New Colt on the Block

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"New Colt on the Block"
Queen of the Willis episode
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 15
Directed by Alexandra Moffitt
Written by Alexandra Moffitt
Production code 307
Original air date April 3, 2009
Guest actors
  • [[]] as Kelvin Rhodes
Episode chronology
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"Ava Fixes Everything"

New Colt on the Block is the fifteenth episode of the third season on Queen of the Willis. It first aired on April 3, 2009. The episode was written and directed by Alexandra Moffitt.

The episode marks the first appearance of Quillsville Police Officers Dailey, Battishill, Millspaugh, and Reed.


A washed-up former Indianapolis Colts player, Kelvin Rhodes, moves into the neighborhood. Ava, Melissa, Tiffani and Anna Pamhouser take a liking to him and look the other way for his antics, even when he cuts Lando's telephone wire when he complains about his neighbor's loud parties. But when Kelvin and his friends dig up Lando's lawn, Ava decides that she has had enough. Ava calls the police but they too look the other way when they notice Kelvin's Super Bowl ring. Ava reminds them about the charges, but Kelvin denies it and says Ava did it, which the police quickly believe. When Kelvin teaches Tom and Deanna some dirty football moves (which involve Tom punching Connie in the face), tears up Ava's fence, and then roll a car onto his lawn, Ava has had enough and calls the police again. Once again, Ava is ticketed after Kelvin convinces the police he didn't do it and blames Ava for rolling a car onto her own lawn. Ava and the girls confront her but Kelvin is confident that no one will touch him and punches Ava in the face. The gang try to talk Ava into hitting him back, but Ava says she won't, since only one punch thrown is assault, and if Ava throws one back it's a fight. However, Kelvin's Super Bowl ring leaves a distinct imprint on Ava's face (Kelvin mentions early in the episode it's hard to take off the ring) and Melissa quickly takes a picture and puts it in a safe, having enough evidence to officially charge Kelvin and show the police proof. Ava tells Kelvin he has 30 days to leave or she will press aggravated assault charges, which Kelvin can't afford. The neighborhood has been shaken but will recover.

Meanwhile, Heather tells Rags that she has been dating a boy named Hank Wilcox, but she doesn’t want Rags to meet him. Rags is convinced that the reason for this is that Hank is ugly, but Heather finally introduces Rags to Hank to prove that he is actually handsome. Rags soon discovers that the real reason Heather didn’t want him to meet hank is because he is a stereotypical "nice guy". Heather is teased by Ava and Angie for dating someone so dense when Rags tricks him into coming over to the house for dinner, and Heather later admits that the relationship is based on sex and that she should end it soon. Rags encourages Heather to break up with him, but when Heather goes to his house to do so while Rags waits in the car, she is distracted by his nudity and ends up having sex with him instead.

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