Purple Team South (Vote for the Girls USA)

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Purple Team
Conference Women's
League Vote for the Girls
Founded 2017
No. of teams 4

The Purple Team South is a division in the Vote for the Girls Moderators Conference. It was created prior to the ninth season in the fall of 2017, when VFTG realigned the Purple, Pink, Red, and Blue Teams into the newly created North and divisions to join the East and West divisions in each of the the sub-conferences.

The Purple Team South currently has four moderators:

Moderator City/Town
Karen DuBois New Orleans, Louisiana
Natasha Gower Sacramento, California
Tulissa Kummert Culver City, California
Danielle McClannahan Terre Haute, Indiana

Division lineups[edit]

Purple Team South Division
17-18 18-19 19-20 20-21 23-24
Ben[B] & Sonia Donbar [S] Marla McClinton[M] Tulissa Kummert
Donna & Tim Doogan[T] Karen DuBois
Lauren Herman Natasha Gower
Bria & Devin Danielle McClannahan
  •      Moderator not in division
  •      Division's Supported Female Contestant Won Competition
  •      Division's Supported Female Contestant Declared Runner-Up
  •      Division's Supported Male Flex Pick Won Competition
  •      Division's Supported Male Flex Pick Declared Runner-up
  •      Division's Supported Female Contestant Was Last Female Eliminated
  •      Division's Supported Female Contestant's Loss Declined via Moderators' Save
B Ben Died on October 17, 2017.
S Moved to the Purple Team East in the fall of 2018.
M Moved from the Pink Team East in the fall of 2018.
T Moved from the Purple Team East in the fall of 2017 and moved to the Purple Team North in the fall of 2018. Tim died on February 2, 2019. Donna moved to the Pink Team North in 2024.

Former moderators[edit]

Moderator City/Town Debut Departure Note(s) Current Moderator Current Division
Ben & Sonia Ben Donbar
Sonia Donbar
Donna & Tim Donna Doogan
Tim Doogan
Marla McClinton Houston, Texas
Lauren Herman Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Bria & Devin Bria Savage Little Rock, Arkansas
Devin Martin Baltimore, Maryland

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