The Girls Are Back in Quillsville

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"The Girls Are Back in Quillsville"
Queen of the Willis episode
Episode no. Season 8
Episode 7/8
Directed by Tracia Matthewson
Written by Tracia Matthewson
Production code BACX19
Original air date February 22, 2020
Guest actors
Episode chronology
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"The Steak Nazi"
Next →
"Girl (Lobster) Meets Boy (Lobster)"

"The Girls Are Back in Quillsville" is the tenth episode of the eighth season of the animated comedy series Queen of the Willis and the 193rd episode overall. It aired on broadcast syndication in the United States on March 20, 2020, and is written and directed by Tracia Matthewson. The episode features the introduction of Kendra Kendall after living in Michiana Falls, Indiana. In the episode, Kendra and her family return to Quillsville. However, her and Melissa and Ava's friendship is on a knife edge when their spouses argue about parenting.


Melissa is bragging to Ava, Alisan, Karly, and Avril about her sexual exploits with Stephanie when Kendra arrives at the alley in Quillsville and shows up. Kendra takes some good-natured ribbing over Hoosier Anchorwoman! and its many faults, including the show's logo looking like a vagina, the show (which, like Queen of the Willis has a mainly LGBT cast) being written by female and transfemale writers, Kayla the Snake not being funny and the show losing to Vote for the Girls in the ratings. Angie then gives Kendra some Queen of the Willis DVDs to bring Kendra and Miles up to speed on what happened during the first seven seasons, adding that unlike Hoosier Anchorwoman!, the Queen of the Willis DVDs contain jokes (Kendra admits, however, that she doesn't own a BluRay Player).

As Kendra, Miles, Jackie, Allison, Joyce, Kayla move back into Tiffani's old house, Kendra discovers it has been wrecked due to all of the past residents and its having once been used as an orphanage. After getting things fixed, the Kendall family proceeds with moving in, cleaning up and sorting things. Joyce tries to make friends with Tabby and Shushu, but Shushu blows Joyce off, calling her a American Dad! rip-off. Brynn breaks a vase that belonged to Miles' great-grandfather over Allison's head. As a result, she's punched in the stomach by Miles, which enrages Angie, who confronts Miles after finding out. Miles accuses Angie of being a bad parent while Angie accuses Miles of being a child abuser for hitting hus daughter. They refuse to have anything to do with each other, forbidding their spouses from socializing with each other as well.

At the alley, Melissa plans for Stephanie's birthday party as Kendra walks in. Kendra, Ava and Melissa try to decide who must leave, and they decide to find a place where they can hang out without being discovered. They first try meeting on a private airline flight, and then later Melissa poses as a police officer and pulls Kendra over so they can talk. To make it look real, Melissa beats up Kendra dressed up as a cop. Ava, Melissa and Kendra are caught and respectively punished by Angie, Stephanie, and Miles. Angie makes Ava sleep on the couch while Miles humps Kendra as hard as he can. As Mandy finds Ava on the couch trying to sleep later that night, she suggests they find a way to get Angie, Stephanie, and Miles together. Ava then initiates a conversation with Kendra across the street using text messaging without success.

At Stephanie's birthday party, they prepare for the three-legged race. While Angie wants to be Ava's partner, she really wants to be Kendra's partner and refuses with finality. Ava and Kendra both defy their spouses and enter together. But when Ava trips and is hurt, Kendra tries to carry Angie, but settles for hugging and rolling. As the spouses look on, they agree to be friends for their wives' sake. As Ava and Kendra continue their rolling, they come in second place to two one-legged people who tied themselves together to form one body. Ava and Kendra celebrate being friends at the alley and once again rag on her for Hoosier Anchorwoman!.


A critic gave the episode a B–, saying "The deficits of 'The Girls Are Back in Quillsville' are not small, but they're slightly easier to overlook getting caught up in the very sitcom-like pleasantness of just three trans women and three females hanging out with each other again in a non-Hoosier Anchorwoman! setting. The cheesy flashback montage of moments between Kendra and Ava (which I am pretty sure was of flashback clips from whom were then known as Kenneth Kendall and Frank Willis) was just as cynical as everything else Queen of the Willis does these days, but it was also effective at what it was trying to do. Ava, Melissa and Kendra may never be this close again in any given episode, but it's nice to have Kendra in Quillsville anyway."


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