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Queen of the Willis is an American animated sitcom created by Ava Zinn and Holly Everman.[1][2] The main characters are Ava Willis, Angie Willis, Tom Willis, Deanna Willis, sextuplets (Suzanne, Rhonda, Brittany, Luanne, Emilie, and Hillary), Brynn, Timothy/Tabitha "Rags" Willis, Sheryl "Shushu" Willis, Heather Willis, Baxter/Bianca Willis, Melissa Rose, Tiffani Donovan, Anna Pamhouser, Lando Abhrams, and Brandi Sousa.

Main characters[edit]

Willis Family[edit]

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Rose Family[edit]

Kendall Family[edit]

Donovan Family[edit]

Pamhouser Family[edit]

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Sabo family[edit]

  • Maribel Sabo (voiced by Maribel Mort) – A Jewish pharmacist of Polish descent, and one of Angie's friends. She runs Maribel Sabo's Pharmacy and was married to Neil Sabo, with whom she had one daughter, Carla. Maribel's family are stereotypes of American Jews. Mort frequently discusses her various maladies and childhood bullying in casual conversations. Although she first appeared one season after his daughter Carla, Maribel became a major supporting character, especially during the period when Deanna Willis was absent doing The Souzas and Pamhouser was absent.
  • Carla Sabo (voiced by Ava Zinn from 2006-2012, Rachael Passalt since 2019) – Maribel's stereotypical nerdy late teen/young adult daughter who is Deanna's best friend at what is now Lee Kelso High School. She is the editor of the school's newspaper, is a member of the A/V Club, and works at her mother's pharmacy where she is employee of the month. She is more confident than her mother, so much so that she does not seem to realize that she is highly considered an annoyance amongst her peers. She also has crush on Tom, but he, too, finds her annoying. Carla speaks with a lateral lisp, but in one episode, when she removes her retainer she speaks with a deep, smooth husky voice (provided by Ava Zinn).
  • Jackson Sabo (voiced by Jackson Steel) – Maribel's husband and Carla's father, whose physical appearance is very similar to his wife's. he met Maribel via a video dating service, and they had their first kiss at age of fourteen while both of them were suffering from a cold. He was murdered in the Season 7 finale "And Now There Are Fewer" where he was stabbed in the back by Zach Mullins. It is also revealed in that episode that she provided Josh Kaufman with multiple prescriptions for Oxycontin. In one episode, there is a park bench dedicated to him as Carla throws money on it telling him to buy something nice in Hell.

Other recurring characters[edit]

Other characters[edit]


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