Queen of the Willis (season 4)

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Queen of the Willis (season 4)
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 45
Original channel First-run Syndication
Original run August 14, 2009 (2009-08-14) – April 9, 2010 (2010-04-09)
Season chronology
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Season 3
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Season 5

List of Queen of the Willis episodes

This is a list of episodes from the fourth season of Queen of the Willis.


Broadcast history[edit]

The fourth season premiered on August 14, 2009 and ended on April 9, 2010 and consists of 45 episodes.


No. in
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Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
Meet the Pamhousers

Janet Webb Janet Webb

August 14, 2009 (2009-08-14)
After hearing Pamhouser brag about her sexual exploits, Angie feels that she has missed out on enjoying the single lifestyle. Past Angie is summoned to The Drunken Hoosier on a false alarm, and she grants Angie's wish by sending her (along with Heather) back to 1986 for one night. Appearing to others as her 16-year-old self, Angie cancels her scheduled movie date to see Tron with Frank Willis (who did not transition to Ava), instead accepting an invitation from Stephanie to go and party at a nightclub. Angie enjoys the evening, and ends up making out with Indianapolis sportscaster Mark Patrick, when Past Angie appears to return her to the present. Back in the present day, Angie then discovers that her past actions have had drastic effects on the world; she and Mark Patrick have been married for 20 years, Frank Willis is married to Anna Pamhouser, Sarah Palin is president instead of former U.S. President Barak Obamha; Tom, Deanna, Emilie, Hillary, Luanne, Stuart, Brian, and Ron have Pamhouser's chin, nose, and mannerisms, Joe Biden, who is just known as the chairman of Halliburton, has just shot dead by snipers, and finally, Tavis Smiley is the host of The Late Show. Heather explains to Angie that by missing out on her date with Frank and making out with Mark, she altered the time line. At the end of the episode (with Ava herself), Angie says "I'm just glad everything is back to normal" and then Joyce the Cow from Hoosier Anchorwoman! walks in and says "Who ate all the butter pecan ice cream?"
  • Guest stars: Mark Patrick as Mark Patrick-Donaldson, Frank Davidson as Frank Willis, Rick Astley and Michael Jackson as themselves.


  • This episode was dedicated to Michael Jackson with a 50 second tibute. The episode was scheduled to air as a sixth season, but was moved up to serve as the season premiere.
  • This marks the second episode which Ava Zinn did not voice Ava Willis.
Now You See Heather, Now You Don't

Amanda Bearse Amanda Bearse

August 21, 2009 (2009-08-21)
Angie wins the Willis family a cruise after winning a company competition. Shortly before the family prepares to leave, Tiffani recognizes the sensitivity of Heather's nose and offers her a job detecting drugs as a police sniffer lobster. At the airport, Heather uncovers a bystander carrying cocaine; however, she accidentally inhales it. The next morning, Heather has an emotional breakdown after the family stages an intervention with her psychiatrist. The family compromises on sending her to rehab with their vacation money. Angie joins Heather since she now cannot go on vacation, and the two cause unrest among their fellow patients by causing havoc on males. After the two are caught, Angie is accused of being Heather's "x-factor"; however, Heather manages to defend Angie and decides to leave the center. The Willis family throw a party to celebrate Heather's return, but are shocked when she announces that she is leaving Quillsville to Los Angeles to continue the search for the thrill of her life.
Heather moves to Los Angeles with her cousin Claire after her drug rehabilitation and inadvertently becomes a film director. The family decides to visit Heather for support in her new career; however, when it turns out Heather is directing pornography, she attempts to keep it a secret from the family. Meanwhile, Rags auditions for America's Got Talent in order to unleash a mass hypnosis; however, during the show the following night, host Jerry Springer grabs Rags' device and unwittingly foils his plan. Elsewhere, Heather is nominated for Best Director at the Woody Awards for adult films; Claire informs the Willis family about Heather's job and attend the awards, much to Heather's relief. By the end of the episode, she decides to return to Quillsville with her family.
60 5 The Accidental Murderer

Alexis Arquette Julia Passalt

August 28, 2009 (2009-08-28)
Ava finds out her car salesman has been tricking her into overpaying for vehicle purchases, and in pursuit of recourse, gets tangled (and nearly prosecuted) in a botched plan cooked up by two high school-aged activists.
61 6 Quill County Massacre

Robyn Hurd Jacquieline Roberts

August 28, 2009 (2009-08-28)
The Willis family are forced to live with the Roses after Melissa digs a tunnel underneath the Willis' kitchen, and the inspector declares the Willis house uninhabitable until the necessary repairs are done. Things get worse when Ava is sentenced to take anger management classes after accidentally cutting one of Melissa's fingers off with a circular saw.
62 7 Your 24 Hour Gift People

Robyn Hurd Robyn Hurd

September 4, 2009 (2009-09-04)
When Tina gets banned from her favorite Chippendales, she focuses on making Craven Gifts a "fun" place to work after spending her days at a ice cream parlor where the clerks sing to their customers and give out gimmicky sizes and prizes for their service.
63 8 Revenge of the Male Anchors 2

Robyn Hurd Ava Zinn

September 4, 2009 (2009-09-04)
Following Cheryl Parker's final newscast at Fox 11 (who resigned from Fox 11 to focus on her family), Babyface High School holds an emergency community meeting when Angelika Mullins goes missing in Quillsville, run by Parker herself, who calls Stephanie out on not keeping her family tight-knit. Parker announces that two guys are going to anchor the newscast. Furious, Rags and Shushu vow to prevent the newscast from airing and viciously attack Gene Cox as Rags bites off both Cox's legs and becomes paralysed. Heather becomes suspicious after bones were found in the Willis' garabage can while Ava and Deanna get in some father/transgender daughter bonding time when Ava gets spooked by Bob and Gene anchoring Fox 11 News at 10, forcing Ava to relive a dark secret that she never watched two anchormen since Clyde Lee and Howard Caldwell in 1984, and has no problem watching two anchorwomen. As Ava is pointing out the contributions of the women to society but upon seeing Laura Donaldson as Deanna and Ava are watching a Fort Wayne newscast, Ava discovers Lisa Shanks (Angie's sister) is actually Laura Donaldson and therefore revealed that Bob Donaldson is the biological father of Angie. While Angie and Tom interfere with the conversation with Deanna and Ava remarking that the men are more important than the women, Angie retaliates by forcing Ava to sleep on the couch. The next night, Ava tries to apologize for her sexism, but lacks sensitivity to this and is once again forced to sleep on the couch. When Ava tries to get comfort from Rags and Shushu, who get offended then kicks Ava out of the house and forces her to sleep in Rags' dog house, where Ava realises what she did to deserve these punishments. Rags confesses to biting off Gene's legs as well as biting Zach Mullins in three years ago. Meanwhile, Melissa becomes a talent agent and eventually gets Diane Willis (from "Ava Gets Dianed"), Zach Mullins, and Angela Stroup to join Fox 11 of which the latter two move from Quillsville 24 while Ava attempts to talk to the program director at Fox 11.

Guest Stars: Diane Willis, Laura Donaldson, Bob Donaldson, Gene Cox, and Cheryl Parker as themselves.

  • The real-life Cheryl Parker left WXIN, the real-life Indianapolis Fox affilate on May 25, 2010.
  • First appearance of Bob Donaldson.
64 9 Call It Deanna Love

Amanda Bearse Amanda Bearse

September 4, 2009 (2009-09-04)
Deanna falls in love with a 24-year-old college classmate (guest-voiced by Andrea Jameson), but soon learns that love hurts when the lesbian confesses that she only wants a friend. Meanwhile, Ava, Melissa, Tiffani, and Pamhouser become attached to a couch that was thrown out in the Willis' yard by Lando.
Back Home Again in California

Kellie Rock Kellie Rock

September 11, 2009 (2009-09-11)
Rags and Shushu becomes obsessed with Animal Sesame Street and runs away to be part of the cast, and Heather gives chase in an attempt to bring them back. Meanwhile, Angie and Ava attend a New Kids on the Block concert.
Note: Tom and Deanna do not appear in this episode.

Amanda Bearse Amanda Bearse

September 18, 2009 (2009-09-18)
Ava accidentally gets Lando fired after revealing one of Lando's top-secret plans for his company.
Lando buys the local car wash as part of get-rich-quick scheme he saw on TV, and Ava finds herself working for her disrespectful, money-obsessed neighbor when Tina Craven takes a stake in the business as well.
69 14 Play It Again, Heather

Amanda Bearse Kurt Fonn

September 18, 2009 (2009-09-18)
Angie and Ava's marriage is on the rocks, but when Heather wins the Hoosier Rising Writer’s award, the three of them head to Lake Michigan for a relaxing vacation. As Angie's drinking spirals out of control, so does Heather's self restraint as she professes her undying love for Ava, putting Angie and Heather in a serious feud that will test their friendship and determine the fate of the Willis family.
70 15 The Girl with Two Heathers

Amanda Bearse Rick Cortos

September 18, 2009 (2009-09-18)
When Heather is hurt, the Willis family think she may be getting too old. Heather buys a goldfish, whom she calls "New Heather". New Heather's upbeat attitude makes Heather feel unloved (especially when the Willis begin ignoring her), and she decides to leave home. New Heather's relentless cheerfulness begins annoying Rags and Shushu, who asks Heather to return. Heather refuses, saying she will not come back if New Heather is there. Shushu tells New Heather she and Rags does not like her, and New Heather retaliates by revealing that she violated Kevin (Rags's stuffed animal). Angered, Shsuhu kills New Heather and forges a suicide note; the Willis then take Heather back.
72 17 Heather Willis' House of Payne

Amanda Bearse Angie Zinn

September 18, 2009 (2009-09-18)
Shushu finds an old script that Heather wrote, and suggests Ava read it. Reluctant to at first, Ava ends up loving it, and suggests she meet with executives about producing a drama show. Heather pitches the script to Fox, who respond positively. The producers bring in Vivica A. Fox, however, who wins the role. The Fox executives then turn Heather's drama into a comedy. Frustrated, Heather tries to make the producers return to the original plot, but ends up quitting when they refuse. Meanwhile, Tom and Deanna bump into Rags, and he falls down the stairs, unconscious. Attempting to hide the accident, they are approached by Angie, who suggests they frame Ava for causing the injury. Noticing her pulling out of the driveway, Angie throws Rags behind her tire, and Ava runs him over. Ava then suggests they frame someone else, and Ava takes Rags to the vet.
73 18 Rags Kills Aeverine

Ava Zinn David Goodman

September 25, 2009 (2009-09-25)
Ava and Angie go on a cruise, leaving Rags and the family behind. Upset with Ava for leaving him at home, Rags vows to carry out a diabolical plan. When Heather challenges him to actually do it, Rags stows away on the ship, finds Ava and shoots her, seemingly killing her and resulting in Angie being blamed for her murder.
74 19 Aeverine Kills Rags

Ava Zinn David Goodman

September 25, 2009 (2009-09-25)
Just as Ava was presumed dead by Angie's hand, with Angie about to be jailed for life, Ava makes a miraculous return from the wilderness and names Rags as her killer. From there, Rags escapes the law, where he ties up the family and reveals his true nature. He forces Heather into helping him fulfill his lifelong goal of taking over the world, and succeeds when Kendra Kendall, Amanda Dawson, Elisa Donovan and Port Melissa University submit to his threats. After suffering several days under Rags' reign, Ava decides she has no choice but to arm herself to kill Rags and save the world.
75 20 Melissa's All That

Alaina Jameson Alaina Jameson

October 2, 2009 (2009-10-02)
Melissa and Stephanie renew their wedding vows, and Stephanie invites Melissa's mother, now a gay man whom Melissa detests for supposedly trying to win Stephanie's affections away from her, to the ceremony.
76 21 Heather Wallows and Angela Swallows

Amanda Bearse Rick Cortos

October 2, 2009 (2009-10-02)
Heather gets a DUI and, as punishment, she is forced to care for Paul Reubens, a bitter old man. After discovering that he was actually Pee Wee Herman during the 1980s and 90s who was shamed into seclusion once he faced demands to perform his famous Pee Wee Herman skits, Heather tries to brighten his life. Meanwhile, Angie grows a leg beard and discovers that a family of rare swallows have housed themselves in it.
77 22 Peggy's Series of Unfortunate Events

Amanda Bearse Lynsey Everman

October 9, 2009 (2009-10-09)
Peggy's VETA is in dire straits as members are dying and the veteran educators are behind on their bill, so the VETA moves to Ava's house, but the inclusion of the Generation X educators angers Peggy and the Baby Boomer educators and leads to an increasingly dangerous situation.
78 23 Melinsure

Amanda Bearse Garfield Everman

October 9, 2009 (2009-10-09)
Melissa starts an insurance security company called "Melinsure", but her business is threatened by Peggy, who has become a new local auxiliary police officer. Meanwhile, Ava tries to solve the mystery of who's been in her house while everyone else is out.
Sexist Father

Garfield Everman Ava Zinn

October 16, 2009 (2009-10-16)
It's a pirate's life for Angie when she gets a pet parrot. But after raising hell in Quillsvile and terrorizing the neighbors, Angie accidentally kills her beloved pet. Meanwhile, Lisa has decided to divorce Ned.
82 27 Three Women and a Bitch
Untitled Vivica A. Fox Project
Amanda Bearse Vivica A. Fox

October 23, 2009 (2009-10-23)
Tiffani becomes involved with a single father, Jennifer McDavid (formerly Jerome McDavid), who once had an affair with Reginald John, and, like Stephanie Rose, has a half-Native American child who, like Connie Rose, is ignorant of her biological father's identity. Meanwhile, Connie falls for Jennifer's son, but everyone tries to keep her away from him as the two are related.
83 28 Stupidity Buys a Vegas Vacation

Amanda Bearse Karly Ryder

October 23, 2009 (2009-10-23)
Peggy inherits $100,000 from the will of her friend Poppy, and goes to Las Vegas, with Tiffani in tow, to buy a timeshare. Feeling lonely after the death of her friend, Peggy gets suckered in by tales of the timeshare development's owner, O'Cox, and decides to buy. Meanwhile during a cold wave in Quillsville, Angie, Tom and Melissa search for a hot tub to use.
84 29 The Jenny on Evansville Road

Amanda Bearse Kym Christian

December 4, 2009 (2009-12-04)
After Trevelle is turned down for a college intership program and realizing that their hard work and overachieving has gotten them nowhere in life, Lando and Lilly decide to give up and live like beer-drinking, El Camino-driving rednecks, which nearly drive them to homelessness when they stop making payments on their house.
Note: First appearance of Brandi Sousa

Chariece, Raymond Passalt, and Karly Jameson guest star.

85 30 Careless Whisper

Amanda Bearse Amanda Bearse

December 4, 2009 (2009-12-04)
Angie is intimidated by Ava's larger breasts (mentioned in "Ava and the Great D Cups") and then becomes very self-conscious about her own womanhood, joining a fitness club to make herself feel more feminine. Angie decides to take Ava on a bike trip with her new bicycle, where the they are mugged; Ava manages to save both of them by making loud noises and jumping in front of the mugger. Angie apologizes to Ava and realizes that being a woman is about bravery and not size. Meanwhile, Deanna tries out for women's basketball team at IUPUI but is accepted into the volleyball squad instead. The next day, Ava instructs Deanna to make friends with Neal D'Amico and prank him whenever the time is right. However, the plan is successful when the popular kids trick Neal at Deanna's 19th birthday, where they trick him into kissing a guy he thought was a girl. However, Ava and Deanna have the last laugh when the former sends Pamhouser to molest the young adults.
86 31 Ain't Too Proud to Care Taking

Amanda Bearse Amanda Bearse

December 11, 2009 (2009-12-11)
When the Babyface High School football team has to forfeit a game due to poor field maintenance when the caretaker goes senile, the booster club resolves to replace the school's elderly groundskeeper, Toppy (voice of Christopher Lloyd), and Ava resolves to help him keep his job by secretly doing upkeep on the field. Meanwhile, Deanna starts dating a vegetarian named Brandi (first seen in "The Jenny on Evansville Road"), much to Angie's dismay.
87 32 Brandi Sousa: The New Girl in Quillsville
Brandi, Call The Doctor!
Amanda Bearse Amanda Bearse

December 11, 2009 (2009-12-11)
88 33 Tina's With Stupid

Amanda Bearse Amanda Bearse

January 29, 2010 (2010-01-29)
Ava and Angie are advised to go through a trial separation after Angie becomes jealous over Ava reuniting with an old girlfriend (Alisan Porter) while she is at Craven Gifts, and she hooks up with Seth MacFarlane. Meanwhile, Rags and Heather get stuck together after Rags plays around with industrial-strength glue.
Preschool Nightmares

Amanda Bearse Amanda Bearse

February 5, 2010 (2010-02-05)
Rags is sent off to daycare to learn social skills where he falls in love with a female dog named Juju. Meanwhile, Ava begins wishing that her life were more exciting, so she gets a job as a flight attendant on weekends at Angie's request, who exploits Ava's job position as a means to get free travel for herself.
To Russia: With an F2M Brother

Amanda Bearse Jack McClannahan

February 12, 2010 (2010-02-12)
Peggy wants to return to Russia to apologize to the widow of a teacher she killed, and Angie arranges to bring the family along. Ava is shocked to discover that Peggy actually had an affair with the widow and gave birth to another child—Veronica (now Vladamir). When Vladamir renounces his Willis ancestry, Peggy declares her own personal war on Russia by deciding to spit in the Russian emperor's face.
Amanda and Elisa Do Indiana

Ava Zinn Ava Zinn

February 19, 2010 (2010-02-19)
A Cross over with Amanda & Elisa and INNewsCenter.
97 42 The Perils of Quillsville Idol

Karly Jameson Karly Jameson

February 26, 2010 (2010-02-26)
Deanna and Pamhouser's niece, Darcie (voiced by Amy Grant), are discovered by Tina Craven and Avril Lavinge and suggest they audition for American Idol. Tina has a talent for judging in competitions and is invited to appear on said show. Darcie Pamhouser and Deanna Willis are the final two contestants and Ryan Seacrest mentions the winner is from Quillsville. Meanwhile, Angie, once again becomes jealous after Ava has an extramarital affair with Lavinge.
Note: This episode aired prior to the debut of Vote for the Girls USA.

Guest Stars: Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, Ellen DeGeneres, Kara DioGuardi, Ryan Seacrest and Rupert Murdoch.

98 N/A Ava & Holly's Queen of the Willis Special

Ava Zinn Holly Everman

February 27, 2010 (2010-02-27)
99 43 Shattered Dreams

Amanda Bearse Amanda Bearse

April 2, 2010 (2010-04-02)
Rags is blamed for urinating all over the house; however, it is actually Heather who is responsible; after urinating on the carpet once more overnight, Rags is blamed. The next morning, Angie decides to housebreak Rags, with little success. When the family goes to the local supermarket to buy groceries, Heather urinates when they are at the checkout line, revealing to the family that Rags is innocent. The family attempts to counsel Heather with therapy, where Heather's psychiatrist Dr. Kapp believes that she is having a mid-life crisis. Heather attempts to entertain herself by exploring the world, but upon returning home, Rags gets revenge on Heather and frames her by urinating all over the living room. Heather is falsely accused and the family return him to Dr. kapp to find the true cause. After revealing that her most recent accident happened after watching Ava and Angie engaging in a water fight on the car, Dr. Kapp informs Heather that she is most likely in love with Ava. After discussing the situation, both agree to remain friends. Afterwards, Heather decides to live life to the fullest by golfing with Angie on the local golf course.
100 N/A Queen of the Willis' 100th Episode Special

Ava Zinn Holly Everman

April 9, 2010 (2010-04-09)
Jon and Sabrina Everman host the 15-minute special.
Viva Quillsville

Amanda Bearse Amanda Bearse

April 9, 2010 (2010-04-09)
After getting blown off by the wrong men, Heather and Rags travel to the Las Vegas to kill the Playboy Bunny. They get there, only to find that the Playboy Bunny is sick and the Playboy Playmates are inbred mutants, and Hugh Hefner is a carnivorous, feral monster because of all the work the Playmates do. Heather and Rags promise to pose for Playboy, but fail miserably. Heather explains the problem on Angela Stroup's news station and suggests all men and trasnwomen must shorten lighten the workload and work schedules to help Hefner get better. Everyone agrees to the ordeal, and one year later, the Playboy Mansion is once again colorful and Hefner and the Playboy Playmates all rejuvenate and everyone gets the gifts they wanted, thanks to Heather's suggestion.