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Brynn Willis
Queen of the Willis character
Brynn Willis.png
First appearance "Uh, Oh! MEXICO!"
Created by Ava Zinn
Voiced by
Full name Brynn Addison Hannah Willis
Species Human
Occupation Preschool Student (former)
  • Angie Willis (adopted mother)
  • Lynsay Gerardo (biological mother)
  • Ava Willis (father)
  • Deanna Willis (half-sister)
  • Stuart (half-brother)
  • Luanne (half-sister)
  • Hillary (half-sister)
  • Emilie (half-sister)
  • Ron (half-brother)
  • Brian (half-brother)
  • Tom Willis (half-brother, deceased)
  • Bob Donaldson (adopted maternal biological grandfather)
  • Lisa Shanks (adopted maternal grandmother)
  • Ned Shanks (adopted maternal adopted grandfather)
  • Laura Donaldson (adopted aunt)
  • Sarah (adopted aunt)
  • Andrew (adopted uncle)
  • Harry Willis (paternal grandfather)
  • Clyde Claussen (paternal stepgrandmother/transgender stepgrandfather)
  • Peggy Willis (paternal grandmother)
  • Charlie Harvey (paternal stepgrandfather)
  • Albert Willis (uncle, deceased)
  • Vladamir (uncle)
  • Ava Willis (AA or "Amanzing Ava") (aunt)
  • Diane Willis (second cousin)
  • Austen Willis (first cousin)
Religion United Methodist
Nationality American

April 28, 2012

Brynn Addison Hannah Willis, is a fictional character from the animated television series Queen of the Willis. She is voiced by Maribel Mort. She is the thirteenth child of Ava and tenth child of Angie Willis and the youngest siblings of Tom, Deanna, Stuart, Ron, Brian, Luanne, Emilie, and Hillary. She was the youngest member of the Willis Family until Angie gave birth to twins in season 10. Brynn is the half-sister of four children from her father's previous relationships (Breeanna Sellars, Dylan Porter, Stan Hicks, and Dominique Hicks) and her adopted mother's first child, Heidi Unger.

She was conceived in 2010 by Ava and the family marriage counselor Lynsay Gerardo in "Therapist Hopping 2", adopted in 2011 by Angie in "Quillsville Cold Case", and was born in the season 6 episode "Uh, Oh! MEXICO! in 2012.


Brynn's voice is provided by Maribel Mort for the normal voice and Queen of the Willis creator Ava Zinn for the evil voice.[1]

Brynn was conceived by Aeverine Melanie Florence "Ava" Willis and marriage counselor Lynsay Gerardo in Therapist Hopping 2. In Quillsville Cold Case, Angela Anne "Angie" (née Donaldson and formerly Shanks) Willis acquired the maternity rights after it was revealed she had been having difficulty in trying to have additional children after Ava socially and medically transitioned from male to female.

Role in QOTW[edit]

Brynn is a ten-year-old prodigy who has a very sophisticated psyche and is able to speak very fluently in an upper-class Australian accent with quite advanced vocabulary.[2] She reaches her tenth birthday in the season 7 episode "Ten Years To Life", and has not been referred to as being more than 10 years old since, despite being seen in many episodes attending elementary school. Highly literate and able to cite pop culture references that long predate her birth, Brynn is also entranced by Barbie and My Little Pony. Brynn succumbs to other childish tendencies; she is overcome with laughter when Ava blows on her stomach;[3]. Due to being an infant in the sixth season, Brynn did not get as much of a story line until the show was revived.

Brynn's mastery of physics and mechanical engineering are at a level of science fiction. She, along with Tabby and Shushu, has constructed advanced fighter-jets, mind control devices, a teleportation device, robots, clones, a working Transporter device from Star Trek, time machines including one from Quantum Leap, a Multiverse Transporter, a shrinking pod,[4] as well as an assortment of guns including lasers, rocket launchers, and crossbows. Brynn employs these to cope with the stresses of child life depending on the objective. In other, later episodes, Brynn engages in other violent or criminal acts, including robbery, aggravated assault, carjacking, forgery, prostitution, and stealing money and killing off many minor characters (with a guns and other assorted weaponry).

In the more recent seasons since the show was revived, Brynn has a larger amount of freedom from her parents, usually spending much of her time with Heather, Tabby, Shushu and on occasion Joyce Kendall. She also has a boyfriend, Caleb Mullins.

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