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Vote for the Girls is a reality internet television show where Ava Zinn competes against other moderator panelists through different challenges. This is the uncensored international version which is available on and shown on the United Kingdom's YouTube channel.


Season 8[edit]

After America's Got Talent 11 Finale[edit]

[During the Blue Team's reward for Grace VanderWaal winning America's Got Talent where they are having Veggie Burgers with Ava]

Ava Zinn: Enjoy it.
Tavon Savage: It's a treat to be sitting here by Ava and not being screamed at.
Ava: Trust me, each and every competition, you're going to get stronger. Have you had any idea how much shit I've taken in as a webmaster? And the more I took, the better I became.
Ben Donbar: (interview) What am I learning by shooting shit? Nothing. What gets accomplished by running your mouth? Not a Goddamn thing.
Ben: I didn't come here for rewards you know. That's not what Sonia and I joined the Villain panel for. I'm not going to lose my eye on the prize.
Tavon: Well, we're fired up too, man. I'm not relaxing because I get to have a good nice dinner with the Ms. Zinn.
Ben: It's good to get out but I don't really care.
Tavon: (interview) Benjamin, he's a complete dick. He's a little hotheaded, and he's being a little too intense in the way he disrespects Ava.


[ Holly returns to the set after seeing Clark nominating VEDO]

Holly: Ava, he's going to the wrong team.
Ava: Oh, no. CLARK, COME HERE!!
Clark Jones: (to Archibald) I'm going to get yelled at right now. I'll be right back. [returns to the desk] (to Ava) Yes, Ava!
Ava: That's the Blue team. You're running the Red. Hey Bozo, give me three Moderator Comeback picks on the right team.
Clark: Yes, Ava!
Ava: Thank you! (to Holly) Hey, what's the matter between you two?
Holly: There's a gender identity barrier.
Ava: What do you mean a gender identity barrier? He's a transman, F to M, Holly!
Holly: I know, but he's from Atlanta. [Ava rolls his tongue around]

Holly: (to Clark) Don't run in the stage, please?
Clark: (interview) Holly better stop trying to tell me what to do. I know that.
Holly: I'm going to fucking explode. I'm going to explode! Listen to me!!
Marla McClinton: (interview) WHOA, WHOA!!! Holly!!! She's about to like pound him down. DAAAUMN!!!
Holly: (to Clark and even turns red) Listen!! Listen!! LISTEN TO ME!!!
Phil Allen: (interview) I cannot believe I'm seeing this.
Holly: Listen to me!!
Kye Sanchez: (interview) He's gonna fucking hit her.
Holly: (to Clark) We have a problem here!
Nadine Cole : (interview) Hit her!
Clark: (to Holly) Don't touch me, bitch! You better get out of my face! (Holly pushes Clark)
[Ava saw Holly and Clark fighting; becomes furious]
Ava: OY!! Hey, stop! Hey both of you, come here! (referring Clark) Bozo, come here! NOW!!!
Clark: I'm gonna fuck you up, slut. (interview) We're gonna get it down and it's gonna be a first round knock out.
Ava: What's is going on?
Holly: (referring Clark) He's got no respect, Ava.
Clark: I'm sorry, Ava.
Holly: He's not respecting his team, Ava.
Clark: (interview) Hey, shut the fuck up. Holly thinks she's some kind of boss woman around here and she ain't nothing but BFF's with Ava.
Ava: (to Clark) Calm down, listen to her. She's been my closest friend for 25 years now. (to Holly) And you, pay a little bit to respect. [points to Clark] And if you do your job, [points to Holly] And if you do your job, we'll come together. Cause right now, you're turning the whole fucking place upside down, are you gonna do it?
Holly: (referring Clark) If he listens to me.
Ava: (to Holly) ARE YOU GONNA DO IT?
Holly: Yes, I will if he listens to me.
Ava: (to Clark) ARE YOU GONNA DO IT?
Clark: Yes, Ava.
Ava: Last chance.
Holly: [Letting Clark out of the pantry first] Behind me.

[During the punishment for failure on The Voice on the red and purple teams ]

Ava: Losers, unfortunately, your punishment is at the other end of the spectrum. It's incredibly unglamourous. I can't think of any worse place to be. Today, I'm looking for everything that's possible to be organized from every room inside this studio.
Nadia Lorenzo: I've never seen anything disorganized of a room that should be organized. I might find this a little difficult.
Ava: I can guarantee that within one hour or two, you'll find something to organize.
Nadia: (interview) Ava tells us that the pink and blue teams gets to go to skiing and everyone else have to dig through some fucking clutter. I grew up in an Italian slum.
Luka Runecraft: Let's take our punishment like transgendered gentlemen.
Rachael Passalt: And transgendered women.
Ava: Thank you for being a transman and transwoman.
Luka and Rachael: Thank you Ava.
Nadia: (to Peta) I guess your're not a transwoman. [Peta starts throwing and slamming stuff as the red and purple teams team cleans up the stage]
Rachael: (interview) Nadia, Rachael, and Peta, they were was pissed.
Peta Kaizer: Fuck! (interview) I'm pissed off! That was the dumbest fucking decision I've seen in my life!
Nadia: That was bullshit!
Rachael: (interview) Pissed to the point where I thought the ladies were going to flip out.
Nadia: What kind of shit is that?
Rachael: (interview) The flex pick thought she flipped out.
Nadia: Josh Gallager and Sundance Head.
Peta: Fucking Sundance was a motherfucking Vote for the Worst Pick! (interview) You can go anywhere and not buy a Vote for the Worst pick's song! A song that will make you fucking tone deaf! ORIGINALITY!! BE CREATIVE!!
Peta: And the Pink team gets the fucking win! (interview) They're not supportive over there and we lose?! What the fuck is original about a white guy with guitar and a flex pick?! NOTHING!!!
Tim Doogan: Does Peta-Alyce always get this mad?
Karly Jameson: I've seen other moderators like that.
Donna Doogan: Never.

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