Queen of the Willis (season 13)

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Queen of the Willis (season 13)
Country of origin United States
Original channel First-run Syndication
Original run 2024 –
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List of Queen of the Willis episodes

This is a list of episodes from the thirteenth season of Queen of the Willis. The season is notable for having all episodes of the season as "Quillsville Cold Case" All of the episodes in the thirteenth revolve around Seargant Lilly Rush (voiced by Kathryn Morris) and a member of the Willis family in a setting not familiar to Quillsville, Indiana.

For this season only in addition to the main and recurring characters as well as in four previous episodes in 2011, 2020 and twice in 2023, Sgt. Rush's instinctive understanding of the criminal mind and her singular passion for uncovering the truth makes her the perfect fit for investigating cold cases, yester-crimes that have remained unsolved – some new, some only a few months old, others going back decades. Rush and her team at the Quillsville Metropolitan Police Department use their wits to take on aging evidence and witnesses with buried secrets, uncovering fresh clues, digging into old wounds and doggedly pursuing the truth. Joining Sgt. Rush on her mission are a team of talented police force: Officers Jarrett Dailey (voiced by Frank Davidson) , Kymberly Millspaugh (voiced by Karly Jameson), Ramona Battishill (voiced by Kendra Ray), Elaine Reed (voiced by Alexandra Moffitt), and Anna Pamhouser (voiced by Ava Zinn); Lieutenant Nick Jeffries (voiced by Melvin Runecraft), an experienced veteran who's been around the block; and Police Captain Brad Hunter (voiced by Ava Zinn), a more confrontational police captain, although not as hostile as others. With their assistance, Rush is able to take on the toughest cases, giving voice to victims unable to speak for themselves – making sure none is ever forgotten.


In January 2020, Queen of the Willis creator Ava Zinn announced that all episodes in this season are all Quillsville Cold Case episodes.

Broadcast history[edit]


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Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
300 1 Quillsville Cold Case: Peggy Harvey

Season Atkins Ava Zinn & Karly Jameson

August 16, 2024 (2024-08-16)
Peggy Willis' widow Charlie Harvey does not believe she killed in an freak accident in 2012. Quillsville Police must re-examine the original crime scene to see if Peggy could've been murdered and if so, who or what really killed her?
301 2 Quillsville Cold Case: The Final Teaching

Season Atkins Thia Tola

August 23, 2024 (2024-08-23)
The team reopens the 1994 rape and murder of Kate Zobrowski, a 16-year-old girl after the man who is about to be executed for the murder tells Lt. Jeffries that he was set up by one of the detectives who had originally investigated the case (and has since resigned). QMPD discovers that they may be too late to save the man, due to the arrogant District Attorney Pia Yoque stonewalling them and Kate's sister, Dana Jane Zobrowski (the teacher of Emilie Willis).
302 3 Quillsville Cold Case: Bail Mail Scam

Season Atkins Lanise McClannahan

August 30, 2024 (2024-08-30)
Quillsville Police reopens the 1968 murder of Martha Carthy, a 15-year-old friend of Crystal Donovan, after an undelivered letter shows up in Harry and Finola's Indianapolis home. QMPD learns that a black man was a con artist who was manipulating the Martha Carthy into committing various crimes.
303 4 Quillsville Cold Case: The Prom from Hell

Season Atkins Maci Blanca

September 6, 2024 (2024-09-06)
Quillsville Police reinvestigates the 1989 murder of Stewart Jolkowski, a 17-year-old boy who was buried alive on the night of his prom at Quillsville Central High School (the same prom Angie proposed to Ava), after the alleged killer turns himself in and claims to have struck again. QMPD races against time to discover the man's modus operndi in order to locate the latest victim before it is too late.
304 5 Quillsville Cold Case: Anna & I

Season Atkins Kendra Ray

September 13, 2024 (2024-09-13)
After a notorious pimp is arrested for prostitution, Quillsville Police reopens the 2008 murder of Ana Crostillo, a Hispanic woman found stabbed in an alleyway, who had worked for the pimp as a prostitute. The case soon takes a personal turn when Ava's transgendered daughter Deanna and QMPD learns Monique Cruz and Deanna had a close relationship with Ana prior to her death as well as Deanna's rape.
305 6 Quillsville Cold Case: Blown Away

Season Atkins Donna Doogan

September 20, 2024 (2024-09-20)
Quillsville Police reinvestigates the 2011 death of 2-year-old Chella Zamora, who died after falling through her bedroom window, along with her then 48-year-old (now 73) grandmother, Rosie, who survived, but suffered severe head trauma, putting her a 13-year coma. Her recent awakening makes not only Rosie's daughter Charlene (then 33, now 56 who attended high school with Angie Donaldson), Sgt. Lilly Rush and QMPD try to put the pieces together to determine if this young grandmother, young mother or someone else is responsible for the tragedy.
306 7 Quillsville Cold Case: Battered Husbands

Season Atkins Olivia Everman

September 27, 2024 (2024-09-27)
In a retelling of the 1978 NBC made for TV movie Battered, Harry Willis, Daniel Rose, and Dallas Cowboy relive the horror of domestic violence at the respective hands of Peggy, Jill, and Cassandra Sellars.

Note: Although the events in the episode took place in 1978, despite the songs "I Wanna Be Your Lover", "Bad Reputation" and "In The Air Tonight" were respectively released in 1979, 1980 and 1981. This also marks the first (and only) Queen of the Willis episode that the main voice actors Zinn, Ray, Jameson, Lavigne, and Jameson have all performed songs in the same episode. Zinn previously sung She Wants To Dance With Me with Rick Astley and Billie Jean in "Meet the Pamhousers"

307 8 Quillsville Cold Case: Richmond Quill Explosion

Season Atkins Karly Jameson

October 4, 2024 (2024-10-04)
Quillsville Police reinvestigates a mysterious 2013 explosion that killed 22 people and destroyed a LGBT-themed nightclub when the newly discovered remains of 22-year-old Benjamin Haley are discovered and it is revealed that he was killed by a headshot wound, which leads the team to deduce that the explosion was actually a cover-up. The investigation reveals that the victim’s profession was conflicting with his personal life.
308 9 Quillsville Cold Case: Caring About Cara

Season Atkins Samantha Zinn

November 1, 2024 (2024-11-01)
Quillsville Police reinvestigates the 1993 murder of Cara Lott (born Cary Lott), a 20-year old transgender female who was strangled to death hours after closing up a local fast food restaurant, after the victim's sister Rachelle presents Ava Willis (who herself personally to warn Cara throughout high school as Cara was bullied), Melissa Rose and Sgt. Lilly Rush evidence to suggesting that someone had been stalking her since graduating from Quillsville Central High School. The investigation uncovers her life wasn't picture perfect with several people harboring resentment towards her, including her own parents.
309 10 Quillsville Cold Case: Daddie Dearest

Season Atkins Jacqui Fountaine

November 8, 2024 (2024-11-08)
Captain Brad Hunter reopens the 1995 murder of his father Bradley Hunter, Senior, an upper-class househusband and retired schoolteacher, when new evidence suggests that his killer may have been from his social circle. Quillsville Police soon discovers that the victim was having marital problems that affected even his own daughter (and Captain Hunter's sister Brenda), whom Jefferies had personally promised Brenda that they would catch find the killer.
310 11 Quillsville Cold Case: Opioid Amber

Season Atkins Marti McDaniel & Nadia Lorenzo

November 15, 2024 (2024-11-15)
Quillsville Police reopens the 2015 death of Amber Jarmon, who drowned in her ex-husband's pool during a power outage. The drowning was originally ruled as accidental caused by opioids, but the discovery of the woman's fingernail underneath the diving board suggests she may have been held under. The team learns that the victim had a twisted relationship with her family, particularly her daughter.
  • All songs in this episode are performed by Ariana Grande.
  • Song featured in the intro: "Problem", by Ariana Grnade.
  • Song featured in the finale: "Dangerous Woman", by Ariana Grande.
  • Song featured in the closing credits: "One Last Time", by Ariana Grande.
308 12 Quillsville Cold Case: Doctor Death of Indiana

Season Atkins Danielle McClannahan

November 29, 2024 (2024-11-29)
Quillsville Police reinvestigates the 1983 murder of 25-year-old Kristen Bucklew, a young wife and mother who was recovering from injuries sustained in an explosion outside her own house while picking up what was supposed to be a box of laundry detergent shortly before she was to testify in court against a man who indecently exposed himself to her in public. The daughter believes the man is culpable, but when the team delves into Brad Hunter's personal life, they discover a shocking secret that could lead them to the true killer, implying that her husband or a doctor/nurse may have been involved since the victim fell into cardiac arrest.