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Template:Infobox familyThe Zinn family, is an American family prominent in the fields of entertainment, reality television and business. Founded by Willis Zinn and Margaret Zinn (née Lahr), it consists of their children Albert and Ava (formerly Frank) Zinn, as well as their grandchildren. Notable extended relatives include Albert's four children Michael I (aka Weasel), Leeanna, Shayla, and Reneé and Ava's seven children Samantha, Thomas, Tiffani, Sheryl (aka Shushu), Tabitha, Kenneth (aka Baby Kenny) Zinn, and Sierra Sorensen.

Albert previously dated Julie Sosbe from 1987 to 1999. Ava previously dated Fort Wayne, Indiana socialite Amanda Davidson in two stints (1993-97 and 2012-13); in the first stint they had two children and Ava adopted Amanda's then-daughter Kylee (later Kalvin) in the second stint, Muncie, Indiana photograher Elisa Everman in two stints (1997-2000 and 2017-18); they had two children, Ava was previoulsy married to saleswoman Angie Nieves from May 26, 2001 until her death on June 1, 2010; they had one child while Ava later adopted Angie's daughter, Ashli, from her previous marriage to Aaron Barrington, Christy Johnson from July to November 2010, Denver, Colorado anchorwoman Kymberly Alvaraz from 2014 to 2017; they had one child, Tampa, Florida anchorwoman Marti McDaniel from February to April 2020; they had no children, and since September 23, 2022 Ava is in a relationship with Chapel Hill, North Carolina meteorologist and scientist Breeanna Sorensen; they are expecting a daughter in August 2023.


Family trees[edit]

Template:Zinn family tree

Zinn family tree[edit]

  • Edith Fay Mayo† (b. 1911)
  • Ira Mayo† (b. 1914)
  • Ambert Purtee† (b. 1919)
  • Artie Mayo† (b. 1919, m. Paul Lahr†)
    • Shirley Purvis† (b. 1936)
    • Marilyn Walden† (b. 1937)
    • Carolyn Hopper (b. 1937)
    • Charles Lahr† (b. 1941)
    • Margaret Zinn† (b. April 7, 1943), formerly married to Willis Zinn† (b. June 21, 1925)
      • Albert Zinn† (b. October 11, 1977, formerly partnered with Julie Sosbe† (b. c. 1975)
        • Michael "Weasel" Zinn I (b. March 17, 1987, married to Sheena Jay (b. 1987))
        • Leeanna Zinn (b. May 1, 1995)
        • Shayla Zinn (b. May 1, 1995)
        • Reneé Zinn (b. October 10, 1998)
      • Ava Zinn (b. January 4, 1983, formerly partnered with Amanda Davidson† (b. December 28, 1981), formerly partnered with Elisa Everman (b. December 3, 1979), formerly married to Angie Nieves† (b. July 4, 1978), formerly partnered with Christy Johnson (b. July 8, 1980), formerly partnered with Kymberly Alvaraz† (b. July 28, 1967), formerly partnered with Marti McDaniel (b. December 14, 1970), partnered with Breeanna Sorensen (b. July 18, 1984))
        • Samantha Zinn† (b. August 15, 1993, married to Martin Becker (b. 1996))
          • Michael Zinn II (b. December 18, 2019)
          • Madison "Leah" Zinn (b. December 18, 2019)
        • Thomas Zinn† (b. September 29, 1997)
        • Tiffani Zinn† (b. November 11, 1999, married to Jenna Atkins (b. 1999))
          • Alisan Zinn (b. June 4, 2018)
        • Sheryl Zinn† (b. November 11, 1999)
        • Tabitha Zinn† (b. March 27, 2003)
        • Kenneth Zinn† (b. March 28, 2015)
        • Sierra Sorensen (b. August 9, 2023)
  • Edna Loftis† (b. 1920)

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