Purple Team North (Vote for the Girls USA)

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Purple Team North
Conference Women's
League Vote for the Girls
Founded 2017
No. of teams 4

The Purple Team North is a division in the Vote for the Girls Moderators Conference. It was created prior to the ninth season in the fall of 2017, when VFTG realigned the Purple, Pink, Red, and Blue Teams into the newly created North and divisions to join the East and West divisions in each of the the sub-conferences.

The Purple Team North currently has three moderators:

Moderator City/Town
Donna Doogan Columbus, Ohio//Jacksonville, Florida
Rachael Passalt Minneapolis, Minnesota
Kendra & Hannah Kendra Ray Ames, Iowa
Hannah Wilson Lincoln, Nebraska
Ava Zinn Van Buren/Fort Wayne, Indiana

The Purple Team North currently has four member moderators: solo moderators Ava Zinn, Rachael Passalt and Donna Doogan and duo Kendra Ray & Hannah Wilson. Prior to the ninth season, Kendra Ray belonged to the Purple Team West (2015-16) and Pink Team West (2016-17), while Zinn was part of the Purple Team/geographically inaccurate Purple Team West from 2010 to 2017 and Julia Passalt & Rachael Passalt from 2014-2017.

The Purple Team North is often known as the "Purple Team Big Ten West" due to its geographical similarity to the Big Ten Confrence West. As such, two of the moderators in the division, Ava Zinn and Donna Doogan are respectively the nieces of former municipal mayors in Columbia City, Indiana (Joesph Zickgraf) and Columbus, Ohio (Greg Lashutka). Additionally, Kendra Ray, Rachael Passalt, and Donna Doogan respectively attended Iowa, Minnesota and Ohio State Universities (all Big Ten Schools) while Zinn attended Indiana Wesleyan University and Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne.

The Purple Team North is one of the few divisions since the 2017 realignment to have each of its moderators have a moderator victory in one particular season: Rachael Passlt (So You Think You Can Dance 14), Ava Zinn (The Voice 13), Kendra & Hannah (American Idol 16), and Donna & Tim (Dancing with the Stars 27) as the respective supported contestants were announced as the winners of these competitions: Lex Ishimoto (with Koine Iwasaki, Taylor Sieve, and Chris "Kiki" Nyemchek giving Passalt her first win), Chloe Kohanski (with Addison Agen giving Zinn her 15th win), Maddie Poppe (with Caleb Lee Hutchinson giving Ray her second win and Wilson's first).

The Purple Team North is also one of the few divisions to have a moderator victory on Dancing with the Stars as Kendra Ray won the 20th season (Rumer Willis), Ava Zinn won the 21st season (Bindi Irwin), Donna Doogan won the 27th season (Bobbby Bones), and Rachael Passalt winning the 28th season (Hannah Wilson).

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