Turkey Queens

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"Turkey Queens"
Queen of the Willis episode
Episode no. Season 9
Episode 8
Directed by Season Atkins
Written by Karly Jameson
Production code 912
Original air date November 20, 2020
Guest actors
Episode chronology
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← Previous
"Deadbeat Dad Drugs"
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"Back Home Again in Alaska"

"Turkey Queens" is the eighth episode of the ninth season of the animated comedy series Queen of the Willis and the 212th episode overall. It is scheduled to air in broadcast syndication in the United States on November 20, 2020, and is written by Karly Jameson and directed by Season Atkins.

The episode features the return of Anna Pamhouser (who had died two years earlier in "The Rape of Heather Willis") after Brynn and Heather goes back in time to save Pamhouser.[1]


The Willis family goes to Quillsville Westgate Mall for the annual Thanksgiving Carnival, but they find the festivities have been cancelled, causing Pheobe and Alaina to go on a destructive rampage. Melissa learns that Finola Atkinson, Ava's step-mother and Harry's wife, canceled the carnival. Angie confronts Finola who tells her that it was cancelled because she despises the Thanksgiving season. Angie vows to help Finola find her holiday spirit. The Thanksgiving Carnival fails to raise the spirits of Pheobe and Alaina as much as Tabby and Shushu. When the Mall Santa Claus asks Tabby what she wants for Christmas, Tabby realizes she wants Pamhouser back. Heather pretends to be Pamhouser, but fails to cheer up Tabby. Trying to raise her spirits, Heather, Tabby, Shushu, and Brynn return to the Quillsville Westgate Mall, where Brynn spots her past self time travelling to purchase a gift. Remembering the time travel prior to Pamhouser's death, Brynn realizes she can use Past Brynn's return pad to save Pamhouser.

Brynn and Heather arrives in the past at the Quillsville Police Department, saving Pamhouser from being shot. After explaining the situation to Pamhouser, Brynn sends the return pad back to her past self in order to prevent a temporal paradox. Now unable to return and having altered her past, Brynn and Heather fades from existence as Pamhouser thanks her and Heather for her actions. Unaware of what occurred, Past Brynn comes out of the police station and wonders who Pamhouser was talking to.

The episode continues with a showing of The Nordstorm Thanksgiving Day Parade (a parody of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade). On Thanksgiving Wednesday, Ava sees Angie and Laura's photos in which she claims she, Laura and Heather ate the entire vegetarian turkey planned for dinner the following night, so Ava sends them out to find a replacement. Searching every store within 100 miles, they finally find the last one at the Bloomington Kroger. Angie's antics result in Heather making a deal that she will guard the vegetarian turkey while Laura drives the car; Laura is not familiar with Heather's Chevrolet Malibu and drives it into a lake, nearly killing Heather and Angie while destroying Heather's car and cellphone. Given a lift by Pamhouser, the three get a ride back to Quillsville. Heather calls Angie and Laura stupid, to which Angie responds by telling her that she and Laura had eaten the vegetarian turkey by herself and framed Heather.

Meanwhile, Ava's concern about Angie being out allows Tabby and Shushu to convince Brynn to step up as woman of the house for the dinner. Shushu tries to coach Brynn into her duties as the guests arrive. Ava is forced to stall for time entertaining guests. Ava greets her guests consisting of her father and stepmother, Karly, Alisan Porter, Avril Lavinge, Deanna, Brandi, Ava's grandchildren and step-grandchildren , the Kendall family, and the Roses. Deciding to bail her out when Angie's mother, Lisa Shanks, talks about the recent development in store products with Bob and Skye Donaldson, Shushu finds Brynn unable to handle the pressure as she gets inebriated, and Mandy is forced to step in.

Despite the bad blood between each other, Angie, Laura and Heather have no option but to travel together with Pamhouser. Passing through Evansville, Angie gets the idea to steal a TofuTurky, despite Heather's reservations. They find tofu and the ingredianets to make a stuffed vegetarian turkey, but have to chase it through the Wabash River, causing all sorts of mayhem. Heather falls into the river, but is rescued by Pamhouser with a dead turkey. She is grateful as Angie apologizes for her actions.

Just as Mandy is about to do a speech at the dinner table, Angie, Laura, and Heather arrives with another guest as they begin eating their meal. It is revealed to be Anna Pamhouser, whom Ava and Melissa had presumed died after being shot by Sheena Unger. Overjoyed, Kendra asks why the Indiana State Police had reported that she had died in the line of duty. Pamhouser then tells them a story that she was in a coma following a shootout years before. Pamhouser then tells Ava, Melissa, Kendra, Karly, Alisan, and Avril that she had actually gone A.W.O.L., and because Tiffani was killed in the shooting but she miraculously survived, Pamhouser faked her own death in order to escape the pressures. Emotional and sympathetic, Ava, Melisa, Kendra, Alisan, Karly, Avril, and Pamhouser make amends.


A critic gave the episode a B+, saying "Admittedly, the sweetness is undercut a bit by all the jokes about how Quillsville didn’t really care about Pamhosuer, even at the end. But too much “Thanksgiving special” shoehorned spirit would have been empty and hollow, the way most Queen of the Willis “emotional” resolutions are—even leaning on the show’s most compelling relationship, the whole story is a bit forced. It worked well enough for me, though. Maybe it’s best to close to the book on this weirdly controversial time in Queen of the Willis history. Maybe this sort of storytelling isn’t sustainable for a fan base that (not without reason, especially for Queen of the Willis) wants similar episodes every week without being too surprised. But it was cool to see a transfemale Colts fan's show taking a whack at it, and perhaps find an audience willing to follow it to some weird places. And at the very least, I’m glad Queen of the Willis tried something at least a bit different."

After Pamhouser returned, Ava Zinn said: "Thanks for caring so much about the Anna Pamhouser, she is overcome with gratitude". Zinn also said that "we'd have to be fucking high and dangrously intoxicated" to kill Pamhouser permanently.[2]


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