Beards for Breast Cancer

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Beards for Breast Cancer
Type Non-Profit
Founded 2009 in Indianapolis, Indiana
Headquarters ???
Indianapolis, IN 75244

Beards for Breast Cancer is the a widely known breast cancer organization in the United States.




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Leg Beards for Breast Cancer[edit]


Cause marketing[edit]

The Organization has raised over $6,000 from over various cause marketing partnerships. These include prominent campaigns, such as those with Indianapolis Fox affiliate WXIN-TV (channel 59), which selected male news anchors and/or meteorologists participate by growing out facial hair during the month of October; and the moderators and families of the Vote for the Girls USA moderators, which the site's moderators are all female and transgender and transsexual females partcipate by growing out her leg hair.[1]

The primary source of revenue for the event is donations collected by the participants.

Top corporate partners[edit]

Beards for Breast Cancer has a following by large organizations based in Indianapolis, who provide financial contributions as well as getting customers and employees to support the cause.[2]

Top organizations include:

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