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Karly Jameson

Karly Jameson headshot 2016
Born Chelsea Karly Ryder
October 11, 1982 (1982-10-11) (age 41)
Terre Haute, Indiana
Other names Karly Ryder, Jr. (1982-2015)
Occupation Talk show host, Singer, Actress, DJ
Years active 1995-present
Home town Indianapolis, Indiana
Spouse Kathi Jameson (m. 2015–20)
Parents Karly Ryder, Sr. (mother)
Relatives Genevieve Cox (cousin)
Shanna Ryder (sister)
Ken Ryder (brother)

Chelsea Karly Jameson (née Ryder) (born October 11, 1982), known professionally as Karly Ryder, Jr. is an American singer, songwriter and later a television talk show host of the 2000s who pioneered the "Internet trash TV" format on her program Karly's Show as well as the American, British, and Australian adaptations of Vote for the Girls.

Early Life[edit]

Karly Jameson was born in Terre Haute, Indiana to talk show host and dancer Joesph Ryder (b. 1946 d. 1990) and long time Indianapolis news anchorwoman Karly Cox (b. 1951). Jameson did not use her legal first name (Chelsea) in her stage name. Her uncles included news anchormen Cole Cox and Jackson Cox, from whom she was estranged. Born into a life of luxury, she was raised next door to the Letterman compound in Speedway, Indiana with her older sister Shanna (b. 1980), and younger siblings: Ken (b. 1984 d. 2017), Allison (b. 1985) and Ariana (b. 1987).

Ryder attended Marian University.


She has been a program director and announcer at a radio station in Indianapolis since the late 1990s, and later worked in various markets around Indianapolis, including WBRI, WNOU, and WFMS. Like her mother, Ryder pursued a career in television news, freelancing at WEVI and WIND. She filed a few news reports.

In 2008, Ryder was a talk show host at WHBU-AM in Anderson, Indiana, where she employed her abrasive style. She was fired in 2010. She was replaced on WHBU by Clark Howard, who has held the time slot ever since via his national syndication. Ryder also had a stint on WINO-FLP in Fort Wayne where she unsuccessfully tried to get other on air personalities to submit to drug testing. Ryder's first effect on American culture came from her popular, yet short-lived, syndicated late 2000s television talk show, The Karly Ryder, Jr. Show.

Pro-LGBT activism[edit]

On January 22, 2015, Jameson, a devoted pro-LGBT activist, hosted the Indiana State Rally for Equal Rights to protest the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. At that time, she was also working to help promote LGBT rights in Indiana.[1]

The Karly Ryder Jr. Show[edit]

Karly Jameson (then Karly Ryder, Jr.) in 2012

In 2010, Ryder headed to Fort Wayne, where her highly controversial talk show The Karly Ryder Jr. Show was taped. Starting as a local program on Fort Wayne NBC affiliate WNDI-FTV in the fall of 2010, it expanded into national syndication in early 2011. The program featured screaming matches among Ryder, her guests, and audience members.

Because of the controversial format and content of the show, distributor X2 Broadcasting had problems selling the show to a number of stations and advertisers. Even Ryder's affiliates, many of which were NBC, Fox, and CW affiliates in small to medium markets, were so fearful of advertiser and viewer backlash that they would air one or even two local disclaimers during the broadcast.

The Journal Gazette wrote about her, "Suppose a maniac got hold of a talk show. Or need we suppose?" Kym Christian said, "I'm always amazed at what people will fall for. We see this every five or six years, an attempt at this, and I guess from that standpoint I don't quite understand why everybody's falling over backwards over the girl."

A revival of Ryder's talk show premiered on January 9, 2017 on NoSirGifts-owned stations and other networks via NoSirGifts Television Distribution.[2]

Queen of the Willis[edit]

While working on The Karly Ryder, Jr. Show, Jameson met Ava Zinn, who was preparing to launch a revival of the animated sitcom Queen of the Willis, which was cancled a year earlier after six seasons, but returned in 2019. Zinn cast Jameson as the voice of character Angie Willis after the 2017 death of Holly Everman. As well as her role as the voice performer for Angie and several other characters, she is also a producer and staff writer.

Vote for the Girls[edit]

United States (2014)[edit]

The success of the show made Ryder a pop culture celebrity, leading to an announcement on June 23, 2014 that Karly Ryder, Jr. was confirmed as the eighth moderator of Vote for the Girls. A source said, "Karly is a done deal. She's a big radio personality and is not afraid to tell it like it is.". Karly Ryder, Jr. was later confirmed as a moderator on Vote for the Girls USA, of this she said, "I'm thrilled to be doing Vote for the Girls because as a fellow Hoosier, country music was the first place I saw success," she said. Ava Zinn added, "I am delighted that Karly Jr. has agreed to be a moderator on VFTG USA. She is a huge personality who will bring creativity to the site." Talking about the differences between the site and the competitors (VFTW and Vote Against the Producers), "I’ll never be a moderator for VFTW or VATP. VFTG is different and no comparison between the three. One, you have a site that have moderators that are all women who promote votes strictly for the female contestants and voting out the WGWG's to make the music stars. The other two sites you have Dave Della Terza and Lawrence Hedrick who have fetishes and completely addicted to WGWG's, and worse of all, those two sites are mostly male-dominated polling fans on who is the worst contestant.

Karly Ryder officially became the fifth moderator of VFTG, replacing Nermal Everman, on July 1, 2014. With her arrival, Karly resumed the so-called "Big Four" I-69ers of Jameson (Indianapolis), Holly Everman (Muncie), Ava Zinn (Marion), and Tracia Ward (Fort Wayne). A fifth and sixth I-69er, Danni McClannahan (Evansville) and her mother's former WHOO co-anchor Ted Shields (Bloomington), were added in 2016.

Over the course of the 2013–14 and 2014-15 television seasons, Ryder's TV show and Vote for the Girls suffered a decline in viewership, resulting from many markets downgrading its time slot; even flagship station WNDI in Fort Wayne and WNBI in Ryder's hometown of Indianapolis moved Ryder's program from its original 3:00 PM slot to noon in the fall of 2013. Beginning in January 2014, the time slot immediately following Ryder's program had been home to the long-time NBC soap Days of our Lives. However, following Josh Kaufman's win on The Voice, Days of our Lives and The Karly Ryder Jr. Show series swapped time slots several weeks later in the fall of 2014, thus relegating Ryder to 1:00 PM in Fort Wayne (competing against The Chew on WMRI, The Young and the Restless on WTOR, Jerry Springer on WINO, and The People's Court on WXXC)

In late August 2014, she was involved in an incident in a Indianapolis International Airport restroom in which she claimed to have been attacked by fans of Josh Kaufman who painted a double Mars symbol on her chest and attempted to cut her hair and breasts.[3] Some inconsistencies in Ryder's account (e.g., the swastika was painted in reverse, suggesting that Ryder had drawn it herself in a mirror), and the failure of the police to find supportive evidence,[4] led many to suspect the incident was a hoax and a plea for attention. Around that time, fellow VFTG USA moderator Holly Everman had been arrested for second DUI.

On August 18, 2014, during a taping of her show discussing Audrey Kate Geiger, fans of Josh Kaufman and eventual Rising Star winner Jessie Kinch began to throw donuts onto the stage in protest of what they believed to be a bad call by the officials. Kaufman and Kinch were respectively chosen by Leonard Lai and Archibald Coolranch as the villain-supported contestants, who were an easy target from the audience, refused to continue until the doughnut-throwing stopped, and taping was halted by the Karly herself. In order to stop the onslaught, Karly was given a house microphone to try to calm the crowd. She chided the fans in audience who were doing the throwing, and alluded to the reputation of Karly's in-market in-state rivals in the nearby Marion and Muncie radio market, Ava Zinn and Holly Everman:[5]

Will the next person that sees anybody throw anything onto the stage, point 'em out, and get 'em out of here. You don't live in MARION OR MUNCIE, you live in INDIANAPOLIS.

On November 12, 2014 after Mia Pffirman was not saved by Adam Levine, Ryder threw a pair of stiletto shoes across the set with the heels hitting two of Ava Zinn's daughters, Samantha in her left eye, and Tiffani in her right eye. Both Samantha and Tiffani were injured, and Zinn ejected Jameson off the set. Ryder was terminated two days later after the incident and Zinn pressed charges against Ryder, who was arrested for assault and attempted murder.

On January 20, 2015, Ryder was found guilty one count of felony assault and upon conviction, will serve three to 20 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. She was acquitted on the charges on appeal.

United Kingdom and Australia (2015)[edit]

In January 2015, her show was cancelled, with the owners of the show announcing that the last show had been taped on December 30, 2014, and that no new shows would air after March 15, 2015.[6] On November 1, 2015, flagship station WNDI in Fort Wayne went dark and the NBC affiliation moved to WFTW while the network owns WNBI in Ryder's hometown of Indianapolis.

Karly Jameson became a moderator on the United Kingdom and Australian versions of Vote for the Girls. In the third series of the United Kingdom adaptation, her final supported contestant for the twelfth series of The X Factor UK, Kiera Weathers, was in the bottom three in the second week, and received the least amount of votes and was automatically eliminated, coming in 11th place on November 8, 2015. Her final supported contestant on the thirteenth series of Strictly Come Dancing, Georgia May Foote finished in third place behind runner-up Kellie Bright (chosen by Ava Zinn) and winner Jay McGuiness (chosen by Tracia Matthewson). On the Australian version, Jameson's final supported contestant on the fourth season of The Voice Australia, Naomi Price, was eliminated in the semi-finals. For the seventh season of The X Factor Australia, Jameson's final pick Natalie Conway finished in sixth place. However, Jameson became the winning moderator of the fifteenth season of Dancing with the Stars Australia with Emma Freedman breaking the eight year curse as Freedman became the first female celebrity to win the the Australian adaptation of DWTS since Bridie Carter won in 2007.

Back to the United States (2016-2021)[edit]

On November 2, 2015, Karly announced on her show that she and Kathi Jameson will be rejoining the moderator panel of Vote for the Girls USA as Team Kathi and Karly. This resulted in Karly moving from the pink to the purple team with Karly Jameson becoming the second woman to move from the pink to the purple team on VFTG USA after Kymberly Alvaraz bought fellow Hoosier Ava Zinn's virginity in 2014. Jameson's fellow Purple Team East teammate Lanise White also moved from the Pink to Purple Team after beginning a long-term relationship with Danni while Thia Tola and Nadia Lorenzo respectively followed in the footsteps of Ava Zinn in buying the virginities of Natasha Gower and Peta-Alyce Kaizer.

Jameson (right) with Tracia Matthewson and Holly Everman (left) in June 2016.

In April 2016, Jameson did what other female television personalities almost never did: renounced hair straightening products and began wearing her hair curly, which was its natural hair style by that time.[7] Fellow female television personalities Traci Davidson, Lynne Jackson, fellow Vote for the Girls moderators Holly Everman, Tracia Ward, and WEWS sportscaster Lauren Brill did the same in July 2016[8]. Jameson's hairstyle instantly became a much-lauded success (frequently being mentioned by Ava Zinn) in addition to Everman's brightly colored and sequined, more revealing (if not slightly), trendy clothing [strapless (aka tube top), spaghetti-strap, and halter tops] and Matthewson's overall natural , are occasionally shown on-camera as well as occasionally featured in rewards for the Vote for the Girls victories skits aiding the "Zinn's Villains", similar to the late Robyn Hurd's frequent on-camera appearances.

Jameson continued to serve as a moderator in the eighth season, which she won by default with her VFTG pick Laura Bretan and became the second moderator (after Thia Tola) to have an imported win on the site.

In 2018, Jameson released an album of songs based on her show as well as Vote for the Girls entitled Karly Jameson Sings. The album's single, Vote for the Girls, which was recorded with Kassie DePaiva and became the theme song for the internet television series of the same name, became a surprise hit on some college radio stations. Jameson and DePaiva performed the theme on The Kathy Finklemyre Show, The Karly Jameson Show, Vote for the Girls and from July 27, 2018 to early 2019, the song was used as the show's theme. Her theme for Vote for the Girls has been credited with helping establish the brand identity of the program, as Ava Zinn explains that for viewers, “It became associated with the moment. We're right there—we're right there when someone makes that incredible moment. And not only is the video there, but the music lives in that moment, too.”

In 2019, Her theme were replaced by the Aeverine Zinn Holdings news theme music (Image News from Gari Media Group), which began to be used for all Aeverine Zinn Holdings programs (including Vote for the Girls USA, Retail Nightmares, and INNewsCenter).

Caprice & Ella and other projects (2021-present)[edit]

Jameson was working as a producer as well as voicing Angie Willis on Queen of the Willis when she was asked by Ava Zinn, who was about to end the 12-year run of Vote for the Girls with Ava Zinn and Alexandra Moffitt. Zinn created the series Caprice & Ella after she adopted a domestic shorthair cat, Caprice in February 2021. Jameson accepted almost immediately. She protrays the narrator as well as herself making her first on-camera apperance on the conclusion of the the 14-part miniseries "Breaking Boiling Point" in which she announces new cast member Breeanna Sorensen as well as paying tribute to Ragdoll Kitty and Grey Poupon, the latter two died at the beginning of production of the miniseries.


In 2010, at WHBU radio, Ryder used the word "Faggirl" while telling a joke.[9] Her use of the word upset portions of the sizable LGBT community in Anderson, Indiana. One Indianapolis city councilwoman called for an apology and pressured the station for Ryder's resignation. Ryder refused to apologize and was forced to resign, with Clark Howard taking her place.

Ryder was sued for $30 million after bringing Clark Jones onto The Karly Ryder, Jr. Show and calling him a "pig," a "hooker," and a "tramp," claiming that he had venereal diseases, and banging her knee against his pelvis in 2012. In April 2013, she was arraigned on criminal charges for allegedly attacking a lesbian guest on her show, in a never-aired segment. Ryder punched a reporter during an interview for WEVI-FTV. In various interviews, she expressed remorse for some of the extreme theatrics of her show and on Vote for the Girls, saying she had taken things too far. She added that she has been a "bitch."

Personal life[edit]

Karly and Kathi Jameson started dating in 2012. Karly and Kathi quietly wed on September 1, 2015, during a courthouse civil ceremony in Indianapolis. Karly did not announce the marriage until the final episode of Australian version of Vote for the Girls airing on November 25, 2015. Kathi died on November 28, 2020.


Jameson is an automobile enthusiast and collector, and she owns a collection of about 10 cars, including a large Lincoln car collection. In 2022, Jameson purchased property on the far southeast side of Fort Wayne where she built a $250,000 garage to store part of her collection. In the Caprice & Ella miniseries "Breaking Boiling Point", it was revealed that Karly drives a 1965 Lincoln Continental she maintained since acquiring it in 1998.



Year Title Role Notes
2024 Caprice & Ella: The Movie herself/narrator


Year Title Role Notes
2010-15 The Karly Ryder, Jr. Show Herself/Host Also Creator
2014-15 Vote for the Girls with Ava Zinn and Holly Everman Herself/judge
2015 Vote for the Girls UK Herself/judge
2015 Vote for the Girls Australia Herself/judge
2016-21 Vote for the Girls with Ava Zinn and Alexandra Moffitt Herself/judge Guest co-hosted with Caprice Zinn and Ella Zinn from April 11 to May 23, 2021
2016-22 The Karly Jameson Show Herself/Host Also Creator
2019-26 Queen of the Willis Angie Willis, Brynn Willis, Various voices Also Producer and staff writer
2021-present Caprice & Ella Herself/narrator Also Producer
2024-present Vote for the Girls with Ava Zinn Herself/co-host/judge Co-hosts with Rachael Passalt


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