Laugh It Up, Freezeball: The Queen of the Willis Trilogy

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Laugh It Up, Freezball:
The Queen of the Willis Trilogy
Directed by Pete Ward
Produced by Ava Zinn
Holly Everman
Alexandra Moffitt
Karly Jameson
Ariel Swaringen
Written by TBA (1)
TBA (2)
TBA (3)
Based on Sleepaway Camp by
Robert Hiltzik (uncredited)
Starring Ava Zinn
Holly Everman
Candis Cayne
Pauly Shore
Kendra Ray
Music by John Williams
Additional music
Walter Murphy
Aeverine Zinn Holdings
Distributed by CBS
Running time
159 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Laugh It Up, Freezeball: The Queen of the Willis Trilogy consists of three episode specials of the American animated sitcom Queen of the Willis. The episodes are a crossover and parody retelling of the original Sleepaway Camp trilogy Sleepaway Camp (1983), Unhappy Campers (1988), and Teenage Wasteland (1989). The first episode, "Nightmare Vacation" (2008) was created in honor of the original film's 25th anniversary. Due to its popular success, it was followed by two direct to video sequels: "It's a Camp Trap!" (2013) and "Quillsville Wasteland" (2021), which were subsequently aired on television, in edited versions, omitting most profanity and sexual references.


During power outages, Angie Willis tells her family the stories of the original Sleepaway Camp trilogy films, with characters from Queen of the Willis, Amanda & Elisa , The Souzas, and Hoosier Anchorwoman! playing the Sleepaway Camp roles. A running joke at the end of the episode deals with Deanna Willis (voiced by Candis Cayne in 2008 and Rachael Passalt in 2013 and 2018) criticizing Angie's take on Sleepaway Camp as a ripoff, to which Angie argues back about her disappointment with Candis Cayne films.


Ava Zinn
  • Ava Willis as Melanie Costic - One of the main founders and counselors of Camp Quillsville and the transgendered wife of Rita Costic (Angie Willis). While attempting to be open to the campers, she is actually a short sighted, rather apathetic, self-serving and disillusioned woman, who appears to have opened the camp purely out of profit. She does so under the guise of a moral project to help understand troubled teenagers and lower the barriers between them and the more privileged youths, all while cutting expenses through denying necessities. She holds an apparently naive and ignorant understanding of teenagers. She also appears to be extremely hypocritical and lazy, eating veggie burgers and fries at the cafeteria while demanding campers get their own food by fishing, farming, and demanding campers fix coffee for her and throw out her trash. In "Nightmare Vacation", she beats Ricky (Rags Willis) up mercilessly. She is injured after battery acid is thrown on her face in "It's a Camp Trap!", and in "Quillsville Wasteland" she is buried alive and beheaded by Angela (Shushu), of whom Melanie would arrest.
  • Heather Willis as Artie the Head Chef at Camp Quillsville
  • Shushu Willis as Angela Baker - The lead character and antagonist of the trilogy. Since the first movie she has killed many teens and others who get in her way or offended her moral values. Her preferred haunting is the campgrounds of Camp Quillsville, which has seen many murders. She is motivated to kill out of annoyance or from learning that a person is of an unsavory background and character.
  • Rags/Tabby Willis as Ricky Thomas
  • Pamhouser as Waitress Hannah at Camp Quillsville
  • Zach Mullins as Camp Quillsville News Anchorman / Mozart (Nightmare Vacation)
  • Angelika Mullins as Drag Ben (born Bethany)
  • Austen Willis as Pastry Chef Austen
  • Baxter/Bianca Willis as Eddie
  • Kendra Kendall as Tawny Richards (Quillsville Wasteland) - The South Bend reporter. Her live persona is a facade, as she is actually a stressed, pressured and uncompassionate trans woman forced to deal with certain stories she finds abhorrent and undignified, as well as attempting to meet the quota for her job. A cocaine addict, this becomes her undoing as Angela (Shushu) gives Tawny (Kendra) finely crushed Ajax cleaner powder that gorily eats away at her throat and brain, killing her.
  • Joyce as Bartender at Camp Quillsille
  • Amanda Dawson as herself
  • Elisa Donovan as herself
  • Averi Planucchio as Judy
  • Dana Carson as Maître d’hôtel
  • Claudia Zinn as Delores
  • Carla Mughmaw as Mary Ann
  • Miss Shorthair as Ronnie Angelo
  • Addison the Tiger as Waitress Addison
Holly Everman/Karly Jameson
  • Angie Willis as Rita Costic - The wife of Melanie Costic, as well as one of the main founders and counselors of Camp Quillsville, a camp aiming to bring teenagers of all levels of life to understand each other. She is a lecherous and unmotivated, apathetic and burnt out woman, who enjoys sleeping with men, transwomen and teenagers, as she does not find her wife attractive anymore and shows no enthusiasm for her current work at Camp Quillsville. As her sexual escapades with Artie the Cook (Heather Willis)/Sean (Miles Kendall)/Jan (Brandi Sousa) are interrupted by Angela (Shushu), she is assaulted and beaten to the ground unconcious in the trilogy.
  • Carly Stevens as Meg
Candis Cayne/Rachael Passalt
Alexis Arquette/Kendra Ray
Alexandra Moffitt
  • Trevelle Abhrams as Michelle
  • Lando Abhrams as Jimmy
  • Tiffani Donovan as herself
Robyn Hurd
  • Lisa Shanks as Dr. Martha Thomas - The mother of Ricky Thomas (Rags/Tabby), aunt of Angela Baker (Shushu) and Peter Baker (Tom) and sister of John Baker.
Frank Davidson
  • Bart the Bully as Billy
Karly Jameson (pre 2019)
  • Danielle the Bully as Christina
Ariel Swaringen/Karly Jameson
  • Connie Rose as Kendra
Kathryn Morris
David Caruso
  • Harry Willis as John Baker - The father of Angela Baker (Shushu) and Peter Baker (Tom) as well as the uncle of Ricky Thomas (Rags/Tabby) and brother of Martha Thomas (Lisa Shanks)
Lee Kelso
Nightmare Vacation
It's a Camp Trap!
Quillsville Wasteland


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