Miles Kendall

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Miles Kendall
Hoosier Anchorwoman!/Queen of the Willis character
Miles Kendall.png
First appearance "Pilot" (2010, Hoosier Anchorwoman!)
"The Girls Are Back in Quillsville" (2020, Queen of the Willis)
Created by Ava Zinn
Voiced by Luka Runecraft
Full name
  • Miles Kent Kendall
  • (born Marissa Katie Morgan)
Occupation Househusband / Amateur Adult Media Star
Spouse(s) Kendra Kendall
Religion Episcopalian
Nationality American

Miles Kent Kendall (née Morgan; born Marissa Katie Morgan is a fictional character on the animated television series Hoosier Anchorwoman! and Queen of the Willis. He is the husband of the title character Kendra Kendall and althought living as a man, he remains the mother of Samantha, Allison, and Jackie Kendall. Also living under Miles and Kendra's roof are three housemates: Joyce, a cow; Kayla, the family's woman-in-a-snake-body pet;[1] and Alec Dailey, who is Samantha's boyfriend turned husband. Miles is voiced by Luka Runecraft.

While Miles is often seen as the voice of reason in his dysfunctional family, he also has a dark, hypocritical side. This is best displayed by how he constantly badgers his family to uphold certain moral virtues while at the same time he participates regularly as a very popular, single member in the dynamic Michiana Falls TransGuy community while his wife Kendra is out of the country on assignment.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Miles is 5’9” tall, and as a man has a 36 inch waist, rare wears boxers or briefs and weighs 190 pounds.

Prior to his transition to male, he had a 36D bust, rarely wore panties and weighed 145 lbs.

Born to a wealthy couple from Ohio Leis and Cassie Morgan, Daddy issues stemming from her unstable relationship with his birth father led to him losing his virginity at a young age and engaging in risky sexual behaviors to this day long before his gender transition, such as his affinity for combining drugs and alcohol with unprotected sex with strangers.

Not much is known about Miles' younger years beyond the fact that he was born a girl brought up in a Roman Catholic orphanage where she was taught that gays and lesbians were the Devil. His sexuality was literally beaten out of him by the nuns, as they would hit him with a large fish whenever he went to the boys restroom. Miles has a brother, Steve, who Kendra says enthusiastically is "Playgirl hot!" whenever Steve is brought up in conversation. Miles never takes offense at Kendra’s admiration for his brother since the brother and transgendered brother began experimenting sexually as curious siblings and have maintained an intense yet covert sexual relationship since as shown in.


Although he enjoys being a househusband, Miles occasionally yearns for more fulfillment.

Miles maintained a “Sex Garden” in honor of all her sexual trysts. A magnificent garden stretching as far as the eye can see contains a single rose bush for each of her previous lover’s. The episode is most famous for her drunken intergalactic drugs fueled sex scene with Joyce the cow, during which she leaves the motel room door open and takes Miles on the floor as other hotel guests wander into the room to watch.


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