Death Picks Peggy

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"Death Picks Peggy"
Queen of the Willis episode
Episode no. Season 6
Episode 31/32
Directed by Holly Everman
Written by Ava Zinn
Production code 611
Original air date April 6, 2012
Episode chronology
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"Death Picks Peggy" is the 150th episode of Queen of the Willis.


Ava and the girls are building a new shed, since Melissa had blown up Ava's old shed. Peggy shows up and kicks the shed down in disapproval over it not being as good as the one she built back in Vietnam. Deanna and Brandi are talking about a restaurant, a teppanyaki steakhouse à la Benihana, where Ava, Angie, Deanna, and Brandi are planning on going out to Teppinyaki's Restaurant when Heather arrives late. At the same time Peggy comes by and offers to watch the sextuplets. At first they are hesitant, but finally decide to leave. Peggy refuses to eat what Ava left for dinner and follows them to Teppinyaki's. Since the sextuplets and Brynn aren't allowed to go since the night out is for adults only, and Peggy volunteers to stay and watch Brynn, Brian, Ron, Stuart, Emilie, Luanne, Hillary, Rags and Shushu as Heather. Ava leaves the sextuplets a lasagna in the fridge to heat up for dinner later; Peggy refuses to eat the lasagna cold but will neither allow the sextuplets to heat it up nor do it herself. Peggy instead drives the sextuplets (at night, without glasses or a license, and stealing Deanna's van) to the restaurant to join her family for dinner.

They arrive at the restaurant, but Peggy doesn't want anything to do with it since the restaurant is Indian. She gets into an altercation with the chef at their table, even though the chef only speaks Japanese and she goes on a rampage after having war flashbacks and ends up choking on peanuts and getting burned on a grill. Once going to the hospital the doctor explains that Peggy is allergic to tree nuts, has an infection, third degree burns, and many other problems and is sure Peggy will soon pass away.

The doctors don't think Peggy is going to make it, and Ava refuses to believe them. She goes home to rebuild the shed her mother knocked down. Melissa visits Peggy in the hospital and learns that Peggy's last wish is to knock down Ava's shed one more time. Brandi, Deanna, Rags, Shushu, and Heather take the sextuplets in while Peggy is in the hospital so that they can practice being parents. It doesn't go well. Melissa tries to knock down Ava's shed, but only hurts her shoulder. Ava wants to know what she's doing and Melissa tells her about her mother's last wish. Ava realizes that if her mother is making a last wish then she must really be dying, so Ava heads to the hospital where he tells her mother she loves her. Peggy taunts her for this, so Ava tells him she does not love her. Just then, Peggy flatlines and Ava rushes out of the room just as the doctors rush in to work on their coding patient. After a few times that they thought Peggy had died, and Peggy constantly taunting Ava, she leaves her mother with Angie.

Back home, Angie is telling Ava that it's okay because Peggy had made her life hell when they get a call from the hospital informing them that Peggy is still alive, which offers Ava a second chance to tell her motehr that she does love her. When Ava tries, however, Peggy flips out on her and Ava leaves the room. Angie then gives Peggy a piece of her mind and tells her she will no longer put up with her rude and selfish behavior (Angie loosely implies that she and Ava plan on putting her in a nursing home if she recovers from this ordeal) and that she hopes she lives forever and is always in pain. Angie and Peggy continue the verbal argument in which Angie says Peggy is unfair to Ava and that it is fine if she wants to die alone. Peggy, after saying "Oh, do you, now?" and laughing at Angie's statement, finally dies. Ava comes back in the room and Angie tells her that Peggy had told her that she loved Ava before she died. At that moment, Ava comes in, and Angie tells her that Peggy said she was really proud of her.

Later, back in Ava's yard, Ava places a plaque on the door of the newly-rebuilt shed dedicating it to "Peggy Willis: Hoosier". Just when everyone stands back to admire the shed, Melissa blows it up as a tribute to Peggy.[1]


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Cultutal references[edit]

  • Peggy died on April 7, 2012-- the day Margaret Zinn would have turned 69. [2] Her death is revisited in the season 13 premiere episode Quillsville Cold Case:Peggy Harvey in 2024.
  • The dedication "Peggy Willis: Hoosier" may be a reference to the inscription on The Sagamore of the Wabash Medal.[3]
  • The scene where Brandi and Luanne roll down a hill in a tractor tire is a reference to an episode of Amanda & Elisa, another show created by Ava Zinn.
  • Peggy's hospital room number is 260, a subtle nod to the area code of northeast Indiana.


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