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Season 1 (VFTG 2010)[edit]

Vote for the Girls started as a campaign on Ava Zinn's web site, aeverine.info (now known as AvaZinn.com) blog [1]. The very first VFTG pick during American Idol 9 was Crystal Bowersox, whom became the last female in the competition following the elimination of Siobhan Magnus at 9:00 PM Eastern on April 28, 2010. Bowersox lasted until the finale, and Zinn eventually got a big makeover (it was revealed that Zinn had placed a friendly wager between Patrice Refferty on who would make the season 9 finale; had Bowersox won, Zinn would have added a "Girls Night Out".) Following Bowersox's defeat, Zinn slammed supporters of American Idol 9 winner Lee DeWyze, and the site began to what eventually became a traditional "Vote for the Girls Punishment" for the loss as Zinn, Holly Everman, and Robyn Matthewson (then known as Robyn Hurd), abstained from shaving their legs in October to support Beards for Breast Cancer.

Matthewson and Everman decided after Bowersox's defeat, they began to follow So You Think You Can Dance as a make-up competition with their support of eventual SYTYCD 7 winner Lauren Froderman, but it was largely unknown to the general public at this time and did not completely declare SYTYCD as a make-up competition until July 2014.

Season 2 (VFTG 2011)[edit]

The site began to post full episodes on YouTube for the finals episodes were introduced in VFTG 2 (2011) during American Idol's 10th season, the site gained its first bit of notoriety with the VFTG's first painful bankrupt with the elimination of Pia Toscano. That season also became a turning point for the web site due to its support of Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhart. Zinn posted on her YouTube channel of the "VOTE FOR LAUREN AND HALEY" campaign after Toscano was voted off. Alaina and Reihart went on to last 6 more weeks in the competition, but it was largely unknown to the general public at this time, and slammed Vote for the Worst on Zinn's web site and called the winner "Scrappy McCrabby". Lauren Alaina later broke the record for Vote for the Girls' longest-running American Idol pick, which remained intact until being tied with Jessica Meuse on the 13th season of American Idol and surpassed by Jena Irene. She remained VFTG pick for 12 weeks, from top 24 to the finale. She was the runner-up, as was Crystal Bowersox in Season 9. However following the elimination of Paul McDonald, Ava Zinn announced on her YouTube channel (which at the time hosted the VFTG episodes until Zinn created the official VFTG YouTube Channel) that she would be auditioning for the following season of Idol herself. Due to Zinn's age, it was the first and only opportunity that Zinn would ever try out.

Once again, the site claimed the second consecutive loss on Idol had Lauren Alaina won (or had Scrappy McCrabby not even make the finale resulting in a Lauren-Haley finale, Zinn would have gotten a tattoo of the Double Venus symbol to reflect Zinn's gender identity (Blue Venus, for Zinn as a transwoman) and sexual orientation (Pink Venus, for Zinn's future significant other/spouse--that makes Zinn a lesbian).) Despite having almost always accompanying Zinn and Everman on VFTG promotions outside the set, Robyn Matthewson was sidelined by varicose veins in late April 2011 after her wedding in Iowa City, Iowa; she was forced to host VFTG while Zinn and Everman took the summer of 2011 outside the VFTG set from Marion during the SYTYCD 8 competition while Zinn had a busy schedule with her American Idol audition in Pittsburgh, the Mississinewa High School Class of 2001 Reunion, ongoing issues with her children moving away from Marion, returning to her hometown of Van Buren for the town's Popcorn Festival (which began the same night of the So You Think You Can Dance 8 finale) and Holly Everman was also dealing with her brother's death and eventually her alcoholism following Toscano's elimination; Robyn Matthewson was the only VFTG moderator for the SYTYCD make-up competition with the site supporting of eventual SYTYCD 8 winner wikipedia:Melanie Moore and runner-up Sasha Mallory. For Matthewson, the situation was agonizing.

Season 3 (VFTG 2012): Expansion to The X Factor[edit]

Because of the successful runs of Bowersox, Alaina, and Reinhart on American Idol and Froderman, Moore, and Mallory on So You Think You Can Dance, Vote for the Girls has expanded its site to include The X Factor (since its debut in September 2011). With the addition of The X Factor, the site allowed each moderator chose who their picks to win the respective competition and new element was added as moderators were given a "wild card", allowing each moderator to select one additional individual.

Introduced on a permanent basis during Season 3 was Leonard Lai to compliment Archibald Coolranch and Vote for the Worst. NoSirGifts had been pushing for the producers to add male cast members to the all female cast of Zinn, Everman, and Hurd[2] but, despite the attempts of the producers to include him in as many episodes as possible, it was found to be difficult to incorporate him and Coolranch into the show due to the format leaning heavily on the female contestants.

The very first X Factor picks were Stacy Francis (Over 30s, chosen by Zinn, Everman, and Hurd), girl group Lakoda Rayne (chosen by Zinn, Everman, and Hurd), and Drew (chosen by Zinn). After the eliminations of Francis and Lakoda Rayne, the site switched to Rachel Crow (chosen by Everman and Zinn) and Melanie Amaro (chosen by Hurd) during the Top 5, which Crow was eliminated, and brought Amaro into the finale where she became the first victory for the site[3] as well as what would be Hurd's victory as the winning moderator.

Even before season 11 of America Idol's premiere, Ava Zinn, the site's creator, auditioned as a contestant on Idol, and went undercover as a journalist reportedly exposing the previous season's gender voting bias and eventually would end the trend that Idol pundits call the "white guy with guitar" or "WGWG" factor. During American Idol 11, VFTG picked Hallie Day and Erika Van Pelt in the semi-finals because they also auditioned at the same Pittsburgh audition venues as Zinn and Elise Testone as the wild card. In what would become Robyn Hurd's final VFTG season (before her death on May 24, 2012), she and Holly Everman picked Hollie Cavanagh and Skylar Laine in the finale of American Idol with Jessica Sanchez as the wild card. Cavanagh was VFTG's longest running contestant.

In May of 2012, Robyn Hurd announced that she had been battling with blood clots and, as before, guest moderators, mostly consisting of Zinn's friends and colleagues, filled in for her. Robyn Hurd died of a stroke on May 24, 2012, at her apartment in Fort Wayne, at age 51.

The Duets competition on VFTG was dedicated to Hurd's memory. Her death ended the 23 year era of the so-called "Big Three" I-69ers: Hurd (Fort Wayne), Ava Zinn (Marion), and Holly Everman (Muncie)--the latter moved to Indianapolis within the year of Hurd's death and has since returned to Muncie). During her tenure, Hurd was known for her ability to calmly portray events as they were happening. The site was unable to help Olivia Chisolm and Bridget Carrington during the only season of Duets, of which following Carrigton's elimination became the first (not counting Christina Grimmie's third place finish on The Voice in May 2014 and the eliminations of Audrey Kate Geiger and Dana Williams on Rising Star in August 2014) time in the site's history as a loss been declared before the finale followed by the third season of The X Factor in December 2013 (later reversed), in which the season ends.

By the end of the season, NoSirGifts executives still felt Vote for the Girls did not have enough male cast members. On the orders of NoSirGifts president Jackson Steele, new male cast had to be added or the site would face possible cancellation. Zinn realized that, since Holly Everman was the only female in addition to Archibald Coolranch and Leonard Lai respectively as the lone male and transmale on the show, Zinn did some research and rather than dismissing someone, she decided to gradually expand the cast that eventually allowed male contestants as Vote for the Girls picks.

Season 4 (VFTG 2013): Expansion to The Voice[edit]

In the fall of 2012, the site began officially following The Voice, of which would become a turning point for the site ad drew the ire of Vote for the Worst. The very first Voice picks were season three Adriana Louise and Sylvia Yacoub (of Team Christina), Cassadee Pope and Michaela Paige (of Team Blake), and Melanie Martinez and Amanda Brown (of Team Adam). This also marked the first time that the VFTG moderators chose which female would win. After the Top 12 eliminations of Louise and Paige, site creator Ava Zinn chose Pope and Brown, Holly Everman chose Brown and Martinez, and Michelle Steele chose Yacoub and Brown. VFTG's final pick was none other than Cassadee Pope[4] following the Top 6 eliminations (and painful bankrupt, which has since become a tradition of VFTG) of Melainie Martinez and Amanda Brown, in which Pope became the last female in the Top 4 and put her through the finale where she won and gave the site its second victory[4].

In season 2 of The X Factor, the site started the live shows with Zinn picking Jennel Garcia, Fifth Harmony, and Carly Rose Sonenclar with Diamond White as the wild card; Everman choosing Paige Thomas, Diamond White, and CeCe Frey with Carly Rose Sonenclar as the wild card. The site claimed their first and only loss when Sonenclar was declared runner-up.

During the twelfth season of American Idol, Zinn, Everman, and Steele, made their picks as follows: Zinn and Steele chose Angie Miller with Everman choosing Candice Glover to win American Idol with Zinn picking Kree Harrison as runner-up and Glover in 3rd, Everman picking Miller as runner-up and Harrison in 3rd, and Steele choosing Glover as runner-up and Harrison in 3rd. Vote for the Girls gained its first bit of notoriety when Lazaro Arbos was eliminated in the top 6 of Idol's twelfth season, and drew the ire of VFTG's rival, Vote for the Worst, as Zinn said back in May 2012 that she was done watching American Idol only to resume watching on April 10, 2013 when she learned that only one male was left in the competition. Also Miller became Vote for the Girls' longest-running American Idol pick for the season, tying with aforementioned Harrison and Glover from the top ten to finale in which marks the first time in site history as a wild card pick had won and finally the site's first (and thus far only) American Idol victory[4], which was declared following the elimination of Lazaro Arbos[4].

For the fourth season of The Voice, the site chose Judith Hill (from Team Adam), Sasha Allen (from Team Shakira), Holly Tucker (from Team Blake), and Cathia (from Team Usher) during the Live Playoffs (or Top 16 as Ava Zinn calls it) with Sarah Simmons as the wild card. Following Cathia's elimination, the site then chose Michelle Chamuel (from Team Usher), where she made the finale. After Simmons' and Hill's elimination, Sasha Allen, Amber Carrington, Michelle Chamuel, and Holly Tucker were originally selected for Top 6 week, but after the performances, the website switched the latter to eventual winner Danielle Bradbery[5], marking the first time the website had changed its mind on which contestant to vote for based on performance alone.

Season 5 (VFTG 2014): The Alex & Sierra Rule added[edit]

On October 1, 2013, Vote for the Girls began its fifth season as Ava Zinn rewarded the moderators with Indiana State Fair tickets for the entire run as a "Reward for VFTG Victories" and awarded with a fine dining at K Bistro in Marion, Indiana.

For the third and final season of The X Factor, Zinn, Everman, Steele, and Swaringen made their picks to win as follows: Zinn chose Rachel Potter, Rion Paige Thompson, and girl group RoXxy Montana with her wild card picks of Ellona Santiago and Khaya Cohen[6], but made a rare pick of Alex & Sierra, making this the first time in site history that a male-female music duo (as well as the first and so far only male pick) had been picked and Zinn calls it as a rare "Vote for the Best of Worst". Everman also chose Potter and Thompson as her picks, but chose Alex & Sierra, stating that the VFTG Victory will be awarded to Sierra Denton if the duo wins X Factor) with wild card picks of Santiago and RoXxy Montana with her Best of Worst pick being girl group Sweet Suspense[6]. Steele chose Lillie McCloud, Khaya Cohen, and Sweet Suspense with her wild card picks of Thompson, Santiago, and RoXxy Montana [6]. Swaringen chose Potter, Danielle Geimer, and RoxXy Montana, with wild card picks of Santiago, Thompson, and Alex & Sierra.[6] [7] The site's first loss of 2013 was declared with the eliminations of Santiago and Thompson on December 5, 2013, and the site's pick of Alex & Sierra proved to be controversial (see below). It was the second time in site history, after Bridget Carrington's elimination on Duets, that the site declared a loss (which was later reversed when Alex & Sierra won The X Factor).

For The Voice's fifth season, only Zinn made her picks while Everman, Steele, and Swaringen abstained and refused to even make a pick. Zinn chose Tessanne Chin from Team Adam, Olivia Henken and Jacquie Lee from Team Christina, Shelbie Z from Team Blake, and Kat Robichaud and Caroline Pennell from Team CeeLo.[8]

For American Idol's 13th season, the site added two new moderators. Kellie Rock and Kathi Jameson were added to join Zinn, Eveman, Steele, and Swaringen. Beginning with this competition, during the semi-finals and until the Top 10, opposing moderators have the ability to steal the pick that was cut by the original moderator. Each moderator can save two picks. All six chose Marielle Sellars, five moderators Jillian Jensen and Brandy Neeley[9]. The site also chose M.K. Nobilette but declared a transmale and becoming available only to Zinn, Jameson, and Steele as Everman, Swaringen, and Rock were ruled ineligible to choose Nobilette as a pick but ultimately chose Jessica Meuse to make it a "TRANSWOMEN vs. BISEXUAL WOMEN"[9]. The pick of Nobilette stirred up controversy as a fan of the site pointed out and mentioned on Twitter [10]. Jena Asciutto later broke the record for Vote for the Girls' longest-running American Idol pick, which will remain intact, surpassing Jessica Meuse on the 13th season of American Idol and Lauren Alaina of the 10th season of American Idol. Jena Irene remained VFTG pick for 14 weeks, from top 30 to the finale while Jessica Meuse remained VFTG pick for 12 weeks from the top 30 to the top 4. Meuse finished in 4th place, and is considered to be a candidate to make the VFTG Hall of Fame.

The site was unable to help Christina Grimmie during the sixth season of The Voice, which resulted in the site's first loss on the program.[11]. In addition, the site also declared its first "Double Whammy VFTG Loss" [12] which counts as two losses.

The American Idol 13 and The Voice 6 competitions marked the first time in the site's history that conflict with the contestants from American Idol XIII and The Voice prevented Zinn from completing the season. The male contestants on both competitions were mostly "white guys with guitars." The competitions became increasingly heated and the American public reacts defensively, refusing to accept the truth about WGWG's, and blaming others for no reason. Zinn concludes, "I think the competition's too far gone". After the eliminations of MK Nobilette, Majesty York, Malaya Watson, and Jessica Meuse landed in the bottom two the week following Watson's elimination, and Zinn tells in a YouTube video on April 18, 2014, the competition that's basically lopsided with dreaded WGWG's are not normal for this kind of competition and announces that she would be auctioning off her virginity, and it is implied that she called off the competition for that reason.

Season 6 (VFTG 2015): Make-Up Competitions[edit]

On July 11, 2014, Vote for the Girls began the sixth season with the site airing a special episode revolving around the events on American Idol XIII, The Voice VI, the subsequent VFTG Losses, and punishment that soon followed during and after the respective competitions with a new, specially-recorded interview with the moderators conducted by Zinn herself, and reading the complaints that several of Zinn's friends complained about her virginity auction and the consequent Punishment for Failure that followed after Christina Grimmie and Jena Irene's defeats: Ava Zinn and Kathi Jameson wore strapless tops with Zinn wearing thong panties occasionally, while Kellie Rock and Holly Everman binding their breasts with Rock appearing as a Breast Cancer survivor if she had a double mastectomy and Everman (after shaving her traditionally long hair) appearing as a female-to-male transgender individual.

The site also officially added Rising Star (to possibly fill the void left by The X Factor USA), America's Got Talent, and So You Think You Can Dance with AGT and SYTYCD becoming make-up competitions during the summer months after Ava Zinn gave it some thought and consideration. However, during the August 20, 2014 program, Ava Zinn announced the site will also add Dancing with the Stars for the 19th season as a built-in make-up competition and confirmed on Zinn's Twitter page[13].

The first Rising Star picks were Sarah Darling, Maneepat Molloy, and 12 other VFTG picks that raised the wall during the Qualifiers. On the episode taped June 29, 2014 (aired July 12, 2014), VFTG added "The VFTG iPad" to vote Yes for all VFTG Picks on the Rising Star ABC app via VFTG's Twitter account (@voteforthegirls). The site was unable to help Maneepat Molloy and Macy Kate to the finale. Likewise, the site was unable to help Dana Williams and Audrey Kate Geiger to win Rising Star, as well as a third consecutive loss (in addition to the second time after the elimination of Bridget Carrington on Duets two years earlier.)

The site's very first AGT picks were singers Mara Justine, Kelli Glover, Blue Journey, ACTE II. However, the site was unable to support AcroArmy and Emily West to the victory.

Like the American Idol, X Factor, The Voice, and Rising Star campaigns, the site supports all female contestants on So You Think You Can Dance 11 since Zinn says in a 2010 interview "the eliminations on SYTYCD are more fairer since one male and one female are eliminated each week." Zinn stated in July 2014, "Dropping SYTYCD in 2012 was one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made as a webmaster." Zinn states that on SYTYCD (and also stated from American Idol 12 Top 5 to Top 3), "All the VFTG Picks are good." It should be noted that the site has been successful on SYTYCD.

The site added Dancing with the Stars for the 19th season as an additional make-up competition. Unlike the site's So You Think You Can Dance picks that are decided under the sole discretion of Zinn, Ava Zinn breaks the moderators into two teams most often based on gender identity and/or sexual orientation, with the women on the pink team, and trans women on the purple. The teams (similar to another Ava Zinn competition, "Santa Ava"--the Christmas Version of Zinn,) barring any reassignments by Zinn, are typically assigned VFTG picks under the sole discretion of Zinn herself. The male moderators are not allowed to make any picks on DWTS and the only time a loss would occour if none of the moderators picked the champion since the site has no "Vote for the Worst picks"[VFTG Picks 1]. With the elimination of Tommy & Peta, on November 17, 2014, the site finally secured their first and only victory of 2014 after a similar elimination took place following Lazaro Arbos' elimination on April 11, 2013. Holly Everman earned her third moderator victory as Alfonso Ribeiero was declared the winner.

The sound effect for the VFTG Loss now includes the instrumental version of Aloe Blacc's The Man following the known losing horns on The Price is Right.

The site was unable to help Sugar Joans, Jessie Pitts, Anita Antoinette, Reagan James, and DaNica Shirey during the seventh season of The Voice, of which following Shirey's elimination became the second in the site's history as a loss been declared before the finale after Bridget Carrington's elimination on Duets in July 2012, at which point the competition ends. Unlike Carrington's elimination, the Moderators' Save was used to spare the site another loss following Shirey's elimination. Shirey became the second recipient of the "Vote for the Girls Moderators' Save" after Valerie Rockey's defeat to Ricky Ubela on the eleventh season of So You Think You Can Dance. Kellie Rock became the fourth winning moderator.

The spring cycle of the sixth season was delayed due to the ongoing dispute between site creator Ava Zinn and the lessor of the Aeverine Zinn Holdings facility, which houses the Vote for the Girls set. The dispute has displaced Zinn and has been working with the parties involved to resolve the dispute. Before the American Idol 14 Top 12 Result, Zinn was arrested for assault and disorderly conduct and was released on $10,000 bail.

The fourteenth season of American Idol top 24 Moderators picks started with four transfemales and five females, however, the transfemale moderator's final picks were eliminated consecutively in the first five weeks, with Kendra Ray as the last transfemale moderator's final pick of Maddie Walker to be eliminated upon the American Idol 14 Top 11 Redux Result. For the first time in the web site's history, the remaining Vote for the Girls supported female contestants of Jax Cole, Joey Cook, and Tyanna Jones and supported male contestants Nick Fradiani and Daniel Seavey were all picked by the web site's female moderators, resulting in an automatic "Moderators' Save" and six moderators (Holly Everman, Thia Tola, Kellie Rock, Tracia Ward, Lanise White, and Kymberly Alvaraz--despite the latter moving from the pink team to the purple team) became the winning moderator by default. The website was ultimately successful with Fradiani's win as the web site's very first "Male Victory" and Jax as the "Female Victory" despite Jax finishing in third place and leaving an all-male American Idol final. Alvaraz and Ward respectively became the fifth and sixth winning moderators with the respective victories of Fradiani and Jax. Fradiani's Idol win earned Ava Zinn her eighth win as moderator, extending her own record for the most wins for a moderator on the website.

The site was able to help Meghan Linsey, Sawyer Fredericks, and Koryn Hawthorne to the finale of the eighth season of The Voice, in which both Fredericks and Linsey were named the respective winner and runner-up. Thia Tola became the seventh winning moderator (not counting the imported victory of Maneepat Molloy from Rising Star) upon Fredericks' win overall and Linsey's female victory earned Zinn and Alvaraz their respective ninth and second win as moderator.

The web site's was able to help Kendra Ray get her first win as winning moderator while at the same time becoming the eighth moderator to win as Ray's pick Rumer Willis won the twentieth season of Dancing with the Stars. Runner-up (and VFTG's Male Victory chosen by Ava Zinn and Kymberly Alvaraz) Riker Lynch became the most talked about contestant in the site's history as well as gaining a major ratings windfall in both the media markets of Indianapolis, Fort Wayne and Denver (the shared home markets of Ava Zinn and home market of Kymberly Alvaraz) as Salt Lake City (an adjacent market of Kymberly Alvaraz and home market of former So You Think You Can Dance alums Witney Carson and Allison Holker) became a reality-based competition hotbed with Carson and Holker being mainstays on Dancing with the Stars. Lynch's male victory also earned Zinn and Alvaraz their respective tenth and third wins as moderator. Holly Everman and Kellie Rock were not required to particpate in that season due to their respective wins with Alfonso Ribiero on Dancing with the Stars and DaNica Shirey (via Moderators' Save) on The Voice.

Season 7 (VFTG 2016): FLEX Picks added[edit]

Ava Zinn confirmed in November 2014 that season 7 would air in 2015. This season is the first to feature a Male Moderator Panel who consisting males (on the blue team) and transgender males (F2M's on the red team). The Male Moderator Panel are considered to be a villain to the main Female Moderator panel and Male Moderator panel is to make Vote for the Worst picks and preventing a Vote for the Girls victory (such as seeing all female contestants eliminated). As with before, the Male Moderator Offer and Moderator Showdown remains in place.

The seventh season also saw introduction of the FLEX pick. During the opening rounds, as well as the standard (female) Vote for the Girls picks, in which each woman on the pink team and transwoman on the purple team could use only as much as four per cycle. Making that male Vote for the Girls FLEX pick based on his vocals and appearance would automatically disqualify the opposing pink and/or purple team members from making that pick and must be declared her Vote for the Worst pick on the opposing pink or purple team, regardless of the other moderators' opinions.

Also the web site will be able to "cross-flex" supported female contestants between the pink/purple female team and the red/blue men's team, enabling the females (for the first time since the 2013-14 season) and transfemales (for the first time ever) to support male contestants (for the first time since the 2013-14 season) as Vote for the Girls picks, and the males (for the first time since 2009-2010 season) and transmales (for the first time ever) to support female contestants as Vote for the Worst picks.

Zinn can "cross-flex" some of these supported contestants before the start of, or during the season. The first Vote for the Girls pick affected by this "flex" change was on ninth season of The Voice airing on September 21, 2015 when Tracia Ward chose Mark Hood while Ava Zinn and Kymberly Alvaraz chose Jordan Smith as the first FLEX picks instead of either Leonard Lai, Clark Jones, Archibald Coolranch, or Lawrence Hederick; and the first supported contestant affected by this "cross-flexing" change was on the twenty-first season of Dancing with the Stars week three (airing on September 28, 2015), reality star Kim Zolciak-Biermann (chosen by Lanise White) was forced to withdraw from the competition (and resulted in White being disqualified) after suffering a blood clot which resulted in a mini stroke (which resulted in no elimination that week and resulting in Hayes Grier and Emma Slater being moved from White to Julia Passalt). Tamar Braxton also withdrew from the season due to blood clots in her lungs making it the first season to have two withdrawals in it and resulting in Nick Carter and Sharna Burgess being moved from Passalt to Ava Zinn and Kymberly Alvaraz, and becoming the winning moderator by default and because Bindi Irwin won the competition overall and Carter finishing runner-up also marked the first "Double VFTG Victory". This Double Victory marked Zinn's 11th/12th and Alvaraz's fourth/fifth at the same time exported Irwin's win to the Australian version becoming the second moderator (after Thia Tola imported Maneepat Molloy's Thailand's Got Talent victory) to import or export a victory on the U.S. version.

Two more flex picks, Jeffrey Austin was given to Tracia Ward instead of Clark Jones and Morgan Frazier were given to Ava Zinn and Kymberly Alvaraz instead of Holly Everman and Perri Johnson.

For the ninth season of The Voice, Zinn and Alvaraz picked the aforementioned flex pick Jordan Smith and Shelby Brown on Team Adam; Ellie Lawrence (on Team Gwen); Emily Ann Roberts, Morgan Frazier, and flex pick Dustin Christensen (on Team Blake). Everman and Johnson picked Siahna Im (on Team Pharrell). Julia Passalt picked Krista Hughes and Nadjah Nicole (on Team Blake, the latter of whom was cross-flexed from Everman and Johnson), Lyndsey Elm (on Team Gwen), and Celeste Betton (on Team Pharrell). Lanise White picked Andi & Alex and flex pick Chance Pena (on Team Adam) and Daria Jazmin (on Team Pharrell). Kellie Rock picked Regina Love (on Team Adam, later Team Gwen), flex picks Tyler Dickerson and Zach Seabaugh (on Team Blake), Riley Biederer (on Team Pharrell), and Korin Bukowski (on Team Gwen). Thia Tola picked Kota Wade (on Team Gwen), Ivonne Acereo (on Team Pharrell, later Team Blake), and flex pick Viktor Kirlay (on Team Adam, later Team Gwen). Kendra Ray picked Amy Vachal (on Team Pharrell, later Team Adam) and flex pick Barrett Baber (on Team Blake). Tracia Ward picked the aforementioned flex pick Mark Hood and Madi Davis (on Team Pharrell) and the aforementioned Jefferey Austin (on Team Gwen.)

For the fifteenth and final season of American Idol, the site's moderators supported all 11 male contestants as their flex picks in addition to the 13 females. Zinn and Alvaraz automatically became the winning moderator upon the eliminations of Mackenzie Bourg and Sonika Vaid (chosen by Holly Everman and Perri Johnson). The website was ultimately successful with Trent Harmon and La'Porsha Renae respectively declared the winner and runner-up.

The site was able to help Alisan Porter win the tenth season of The Voice, marking the web site's first Jackpot Victory since Alex & Sierra.
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