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The Cat Pound is the name of the audience section behind the west wing at NoSirGifts Fantasy Television Studios' Stage 47 (where Vote for the Girls USA is taped), the current home base of Vote for the Girls (VFTG) Purple Team North moderator Ava Zinn and Pink Team North moderator Alexandra Moffitt, two moderators based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and previously Zinn and Moffitt's predecessor Holly Everman in Marion, Indiana and Muncie, Indiana. It is known for having passionate fans and supporters.



Cat Pound fans quickly developed a reputation for misbehavior as well as vociferousness. Ava Zinn banned the carrying of cat food into the venue, as bleacher fans would shower the opposing moderators with fish, along with eggs, batteries, other objects. Cat Pound fans also consumed hefty amounts of vodka, even sneaking male condoms into the venue inside of a cat cage.[1] Their reputation was such that other VFTG moderators' rowdy fans would often be compared to them - in 2014, when a supported contestant chosen by Karly Ryder, Jr. was halted by the throwing of debris at Archibald Coolranch, Ryder addressed the crowd, angrily reminding them that, "You don't live in Marion or Muncie, you live in Indianapolis!" [2]

On at least one occasion, Cat Pound rowdiness had a concrete impact on the outcome of a game. In a 2014 episode the hated Leonard Lai, the rain of pop bottles, rocks, eggs, and other debris coming down from the bleachers was endangering the safety of the moderators.[3]

"Carlygate I"[edit]

In a crucial finale of the second season of The X Factor between Ava Zinn's pick of Carly Rose Sonenclar, Everman's pick of Fifth Harmony and Dave Della Terza's pick of "Tacky Stacky" Zinn and Everman's supported contestants were driving towards getting more votes for what would have been a Fifth Harmony-Sonenclar Top 2. A controversial call on gave the Della Terza supporters of carrying on the WGWG (white guy with guitar) tradition started on the the seventh season of American Idol. Upon Fifth Harmony being announced as the third place, fans in the Cat Pound began throwing plastic pop bottles and other objects on the officials. The incident then would become known as "Carlygate".

"Carlygate II"[edit]

Cat Pound fans[edit]

Current ticket prices for the Cat Pound are $50 per episode, and usually require purchase of season tickets. The Cat Pound is populated with more affluent attendees compared to the generally blue collar fan base that made the Cat Pound famous.

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