Rags Kills Aeverine and Aeverine Kills Rags

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"Rags Kills Aeverine"
"Aeverine Kills Rags"
Queen of the Willis episode
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 14/15
Production code 408/409
Original air date September 25, 2009 ("Rags Kills Aeverine")
September 25, 2009 ("Aeverine Kills Rags")
Guest actors
Episode chronology
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← Previous
"Dangerous Landoing"
Next →
"Melissa's All That"

"Rags Kills Aeverine" and "Aeverine Kills Rags" is a two-part episode of the fourth season of the animated comedy series Queen of the Willis, which was originally produced for the end of Season 3. Respectively, both are the fourteenth and fifteenth episode of their season, and they premiered in the United States on September 25, 2009. In the former, retailer Ava receives cruise tickets from anthropomorphic lobster Heather, and invites Angie on the cruise with her. This upsets Rags more than Shushu, and Rags ultimately appears to murder Ava while she is on the cruise, only to find out that she had survived the attack as the year passes. In the latter, Ava is able to expose Rags and Shushu as the villains that they are, but Rags soon accomplishes his dream of world domination. Both episodes received relatively positive reviews for their combined story arc and cultural references. "Aeverine Kills Rags" featured appearances by Angela Ganote, Scott Jones, Jenna Maloney, Akim Anastopoulo and Chaz Bono (although Bono did not provide his voice),[1] and both episodes featured cameos by various recurring voice actors for the series.


"Rags Kills Aeverine"[edit]

On Ava's 36th birthday (January 4, 2009), Heather gives her a pair of cruise tickets with the intention of going with her. She invites Angie instead, disappointing Heather. Rags and Shushu are also upset at not being invited on the cruise, and they concoct a plan to embarrass Ava upon her return. Heather points out that Rags and Shushu have never followed through with any of their plans to hurt Ava. Rags, disappointed in himself, resolves to prove Heather wrong. Meanwhile, on the cruise, Angie proves to be a frequent source of embarrassment for Ava, defecating on the poop deck and telling inappropriate stories at a dinner with the ship's captain. Outraged, Ava walks onto the deck to be away from Angie, but is confronted by Rags, who has traveled to the ship via speedboat. He shoots her repeatedly with a submachine gun, sending her overboard.

Six days later, Tiffani informs Angie that she has called off the search for Ava since she and her police squad cannot find her.

A year passes. Angie has begun dating again, some dates being a a fat guy and Jennifer, but has talked Tiffani into posing as Ava from time to time so that her death doesn't emotionally scar Deanna, Tom, and the sextuplets. Rags indirectly reveals to Heather and Shushu that he killed Ava. Disturbed and enraged, Heather vows to avenge Ava’s death. Rags realizes that keeping the evidence of his crime as souvenirs is too risky; thus, he disposes of his gun and drawings depicting Ava being killed. After Angie nonchalantly reveals that Ava's life insurance policy, which was made on the cruise right after she and Ava had an argument stating they wanted to kill each other, has recently been cashed for a large amount of money, Jennifer, Lilly, and Stephanie as well as Tiffani, Lando, Pamhouser, and Melissa begin to suspect Angie as Ava's killer. They search the Willis' trash and find Rags' discarded gun and drawings. Tiffani becomes convinced that Angie was the one who killed Ava, given that Rags and Angie have similar handwriting.

Angie goes on trial for Ava's murder. Peggy falsely testifies against Angie, and Angie is close to receiving life in prison. However, Ava suddenly appears in the courtroom and reveals that Rags, not Angie, tried to kill her.

"Aeverine Kills Rags"[edit]

Following a brief recap by the Channel 24 News team, the episode picks up where "Rags Kills Aeverine" ended.

Everyone is in disbelief that Rags would try to murder Ava, but she insists that he is evil, and explains what happened. After falling overboard, she was rescued by a mermaid. Having developed retrograde amnesia, she starts working at a fat camp in Massachuttess. While in a diner, she meets a boyfriend (Thomas Beatie), who turns out to be a homophobic transman. While at a anti-LGBT rally, she takes a blow to the head and regains her memory, at which point she returns to Quillsville.

As Ava explains her miraculous return, Rags escapes. He and Shushu ties up his family when they return home, and he kills Pamhouser when she visits. He and Shushu kidnaps Heather and forces her to drive her to Port Melissa, Indiana, where he gains access to a supercomputer and takes control of the global power grid. Port Melissa University submits to his demands, and Rags becomes "President of the World".

Upon his rise to power, Rags implements harsh, cruel and unusual laws and policies, creating concentration camps housing prisoners for unfair crimes. Ava, unable to stand idly by as her dog terrorizes the world, decides to assassinate him. After taking weapons from Rags's own weapons vault, she engages him in a destructive battle in the Governor's Mansion. Ava eventually gains the upper hand and prepares to kill Rags, but cannot bring herself to murder her own pet. Shushu takes the opportunity to disarm Ava, but, before Rags can kill Ava, he and Shushu are shot and killed by Angie. They mourn over Rags' and Shushu's corpse.

It is then revealed that what has happened was actually a computer simulation that Rags created to see what would happen if he killed Ava. Heather and Shushu comes into the room with postcards from Ava and Angie on the cruise, which is reportedly going well for them and finds Rags coming out of the device. Rags explains what he was doing, causing Heather to wonder if a hypothetical external viewer of the simulation would feel cheated by what was ultimately a "dream sequence", but Rags argues that a computer simulation is totally different. Rags with Shushu then claims that they is not yet ready to kill Ava or take over the world, until the right time. Heather tells Rags that hypothetical viewers would be angered by the simulation, while Rags counters by saying that at least the simulation didn't end like Amanda & Elisa, where it just cut to black mid-tease. As Rags is saying this, the scene cuts to black mid-sentence.


"Rags Kills Aeverine" and "Aeverine Kills Rags" are the 71st and 72nd episodes of Queen of the Willis respectively. They are the fourtteenth and fifteenth episodes of the fourth season of the show.

In addition to the main cast, Eye for an Eye judge Akim Anastopoulo, and WXIN morning anchors Jenna Maloney (now Jenna Kooi), Scott Jones, and Angela Ganote guest starred in the episode.[2][3]

Cultural references[edit]

When Rags becomes disappointed that Aeverine did not take him on the cruise, he relates that he has not expressed it much since he saw Transamerica. Ava and Angie watch the sunset; Ava noting that she feels like Felicity Huffman's character in Transamerica, but Angie believes that she was portrayed by Alexis Arquette.[4]

The cliffhanger ending where Ava returns to reveal Rags as her attempted killer is a tribute to part one of the CSI: Miami/CSI:NY cross-over "MIA/NYC NonStop" with similar cliffhanger music and "To Be Continued..." title cards. Since they're both fans of the CSI franchise (in addition to airing on many NoSirGifts owned CBS affiliates), Ava Zinn and Season Atkins had wanted to use the cliffhanger music from "CSI Miami" if Queen of the Willis is shown on many CBS affiliates.

While looking for Rags, Tiffani and other police officers travel to Arlen, Texas and Quohag, Rhode Island, where Adrienne Fansler and April are respectively vacationing.[2] Rags is seen participating on Fox 59 Morning News in a cutaway, before anchors Jenna Maloney, Angela Ganote, and Scott Jones.[4]

Hoosier Anchorwoman! character Kendra Kendall and Amanda & Elisa characters Amanda and Elisa make a crossover appearance in "Aeverine Kills Rags" when Rags hacks into the supercomputer.[5] In a deleted scene Heather and Shushu first bump into Kendra, Amanda and Elisa in the restroom.

The episode concludes with a reference to Amanda & Elisa as the screen blacks out on Rags criticizing the series' finale.[2][4]

The news anchor, Zach Mullins, copies Dennis Miller's signature phrase from Weekend Update on NBC's Saturday Night Live, saying, "Well, folks, that's the news, and I am outta here!" while drawing a circle on a paper.

"Rags Kills Aeverine" features the recurring gag of the Fonz bursting through the courtroom wall at an inopportune time, exclaiming "OH YEAH!!" after a series of people in the courtroom say "Oh no!!" in turn. The Fonz then slowly backs out of the hole in the wall in embarrassment. This time, Judge Akim implores the people of the court to please stop saying "Oh no!," because, as he puts it, "The f**kin' Fonz's gonna keep showing up!!"

Ava is seen wearing an outfit similar to John Rambo's combat outfit from Rambo III in her final battle against Rags. In addition, Ava is seen wearing a ponytail (previously seen in Ava's Makeover) and a pink headband.


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