Karly Jameson (Queen of the Willis)

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Karly Jameson
Queen of the Willis character
Karly Jameson on QOTW.png
First appearance "Ten Years to Life"
Created by Ava Zinn
Voiced by Karly Jameson
Species human
Gender Female
Occupation singer
  • Karly Ryder (mother)
  • Shanna Ryder (sister)
  • Allison Ryder (sister)
  • Arianna Ryder (sister)
Spouse(s) Kathi Jameson
Nationality American
Education Marian University

October 2, 1972

Karly Jameson (née Ryder) is a fictional character voiced by the talk show host and singer of the same name on the American animated television series Queen of the Willis. Shee primarily works in the series as a less-than-adept singer (compared to Avril Lavigne and Alisan Porter) struggling to find herself, attempting concerts and albums.

Karly, Alisan and Avril has been featured in many items of merchandise for Queen of the Willis, and he is considered to be one of the show's biggest merchandising characters. She has also made crossover appearances in the other Ava Zinn-produced shows, such as Vote fot the Girls with Ava Zinn and Alexandra Moffitt (Jameson is one of the moderators and occasionally fills in as host) and The Souzas.

Role in Queen of the Willis[edit]

Karly is the high school friend and neighbor of Ava Willis, Melissa Rose, Kendra Kendall, Avril Lavigne, Alisan Porter, and Anna Pamhouser.

Karly has a particularly closer relationship with Pamhouser, Avril and Alisan rather than Ava, Melissa, and Kendra, and a few of the show's sub-plots center around them. They are occasionally at the center of the plot, for instance in "Ten Years To Life" and "Quillsville Cold Case: Something About Loose Ava" where she, Alisan, and Avril have performed songs featured in the episodes.

Karly is very fond of classic cars and men/transwoman and is seen to have some issues with the latter in various episodes when she is told or forced to stop. These episodes suggest that Karly is possibly a prostitute. She is a political liberal, who supports legalizing marijuana, gay marriage and ending the "war on terror".

Signing career[edit]

Karly is an aspiring but struggling singer – this is said to be a reference of Vote for the Girls. She is often seen singing with Avril, Alisan, and/or Pamhouser in various concerts, albums or festivals. Her difficult music career and apparent lack of talent is used as a recurring joke throughout the series. In the episode "Sing it Again, Karly and Pamhouser", Karly won an award for an festival she and Pamhouser held, though she later admits that she stole the piece from Amy Grant and Josh Kaufman, of which she responds "that cock got what was coming to him".


The Real-life Karly Jameson provides the voice for Karly.

Karly Jameson is the high school friend and neighbor of the characters Ava Willis, Melissa Rose, Avril Lavine, Alisan Porter, Kendra Kendall, Anna Pamhouser and formerly Tiffani Donovan (died in "The Rape of Heather Willis").

In The Girls Are Back in Quillsville, Karly and her transgendered wife, Kathi, move in to the house at 6341 West Henderson Avenue, which places her on the same side of the alley as Anna Pamhouser (6345 West Henderson Avenue), Kendra Kendall (formerly shared with Tiffani Donovan at 6335 West Henderson Avenue) and Sharane Hamilton (6325 West Henderson Avenue) and the opposite side of the alley as Alisan Porter (6336 West Evansville Road, formerly occupied by Lando Abhrams), Melissa (6320 West Evansville Road), Ava (at 6328 West Evansville Road), Avril (at 6342 West Evansville Road).

Atypical for a woman Karly's primary pursuits are classic vehicles and pop music. She acquired Pamhouser's 1975 Chevy Camaro from Mr. and Dr. Pamhouser; in high school, she drove the same car.

She spends most of her spare time drinking Mississinewa Cola with Alisan, Avril, Pamhouser, Ava, Melissa and Kendra in the alley behind Ava's house. While she enjoys her friendship with Alisan and Ava, she sometimes has limited patience with Melissa and considered Kendra "boring" due to her complex. Karly favors animal-print undergarments, which have been observed a few times in the show when she's appeared without her clothes. Like her voice actress Karly carries a pack of chewing gum.

Karly and Avril as well as three of the main characters (Ava, Melissa, and Pamhouser) graduated from Quillsville Central High School (later Kenneth "Babyface" Edmunds Regional High School, now Lee Kelso High School) together (Kendra nor Tiffani did not complete their senior year having enlisted in the U.S. Marines while Alisan was attending high school in Worchester, Massachusettes) in 1991. Jameson played power forward while Anna Pamhouser was the starting point guard for the girls basketball team, while Tiffani was a the shooting guard, Cynthia Wilson was a forward, and Avril Lavigne was a small forward. Karly, Alisan, Pamhouser and Tiffani were also cheerleaders for the football and boys basketball as Ava played center (her #41 jersey is retired as she scored a most three pointers), Kendra (who has since returned to Quillsville after living in Michiana Falls, Indiana) played guard, and Melissa, not being as athletic as her friends, was the towel manager for both basketball teams and football teams.


The voice of Karly Jameson is provided by the voice actress of the same name, who also provides the voices of many other characters including Angie Willis, Brynn Willis and Brandi Sousa.[1] Karly's voice is her normal speaking voice.

Identification with Karly Jameson[edit]

Jameson has been part of the main voice cast from the beginning of season 7 including and had been voicing herself from the start.

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