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Purple Team Moderators
League Vote for the Girls USA
Founded 2011
No. of teams 14
Most recent champion(s)
Most titles

The Purple Team of Vote for the Girls USA is one of four sub-conferences of the Moderators conference of Vote for the Girls. This sub-conference, its female, the male, trans-male counterparts, respectively the Pink, Blue and Red Teams. The Pink and Purple Team sub-confrences of the moderator panel have 14 moderators each while the respective Blue and Red Teams currently have 13 and 12 villains each, respectively, making up the 53 staff of the Vote for the Girls. The sub-conferences, were divided by sex and gender identity, were created after rival Vote for the Worst (VFTW) closed in May 2013, with the Zinn's Villains being split with the transmen and men respectively forming the Red and Blue Teams of Zinn's Villains, and the transwomen and women respectively forming the Purple and Pink Teams of the Vote for the Girls Moderator Panel. A series of staff expansions and division realignments have occurred since the closure of VFTW, thus making the current total between 12 to 16 clubs per each sub-conference.

Since 2010, Ava Zinn has won 26 Purple Team titles, the most of any staff in the sub-conference (and of any staff in any conference) while Rachael Passalt is the current title holder.

Current moderators[edit]

Since 2018, Vote for the Girls Purple Team has 23 staff, organized into four divisions with the East, West, North and South have four moderartors each.

Division Moderator City/Town
East Sonia Donbar Atlanta, Georgia
Louisville, Kentucky
Kathi & Karly Kathi Jameson Joilet, Illinois
Karly Jameson Indianapolis, Indiana
Nadia Lorenzo Miami Beach, Florida
Lanise & Danielle Lanise (White) McClannahan Green Bay, Wisconsin
Danielle McClannahan Terre Haute, Indiana
North Donna Doogan Columbus, Ohio/Jacksonville, Florida
Rachael Passalt Minneapolis, Minnesota
Kendra & Hannah Kendra Ray Ames, Iowa
Hannah Wilson Lincoln, Nebraska
Ava Zinn Van Buren/Fort Wayne, Indiana
South Karen DuBois New Orleans, Louisiana
Lauren Herman Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Bria & Devin Bria Savage Little Rock, Arkansas
Devin Martin Baltimore, Maryland
Marla McClinton Houston, Texas
West Liza Black Kansas City, Missourri
Jenny & Tulissa Jennifer Riva Culver City, California
Tulissa Kümmert
Thia & Natasha Thia Tola San Francisco, California
Natasha Gower Sacramento, California
Janet Webb Colorado Springs, Colorado

Former moderators[edit]

Moderator City/Town Debut Departure Note(s) Current Moderator Current Division
Michelle Steele Huntington, Indiana 2013 2014 deceased, died May 10, 2014
Rhonda Rhodes Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2014 2015 deceased, died March 14, 2015
Julia Passalt Minneapolis, Minnesota 2014 2016 Left moderator panel to take a job in Denver Rachael Passalt Purple Team North
Ava & Kymberly Kymberly Alvaraz Denver, Colorado 2015 2017 moved to Purple Team and merged with then-girlfriend Ava Zinn in January 2015
Left panel on May 31, 2017 amid domestic violence allegations made by Zinn, ex-husband, Dan, and ex-boyfriend, Reginald Lasks
deceased, died August 25, 2017.
Ava Zinn
Peta & Nadia Peta Kaizer Woodstock, New York 2017 Kaizer and Donbar were killed by then-Pink Team west moderator Sally Brock on October 17, 2017
Ben & Sonia Benjamin Donbar Louisville, Kentucky
Donna & Tim Tim Doogan Jacksonville, Florida 2016 2019 deceased, died February 2, 2019

Season structure[edit]



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