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Red Team Villains
League Vote for the Girls USA
Founded 2013
No. of teams 12
Most recent champion(s) Kye Sanchez
(2nd title)
Most titles Kye Sanchez (2 titles)

The Red Team of Vote for the Girls USA is one of four sub-conferences of the Zinn's Villains conference of Vote for the Girls. This sub-conference, its male, the female, trans-female counterparts, respectively the Blue, Pink and Purple Teams with the latter two (Pink and Purple are sub-confrences of the moderator panel with 14 moderators each) currently have 12 and 13 villains each, respectively, making up the 53 staff of the Vote for the Girls. The sub-conferences, were divided by sex and gender identity, were created after rival Vote for the Worst (VFTW) closed in May 2013, with the Zinn's Villains being split with the transmen and men respectively forming the Red and Blue Teams of Zinn's Villains, and the transwomen and women respectively forming the Purple and Pink Teams of the Vote for the Girls Moderator Panel. A series of staff expansions and division realignments have occurred since the closure of VFTW, thus making the current total between 12 to 16 clubs per each sub-conference.

Current villains[edit]

Since 2018, Zinn's Villains Red Team has 4 staff, organized into four divisions each with one member: East, North, South and West.

Division Villain City/Town
East Phil Allen Albany, New York
North Steve Baker Akron, Ohio
South Dan Doakes Charlotte, North Carolina
West Kye Sanchez San Diego, California

Former villains[edit]

Moderator City/Town Debut Departure Note(s) Current Moderator Current Division
Clark Jones Dallas, Texas 2013 2017 Fired October 22, 2017
Kristin & Erika Kristin Cassidy Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 2017 2018
Erika Cassidy Las Vegas, Nevada
Stephanie Reeves Syracuse, New York
Luka & Lydia Luka Runecraft Madison, Wisconsin 2015 2018
Lydia Delagatto Racine, Wisconsin 2016 2018
Leanna Claussen Memphis, Tennessee 2017 2018
Eboni Hill Birmingham, Alabama 2017 2018
Aiden & Charlotte Aiden Walker Atlantic City, New Jersey/Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2017 2018
Charlotte Walker Saint Louis, Missouri
Lauren Rodriguez San Antonio, Texas 2017 2018

Season structure[edit]


Both the Red Team and Blue Teams were created after then-competing web site Vote for the Worst closed in 2013 and Vote Against the Producers in 2016.[1] Vote for the Worst began play in 2004 with four staff (Dave Della Terza, Lawrence Hedrick, Jacqui Fountaine, and who was then-Bill Delagatto), and added two more expansion staff (Shane Spence in 2014 and Chris Winfrey in 2015) after VFTW closed. In order to equalize the number of staff in each sub-conference, three Vote for the Girls Villains that predated VFTW's closure (Clark Jones, Luka Runecraft, and Leonard Lai) joined the five former "VFTW Debbie" conference to form the Red Team while Archibald Coolranch, Fountaine, and Delagatto formed the Blue Team.

Since 2016, ten expansion staff have joined the Red Team and one has left, thus making the current total 12. When Marla McClinton, and the duo of Kent & Sal joined Vote for the Girls in 2016, they were temporarily placed in the Red Team. McClinton, Kent Morgan, and Sal Brock has since joined the Pink Team as a result of the 2017 realignment.

Between 2010 and 2017, the Red Team has seen villain picks from Leonard Lai (13 times), Kye Sanchez (2 times), Phil Allen (2 times), Clark Jones (1 time), Steve Baker (1 time), and the duo of Luka & Lydia (2 times) to a competition's finale. By contrast, the Purple Team has sent 10 different moderators during that same time frame compated to the Pink Team's 5 and the Blue Team's 4.


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