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Lyssa Sorensen
Born Lyssa Cassadee Zinn
(2023-07-21)July 21, 2023 (7 months,  7 days)
Fort Wayne, Indiana, U.S.
Years active 2023-present
Known for Caprice & Ella

Lyssa Cassadee Zinn (born July 21, 2023) is an American actress best known as second child of meteorologist Breeanna Sorensen and the eighth child of producer/director Ava Zinn.

Early life and education[edit]

Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana to meteorologist Breeanna Sorensen and film/television producer/director, Queen of the Willis, Vote for the Girls, and Caprice & Ella creator and executive producer Ava Zinn. Lyssa is the second child of Breeanna Sorensen but the eighth child of Ava Zinn. Lyssa has a twin sister Sierra and has six half-siblings on her father's side Samantha (b. 1993 d. 2020), Thomas (b. 1997 d. 2006), Tiffani (b. 1999 d. 2021), Sheryl (b. 1999 d. 2009), Tabitha (b. 2003 d. 2018), and Kenneth "Baby Kenny" (b. 2015 d. 2018). Lyssa is one of Ava's three children not born in Marion, Indiana–the others are Lyssa's twin sister, Sierra, and eldest half-sister, Samantha (the latter of whom was born in Van Buren, Indiana).


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