Harry Willis (Queen of the Willis)

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Harry Willis
Harry Willis.png
First appearance "Ava's Unmentionable Secret"
Created by Ava Zinn
Voiced by David Caruso
Full name Harrison Elroy Willis
Gender Male
Spouse(s) Peggy Willis (divorced)
Clyde Claussen (divorced)
Finola Atkinsion (wife)
Relatives Grandchildren:
  • Tom
  • Deanna
  • Stuart
  • Ron
  • Brian
  • Luanne
  • Emilie
  • Hillary
  • Bianca

Janice Parkington (sister)
Sharon Willis (sister)
Other relatives:
Scott Willis (nephew)
Marissa Willis (niece)
Clint Willis (nephew)
Arianna Willis (niece)
Melanie Willis (niece)
Religion United Methodist
Nationality American

Harrison Elroy "Harry" Willis (born May 11, 1938) is a fictional character in the animated series Queen of the Willis voiced by David Caruso. He is the father of Aeverine "Ava" Willis and Albert Willis. He is the first husband of Margaret "Peggy" Zinn.


Originally married to Peggy, Harry suffered abusive treatment, which lead to his obsessive knicknack collection and his eventual divorce from Peggy. After the years passed by, Harry began to date Clyde Claussen, a sort of chauvinst with a Budist background and is a transman, whom Ava grew uncomfortable with at first, but came to like. However, it was revealed that Harry later started dating Finola Atkinson behind Clyde's back, a former hardware store employee whom, like Clyde, worried Ava. Harry eventually married the Finola and lived a new life in the RV that he purchased, away from his condo in Iowa, eventually moving from Cedar Rapids, Iowa to Indianapolis.

Away from his dating life, Harry enjoyed collecting miniatures and did activities with Finola, normally those not suited for people his age. Harry is best described as overtly naive and far too trusting, even leading his overly-trusting transgendered daughter to refer to him as an "idiot". Such misadventures include sending him platinum to an adress from a mail scheme, assuming cruise control was in fact autopilot, and most of all, marrying Peggy. It was also explained that Harry was very much liberal and more active than other seniors. As in The Honeymooners, Harry enjoyed parasailing. That personality lead Ava to constantly worry about him.

Harry's facial features are very similar to that of Ava's.

Character biography[edit]

Harrison Willis was on May 11, 1938 at Wishard Hospital in Indianapolis (at 7:35 pm, measuring 21.5 in and weighing 8.5 lbs). According to the episode "Valentine's Day in Quillsville, Indiana," he is the oldest and only son born to Carter George Willis and Thelma Jane Polk. Harry is the eldest brother to Sharon (born 1941) and Janice (born 1943).


David Caruso provides the voice for Harry Willis.

Queen of the Willis creator Ava Zinn wrote several episodes of the drama series Frank & Claire. When Zinn developed Queen of the Willis, Zinn wanted a stong TV legend to voice Harry Willis. She eventually narrowed down to three candidates: Tom Bosley, David Caruso and Bob Barker. Zinn ultimately chose Caruso over Barker due to his retirment from The Price is Right and Bosley due his declining health. Zinn revealed Caruso dressed formally and behaved similarly to his characters on NYPD Blue and CSI:Miami. Zinn found Caruso's characters, Police Detective John Kelly and Lieutenant Horatio Caine so impressive that Zinn chose Caruso over Bosely and Barker to voice Harry Willis.


Harry divorced Peggy after suffering from years of verbal and physcical abuse in 1996 right after Ava came out as a their transgendered daughter. He is a kind man who collects knicknacks because they made him happy during Peggy's abuse. Ava is often over-protective of him, fearing he is too old and fragile to go out and do things on his own.

Harry's legal name varies during the series. He is listed as "Harry" on the birth certificates of Ava and Albert, but is addressed as Harrison by the clergyman during his wedding to Finola.

Ava is, at first, uncomfortable with her father being gay after he begins dating Clyde Claussen, a Muslim transman, but she is more reasonable when he marries Finola Atkinson (voiced by Finola Hughes) in the eighth season.

In Buckeye Ava, it was revealed that Harry and Peggy got married on September 2, 1957 (making Harry 19 and Peggy 24). During the 39-year marriage, Harry always managed to stay just on the right side of the marriage, usually keeping Peggy under control. This changed after Peggy was deployed to Cuba during the Cuban Missle Crisis.


Harry Willis has appeared on Queen of the Willis 16 times, surpassing ex-mayor Lee Kelso after "Angie Alone". Harry was surpassed by Sgt. Lilly Rush after "Quillsvile Cold Case: Battered Husbands". Ava Zinn states Harry is the most requested character.


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