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Nicole Pence
Queen of the Willis character
Nicole Pence on QOTW.png
First appearance "The Rape of Heather Willis"
Created by Ava Zinn
Voiced by Nicole Pence
Nickname(s) Nikki Pence (by Angie and Albert)
Species human
Gender Female
Occupation Mayor of Quillsville, Indiana (2019-)
Babyface High School Vice Principal (2016-18)
TV News anchor (-2016)
Family see article
Significant other(s) Albert Willis (1999-2002 and 2024-present)
Children Marla Pence (daughter)
Nationality American

Mayor Nicole Pence is a character voiced by former Indianapolis television news anchor Nicole Pence on the American animated television series Queen of the Willis. She was elceted mayor after defeated the 10 term incumbent mayor Lee Kelso in the Republican primary and defeated Democratic challenger Alisan Porter in a special election of the city of Quillsville, Indiana, where the show is set. She has appeared on a recurring basis from her first appearance in "The Rape of Heather Willis".


Mayor Pence is characterized, in a stark contrast to her predecessor, as a more passionate yet friendly, soft-spoken often come at great expense to the citizens of Quillsville.

Also unlike, her predecessor Lee Kelso, she has a political advantage due to being related to her uncle being the Vice President of the United States and a former Indiana Governor and the daughter of an Indiana United States House of Representative.

In the episode "Revenge of the Male Anchors 5", she criminalizes male and transmale telvision news anchors after an explosion of Fox 11 and CBS 40/29's Port Melissa sister station ABC 7/21 and Quillsville's rape epidemic, which peaked to 718 rapes in 2019. The decision was praised by the men and transwomen in Quillsville yet didn't sit well with most of the females in Quillsville.

In the episode "Quillsville Cold Case: From Retirement to Homicide Detective" and Al's Back, she marries Ava's brother Albert Willis in the latter episode and after Tabby and Shushu become successful in cloning Albert into resurrection in the former.

Mayor of Quillsville, Indiana[edit]



Pence and Kelso were the only Republicans to file for mayor, as few members of the city's once-dominant Democratic Party were willing to run against Kelso. Pence was dramatically outspent by Kelso and Democratic challenger Alisan Porter combined. Pence had only $500,000 in campaign funds and high name recognition when she began the race under the "Make Quillsville Great Again".[1]

In comparison, Kelso already had $5.9 million in April while Pence had only $29,560 at the time.[2]

In "The Rape of Heather Willis", Pence defeated incumbent Lee Kelso 89%–11%. Unhappiness with rapidly increasing taxes, corruption[3] and crime were seen as the biggest reasons for Kelso's defeat. Republicans also recaptured control of the Quillville City - Quill County Council for the first time in 60 years. In her acceptance speech, Pence told the audience she considers this campaign "the classic, if not the ultimate, example of grassroots politics."[4] Pence also became Quillsville's first female to be elected mayor in the city's 200 year history.

Mayoral career[edit]

Pence was sworn into office on in "The New Mayor of Quillsville" at the Quillsville Circle, in downtown Quillsville. Pence chose this site saying that it honored the men and women of public service. Pence said her first act as mayor would be to put the Quillsville Metropolitan Police Department under mayoral control, instead of its then-current control by Quill County Sheriff.[2]

The Pence administration took steps to sell the city's water and wastewater utilities to Quillsville Power and Light Energy Group and spend the $4.5 billion the city received in return on street repair and hiring more Quillsville Police officers, and closing Craven Gifts. Improvements included paving, resurfacing, new sidewalks, more greenways, and bridge repair.[5]

In another episode, Pence announced the first batch of projects in the city's RebuildQuilsville initiative. The $550 million package of street, sidewalk and bridge projects is spread around the city, with many side streets selected for resurfacing as well as some major roads. Pence also announced a $20 million set of projects that will improve traffic flow and pedestrian access in targeted areas. The projects kick off an aggressive infrastructure improvement program. The mayor's office anticipates spending more than $5 billion on such projects in coming years, largely funded by proceeds from the pending sale of the city's water and sewer systems to Quillsville Power & Light, a nonprofit trust, and stimulus money. The utilities transfer is awaiting approval from the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission after winning the Quillsville City-Quill County Council's OK earlier in 2020. Among its selling points for Pence is the money to fund infrastructure improvements—though Pence has said the city's needs are so great that the money won't cover them all.[6]

On August 19, the City of Quillsville announced it has received $138 million more than originally expected from a bond issue secured by the pending sale of its water and sewer utilities. The bond proceeds of $1.538 billion compare with $1.4 billion originally anticipated as one of the chunks of money from selling the utilities. The money is to be spent on street, bridge, and sidewalk projects, under the city's “RebuildQuillsville” program. That would bring total proceeds from selling the utilities—before subtracting fees and other costs related to the sale—to $5.044 billion, from $4.906 anticipated when the Quillsville-Quill County Council approved the sale.[7]


The real-life Nicole Pence provides the voice for Mayor Nicole Pence.

Queen of the Willis creator Ava Zinn watched several newscasts from Fort Wayne and Indianapolis as part of of her first live-action internet series INNewsCenter and voted for Pence's uncle in the 2012 Indiana Gubernatorial Election. Zinn also wrote one particular episode of her third cartoon series Hoosier Anchorwoman! (loosely based on INNewsCenter and Vote for the Girls). Pence played a similarly intense politician and rendition of herself in an episode written by Zinn, "I'm Nicole Pence!", first broadcast in December 2011.[8] In the episode, Pence's fictionalized persona displays characteristics that differ to the later Queen of the Willis character. However, she dressed formally and behaved slightly similarly to her role at WPTA-TV (channel 21) in Fort Wayne, Indiana and WTHR (channel 13) in Indianapolis. Like her predecessor, Lee Kelso, Zinn found Pence's personality in Fort Wayne, Lexington, and Indianapolis and performance from her TV news career, so outstanding that she created a similar character for Queen of the Willis once the announcement of the show would return.[9]

The character we've created is kind of this alternate-universe Nicole Pence becomes the first female mayor of this city, and we deliberately have not made any references to her as a former TV news woman, because we like keeping that separate. It's the obvious place to go. We tried it; we thought it would be funny to do something different with the mayor of this town. People like the late Ralph Renick have taken whacks at this sort of thing — there's a precedent for it, television personalities getting into politics. She's the mayor, but she's this girl who has to clean up the mess that her male predecessor has made.


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