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Vote for the Girls (U.S.)
Season 13
Broadcast from April 7, 2024 (2024-04-07) ()
Moderators see article
Broadcaster ABC Owned Fantady Television Stations

The thirteenth season of Vote for the Girls with Ava Zinn, produced by ABC Fantasy Television Stations, is slated to begin on April 7, 2024. It is the show's first season to air on ABC Fantasy Television Stations, and after 12 years on NoSirGifts Fantasy Television Stations, Ava Zinn continued as the show's host as well as reprising her roles as Purple Team North moderator, while Karly Jameson returned as announcer as well as co-hosting duties as well as Rachael Passalt and Donna Doogan. An announcement for Zinn's Villains and moderators are yet to be determined although auditions are took place from November 2020 until April 2023. Luka Runecraft reprised his role as a Red Team villain and Louis Durant reprised his role as a Blue Team villain.

It was the series' first season produced by ABC Fantasy Television Stations that ABC O&O's would revive Vote for the Girls in May 2020 for a thirteenth season.[1]


In late 2020, a report that Aeverine Zinn Digital Media Group was in talks to revive the show for ABC Fantasy Television Stations or for its original syndicator, NoSirGifts.[2] A dispute between Aeverine Zinn Digital Media Group and IdolForums derailed these plans. Later, ABC announced that it had acquired the rights to the series, and that Vote for the Girls would return for the 2022–23 television season.[3][4][5]

On April 19, 2023, in a Facebook post by Karly Jameson it was revealed that Vote for the Girls was confirmed to return after she launched a petition in May 2021. Ava Zinn followed up in a Twitter post saying, "Ending Vote for the Girls in May 2021 is something I regret ever doing and thanks to Karly's (Jameson) petition, I'm happy to bring the show back!"

In an Instagram post by Ava Zinn, it was revealed that Vote for the Girls would officially return on April 7, 2024.

Changes from past seasons[edit]


Ava Zinn returned for her thirteenth consecutive season with Karly Jameson returning for her eighth season.

On November 24, 2020, Rachael Passalt revealed that her wife, Traci Davidson will join the moderator panel and inherit Passalt's wins. Another moderator, Cathryn Everman announced that her transgender wife Olivia will join the panel. However, on December 14, 2020, Davidson initially rescinded the offer, but reversed her decision on July 3, 2023. Everman confirmed the news on January 4, 2021, but on June 29, 2021 Everman rescinded the offer.

On December 6, 2020, Beth Holler turned down an offer from Ava Zinn to join the moderator panel. On December 1,2020, CBS 4 Tampa Bay (WWCF) and Fox 4 Arkansas (KKRZ) respectively reported that former IdolTweethearts Elizabeth Straub and Kellie McAnulty are joining the moderator panel. However, the rumors proved to be moot.

On December 11, 2020, a report surfaced that Kendra Denver would be joining the moderator panel. The following day, another report surfaced that Josephine Wilson would be joining the moderator panel.

On January 4, 2021, Maribel Mort revealed on NewsCenter 9 Daybreak that she will be joining the moderator panel, but later rescinded in May 2023.

On June 29, 2021, Thia Tola revealed on The Karly Jameson Show she will be returning, but rescinded on July 3, 2023. Her transgendered wife, Natasha confirmed on August 14, 2023.

On July 3, 2023, Ava Zinn confirmed that she will be reprising her role as host and Purple Team North moderator joining Rachael Passalt, while sharing the announcing duties with Jameson, with Donna Doogan confirmed to return but going tho the Pink Team North joining Andrea Coolranch and Jacqui Fountaine, who will also reprise their roles in the Pink Team North. Additionally, Jameson was confirmed to return as announcer but going to the Pink Team South. It was also confirmed that Luka Runecraft will reprise his role as Red Team Zinn Villain and Louis Durant returning as Blue Team Zinn Villain. Kendra Ray was set to return, but died on June 1, 2023.

The following day, Danielle McClannahan, Nadia Lorenzo and Sonia Young confirmed they will be reprising their moderator roles. Lorenzo and Young will be on the Pink Team South while McClannahan will be on the Purple Team South.

On August 14, 2023, Tulissa Kummert, Christina Winfrey, Kylie Dwyar, Liza Black, Karen DuBois, and Sheena Anderston were confirmed as moderators for the thirteenth season. Clark Jones and Bryant Cortos were confirmed to join Runecraft and Durant as Zinn's Villains.

Notable events[edit]

The show will undergo a number of changes that will be different from past seasons, including the addition of make-up and regular competitions (as the site already followed So You Think You Can Dance from 2010 until 2019, as well as America's Got Talent and Dancing with the Stars–the latter of the two will be incorporated in the following season). During an episode of Karly Jameson's talk show on November 24, 2020, initially it was revealed Vote for the Girls was going to add The Masked Singer and Big Brother, but on July 3, 2023, Ava Zinn revealed that those competitions will not be added.

Ava Zinn revealed that there will be a slight format change as Zinn will be using Zoom to do live streams on the show's YouTube channel.

Changes to flex picks[edit]

On November 24, 2020, Karly Jameson announced on her talk show a major change to the flexible pick procedure: supported contestants on American Idol, The Voice, and Dancing with the Stars may be flexed or cross-flexed as soon as the audition phases. The male villains will be allowed to flex up to two female contestants each on Dancing with the Stars while the female moderators will be allowed to flex up to two male contestants on America's Got Talent, and So You Think You Can Dance, while the same rules applies for American Idol and The Voice.[6]


Supported Contestants who appeared in prior seasons or shows[edit]

Contestant Prior Television show/Season Prior Result Prior VFTG season Prior VFTG moderator Television Show/Season Moderator Result Notes

Supported contestant changes[edit]

The following Vote for the Girls or Zinn's Villains picks were moved by way of flexible picking, Moderator Challenges, severe weather, or for other reasons:

American Idol 22[edit]

So You Think You Can Dance 18[edit]

The Voice 25[edit]

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