It's a Camp Trap!

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"It's A Camp Trap!"
Queen of the Willis episode
Episode no. Season 7
Episode 13
Directed by Alexandra Moffitt
Written by Ava Zinn
Fritz Gordon (1988 Screenplay)
Original air date July 12, 2019
Guest actors
Episode chronology
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"A Quillsville Under Suspicion"
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"Serves Me Right for Giving Plasma to Frank O'Bannon"

"It's a Camp Trap" is the three hour-long fall premiere of the seventh season of the American animated television series Queen of the Willis and is part of the series' Sleepaway Camp parody trilogy Laugh It Up, Freezball. The episode is a retelling and parody of the film Unhappy Campers, recasting characters from Queen of the Willis into roles from the film.


As the Willis family is watching television, the power suddenly goes out, leading Angie to retell the story of Unhappy Campers.

In 1988, 5 years after the events of the first film, Melanie Costic (Ava Willis), the owner and head counselor at Camp Rolling Hills, is at a campfire with male and transfemale campers Ricky Thomas (Tabby Willis), Sheena (Bianca Willis), Roberta (Ramona Battishill), Anthony (Reginald Wilson), Judd (Angelika Mullins), Charlie (Miles Kendall), and Emilio (Zach Mullins). A girl, Phoebe (Allison Kendall), is there too, having snuck away from her cabin to be with the boys. As Phoebe tells the story about the killings of the previous film at Camp Arawak, her head counselor Angela (Shushu Willis), appears and forces her to go back to the cabin.

After the pair get into an argument, Phoebe becomes lost, only to be attacked by Angela who hits her over the head with a log before cutting her tongue out. The next day, the campers in Phoebe's cabin, Molly (Adrienne Fansler), Ally (Jane Jill), Mare (Stephanie Rose), Demi (Brynn Willis), Lea (Leah Cooper), and twins Brooke (Emilie Willis) and Jodi (Luanne Willis), question Angela on the whereabouts of Phoebe, however she tells them she had to be sent home due to bad behavior.

At breakfast, the camp director and co-owner, Rita Costic (Angie Willis), gives Angela "the Counselor of the Week Award." Afterwards, Angela discovers Brooke and Jodi smoking marijuana and drinking beer, and knocks them unconscious. Later, Brooke awakens on a hot grill only to see the skeleton of her already cremated sister. Angela then pours gasoline over Brooke and burns her to death. Meanwhile, Molly and Sheena start a relationship, despite Ally's attempts to seduce Sheena. That night, the boys and transgirls start a panty raid in the girl's cabin until Melanie comes in, throwing them out and stated "do another panty raid again, and I'll kick your asses".

Later, the girls raid the boys cabin. Melanie allows the fun but Angela appears and witnesses Mare flashing her breasts. Mare decides she wants to leave the camp, so she gets Angela to drive her. While traveling, Angela gives Mare one last chance to apologize, when she refuses to do so Angela murders her with an electric drill. The following day, Angela discovers Charlie and Emilio looking at naked pictures of various campers they had taken in secret and are also found by Melanie. Melanie then confronts both Charlie and Emilio about the photos and follows through on her threat to "kick their asses".

That night the girls go camping, giving Anthony and Judd a chance to scare Angela, dressed as Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees. The plan backfires when Angela, dressed as Leatherface, slashes Anthony's throat with a clawed glove and murders Judd with a chainsaw. After finding out Ally has snuck off to have sex with Rob, Angela plans to murder the pair but fails. The next day Angela sets a trap for Ally by leaving her a fake note from Sheena. Ally goes to meet Sheena but instead meets Angela, who stabs Ally in the back before forcing her down the outhouse toilet hole, drowning her in feces and leeches. That night, Demi reveals to Angela that she phoned the families of the girls who had been "sent home" by Angela, only to discover the girls aren't at home. Realizing she could be caught, Angela strangles Demi with a guitar string, before stabbing Lea when she finds Demi's body.

The next day, Melanie Costic fire Angela for not telling her and Rita about sending the many campers home. Feeling bad at seeing how upset Angela is, Molly and Sheena go into the woods to cheer her up but the pair discover the bodies of the other campers in an abandoned cabin, before Angela finds them and ties them up and gags them. Back at camp, Roberta tells Melanie the whereabouts of Molly and Sheena, prompting Melanie to go off to fetch them. Melanie enters the cabin, only for her to be knocked unconcious.

Sheena realizes Angela is Angela Baker, the murderer from the previous movie. Angela reveals that after 2 years of electroshock therapy, she was released after the doctors gave her glowing reports on her 'recovery.' She then proceeds to decapitate Sheena. Angela leaves the cabin, allowing Molly to free herself and upon Angela returning, knock her out and escape. Angela chases Molly through the woods, who suddenly falls off a rock into a short drop and is presumed dead.

Later that night, Rita Costic, discovers the dead bodies of Charlie, Emilio, Uncle John and Rob, before she is nearly stabbed to death by Angela. Meanwhile, Molly and Melanie regains consciousness and begins to make her way out of the forest. Angela hitchhikes with a truck driver, who quickly annoys her, making Angela stab her to death. As Molly makes it out of the woods, she finds the truck but is horrified to find that Angela is the driver. The movie ends with Molly screaming and her fate is left unknown.

In the Willis' home, the power returns as Angie finishes her story, only to get into another argument with Deanna over Dirty Sexy Money. Deanna vows to not let Angie get her goat this time, but eventually storms off when Angie brings up Wigstock.



  • Amanda Dawson (Ava Zinn) as Amanda
  • Elisa Donovan (Ava Zinn) as Elisa
  • Dana Carson (Ava Zinn) as Maître d’hôtel
  • Tabby Willis (Ava Zinn) as Ricky Thomas
  • Shushu Willis (Ava Zinn) as Angela Johnson / Angela Baker
  • Deanna Willis (Rachael Passalt) as Paula
  • Ava Willis (Ava Zinn) as Melanie Costic
  • Angie Willis (Karly Jameson) as Rita Costic
  • Zach Mullins (Ava Zinn) as Emilio
  • Heather Willis (Ava Zinn) as Artie the Head Chef
  • Brandi Sousa (Karly Jameson) as Virginia the Sous Chef
  • Stephanie Rose (Robyn Hurd) as Mare
  • Austen Willis (Ava Zinn) as Pastry Chef Austen
  • Melissa Rose (Kendra Ray) as Waitress Melissa
  • Angelika Mullins (Ava Zinn) as Judd (in drag)
  • Dave Malachai (Frank Davidson) as Gene
  • Bianca Willis (Ava Zinn) as Sheena Whitmore (born Sean)
  • Adrienne Fansler (Breeanna Sorensen) as Molly Nagle
  • Cynthia Wilson (Season Atkins) as Ally Burgess
  • Ramona Battishill (Kendra Ray) as Roberta Darrinco
  • Brynn Willis (Maribel Mort) as Demi
  • Leah Cooper (Jacqui Fountaine) as Lea
  • Emilie Willis (Jacqui Fountaine) as Brooke Shote
  • Luanne Willis (Donna Doogan) as Jodi Shote
  • Reginald Wilson (Luka Runecraft) as Anthony
  • Miles Kendall (Luka Runecraft) as Charlie
  • Allison Kendall (Maribel Mort) as Phoebe
  • Tina Kelso (Alexandra Moffitt) as Diane
  • Jane Jill (Alexandra Moffitt) as Woman in Truck
  • Lilly Rush (Kathryn Morris) as herself
  • Officer Dailey (Frank Davidson) as himself
  • Jackie Kendall (Andrea Coolranch) as Brooke Warner
  • Joyce the Cow (Ava Zinn) as Bartender Joyce
  • Chaztity Morris (Karly Jameson) as Waitress Chaztity
  • Samantha Kendall (Jacqui Fountaine) as Waitress Sam
  • Addison the Tiger (Ava Zinn) as Waitress Addison
  • Trista Parker (Tracia Ward) as Veronica the Chef de Partie

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