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Vote for the Girls UK
Vote for the Girls UK logo
Presented by
Judges see article
Opening theme What You've Done To Me by Samantha Jade
Ending theme Here Come the Girls by Sugababes (VFTG Victory theme)
The Man by Aloe Blacc (VFTG Loss theme)
Country of origin United Kingdom United Kingdom
Language(s) English
Running time Varies depending on results shows
Production company(s) Aeverine Zinn Holdings (2013-2016)
Distributor DakMedia International Distribution
Original channel Main:Expression error: Unexpected < operator.'s channel on YouTube
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Original airing Original run:
June 1, 2013 (2013-06-01)–April 3, 2016 (2016-04-03)
September 1, 2018 (2018-09-01)
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Vote for the Girls UK is a British internet web site created by American entrepreneur Ava Zinn based on the American site of the same name. Based on the original US site, and an addition to the Vote for the Girls franchise, web series programs were produced by executive producer Ava Zinn and her company Aeverine Zinn Holdings. Vote for the Girls is a website devoted for voting for only female contestants, based on the original US website.

The site launched on June 1, 2013, and like the American version of the site, is devoted to voting for the female contestants on the ITV television programmes The X Factor and The Voice. T Like the American version of Vote for the Girls (VFTG), fans of the site are encouraged to "only vote for female contestants". According to the American version of site, the purpose is "to support voting for the entertaining contestants who the producers would love to see win on American Idol" in order to make it a "real good show."


In 2008, Ava Zinn began watching American Idol (based on the original UK Pop Idol) and seeing the eliminations of female contestants from the seventh through the latter part of the ninth season, Zinn realised that she decided to do something about keeping female contestants on American Idol and eventually discovered discovered that Vote for the Worst essentially ruined American Idol. VFTG USA's first two seasons of American Idol were massively successful, but while fell short when the winner of American Idol was announced. Zinn wished to launch a new site which she would own the rights to. In 2010, following the elimination of Siobahn Magnus, Vote for the Girls, created by Zinn with no involvement from Vote for the Worst creator Dave Della Terza.

On June 1, 2013, the site launched a UK version known as Vote for the Girls UK, on the American version of VFTG's web site. Like the American version, Ava Zinn also currently hosts and the sole administrator of this version from US, making VFTGUK having the rare distinction of a British web site's production entirely in the United States since most programmes are produced in the United Kingdom.

Zinn has noted that as a community service, some episodes of the British version are on the American version of VFTG--although the American version, profanity is bleeped and pixelated (later with the VFTG icon) to mask profanity, and many of the uncensored American VFTG shows are on the British VFTG as VFTG USA. Most of the American episodes on the VFTGUK YouTube channel are rated TV-MA-L in the United States for profanity, and rated 18 since the United Kingdom does not have its own TV Parental Guidelines.

Like the American counterpart, the first 15 seconds of every Vote for the Girls UK episode shown on the VFTG UK channel, both the 18 (UK) and TV-MA-L (US) rating icons appear in the upper-left hand corner of the screen. Since the first series, both the American and British versions uses a 16:9 format for its presentation, with the rating icons appear in the 4:3 safe area of the YouTube video. When shown on the American VFTG, however, both the 15 (UK) and TV-14 (US) [and rarely respective P (UK) and TV-PG (US); U (UK) and TV-G (US)] rating icons appear on the British version's episodes shown on the VFTG US YouTube Channel as a community service of Vote for the Girls USA. Ava Zinn adopted the United States system of guidelines providing parents for the United Kingdom equivalent with information to help them make more informed choices about what their children watch on the telly. Zinn's guidelines for the United Kingdom version equivalent were modelled after the TV Parental Guidelines rating system and based on the British Board of Film Classification. Zinn personally inserted a ratings icon on-screen at the beginning of all VFTG shows, in response to guidelines were supported by leading family and child advocacy groups, as well as television broadcasters, cable systems and networks, and television production companies both in the US and UK.

The British version of Vote for the Girls site follows the original American version's model completely, with Zinn presenting the show as it aired in the United Kingdom as London is GMT, but in general Zinn is able to watch the program on Eastern Time-based AZH Holdings as early as 1:30 PM US Eastern (depending on the British programme's schedule). The Voice UK normally starts at 6:45 PM GMT (1:45 PM US Eastern) on BBC One and The X Factor UK at 8:00 PM GMT (typically 3:00 PM US Eastern) on ITV, and thus pre-empting most of Indianapolis Colts American football games since Zinn is a rabid fan of the Indianapolis Colts of the NFL AFC and Chicago Bears of the NFL NFC.


After Vote for the Girls[edit]

Series overview[edit]

Series 1 (VFTG 2013)[edit]

The first VFTG-UK picks were Leah McFall, Andrea Begley, Alys Williams, and Sarah Cassidy. Unlike the American version, the British version of VFTG is uncensored and had no moderators with Zinn as the sole moderator until Ariel Swaringen was named chief moderator of VFTG UK. Williams and Cassidy were eliminated in the quarter-finals and considered to be a VFTG Painful Bankrupt since there were no other females to vote for on the respective teams Tom Jones and Jessie J on The Voice UK's second series. The site stuck with McFall and Begley throughout the competition as Begley won, giving VFTGUK its first victory.

On September 28, 2013, the site began following The X Factor UK for its tenth series. On the programme, Zinn said, "Last year, Great Britain fucked up when they voted Ella Henderson off. Had Vote for the Girls followed that season, it would have been a fucking VFTG Loss."

For the tenth series of X Factor, the UK's site chose Abi Alton, Hannah Barrett, Tamera Foster, Shelley Smith, Lorna Simpson, Samantha "Sam" Bailey (of which Ava recognizes as "Samantha Bailey"), and girl group Miss Dynamix. Bailey's victory gave the UK version's the second consecutive Victory and the first time on any version had a calendar year gone undefeated.

For The Voice UK's third series, the site chose Rachael O'Connor on Team Kylie; Iesher and Sophie on Team will; Sally Barker and Georgia Harrup on Team Tom; and Christina Marie and Emily Adams. O'Connor, Iesher, Harrup, and Adams were all eliminated in the quarter-finals and Zinn called the series after what Zinn said "Great Britain really fucked up." This marked the first time a competition had been called off even though there were females still in the competition. However, the site proved to be unsuccessful with the Christina Marie and Sally Barker for the Victory on 5 April 2014. The site then declared its first VFTG Loss in the UK. The loss did not sit well with Kathi Jameson and Khayla Chow, the latter of whom called Lee Glasson "a fuckin' dick for robbing Rachael O'Connor." The loss subsequently led to a brawl on the US version on 10 April 2014 in that site's fifth series.

Series 2 (VFTG 2015)[edit]

In a Twitter post by Ava Zinn on 14 April 2014, it was revealed that a second series of VFTG UK would be postponed until as late as August 2015 as a result of Chow's actions. Zinn later retracted her post and announced that a second series will begin in August 2014.

Many changes were introduced this series, from the format to the personnel of the site. Nermal Everman and Tracia Ward joined Ava Zinn and Khayla Chow as moderators following the departures of Ariel Swaringen (died 22 March 2014) and Kathi Jameson (left to focus on the U.S. version). The was slated to add ITV's Rising Star but the show was axed.

The site followed the eleventh series of X Factor and the fourth series of The Voice UK.

There was speculation that the site would be adding Britain's Got Talent as a make-up competition following the American version's decision to add America's Got Talent and the American version of So You Think You Can Dance during the summer months as make-up competitions. The site couldn't add the British version of So You Think You Can Dance due to that programme being axed in 2011.

In August 2014, it was confirmed that VFTG UK will indeed add Britain's Got Talent and Strictly Come Dancing as a make-up competition following the American version's decision to add the respective American counterparts, America's Got Talent and Dancing with the Stars as make-up competitions.

In September 2014, Zinn revealed that a new element to VFTG UK called the "Moderators' Save," first used on the Sweden and Italy versions (of which have been used veto a Vote for the Girls loss), and most recently in the American version, which was used to veto Valerie Rockey's loss the American version's eleventh series of So You Think You Can Dance.

On 26 September 2014, a guest, unaware Zinn's schedule until being informed at a later date, tried to disrupt production 90 minutes into the rehearsal for the start of the second series, startling moderator Tracia Ward and creating a disruption.

For the eleventh series of X Factor, the UK's site chose Lola Saunders, Fleur East, Lauren Platt, and group Only the Young. The site used their Moderators' Save on Fleur East, sparing the site's first loss on X Factor; as with any Vote for the Girls loss, the moderator panel will be forced to participate in the ninth series of Britain's Got Talent.

For the twelfth series of Strictly Come Dancing, Ava Zinn chose Frankie Bridge, Pixie Lott, Caroline Flack, and Mark Wright; Nermal Everman chose Thom Evans and Greg Wallace; Tracia Ward chose Jake Wood, Steve Backshall, and Alison Hammond; Kendra Ray chose Simon Webbe, Judy Murray, and Jennifer Gibney--the former of the two went to Rhonda Rhodes after Ray took a leave of abscence after week 5. Rhonda Rhodes then chose Sunetra Sarker, a pick originally chosen by Khayla Chow before she was sacked on 18 September 2014. The site declared its first make-up victory when Zinn added Wright as a Vote for the Girls pick and finished in fourth place with Flack and Bridge declared co-victories (though Caroline Flack won the twelfth series of Strictly Come Dancing), nullifying Fleur East's X Factor defeat.

For The Voice UK's fourth series the site chose Lucy O'Byrne and Zinn became the winning moderator and marked the first time that one moderator had swept the series.

Series 3 (VFTG 2016)[edit]

Ava Zinn initially announced on 25 November that the fourth series would be the final series of Vote for the Girls; as such, the season is expected to have an additional focus on the program's alumni. Zinn returned as host.

The site was successful in the twelfth series of X Factor as Louisa Johnson was declared the winner. The site used a similar flex pick format used on the American version.

Series 4 (VFTG 2018)[edit]

Co-hosts and moderators[edit]

Ava Zinn has hosted the UK version from its launch until 2016.
Julia Passalt hosts the UK version since 2018.

Vote for the Girls creator and web master Ava Zinn was selected as the main host for the British version in May 2013, a role she has held until December 19, 2015 (except on March 8, 2014). Zinn also serves as the fourth moderator for Vote for the Girls. Zinn is also the webmaster of the American counterpart. Zinn left the panel at the start of 2016 and eventually replaced by Julia Passalt.


Key:      Previous      Current

Moderators Seasons
2013-14 2015 2016 2018
Purple team
Ava Zinn
Kathi Jameson
Kendra Ray
Rhonda Rhodes Died 15 March 2015(2015-03-15) (aged 46)
Rachael Passalt
Julia Passalt
Maci Blanca
Lydia Delagatto
Megan Rock
Pink team
Ariel Swaringen Died 22 March 2014(2014-03-22) (aged 23)
Tracia Ward
Khayla Chow Died 21 October 2014(2014-10-21) (aged 23)
Nermal Everman Died 5 July 2015(2015-07-05) (aged 20)
Karly Jameson
Holly Everman Died 23 May 2017(2017-05-23) (aged 37)
Janet Webb
Ann Dwyar
Thia Tola
Male Moderator Crew
Leonard Lai Died 26 October 2015(2015-10-26) (aged 45)
Glenn Swaringen
Phil Allen


Often in many of VFTG's YouTube videos, the sounds used on VFTG UK were also used on the Bruce Forsyth-era of Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune. A female contestant being declared safe and advancing in the competition is indicated by a ding (from Wheel of Fortune when a letter is in the puzzle)[1], while a male contestant being declared safe and advancing in the competition is indicated by a downward chord (also from Wheel of Fortune UK)[2]. Like the American version, if the next to last male contestant is voted off (leaving only one male contestant in the competition) or all female contestants in the competition are declared safe and advancing in the competition, the well-known "clangs" sound, from American version of Price is Right, are heard[3].

Additionally, when a "Vote for the Girls Loss" is declared, the Wheel of Fortune buzzer and the "Losing Horns" fanfare from The Price is Right is played when a male contestant wins the singing competition or the last female contestant is eliminated from the competition[2]. Whereas, when a "Vote for the Girls Victory" is declared, the well-known "clangs and whoops" sound, also from the American version of The Price Is Right, are also heard, when the last male contestant is eliminated or a female wins the competition.

On several occasions, a "Vote for the Girls Bankrupt" is declared, the "Bankrupt Whistle" fanfare from the American version of Wheel of Forune and the "Losing Horns" fanfare from The Price is Right is played when Ava Zinn's primary pick is eliminated from the competition.

Vote for the Girls is somewhat rare among web sites in that all of the responsibilities of judging fall to a single person, Zinn and later Passalt, instead of a full panel of judges, or a majority vote by the contestants. Additionally, Zinn has the power to override the basic format of the site, such as ignoring moderator suggestions or changing picks during performances.

Like the American version, the site uses the stopper sound from the American version of Scrabble when a VFTG Pick is eliminated. Additionally, after Tamera Foster's elimination also left Samantha Bailey as the last remaining female in the X Factor competition, which is indicated when the third stopper sound from Scrabble is used. When a female contestant is eliminated from the competition with no female contestants remaining, the competition ends, which is indicated by the well known Stopper sound from Scrabble and the losing horns from The Price is Right are used. Vote for the Girls UK did not have a loss of any kind until April 5, 2014 when Jermain Jackmon won.

Opening theme/Theme Song[edit]

The primary opening theme is "What You've Done To Me" by Australian X Factor season 4 winner Samantha Jade; however, the instrumental version is used. The intro is a montage of various clips since VFTGUK's debut.

In October 2014, the intro was changed. Like the American version, the intro begins with the virtual VFTG set featuring video montages of respective The Voice UK series 1 and 2 winners Leanne Mitchell and Andrea Begley, and X Factor series 10 winner Sam Bailey and introductions of moderators of Tracia Ward, Nermal Everman, and Khayla Chow, with Zinn appearing at the end. Additional montages will include the eliminations of Ella Henderson, Sarah Cassidy, Rachael O'Connor, and Tamera Foster.

VFTG-supported contestants[edit]

Moderator picks and supported contestants[edit]

Unlike the American version of Vote for the Girls, where it competes against Vote Against the Producers and Vote for the Worst since the latter of of the two did choose picks for The X Factor.

There has been one occasions in which a Vote for the Girls pick have been a male contestant. During The Voice UK series 3, the site decided James Byron as a transwoman (male-to-female) as "Jimmi Byron". [4] Unlike Alex & Sierra pick on The X Factor USA, Jimmi Byron was declared a transgender female (even though Byron stated in the audition that the individual is male). The pick of Jimmi Byron drew controversy on the American version of VFTG.

Starting with the December 1, 2013 episode, Zinn offered a buyout to the moderator(s) to quit the respective competition before the program's results are revealed. A male moderator, whose appearance and voice are not shown, will phone down to Zinn's phone on the podium. The Male Moderator and Zinn will converse (the Male Moderator's voice is never heard) and Zinn will then inform the moderators of the Male Moderatror's "offer", the amount of which depends on the number of female contestants remaining in the competition, in exchange for not to continue with the competition. A Male Moderator Cash Offer is offered as chance to end the competition, with the Male Moderator Deal offer. Although the Male Moderator will talk to Zinn (and occasionally the moderators) via phone, and is said to calculate the offers. The calculation is essentially the average value of the VFTG Jackpot slightly higher or lower depending on the progress. Cash is offered prior to the Semi-finals of the respective competitions to be split evenly among the moderators that accepted the offer. In the Semi Finals and Finale, each individual moderator could choose to take a buyout consisting of a and various prizes (respective trip, Mini Cooper, or home makeover) plus £5,000 (semi-finale) and a bigger prize (usually a luxury trip or a car) plus £7,500 (finale) cash (approximately £25,000 to £50,000 total value, respectively).

Zinn will then ask all three of the moderators the option to stop the competition after there are two female contestants left on the American versions of The Voice and X Factor (before the finale), one female contestant on American Idol, the respective Australian and British versions of The X Factor, or four or fewer female contestants on the respective Australian and British versions of The Voice. If one or more moderators wishes to stop, the moderator(s) presses the button to end the competition and take ten percent of the VFTG Jackpot, otherwise, the moderator(s) declares "No deal!" and does not press the button, requiring the moderator(s) to continue into the next round of the competition. This also can happen though there were still female contestants left in the competition in which due to a lopsided competition or a level of conflict, any VFTG moderator can decide whether or not to continue to the next level.

If one or more moderators chose to take the buyout, the value is deducted from the Vote for the Girls jackpot. If at least one moderator chose to continue with the competition, the competition continued. If one or more female contestants advanced, the cash award is added to the Vote for the Girls jackpot.


To date, four series have been broadcast, as summarized below.

(VFTG Pick Name) Indicates a Vote for the Girls Victory (finale only)
(VFTG Pick Name) Indicates a Vote for the Girls Make-Up Victory (finale only)
(VFTG Pick Name) Indicates a Vote for the Girls Victory after last male contestant's elimination
VFTG Loss Indicates a Vote for the Girls Loss after last female contestant's elimination
VFTG Loss Indicates a Vote for the Girls Loss (finale)
Moderators' Save Indicates a Moderators' Save to veto a Vote for the Girls loss
Moderator Victories
Series Start Finish Programme Victory Last Female
(or Runner-up)
Winning moderator Host Moderators
One 1 June 2013 5 April 2014 The Voice UK 2 Andrea Begley Leah McFall Ariel Swaringen Ava Zinn Ava Zinn
Ariel Swaringen
Khayla Chow
Tracia Ward
The X Factor 10 Samantha "Sam" Bailey N/A Ava Zinn
The Voice UK 3 VFTG Loss Christina Marie N/A
Sally Barker
Two 26 September 2014 4 April 2015 Strictly Come Dancing 12 Double VFTG Victory
Caroline Flack
Simon Webbe Ava Zinn Ava Zinn
Tracia Ward
Nermal Everman
Kendra Ray
Double VFTG Victory
Frankie Bridge
The X Factor 11 Moderator's Save Fleur East
The Voice UK 4 Moderators' Save Lucy O'Byrne Ava Zinn
Tracia Ward
Nermal Everman
Kendra Ray
Rhonda Rhodes
Karly Ryder, Jr.
Three 1 November 2015 5 April 2016 Strictly Come Dancing 13 Male Victory
Jay McGuiness
Georgia May Foote Tracia Ward Ava Zinn
Tracia Ward
Rachael Passalt
Kendra Ray
Karly Jameson
Holly Everman
Female Victory
Kellie Bright
Katie Derham
The X Factor 12 Louisa Johnson Ava Zinn
The Voice UK 5 Moderators' Save Lydia Lucy Tash Gower
Four 2018 TBD



Awards and nominations[edit]

Controversy and criticism[edit]


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