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Vote for the Girls (U.S.)
Season 3
Broadcast from November 1, 2011 (2011-11-01) – July 12, 2012 (2012-07-12)
Moderators Holly Everman
Robyn Hurd
Host(s) Ava Zinn
Record 1-1
Winning Moderator(s):
Robyn Hurd (The X Factor 1)
Ava Zinn (So You Think You Can Dance 9)
VFTG Victory(ies)
Melanie Amaro (The X Factor)
Make-Up Victory(ies)
Eliana Girard
Tifany Maher

The third season of Vote for the Girls, also known as Vote for the Girls 2012 premiered on November 1, 2011, and concluded on July 12, 2012. Moderators Ava Zinn, Robyn Hurd, and Holly Everman returned. On May 24, 2012, Robyn Hurd died after suffering a stroke caused from blood clots, thus making Hurd's final season as a moderator. This was the final season with three moderators.

This season has marked four firsts in the site's history: this season had moderators choosing their picks to win, as opposed to the single pick (of which were decided by Zinn under her sole discretion) to win format used in previous seasons; guest moderators were brought in as a 4th moderator; a female was not amongst the contestants remaining in the competition in the finale (Duets); and lastly, a female is the winner of the competition (Melanie Amaro of The X Factor).

Changes from previous seasons[edit]

Season 3 moderator panel and host

Several changes were planned for season three. Ava Zinn was considering adding a fourth moderator and a guest moderator has been invited by Zinn to participate during the competition, this was the first season where guest moderators were invited to participate in the live shows of the competition. The guest moderators featured were:

Date Show Moderator
at VFTG Set
on Location
Guest moderator(s) Guest moderator(s)
on Location
May 10, 2012 American Idol 11 Top 4 Result Ava Zinn Holly Everman1 Raymond Passalt2
May 17, 2012 American Idol 11 Top 3 Result Ava Zinn Holly Everman1 Raymond Passalt2
May 23, 2012 American Idol 11 finale Holly Everman1 Ava Zinn[note 1] Raymond Passalt2 Amanda Smith (Santa Ava 3 winner)
June 28, 2012 Duets Live Show Premiere Ava Zinn Maribel Mort2
Raymond Passalt2
Frank Davidson3
July 5, 20124 Duets Top 5 Result Ava Zinn Patrice Rafferty2
Frank Davidson3
July 12, 20124 Duets Top 4 Result
(Infamous Episode)
Rhonda Spencer2
Frank Davidson3
July 18, 2012 So You Think You Can Dance 9 Top 20 Result Holly Everman Rhonda Spencer2
Patrice Rafferty2
Johnathan Steele5
July 25, 2012 So You Think You Can Dance 9 Top 16 Result Holly Everman Rhonda Spencer2
Patrice Rafferty2
Johnathan Steele5
August 15, 2012 So You Think You Can Dance 9 Top 14 Result Holly Everman Maribel Mort2
Rhonda Spencer2
Johnathan Steele5
August 22, 2012 So You Think You Can Dance 9 Top 10 Result Holly Everman Maribel Mort2
Rhonda Spencer2
Johnathan Steele5
August 29, 2012 So You Think You Can Dance 9 Top 8 Result Holly Everman Maribel Mort2
Rhonda Spencer2
Johnathan Steele5
September 5, 2012 So You Think You Can Dance 9 Top 6 Result Holly Everman Hillary Matthewson2
Johnathan Steele5
September 18, 2012 So You Think You Can Dance 9 Finale Ava Zinn Holly Everman Hillary Matthewson2
Johnathan Steele5
  1. ^ During the American Idol 11 competition, reception issues on the Vote for the Girls set prevented the completion of episode. Holly Everman hosted.
  2. ^ After Hurd's last show on May 3 and death on May 24, Patrice Rafferty, Rhonda Spencer, Rachael Passalt (then known as Raymond Passalt), Hurd's daughter Maribel Mort, and Hurd's widow Hillary Matthewson all filled in as guest moderators during the Duets competition and So You Think You Can Dance filled in until Ariel Swaringen and Michelle Steele joined the moderation panel full-time for permanently for season 5.
  3. ^ During the Duets competition, Frank Davidson of ATE Media-owned ABC station WMRI "9abc" served as temporary replacement for Holly Everman, who was not able to attend due to her honeymoon.
  4. ^ Episode finally aired on September 4, 2013 as Classic VFTG
  5. ^ During the So You Think You Can Dance competition, Johnathan Steele served as temporary replacement for Ava Zinn, who was not able to attend due to a contractual dispute.

Notable events[edit]

Ava Zinn Auditions for American Idol[edit]

Even before season 11 of America Idol's premiere, Ava Zinn, the site's creator, auditioned as a contestant on American Idol, and went undercover as a journalist reportedly exposing the previous American Idol season's gender voting bias and eventually would end the trend that Idol pundits call the "white guy with guitar" or "WGWG" factor. During American Idol 11, VFTG picked Hallie Day and Erika Van Pelt in the semi-finals because they also auditioned at the same Pittsburgh audition venues as Zinn.

Zinn's American Idol audition eventually lead to the web site to see a significant ratings boost this season. The web site surged past competing web site Vote for the Worst in several key weeks, with four female contestants and only two male contestants in the American Idol 11 Top 6 for the first time in web site's history. The web site eventually would long leave its ratings-challenged past behind, and is the web site would have more victories in the years to come as well as becoming one of the strongest entertainment web sites in the nation.

YouTube Ratings Windfall[edit]

The web site's moderators Ava Zinn and Holly Everman first gained a major windfall during the this season--more particularly American Idol and were consistently two of the web site's strongest moderators due to not only Zinn's audition in Pittsburgh, but also Indianapolis resident Alisha Bernhardt who auditioned in St. Louis.

While the national Nielsen ratings for the Pittsburgh auditions were 10.3 with a 16% share of overall households tuning in and the St. Louis auditions were 10.2 with a 16% share, Zinn registered a 21.7 rating and a 31% share in Fort Wayne while Everman registered a 19.6 rating a 28% share in the Indianapolis market. Zinn and Everman's numbers are roughly 20% higher than the national average. Part of the success is due to Indiana's status as a reality-based show contestant hotbed following Zinn's American Idol auditon in Pittsburgh and Bernhardt's audition in St. Louis, and the the web site's support eventually became among the highest-rated YouTube views in Indiana and Pennsylvania during the competition.

Noteworthy deaths[edit]

Robyn Hurd

In April 2012, Robyn Hurd became ill, leaving both Zinn and Everman to co-host the season until her planned return as viewers began noticing that Hurd's voice sounded uncharacteristically gravelly and unhealthy during the episodes. On May 3, 2012, Robyn co-hosted VFTG for the last time; her poor health also prevented her from covering Jessica Sanchez's save from elimination on April 12, 2012.

A month later on May 9, 2012, Hurd announced that she had been in treatment for blood clots and, as before, guest moderators – mostly consisting of news personalities from ATE Media and NoSirGifts-owned stations - WTOR main anchorwoman Alexandra Moffitt and WMRI midday anchorman Pete Ward filled in for her. Hurd died of a stroke on May 24, 2012, at her apartment in Fort Wayne, at age 51.

Between Hurd's death and the start of the web site's fifth season, guest moderators alternated co-hosting the site with Zinn, Everman, and Hurd's widow, Hillary Matthewson. During the summer of 2012, Hillary Matthewson mostly co-hosted the site with guest moderators filling in for both Zinn and Everman. At the time, it was unknown what Aeverine Zinn Holdings planned to do as the television reception issues plagued in May and June 2012, which appeared not to be favorable, and when Ava Zinn added AT&T AT&T U-Verse high speed internet (to effectively replace Bright House Networks as Zinn's television provider) in July 2012.

Hurd's role on the moderator panel passed to her widow, Hillary Matthewson. Hurd's daughter (Maribel) and half-sister (Kellie Rock) are also involved in the site.[1] Kellie Rock would later join the moderator panel in January 2014 for the fifth season before her own death in April 2016. Hurd's daughter would join the moderator panel in January 2017.

Rule changes[edit]

Moderators' Picks[edit]

Because of the successful runs of Crystal Bowersox on the , Lauren Alaina, and Haley Reinhart on American Idol and Lauren Froderman, Melanie Moore, and Sasha Mallory on So You Think You Can Dance, Vote for the Girls expanded its site to include The X Factor.

With the addition of The X Factor, the site allowed each moderator (Zinn, Everman, and Hurd) to chose their picks to win the respective competition and a new element was added as moderators were given a "wild card", allowing each moderator to select one additional individual on American Idol and The X Factor. The single pick to win format decided by Zinn under her ole discretion was still used in the Duets and So You Think You Can Dance competition.

Moderator Standings[edit]

W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, PCT = Winning Percentage

Moderator Panel
Robyn Hurd 1 1 0 .500 1-2 .333 L1
Ava Zinn 1 3 0 .250 4-5 .444 W1
Holly Everman 0 2 0 .000 0-4 .000 L4



Witney Carson of So You Think You Can Dance reappeared in Vote for the Girls' sixth season's fall cycle and her partner Alfonso Ribeiro was chosen as a Dancing with the Stars season 19 pick chosen by Nermal Everman as Everman filled in for her aunt Holly after she was suspended following her two DUI arrests in April and August 2014. Ribiero and Carson won that season of Dancing with the Stars. Carson also reappeared for the spring cycle and her partner Chris Soules was chosen as a Dancing with the Stars season 20 pick chosen by Ava Zinn, Kymberly Alvaraz, and Kendra Ray and finished in fifth place in the 20th season of Dancing with the Stars.

The American Idol season 11 competition appeared as the second Classic Vote for the Girls episode airing on December 16, 2014 in place of seventh season winner announcement of The Voice as DaNica Shirey's elimination was declined by the Moderators' Veto and sparing the site another Vote for the Gills loss on December 2, 2014.

Melanie Amaro and Jessica Sanchez, respectively of The X Factor's first and American Idol's eleventh seasons reappeared as two previously supported contestants were featured on the site's 100 Women Picked special.


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  1. Ava Zinn was on assignment, due to television reception issues
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