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Caprice & Ella
Caprice & Ella logo.png
  • Reality
  • Comedy
Created by Ava Zinn
Theme music composer Randy Edelman
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 65 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s)
  • Fort Wayne, Indiana
Running time varies
Production company(s) Aeverine Zinn Digital Media Group
Original channel First run syndication
Audio format
Original run February 27, 2021 (2021-02-27) – present

Caprice & Ella is a YouTuber produced series created by the Ava Zinn. The series usually revolves around Zinn, Caprice and Ella's owner, going through everyday life, but there's a twist that makes her life not so "every day"; Caprice and Ella have the ability to speak to her. Whether it was trying to hold a conversation with Ella, having to confront or simply ignore Caprice's problematic attitude, Ava's pets always had something going on that she has to deal with, whether it be important or not.

The series made its debut on February 27, 2021. The show has been renewed for its fourth and fifth production cycles. In addition a feature film is set to be released.[1]


Ava Zinn is a kind transgender woman working for Aeverine Zinn Holdings, which owns Caprice & Ella. Wanting a cat and dog, Ava seeks help from Humane Fort Wayne (then Allen County SPCA), who presents her with a cute 10-month-old female American domestic short hair cat named Caprice. Unbeknownst to Ava, Caprice is a mischievous and incorrigible feline who often causes chaos but also feels put upon. A month later, Ava adopts an 8-week-old female Chihualua puppy, whom she names Ella. Like Caprice, Ella is also mischevious and often causes chaos.


  • Ava Zinn. Ava is the main protagonist of Caprice & Ella, alongside Caprice. She is a semi-retired webmaster and hosted Vote for the Girls from April 28, 2010 to May 23, 2021. Ava loves to hang out in the living room talking to Ella, indirectly bothering Caprice.
  • Caprice Haley Zinn. Caprice was adopted by Ava in February 2021 from the Allen County SPCA (now Humane Fort Wayne), which is how Ava got her to be raised since Caprice's youngest years. Caprice grows up with Ava and her dog, Ella, (and later Ava's girlfriend Breeanna) who was the first pet Ava adopted after Caprice. With Ella, Caprice has a love-hate relationship. As a kitten, Caprice was a community cat that Ava was unaware of at first. Her first name is a reference to the Chevrolet Caprice while her middle name is a reference to Haley Rinehart. Most of the time, Caprice seems like a grumpy and cynical cat that only cares about herself and is always trying to get rid of Ella in the house she lives, but sometimes, in a hidden way, shows compassion for Breeanna, Ava and Ella. Caprice likes to eat wet food, her birthday cake, chicken, and tuna. She likes to write in her diary, catnip mixed with wet food, swearing, attack/scare Breeanna as well as other cats and/or kittens, insult Ella and calling her a bitch, tell lies, petting sessions, and being left alone. Caprice dislikes being told what to do by Ava and/or Breeanna, any kind of dry cat food, be grounded from wet cat food and/or catnip, Ella, in the event Ava pets her too fast or from her tail to her head, Ava in general, the vet, the vacuum, be on camera, creepy noises made by Ava. Her fears are Ava getting mad and booming at her; vacuums; the chance of being grounded forever; going back to the pound.
  • Gabriella Lauren "Ella" Zinn. Ella was adopted by Ava in March 2021. Ella grows up with Caprice. Her full name is named after Ella Henderson and Lauren Alaina. Ella likes to eat wet food, chicken, and beef steak. She likes to swearing, attack/scare other dogs and/or puppies, insult Caprice and calling her a dick, petting sessions, and being left alone. Ella dislikes being told what to do by Ava and/or Breeanna, any kind of dry dog food, be grounded from wet dog food, the vet, and the vacuum. Her fears are Ava getting mad and booming at her; vacuums; the chance of being grounded forever; going back to the pound.
  • Breeanna Sorensen. Breeanna becomes Ava's girlfriend and significant other in the conclusion of "Breaking Boiling Point". She is a freelance meteorologist and scientist originally from Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Lafayette, Indiana. She likes to hang out with Ava outside the home, yet Caprice and Ella become jealous of Breeanna as she admitted she did one of Ava's assignments as a sexual favor.



While creating the series Caprice & Ella, Ava Zinn had just finished off her twelve-year run on Vote for the Girls with Ava Zinn & Alexandra Moffitt and was looking for another project. Karly Jameson, Thia Tola, and Rachael Passalt were respectively working as a producer for Queen of the Willis, The Karly Jameson Show, The Souzas, respectively. The four got together to form the basis for Caprice & Ella.[2]


The series is filmed on the southeast side of Fort Wayne, Indiana for its first four seasons. From the halfway point of season 4 onwards, it is filmed in various locations around Fort Wayne.[3] Fort Wayne remained as the setting of the show for the entire duration.


When the series was in pre-production, Zinn was looking for a suitable animal actor for the lead.[2] After Caprice's appearance on the Allen County SPCA (now Humane Fort Wayne)'s web site, Caprice auditioned for the part. According to Zinn, every auditioning feline and canine actor/actress "hulked" their way through their audition. When Caprice eventually auditioned for the role, Zinn felt that she gave the character a feline touch which the other felines could not. Zinn believed that Caprice would become one of the new "breakout" stars on American television.[2]

Theme song[edit]

The theme song to Caprice & Ella is a mostly shot by shot spoof of the opening of MacGyver except for the following:

  • "Lapsed Lease" (Part 1) - The opening sequence is replaced by a parody of Top Cops.
  • "Fort Wayne Rocks" - The opening sequence is replaced by a parody of Dallas' opening sequence.
  • "Runaway Chores" - The opening sequence is replaced by a parody of Hardcastle & McCormick's opening sequence.
  • "Ella Gets Microchipped" - The opening sequence is replaced by a parody of Simon & Simon's opening sequence.
  • "When the Going Gets Rough, The Tough Get Rough" - The opening sequence is replaced by a parody of Hunter's opening sequence.
  • "Without Us" - The opening sequence is replaced by a parody of Remington Steele's opening sequence.
  • "Survelliance Kitty" - The opening sequence is replaced by a parody of T.J. Hooker's opening sequence.
  • "Tuxedo Grey's Anatomy" - The opening sequence is replaced by a parody of Sledge Hammer!'s opening sequence.
  • "Caprice the Cop" - The opening sequence is replaced by a parody of Knight Rider's opening sequence.
  • " What Caprice & Ella Didn't See Coming" - The opening sequence is replaced by a parody of Silk Stalkings' opening sequence.
  • "When There's Mating, There's Kittens and Puppies" - The opening sequence is replaced by a parody of Hart to Hart's opening sequence.
  • "A Black Cat & Dental Work" - The opening sequence is replaced by a parody of Riptide's opening sequence.
  • "The Caprice & Ella College Basketball Special" - The opening sequence is replaced by a parody of Magnum, P.I.'s opening sequence.
  • "Breaking Boiling Point" - The end credits of part 14 is replaced by a parody of the series finale of Magnum, P.I.'s 1988 series finale.


Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 19 February 27, 2021 (2021-02-27) April 16, 2021 (2021-04-16)
2 22 August 16, 2021 (2021-08-16) November 8, 2021 (2021-11-08)
3 24 January 3, 2022 (2022-01-03) April 11, 2022 (2022-04-11)
4 TBD January 9, 2023 (2023-01-09) May 2023 (2023-05)
5 TBD September 2023 (2023-09) May 2024 (2024-05)
Films 2 2023 (2023) 2024 (2024)

Several episodes, begin with a cold open, finding Caprice and/or Ella already on a mission.

Season one (Spring 2021)[edit]

The show began in an unstable scheduling slot with the pilot episode of "Come Out of Hiding" initially broadcast on a Saturday. The show struggled to attract an audience and drew criticism for its profanity by Caprice.

Midway through the first season, with low ratings still, Zinn gave Jackson Steele a private screening of an episode ("Meet Ella") that had not yet aired, and asked him to give the show more time to attract viewers. Steele agreed and put the show on hiatus until a better time slot could be found. After Vote for the Girls ended its 12 year run on May 23, 2021, Zinn revealed that a Monday and Thursday slots would be best.

Season two (Fall 2021)[edit]

For its second season, Zinn brought in her colleagues from Aeverine Zinn Digital Media Group to refine the show. As the executive producer, Zinn pushed up the violence but softened the main characters fractious relationship with Ava and emphasized the chemistry between Caprice and Ella. Zinn also moved the show's setting out of the back streets and into the more desirable areas of Fort Wayne.

Probably the most memorable aspect to the second season was the three-part episode "Ava's Stalking Story", which may have drawn from the cases of Rebecca Schaeffer in 1989 and Christina Grimmie that were prominent in the news. A psychopathic Purdue Fort Wayne student named Caleb had been stalking Ava for two years and startled Caprice and Ella on occasion. "Ava's Stalking Story" is one of the most remembered and popular episodes of the series.

Viewers also responded to Zinn's changes, and the show's second season ended with Caprice & Ella continued this progress to become a mainstay of the Monday and Thursday schedule.

Season three (Spring 2022)[edit]

The third season, again led by Zinn, added Tuxedo Kitty, Ragdoll Kitty, Grey Poupon, and Random Black Kitty (all community cats), who remained until the following season.

A remembered episode from season three was "Ella Gets Microchipped", which Ella gets microchipped for a deal Ava found too much to resist. Caprice was already microchipped and spayed when the show started. Arielle Cadet guest starred as herself as she was anchoring at WPTA "ABC 21" in Fort Wayne at the time of taping.

Also starting in the third season, the "March Madness" episodes are a series of episodes openings replaced by parodies of opening sequences of various classic television shows. The first, entitled "Fort Wayne Rocks", aired on January 24, 2022 has the opening sequence replaced by a parody of the original run of Dallas, which used the 13th season opening sequence. The episodes contain the Caprice & Ella version of the opening sequence of various television series in the United States.

Season four (Spring 2023)[edit]

During production of the fourth season, which began in May 2022, Zinn was slated to begin work on the feature film. However, on June 10, 2022, Zinn learned that her lease at Black Pine Flats would not be renewed and began work on the first Caprice & Ella miniseries "Breaking Boiling Point". The first two episodes of the series' fourth season had been completed prior to the deaths of Ragdoll Kitty and Grey Poupon. Following Ragdoll Kitty and Grey Poupon's death, Aeverine Zinn Digital Media Group announced that Caprice & Ella would continue after a hiatus and would incorporate the deaths of Ragdoll Kitty and Grey Poupon. The two episodes that Ragdoll Kitty and Grey Poupon had completed aired as normal. On January 9, 2023 the first episode after their deaths, producer and narrator Karly Jameson paid tribute to Ragdoll Kitty amd Grey Poupon, after a few seconds of silence where the lights on where Caprice & Ella is taped slowly dimmed. That episode, as well as subsequent episodes that aired after Ragdoll Kitty and Grey Poupon's deaths, also included a dedication screen at the end of the credits through the remainder of the season.

The third season added Breeanna Sorensen included in the opening credits of the show and becoming one of the show's main stars beginning with the February 6, 2023 episode. Karly Jameson would be added at the start of the following season.

Broadcast history[edit]

After a slow start in its first season, Caprice & Ella became a sleeper hit for Aeverine Zinn Digital Media Group in its second season.

Content editing[edit]

The series is edited to meet FCC regulations for indecency and obscenity, including bleeping and pixelization of profane language (on the broadcast version) and pixelization of nudity, though other censoring does take place. The broadcast/clean version is on Ava Zinn's YouTube channel while the uncensored version is on Caprice & Ella's YouTube channel.


In an assignment for Ava Zinn's Video & Sound class on April 15, 2022, it was revealed that a Caprice & Ella Movie was in the works to be released on in the summer of 2023.[1]

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