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Vote for the Girls (U.S.)
Season 11
Broadcast from November 11, 2019 (2019-11-11) – December 18, 2019 (2019-12-18)
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The eleventh season of Vote for the Girls, premiered on November 11, 2018 and was called off on March 24, 2020 due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.[1] The eighteenth season of American Idol and The Voice went on as scheduled and will air in the following season.

Founder and host Ava Zinn was absent due to launching the Queen of the Willis-spinoffs The Souzas and Quillsville Cold Case as well as production of her album 40 Years, 40 Songs. Karly Jameson filled in for Zinn to co-host with Alexandra Moffitt, yet Zinn oversaw most of the season to make sure that her high quality standards are retained, but was otherwise not involved. Additionally, Zinn was absent during the season finale as she was mourning the deaths of her adopted children Kalvin and Ashli, who died on May 9, 2020.

Rachael Passalt became the winning moderator of the twenty-eighth season of Dancing with the Stars upon Hannah Brown, marking not only Passalt's first moderator win, but also allowing Purple Team North the first division to have a DWTS moderator victory with Passalt joining Kendra Ray (DWTS 20, Rumer Willis), Ava Zinn (DWTS 21, Bindi Irwin) and Donna Doogan (DWTS 27, Bobby Bones). As the winning moderator of DWTS 28, Passalt chose Normani Kordei and Ally Brooke Hernandez in the "Vote for the Girls Hall of Fame" with Passalt stating "Holly would be turning in her grave if I didn't put Normani in the Hall of Fame and I wouldn't forgive myself if Ally Brooke wasn't in the Hall of Fame".

For the third time since sixth season, a Zinn's Villain became the winning villain on the seventeenth season of The Voice after the moderators were initially not unanimous declining the third place finish of Jacqui Fountaine's final pick Katie Kadan and declaring a "Double Loss", which was later overruled. Phil Allen became the third The Voice villain after Leonard Lai in May 2014 and Ted Shields in May 2017.

Alexandra Moffitt became the winning moderator the eightteenth season of American Idol upon Samantha Diaz's victory, marking not only Moffitt's first moderator win, but also resulted in the Pink Team North to have a moderator victory with Moffitt joining Jacqui Fountaine (American Idol 17, saved Madison Vanderburg), Andrea Coolranch (American Idol 13, saved Jena Asciutto), and Olivia Everman (American Idol 12, Candice Glover won). As the winning moderator of American Idol 18, Moffitt chose Katie Kadan and Toneisha Harris in the "Hall of Fame", with Moffitt stating "I know Ava and the producers aren't be happy with my two Vote for the Girls Hall of Fame nominess: Katie Kadan and Tonisha Harris." This marked the first time in series history that two recipients of the Moderators' Save were also in the Hall of Fame.

Changes from past seasons[edit]


Ava Zinn returned for her eleventh consecutive season with Thia Tola, Lanise McClannahan, Kendra Ray, Danni McClannahan, Kathi Jameson, and Karly Jameson returning for their sixth season; Nadia Lorenzo, Maribel Mort, Maci Blanca, Sophia Blanca, Natasha Gower, Jenny Riva, Tulissa Kümmert, Rachael Passalt, Hannah Wilson, Kylie Dwyar, Marti McDaniel, Breeanna Sorensen, Bria Savage, Jacqui Fountaine, Donna Doogan also returned for their fourth season as well as Alexandra Moffitt, Andrea Coolranch, Karla Hansen, Devin Martin, Sonia Donbar returning for their third season. Luka Runecraft, Lydia Delagatto, Lauren Herman, Eboni Hill, Lauren Rodriguez, Leanna Claussen, Olivia Everman and Cathryn Everman returned for their second season on the moderator panel.


Notable events[edit]

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Supported Contestants who appeared in prior seasons or shows[edit]

Contestant Prior Television show/Season Prior Result Prior VFTG season Prior VFTG moderator Television Show/Season Moderator Result Notes
Lauren Alaina American Idol X Runner-Up 2 Ava Zinn DWTS 28 Ava Zinn Fourth Place
Ally Brooke
(as a member of Fifth Harmony)
The X Factor USA II Third Place 4 Holly Everman Third Place
Makayla Phillips AGT 13 Semi-Finalist 10 Jenny Riva & Tulissa Kummert American Idol 18 same Top 11

Supported contestant changes[edit]

The following Vote for the Girls or Zinn's Villains picks were moved by way of flexible picking, Moderator Challenges, severe weather, or for other reasons:

  • The Voice 18
    • Allegra Miles, originally chosen by Jenny & Tulissa, was "cross-flexed" to Alexandra Moffitt
    • Joei Fulco was cross-flexed from Alexandra Moffitt to Ava & Marti
    • Zan Fiksum was cross-flexed from Jenny & Tulissa to Alexandra Moffitt
  • American Idol 18
    • Grace Leer was "cross-flexed" from Karla Hansen to Ava Zinn, yet Zinn gave no reason.
    • The following picks were moved to Ava & Marti due to Zinn in a relationship with Marti McDaniel:
      • Grace Leer
      • Alaina Jester and Kimmy Gabriela
    • Sophia Wakerman, chosen by Kye Sanchez, was moved to Ava & Marti


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