Tina Craven

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Tina Craven
Queen of the Willis character
Tina Craven on QOTW.png
Tina Craven
First appearance "Pilot"
Created by Ava Zinn
Voiced by Alexandra Moffitt
Full name Tina Marie Craven
  • Tina Kelso
  • Tina Lake
  • Quillsville First Lady Tina Kelso
Occupation Owner/Operator of Craven Gifts, Sweethearts Restaurant, and Quillsville Action News (Fox 11 and CBS 40)
  • Robert "Crob Bob" Craven (m. 1963; divorce 2008)
  • Lee Kelso (m. 2011; wid. 2019)
Children Rachel "Kendra Kate" Craven (daughter)
Nationality American

Tina Kelso (née Lake and formerly Craven) is the owner, founder, and operator of the Craven Gifts family of retail dealers in Indiana area. She also owner of Quillsville's Fox 11 (WXIN), CBS 40/29 (WTTV/WTTK) and Sweethearts Restaurant.


Tina Craven is the boss of Ava Willis and historically known for her modest start in the business and general business smarts. These attributes have been worn away by life and been replaced with many habits which often come in the way of her business decisions. She is also known for her many affairs and her former off-and-on marriage to Robert "Crob Bob" Craven. Tina is something of a surrogate mother figure to Ava after Ava's real mother Peggy has given her nothing but frustration and heartache.

Tina Craven first met Ava Willis (then known as Frank) at Lingerie West, where Frank sold Tina an Olga Bra. Impressed by the then-young man's salesmanship, Tina headhunted Ava into working for her by offering a management training position and a higher salary than Lingerie West. Tina Craven taught Ava the virtues of the propane business with a passion that Ava soon picked up. They worked together for many years and Ava began to carry much of the burden of business as Craven slowly lost her passion and interest in her work. Tina began to spend more time at the Everwood Country Club playing golf while Ava ran the day-to-day operations of Craven Gifts. However, Tina also engaged in less notable activities such as drinking, frequenting strip clubs and engaging in extramartial sexual affairs. Besides all of her shortcomings, Ava has rarely seen beyond his original perception of Craven being a well-kept, honorable and smart business leader unless the consequences of Craven's decisions are going to seriously negatively effect her coworkers, customers and family life.

Tina is a successful businesswoman and often uses her wealth to try and get with younger men, and eventually married then-Quillsville mayor Lee Kelso.

Tina is a compulsive gambler, betting on virtually any event or game, however she seems to prefer pari-mutual betting (dog and horse races). Her habit is to the extent she would even use company profits to continue playing and has even made wagers on underground betting and bloodsports.

In more recent times, Craven has shown very little care for her employees, including Ava which she has professed to be her “Golden Goose” suggesting Ava's diligence and work ethic are largely responsible for keeping her business afloat. She has fired people on a whim and even closed the whole Quillsville Craven Gifts business without severance for employees; a decision brought on by heavy competition and reversed under extraordinary circumstances .

Even with all of her shortcomings, Tina Craven is known to come around when times get hard and make things right for herself and the people around her.


  • In Death Picks Craven, she tried to frame Ava to save her then-husband when Jack Grund was found dead and he was a suspect.
  • In Ava Fixes Everything, she temporarily fired long time employee Jane Jill to save money.
  • Tina's appearance (and to a lesser extent, her mannerisms) were possibly based on that of Indiana native Florence Henderson.
  • She is sometimes seen having conversations while using the toilet.
  • In The Rape of Heather Willis, she is seen stealing the employee coffee fund money during a poker game held after-hours at Craven Gifts. 
  • Tina drives a silver Mercedes Enclave. However to impress men, she purchased a '69 Plymouth Barracuda.
  • In an unaired episode, she said that he used to "chase skirt" with Peggy Willis, and described her as "a mean kind of funny". The writers seemed not to pursue this story line ever again.
  • Judging by the horizontal scar in the middle of her chest seen in, Craven underwent open heart surgery.
  • After marrying Mayor Lee Kelso, Tina became known as "Tina Kelso."


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