Stephanie Rose (Queen of the Willis)

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Stephanie Rose
First appearance Pilot
Portrayed by Alexandra Moffitt
Gender Female
Occupation TV news anchor
Family Amanda Dawson
Spouse(s) Melissa Rose (transgendered wife)
Children Connie Rose (daughter)
Relatives unnamed parents

Stephanie Ann Rose (née Dawson, born December 4, 1971) is a character on the animated series Queen of the Willis. She is the wife of Melissa Rose, mother of Connie Rose, and the sister of Amanda Dawson. She is friends with neighbors Angie Willis, Jennifer (Tiffani's girlfriend), Lilly Abhrams, and Christiana Sellars and worked as the weather girl for the local television station, Quillsville 24 News. She was later replaced by a meteorologist, and now works as a co-anchor for the station with Michelle Wilson. It's also implied that she unsuccessfully pursued an acting career. Her on-air name is Stephanie Dawson.

Character biography[edit]

Stephanie is a former Miss Indiana, a fact which helped her get her job as a news anchor, and thus takes great interest in maintaining a youthful appearance. She is also shown to have a fierce competitive streak on occasion, which manifests itself by eliminating her competition.

Stephanie is portrayed as a glamorous and sexy woman who is also quite competitive. When her job as a TV anchor was threatened by a 20-something meteorologist, Angie Willis encouraged her to gossip and spread false rumors to make things difficult for him, just like Stephanie did in high school.

Stephanie and Melissa are an odd couple; Stephanie is a moderately attractive blond. Melissa is scrawny and is rarely seen without a beer can or her baseball cap. Stephanie is successful in her job, whereas Melissa is a high-strung conspiracy theorist who could not keep a job, and finally started her own medical practice and performing sex reassignment surgeries. Melissa admits that Stephanie earns more money than Melissa does, and she keeps a tight reign on their household expenses. In one episode, Melissa exclaims "I support this family!" and Stephanie replies "I support this family, you pay the cable bill."

Stephanie had a 15-year-long affair with Reginald John, a Native American medicine man who frequently spent long hours with her, ostensibly to heal her "headaches". Stephanie's daughter, Connie, is the result of her affair.

The affair is known by almost all the neighbors. Angie was oblivious to this, being finally told by Ava. Melissa and Connie are seemingly the only ones who clearly do not know - which adds to the humor, since Melissa is extremely paranoid, and Connie is obviously of Native-American descent. Stephanie broke up with Reginald John when she felt guilty because Melissa made it clear that, in spite of her strange behavior, she still loves her to the point of sacrifice.

Her past relationship occasionally leads to concerns about her marriage. At one point she was afraid that a pretty female doctor was trying to steal Melissa away from her. Stephanie's suspicions were later confirmed. This could have been a dramatic reversal of fortune for Stephanie, who had cheated on Melissa right under her nose for many years. Much to her surprise, Melissa remained extremely faithful. In this episode it was revealed that Stephanie drinks, she is also seen drinking in later episodes. In the episode "Three Transgendered Women and a Bastard", Melissa discovers a neighbor's child is Connie's half-brother (Reginald John's brother through a brief affair with the boy's mother, around the time Stephanie became pregnant with Connie). This revelation makes Stephanie jealous of Reginald John, even though their relationship is over. Melissa believes both children were fathered by him because she had them both genetically tested and discovered they both have the same father. She concluded aliens stole her sperm (before Melissa's gender transition).


As a television personality, Stephanie's hair and appearance are extremely important to her. Stephanie bleaches her hair . . In one episode is is revealed that Stephanie won the "Best Hair Award" in high school in 1990.

Personality quirks[edit]

She tends to call everyone "sug" (pronounced "shug", a shortened form of "sugar"), including God in the episode Melissa's All That. It was recently indicated, in "Stephanie Does Michiana", that she also "needs Melissa more than Melissa needs her" because of a destructively competitive side she apparently softens with her antics.


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