Zinn–Ward rivalry (United Kingdom)

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Ava Zinn-Tracia Ward
Fort Wayne vs. South Bend in the UK
The UK Super Bowl XLI
Ava Zinn in 2014.jpgTracia Ward 2014.jpg
Moderator images
Moderators involved Ava Zinn
Tracia Ward
First contested Strictly Come Dancing 12
(20 December 2014)
Last contested present
Number of competitions 2
Most victories Ava Zinn (2)
Most losses Tracia Ward (3)
Most recent meeting The Voice UK 4
(4 April 2015)
All-time record Ava: 2
Drawn: 1
Tracia: 0
All-time series  (Vote for the Girls UK only) Ava: 2-0
Tracia: 0-2
Regular competitions Ava: 0
Drawn: 1
Tracia: 0
Makeup competitions Ava: 2
Drawn: 0
Tracia: 0
Best finish
Worst finish
Current win streak Ava 2 Victories
(December 2013-present)
Vote for the Girls UK Victories
Moderator Victories (2)
  • Ava (2) – Caroline & Pasha, Frankie & Kevin
  • Tracia (0) –

Moderator Saves (1)

  • Ava (1) – Fleur East
  • Tracia (0) –

The rivalry between Ava Zinn and Tracia Ward is a moderator derby between inter-team rivalry serving as moderators on the UK version of Vote for the Girls and is spawned on the rivalry of the same name in the United States.

Since the second series of Vote for the Girls, it is an inter-league woman vs. transwoman matchup between the two moderators. Thus, a Zinn-Ward moderator match-up can be referred to as "Fort Wayne and Indy vs. Michiana in the UK" or The All-Indiana Super Bowl in the UK (referencing the Super Bowl XLI matchup between the Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears due to both Zinn and Ward supporting both NFL teams).



The Ava Zinn and Tracia Ward rivalry has been considered an important derby, especially evident during the twelfth series of Strictly Come Dancing (a make-up competition for the web site following the site's very first loss on the third series of The Voice UK) when Zinn's supported contestants of eventual winner Caroline Flack & Pasha Kovalev, runner-up Frankie Bridge & Kevin Clifton, and fourth place contestant Mark Wright & Karen Hauer and Ward's final supported contestant finished fifth place in Week 12, Tracia Ward no longer have any remaining picks on her team following the elimination of Jake Wood and Janette Manrara. Additionally, that elimination resulted in an two transgender females (Zinn and Ray) in the Strictly final.

Competition results[edit]

The following is a list of results from all of the competitions between Zinn and Ward to the present.

Team Ava victory Team Tracia victory Finale Tied Competition Make-Up Competition Winning Moderators in Bold

2010's (Zinn 2-0 Ward)[edit]

Year Day Date Competition Winning Moderator Ward's Final Pick Result Zinn's Final Pick Notes
2014-15 Sunday 14 December 2014 The X Factor 11 Ava Zinn Lauren Platt (4th) Moderator's Save
Ava Zinn
Fleur East (2nd)
Saturday 20 December 2014 Strictly Come Dancing 12 Ava Zinn Jake Wood & Janette Manrara (5th) DOUBLE VFTG VICTORY
Ava Zinn
Caroline Flack & Pasha Kovalev (Winner)
Frankie Bridge & Kevin Clifton (2nd)
Steve Backshall & Ola Jordan (8th) Mark Wright & Karen Hauer (4th)
Alison Hammond & Aljaž Skorjanec (10th) Pixie Lott & Trent Whiddon (6th)
Saturday 4 April 2015 The Voice UK 4 Ava Zinn Lara Lee Moderator's Save
Ava Zinn
Sheena McHugh/Lucy O'Byrne

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