen of the Willis) would carry over to Caprice & Ella: The Movie. It did not carry over to the movie yet in several scenes, Zinn cursed a few times in front of (but not at) Alisan, Michael and Leah.

Season Atkins confirmed on The Karly Jameson Show on August 1, 2022 that she would portray herself.

Breeanna Sorensen was confirmed to portray herself and the script was revised to reflect the addition of Sorensen in the YouTube series and in the film on September 23, 2022.

Caitlyn Skinner was confirmed to portray Ms. Thorn on October 4, 2022. However, Zinn offered the role of Jenna Zinn to Addison Agen in addition to potraying herself, but in a Facebook post by Agen stating she was moving to Nashville, Zinn confimrmed Agen's declined offer. Also on October 4, 2022, Kendra Ray was confirmed to portray Harmony and Jameson was confirmed to portray Marylin Hudson.

On October 25, 2022, Kendra Ray, Rachael Passalt, Traci Davidson, Karly Ryder, Julia Passalt, Phil Sorensen, Donna Doogan and Doogan's cat, Jackson, were all confirmed to portray themselves and the script was revised once again to reflect the addition of Rachael Passalt and Karly Jameson in the series and in the film.

On October 31, 2022, Kelly Miller, Alison Smith, Brenston Bailey, Jason Blevins, John Blackwell, Anna Wood, and Christian Hunter were all confirmed to portray the Professor, Melissa, Dan, Minister, Male Tacher, Carnival Worker #1, and Carnival Worker #2, respectively. Katrina Redmon-Emery and Amy Thompson are reportedly being offered the roles of Ava's classmates at IvyTech after auditioning for roles that were dropped after the script was revised. Katie Chattin is reportedly being offered the role of Jenna Zinn. Roseanne Barr was offered the role of Ivann Ozbourne, but declined the offer, which ultimately went to Karly Ryder.

In December 2022, Zinn revealed that she is incorporating Breeanna Sorensen's pregnancy into the film as Breeanna gives birth to Sierra. On December 28, 2022, former Aeverine Zinn Holdings security guards Hank Cash and George Williamston were confirmed to portray the two police officers while Katrina Redmon-Emery, Paul Hedrick, and Katie Chattin were confirmed to portray the IvyTech Fort Wayne (or Purdue Fort Wayne) classmates. Additionally, Jared Harris is rumored to portray Martin Becker and Amy Thompson is also rumored to portray Jenna Zinn and was confirmed on December 31, 2022 as well as Cerena Johnson being confirmed to portray the Waiter at Savery Grill and the vegetarian restaurant. The following day, on January 1, 2023, Ava Zinn confirmed Andrea Coolranch and Jacqui Fountaine would portray the two neighbors, Maribel Mort portraying the school employee, and Cathryn Everman portraying the Indiana DCS employee. On January 3, 2023, Patrick Gazzarato was confirmed to portray Michael Zinn II after being turned down by Andrew LaFerrea.

The roles of Alisan Zinn and Leah Zinn are yet to be confirmed.


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Caprice & Ella: The Movie will air in syndication in the fall of 2025,[2] with all the profanity to be dubbed with different and appropriate words and phrases.




The ending theme song is "Bad Kitty" by Liz Phair. "Bad Kitty" was the next to last track in her 2021 album Soberish, who would later decline to re-record it with altered lyrics after Ava Zinn had asked to use the song for the film (and later the YouTube series). The ending theme music would be performed by an unnamed artist, though the lyrics were changed to make the song more pertinent to the film and eventually the series.

Caprice & Ella: The Movie - Music from the Motion Picture
Soundtrack album by Various artists
Released TBD
Caprice & Ella: The Movie chronology
{{{This album}}}
Track listing
No. TitleArtist(s) Length
1. "bad guy"  Billie Eilish 3:14
2. "The Best"  Tina Turner 4:08
3. "Real Wild Child (Wild One)"  Everlife 3:16
4. "Morning Train (Nine to Five)"  Sheena Easton 3:20
5. "Can You Feel It?"  The Jacksons 3:50
6. "Chances Are"  Johnny Mathis 2:57
7. "Lonely in Love"  Ava Zinn 5:20
8. "You're No Good"  Linda Ronstadt 3:44
9. "If Ever You're in My Arms Again"  Ava Zinn 4:12
10. "Bad Kitty (Caprice & Ella version)"  Liz Phair 3:37


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