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Kayla Molloy
Hoosier Anchorwoman!/Queen of the Willis character
An image of Klaus Heissler in a water bowl.png
First appearance "Pilot" (2009)
Created by Ava Zinn
Voiced by English
Karly Jameson
Species Snake
Human (former)
Gender Female
Family Kendra Kendall (owner)
Miles Kendall (owner)
Jackie Kendall
Allison Kendall (owner)
Samantha Kendall (owner)

Kayla Molloy is a fictional character from the animated television series Hoosier Anchorwoman! The Kendall family's hapless and saturnine snake, she is voiced by Karly Jameson and first appeared on television, along with the rest of her family, when Hoosier Anchorwoman! initially premiered on broadcast syndication on June 27, 2009 with the series' pilot episode. Kayla is actually a woman in a snake body. She was once an Russian Olympic sprinter until her brain was transferred into the body of a snake.


Hoosier Anchorwoman![edit]

Kayla was once a Russian Olympic sprinter until her mind was transferred into the body of a snake during the 1996 Winter Olympics by the CIA to prevent her from winning the gold medal, leaving her permanently trapped in the snake's body. Kayla still has not come to terms with what happened, at times malcontent and gloomy. Not confined to her snakebowl, kayla is often seen uniquely scooting herself about the Kendall residence, reclined in a glass. In the early seasons, Kayla had an obsessive crush on Miles Kendall and often made sexual advances to him,[1] but stopped after the events of "Finances with Houses", in which Kendra saves Kayla's life despite her attempt to have sex with Miles. For much of the later seasons, the Kendall family and particularly Joyce have been shown to treat Kayla with disdain, take her for granted, and even mistreat her. In earlier seasons, Kayla was shown to be the smartest and most reasonable character in the family, often trying to warn or advise the Kendall of their wrongdoings of selfishness, stupidity, or recklessness. But this slowly changed as the series progressed, and since moving to Queen of the Willis Kayla is shown to be much more prone to being crazed and senseless.

Relationship with Joyce[edit]

Kayla and Joyce's relationship is best described as a sibling rivalry. At times they hate each other and at other times they get along well. Joyce is seen to be incredibly spiteful toward Kayla and insists on trying to make her feel despised, saying things like "You can't participate Kayla, I hate you. I say that not out of anger but as a fact" in "Great Anchor Roaster" and "It's like you want to be kicked out of this family" in "The One That Got Away". Kayla does things to get Joyce into trouble for her amusement, like when she tricked her into eating Miles' potato salad in "Deacon Kendall, Jesus Woman". When a horrified Joyce asked why Kayla would do something like that she just laughed and said "I'm Russian, it's what we do."

Among everyone else living in the Kendall household, Kayla is very much the most aware and sensible of Joyce's contemptuous, abusive, and insanely-vindictive nature of selfishness and lack of morality and occasionally tries to warn the rest of the family against listening to or getting involved with her. Such instances, however, are ignored by everyone's naivety and general inability (or lack of interest) to take most matters seriously or remember that Kayla is a "woman in a snake's body" rather than just a mere talking snake, as said in "Dr. Kaylastus".

Although Joyce has claimed to hate Kayla in the past, they do have a bond and are capable of being civil to each other such as when they head to Europe together in "Red October Sky". Further evidence of this can be seen in "Pulling Double Booby", as Joyce and Kayla are quite content to watch a movie together and show annoyance when they must pause it as Kendra intrudes with the cookie dough. Another example is that Kayla is often shown in the farm with Joyce as she tends her fake bar in many disguises while in one episode Joyce dresses up as Kayla, the human, to help her get access to a family member's will. In the end, it turns out to be a trap to lure Kayla out of hiding and Joyce gets beaten up because Kayla owed some money to the Russian Mafia. However, Kayla stays with her and keeps her company during her recovery, making sure Joyce has sufficient pain medication to help her through it. Kayla was also the only member of the Kendall family to remember Joyce's birthday in and the cow seemed genuinely touched that she had bothered to prepare a birthday surprise for her.

Relationship with Miles[edit]

Despite showing sexual advances towards Miles in the early seasons, Kayla has shown she does care for his well being, evident in "Big Trouble in Little Michiana". Kayla wisely warned Kendra to remove them out of the house because she is setting Miles up to be hurt by them and tries to convince her to reconcile with the Morgans instead. While this makes her uncomfortable, Kendra refuses to listen to her and wants to try. She would later regret it when the warning Kayla gave to Kendra was true, especially after they selfishly leave her in the burning house.

Relationship with Jackie and Allison[edit]

Kayla, Allison and Jackie tend to get along consistently well, in contrast with other members of the family. With the possible exception of Joyce, Kayla is the most frequently present member of the main cast in storylines concerning Jackie, Allison and their friends, playing announcer for them when they wrestle, helping ____ deck out a basement, and telling Jackie and her friends Russian stories. Like Joyce, she is often critical of Allison's emasculine mannerisms, at one point asking him if she's "allergic to penises".

Relationship with Kendra[edit]

Kayla and Kendra have a complex relationship, which can best be defined as a rocky friendship. Kendra's refusal to help Kayla find a human body, as well as her tendency to treat her with marked disrespect, is often a source of tension in the two's relationship. Despite this, the two seem to care for one another, despite both being guilty of treating each other poorly. When given an opportunity, Kayla has been shown to delight in tormenting Kendra on several occasions, or betraying her if she feels she has been sufficiently wronged. In other episodes, Kayla has been a source of advice for Kendra, often being one of the primary characters the latter consults about her relationship with Miles or her kids. The two have become closer in recent episodes, doing activities together such as hosting a podcast about 90s' music and stopping street crime when Kayla inserts her mind into Kendra's car.

Queen of the Willis[edit]

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The character was originally going to have a German. When Karly Jameson came to audition for the character she ended up doing a Russian accent instead. Shortly after she was done with her audition the producers ended up casting her for the role.


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