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Anna Pamhosuer
Queen of the Willis character
First appearance "Pilot"
Created by Ava Zinn
Portrayed by Ava Zinn
Gender Female
Occupation Indiana State Trooper (former)
Quillsville Police Officer
  • Anna Pamhouser II (paternal grandmother)
  • Dr. Pamhouser (mother)
  • Mr. Pamhouser (father)
  • Paige Pamhouser (sister)
Nationality American

Anne Marie Darcie "Anna" Pamhouser III (born April 7, 1972), commonly referred to as Pamhouser, is a fictional character in the animated series Queen of the Willis. The character is voiced by series creator Ava Zinn, and known for her fast-paced, nearly-incomprehensible speech.

Role in Queen of the Willis[edit]

Show Creator Ava Zinn provides the voice for Pamhouser.


Anne Marie Darcie "Anna" Pamhouser III (born April 7, 1972) is the high school friend and neighbor of the characters Ava Willis, Melissa Rose, Kendra Kendall, Karly Jameson, Avril Lavigne, Alisan Porter, and previously Tiffani Donovan. Her first name was only spoken in the TV series during the season 6 episode, "Uh-oh, MEXICO!", when the Mexican woman with whom she'd switched houses for the summer said, "Hello, Anna. Oh my, it's the 30th already?". Her driver's license as shown in the season 6 finale reads simply "Pamhouser, Anne Marie Darcie".

The location of Pamhouser's house was inconsistent during the series. In the season 5 finale Quillsville Cold Case: Albert Willis, her address is shown on her driver's license as 6346 Evansville Road, which would place her on the same side of the alley as Ava, Melissa, and Lando Abhrams (6336 Evansville Road). However, in "Uh-oh, MEXICO!", the rear of Pamhouser's house is shown to be across the alley from Melissa's house (6320 Evansville Road), diagonally across to the right from Ava's back yard (6328 Evansville Road), which would place the front door of her house (and its address) on another street (Henderson Avenue).

Pamhouser's primary pursuits are classic vehicles and men. She drove a 1975 Chevy Camaro; in high school, she drove an early 1970's El Camino nicknamed "Mr. Mark" in which she had a lot of sex with strange men until the car was accidentally driven into the Quillsville River by Melissa (then Braden Rose), Ava (then Frank) and Kendra (then Ken) while playing a prank on Pamhouser and Tiffani (Melissa did not know how to drive a manual car and confused the clutch for the brake pedal).

Pamhosuer spends most of her spare time drinking Mississinewa Cola with Ava, Melissa, Kendra, Karly, Alisan, Avril and previously Tiffani in the alley behind Ava's house. While she enjoyed her friendship with Ava, she sometimes has limited patience with Melissa (whom she sharply refers to as "Rose") and considered Tiffani "boring" due to her inferiority complex. Pamhosuer favored animal-print undergarments, which have been observed a few times in the show when she's appeared without her shirt and blue jeans; she tended to overuse perfume, bragging about her Estee Lauder attracting men "like catnip". Pamhouser was a strict non-smoker who carries a lighter, implicitly for emergencies or for lending.

According to her Indiana driver's license, which was seen in the season 5 finale, Pamhouser is 5'4", and 131 lbs., and had hazel eyes. Pamhouser was missing her left pinky finger, due to an accident while she was in the Order of the Straight Arrow.

Pamhouser is apparently highly astute and often gave advice to her friends. She, along with Heather is also a frequent voice of truth, owning up to the wrongdoings of the group despite not always acting appropriately herself. Although, since her speech pattern is not understood by most people, her confessions are usually ignored. In the episode "A Case Managing We Will Go", after Ava blames the deceased Marla Webb for causing the mental health clinic to burn down, Pamhouser points out that Melissa was the one who plugged in the malfunctioning Mississinewa Cola sign. However, Quillsville Fire Chief Bruce Cochrun does not seem to understand her and decides that the blame for the fire will be placed on electrical problems, in order to leave the integrity of Marla Webb's name intact.

In another episode, she mentions that her grandfather wanted her to become an electrical engineer. Given the opportunity, Pamhouser demonstrated that she was, in fact, quite cultured.

Five of the main characters (Ava, Melissa, Karly, Avril, and Pamhouser) graduated from Quillsville Central High School (later Kenneth "Babyface" Edmunds Regional High School, now Lee Kelso High School) together (Kendra nor Tiffani did not complete their senior year having enlisted in the U.S. Marines and Alisan was attending school in Worchester, Massachusetts). Pamhouser was the starting point guard for the girls basketball team, while Tiffani was a the shooting guard, Cynthia Wilson was a forward, Karly Ryder was power forward, and Avril Lavigne was a small forward. Pamhouser and Tiffani were also cheerleaders for the football and boys basketball as Ava played center (her #41 jersey is retired as she scored a number of three pointers), Kendra (who has since returned to Quillsville after living in Michiana Falls, Indiana) played guard, and Melissa, not being as athletic as her friends, was the towel manager for both basketball teams and football teams. Melissa referred to Indiana Pacers legend George McGinnis as Pamhouser's idol in a season 6 episode. Pamhouser was the most modern of the four friends, and as such was first to own a smartphone.


Pamhouser's occupation was not made clear throughout the series. The season 5 episode "Quillsville Cold Case" reveals that Pamhouser has a Indiana State Trooper badge in her wallet. An early episode reveals that Pamhouser worked as an electrician until she was put on worker's compensation for unknown reasons, leaving open the possibility that her electrician work was a cover or predecessor to her law enforcement career. In "Four Women, a Dog, a Cat and a Crab," Ava and the girls with Shushu, Tabby, and Heather run into their old high school basketball coach, Coach Planck. Coach Planck asks Pamhouser how the family is, and Pamhouser says "Girl they're doin' fine, girl. Girl lil' dang old down in old California girl, like ol' lottery winner, girl, like all, just no problems, girl." Coach Planck responds "I'm sorry to hear that." It's possible that Pamhouser has a rich benefactor.

Family and Romantic life[edit]

Pamhouser has four relatives that have appeared on the show: her "Pahpaw" (a Southern term for grandfather); her father, Mr. Pamhouser; her mother, Dr. Pamhouser; and her sleazy, chauvinistic sister, Paige, voiced by Angelina Jole in her only speaking appearance (she appeared again for a split second at Deanna and Brandi's wedding). They live in California. Mr. Pamhouser, Paige, and Pahpaw all have the same speaking pattern as Pamhouser. Dr. Pamhouser has not been shown speaking, only through other characters paraphrasing what she may have said. She is the aunt of Paige's daughter, Pauline Pamhouser.

Pamhouser's typical romantic life includes one-night stands with several young men. Angie Willis once mentions (likely in jest) her longest relationship was a three-day weekend. Occasionally, she had boyfriends that she dated for more than sex. When a man breaks up with her, she is notably devastated. In the episode "Uh-Oh, MEXICO!", Pamhouser moves to Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico and has a 3-month relationship with a Spanish-Mexican American man.

Death and resurrection[edit]

Pamhouser's death was the secondary focus in the season seven episode "The Rape of Heather Willis". After Todd Unger, known as "Fat Bigfoot Bobcat", is arrested after he beats and nearly raped Heather Willis and Ava Willis. Todd Unger's wife, Sheena Unger, took her own course of action against him, but shoots Pamhouser and Tiffani, gravely injuring Pamhouser and fatally wouding Donovan.

After a month of mourning the loss of Tiffani and Pamhouser, Ava and Melissa decide to hang out with Alisan Porter, Avril Lavinge, Karly Jameson and since "The Girls Are Back in Quillsville", Kendra Kendall. The death of Pamhouser in the episode "The Rape of Heather Willis" was met with massive anger from Queen of the Willis fans around the world, many of whom threatened to boycott the show due to Pamhosuer's absence. Karly Jameson's email was bombarded with messages and comments from fans demanding that they bring Pamhouser back. Hostile messages were also directed towards Queen of the Willis' producing staff, including the show's creator, Ava Zinn.[1] In a Facebook post in January 2020, Zinn later thanked fans "for caring so much about Pamhouser, she is overcome with gratitude."[2] Fan petitions sprang up within hours of "The Rape of Heather Willis"'s first airing, also receiving media attention towards Ava Zinn,[3] attracting over 12,000 signatures in a petition.[4]

Two years later in "Turkey Queens", Ava, Melissa, and Kendra still misses Pamhouser dearly and Brynn spots a past incarnation of herself who has traveled forward in time to Thanksgiving (An event referenced in "The Rape of Heather Willis"). Stealing the time machine's return pad from her past self while Melissa provides a distraction, Brynn and Heather goes back in time and Heather saves Pamhouser's life, at the cost of erasing herself from history. Pamhouser is extremely grateful for being saved, but Brynn of this timeline finds Heather and Pamhouser's affections unnerving, not knowing the reason behind them. The episode ends with the Willis family and friends sitting around the large Thanksgiving table with everything back to normal. After "Turkey Queens" aired, Ava Zinn tweeted, "you didn't really think in 2019 ago we'd kill off Pamhouser, did you? *****, we'd have to be ****ing high on drugs and dangerously intoxicated."[5]


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