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Lina Willis
Queen of the Willis/The Souzas character
First appearance "Pilot" (2020, The Souzas)
"Ode to Deanna" (2008, concieved)/"The Rape of Heather Willis" (2019, official) (Queen of the Willis)
Created by Ava Zinn
Karly Jameson
Alexandra Moffitt
Voiced by Lorri Fink
  • Family:
  • Alexandra (transgendered step-sister)
  • Chereice (step-sister)
  • Telissa (step-sister)
  • Tessanne (half-sister)
  • Maggie (half-sister)
  • Brandi (legal mother)
  • Monique Cruz (biological mother)
  • Deanna Willis (father)
  • Ava Willis (paternal grandfather)
  • Angie Willis (paternal grandmother)

Sierra Lina Willis is a character in the animated television series Queen of the Willis, and its spin-off series The Souzas.[1] She is the illegitmate daughter of Deanna Willis and Monique Cruz. On Queen of the Willis, she was depicted as slim and hyperactive; however, on The Souzas she is shown to have undergone a marked transformation, both in terms of a significant increase in weight and a newly subdued personality. She was voiced by Traci Davidson in Queen of the Willis and by Lorri Fink in The Souzas and on the character's return to the former show.

At 12 years old, Lina is the only child of Deanna Willis and Monique Cruz, eldest stepdaughter of Brandi Souza, the sister of Tessanne and Maggie Willis, and the stepsister of Alexandra, Chereice, and Telissa Souza. Lina's most prominent character traits are her laziness, obesity, and low social intelligence (although there are occasional references to her being academically bright). She has obtained poor eyesight over the years and now wears glasses. Since Monique's arrest in "The Rape of Heather Willis", Monique gave custody of Lina to Deanna and forced her to move to Detropolis, Ohio, where Gary Hicks gave custody of Alexandra, Chereice, and Telissa after Deanna married Brandi and Alexandra, Chereice and Telissa became her step-sisters.

Role in The Souzas[edit]

Lina is a frequent target of weight related jokes from a variety of characters in the series, in particular Telissa, her step-sister. When Telissa met Lina, Tessanne and her father she would often call them "fat". In the second episode, Lina served as a door in the bathroom so that she could earn her classmates' respect, which angered Deanna. She also exudes a nervous and overly sensitive nature, and seems to have a fear of toasters as the toaster in her house scares and taunts him (akin to Chris Griffin and the monkey in his closet on The Family Guy).

It is revealed in "" that Lina has repressed emotions from her mother being in jail and has in fact never cried before. She has also revealed resentment towards her own mother, Monique, for raping Deanna in "Ode to Deanna". Feeling bad for the way they treated her, Alexandra, Chereice and Telissa help Lina to express her sadness and at the same time the three of them accepted one another as family. In "The 9/11 Twister", Lina reveals that she had lost faith in God after learning from Monique that Jesus forgave her for raping Deanna.



Lina debuted in the Queen of the Willlis season 3 episode "Ode to Deanna" after Deanna was raped by Monique Cruz, but only made a handful more appearances thereafter. She was presumably taken into Monique's custody and has since undergone a major character reinvention upon becoming a leading character in The Souzas. After Monique was arrested for an unrelated crime in the pilot episode of The Souzas, Lina is placed in Deanna's custody, and they move out of Quillsville, Indiana to Detropolis, Ohio where Deanna's wife Brandi rekindles a friendship with Gary Hicks.


In Queen of the Willis Lina is an active toddler of average size, but in The Souzas she has aged, gained weight, appears potentially smarter, and wears glasses. In Queen of the Willis, he wears a pink T-shirt, black jeans and brown sneakers, but in The Souzas, she wears a blue T-shirt, pink shorts, sneakers and glasses. She is also notably shorter, as Queen of the Willis shows her to be of average height for her age, while in The Souzas, she appears to be no more than 4' 6" at the age of 12.

Lina was a minor character who had a short time with Angie Willis (Queen of the Willis) in the episode, "Brandi Souza: The New Girl in Quillsville", where she showed a talent for playing golf. After that episode, she made short appearances later in the show, with her last on Queen of the Willis, until 2021.


Lina's voice is provided by Lorri Fink, who voices other characters on The Souzas, including Trista Parker, Gianna. In Queen of the Willis, Lina's voice is provided by Traci Davidson.

Fink stated that she describes voicing Lina as "a character she did on Patrice named Patrice, who was mentally impaired and wore a football helmet."[2] When describing Lina's change in physical appearance and age, Rachael Passalt said "Lina really didn't have much to her and so she didn't appear for a while and so we sort of aged her up and made room for Telissa to be the younger one for a while."[3]


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