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Vote for the Girls in the United States has been subject to much controversy and criticism since its debut. As of September 2014, there have been a total of six seasons of the site. Many of the controversies have centered around the site's picks and gender bias against male contestants. Another major source of controversy that has spanned multiple seasons has been the activities of hosts and moderators such as past undisclosed criminal charges.

Host and moderators[edit]

Ava Zinn[edit]


Site creator Ava Zinn has been criticized for her frequent use of profanity on VFTG, first by former classmate Jonathan Adams,[1] then, in relation to VFTG, by critics.[2] In interviews involving the site, Zinn herself said she was unaware of the extent of her swearing until she watched Alisha Bernhardt, a fellow auditioner from Zinn's home state of Indiana, use profanity in an episode of American Idol. While Zinn stated she did not have a problem with it, "I think my mother would be turning over in her grave by this".

2014 Virginity Auction, Twerking, and Stripping

On April 18, 2014, Ava Zinn announced on her YouTube channel after learning Jessica Meuse landed in the bottom two that she followed through on her threat following the eliminations of Ellona Santiago and Rion Paige on The X Factor to auction her virginity as a male.

Then on May 1, 2014 upon hearing Sam Woolf was eliminated, Zinn stripped naked after Zinn celebrated by spontaneously whipping off her shirt and falling to her knees in her bra (a la Brandi Chastain in the 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup finals). It was not the first time Zinn "pulled a Brandi Chastain" as three years earlier after learning Haley Reinhart and Lauren Alaina made the Top 3 of American Idol's tenth season.

On May 6, 2014, Zinn, clad in a black bra and panties, created more controversy by "twerking" during The Voice season 6 Top 8 results after learning Christina Grimmie was saved, an episode that most notable for Zinn's raunchy and sexually-driven presentation, which received negative reactions from critics and mixed reactions from fans and fellow moderators of Vote for the Girls. Zinn does this once more on the Rising Star premiere that aired on June 22, 2014 and shown on the site's YouTube channel in July 2014 but is seen stripping and twerking.

Zinn confirmed that she had successfully auctioned her virginity to fellow VFTG moderator Kymberly Alvaraz for a long term relationship and an undisclosed sum. Alvaraz had reportedly been in a lesbian relationship Ava Zinn when Alvaraz traveled to NoSirGifts' offices in November 2010 (as Zinn was then NoSirGifts President and Chief Executive at the time) and again in May 2014 (after Alvaraz's last KDNC newscast), that was revealed in Kym's criminal trial and during a segment of Vote for the Girls on February 2015 . Zinn's Ebay listing was removed, and Zinn reportedly accepted Kymberly Alvaraz's offer of a three-year long-term-relationship deal with Zinn that began on January 4, 2015.

To avoid legal issues since the virginity auction was considered to be prostitution in Indiana and Zinn had raised issues when Ava Zinn made the virginity auction announcement on her own You Tube channel on April 18, 2014, Zinn suggested the event would have occurred in a Nevada brothel (where prostitution is legal in parts of that state). Kymberly Alvaraz and Ava Zinn reportedly consummated the transaction at Zinn's home in September 2014, with Zinn providing Alvaraz spermicide suppository and Zinn using a male condom. Alvaraz then took a morning-after pill the next day (Labor Day) as the sex, despite being protected, reportedly wanted to take additional measures. Zinn also claims to have been inspired by Natalie Dylan and Elizabeth Raine, and Kymberly Alvaraz confirmed that she found herself attracted to Zinn and enjoyed the experience.

2015 Arrest and Dispute over Schedule

On March 12, 2015 while rehearsing for a Vote for the Girls episode, just three hours before the start of the American Idol 14 Top 12 Result, while in negotiation to find a way to keep Vote for the Girls in production during a remodel of the Vote for the Girls set resulting in Zinn (and Alvaraz in addition to the VFTG staff) being displaced, and was not willing to have production interrupted, defending her moderator's contract. Zinn, irate, stressed that under the terms of Zinn's contract--as per Vote for the Girls moderator rules--have be promptly present on the performance (and/or results) night from 8 p.m. Eastern (7 p.m. Central) to its conclusion and record the site's presentation of the results show(s) night both at the home location of Aeverine Zinn Holdings, and cannot be interrupted, delayed, or joined in progress for any reason. Zinn insisted that she wanted to do a temporary transfer of the networks feed, resulting in no interruptions. Upon hearing this, Zinn said “I want this done the way I want to handle this with and ZERO INTERRUPTIONS!”, and during the comment, pounded three times saying, “ZERO INTERRUPTIONS!” and got into the official’s face as the available resolutions Zinn was offered did not meet Zinn’s standards and swearing at the official. Zinn was ejected and was initially given a one-show suspension and a year probation from NoSirGifts. [3] Kymberly Alvraz also received a 12-week suspension from her anchorwoman position at WTOR-FTV and returned on June 1, 2015.

Then upon seeing her pick of Sarina-Joi Crowe was not saved, Zinn was shown allegedly hitting VFTG moderator Rhonda Rhodes under the chin to get her to make eye contact. Although Zinn didn't comment on the incident afterwards and has not yet done so, Rhodes, her wife (Tricia), and NoSirGifts President and CEO Jack Steele insisted that Zinn did nothing wrong and that she merely lifted Rhodes' chin and told her, "Hold your head up and don't worry about mistakes. Just vote for our picks." Rhodes commented, "She was trying to teach me and I had my head down so she raised my chin up. She was telling me to go out there and don't be afraid to make mistakes. She said I was being too hard on myself after Shi Scott and Lovey James were eliminated." Earlier that night, Zinn unleashed a torrent of expletives and threats designed to motivate her fellow purple team moderators. In one portion she exclaims she is "fucking tired of losing to the Pink Team [moderators of VFTG USA (Holly Everman, Kellie Rock, and Tracia Ward)]. "In another portion she exclaims she auctioned off her virginity to Kymberly Alvaraz (who had been Zinn's girlfriend since November 2014 and moved to the purple team) and said "there's no more Team Ava." Unknown to most, the cameras were still rolling and was included in the web site's sixth season finale. Kendra Ray and Julia Pasalt were unable to remember the specific speech because such expletive-filled outbursts by Zinn are so frequent. Zinn and Alvaraz's pick of Nick Fradiani would go on to the American Idol 14 finale in which Fradiani became the winner of American Idol (and become the web site's first male victory on Idol).

Rhodes later died on March 15, 2015, fuelling speculation that Zinn was liable for Rhodes' death.

Holly Everman[edit]

2012 Facebook X Factor Finale post
2014 DUI arrests

Everman was arrested twice on April 10 and August 22 near her home in Castleton, Indiana on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) after failing field sobriety tests. Preliminary charges of DUI were filed against Everman, who was jailed overnight.[4] Everman entered a rehabilitation facility shortly after her release from jail on August 25.[5]

On September 9, 2014, Everman was charged with two misdemeanor counts in both incidents: operating a vehicle while intoxicated, which is a Class C misdemeanor in Indiana.

Prosecutors alleged Everman was under the influence of rage and was seeking revenge against fans of The Voice winner Josh Kaufman and noted an earlier online incident during the site's third season which Everman reportedly bullied a former classmate for her decision not to support Carly Rose Sonenclar. Given the charges it is likely that Everman will avoid any jail time. Everman's niece, Nermal, took over Everman's role while she was in rehab.

On September 10, 2014, Everman was sentenced to one year of probation during which she is forbidden from consuming or possessing alcohol and her driving privileges were revoked for a period of six months and 20 days. She will be subject to random drug testing as a condition of her probation. In addition, the judge stipulated that any subsequent OWI charge in a three year period will be treated as a felony. Ava Zinn initially suspended Everman for the remainder of the season and also levied a fine of $1,200,000. As a result, Everman had to forfeit her male moderator offer deal made in the Rising Star competition of $1,200,000. She was also forbidden from doing any media interviews or making comments related to the team on social media during the suspension.

On September 29, 2014, Ava Zinn announced on her Facebook profile that Everman will be returning for the spring cycle. But due to an appeal, Everman returned to the panel on October 27, 2014 after her suspension.

2015 American Idol Picks

After posting their picks for the Pink Team, Evernam was subject to much criticism, particularly on Twitter, over her Vote for the Girls picks. Everman posted on her Wordpress site defending her decision to allow Riley Bria and Nick Fradiani as VFTG picks. Fans compared Everman's picks were just as bad as Ava selling off her virginity the year before. She also defended the fact that the winning moderator of the nineteenth season of Dancing with the Stars, this entitled her and her fellow Pink team moderators allowing Riley and Nick as VFTG picks.

Kymberly Alvaraz[edit]

2014 comment and shooting incident

Kym Christian was caught on video using a racial slur at Kendra Ray and Lanise White upon the eliminations of Kelli Douglas and Brittany Butler on the week of October 20, 2014. After the video was posted by NBC station WNBI-FTV on October 22, 2014, Christian was sent away from the moderator panel to seek counseling. Christain also levied an undisclosed fine.[6]

On October 21, 2014, upon seeing the elimination of Brittany Butler on The Voice, the aforementioned video also saw Khayla Chow and her friend Victoria Glassering, attacked Ray and Christian during production, and Chow pulled a .45-caliber handgun. The gun battle with the four women then ensued, with Christian suffering two gunshot wounds to her left leg. Christian then used her husband's .357 Magnum revolver and returned fire shooting Chow three times. The incident startled Ava Zinn.

Afterwards, Chow was killed by a gunshot to the head while sitting in her own car, which was parked on a street around the corner from the set. Christian and Ray claimed that they had returned to the studio to collect a gun which Christian had left there, and was not present when the shooting occurred. The gun that Christain claimed she had left in the studio was later determined not to have fired the shots that killed Chow and Glassering.

2014-15 Revelation of affairs

On November 20, 2014 a month after Christian fatally shot Chow, Dan Alvaraz, Kym Christian's husband filed for an at-fault divorce in Noblesville, Indiana, citing adultery by Christian and naming Ava Zinn and Kristina Chow as a co-respondents. [7] When questioned by reporters, Christian said, "There are a lot of things I will clear up when the time is right, but I really have to be sensitive because there's a lot of people's feelings involved here," while the Alvarazes released separate statements expressing concern for the well-being of their children during the divorce process. Kym Christian later confirmed that Dan and Kym could not resolve their differences and she had been involved in a lesbian sexual relationship. Upon learning about the affair, Dan Alvaraz committed suicide (via self-inflicted gunshot, ironically a similar gun used Kym used when she fatally shot Khayla Chow) on November 22, 2014, in Christian's Carmel home. He was 55 years old when he died. [8] Zinn confirmed on November 29, 2014 that she and Alvaraz began dating as early as July 2014[9], while Alvaraz was still married to Dan Alvaraz; she has decided to keep his last name. She splits her time between homes in Westminster, Colorado, Carmel, Indiana, and Van Buren, Indiana.

In a recorded message on November 24, 2014 that aired on VFTG and on WTOR-FTV's midday newscast, Christian announced that she had been the victim of a blackmail attempt by someone threatening to reveal that she had had sex with several of her male and transgender female colleagues, and at the same time, she confirmed that she had had such relationships.[10] Subsequently, Mike Wilson, a former anchorman at WMRI and one-time colleague with Kym Christian was and indicted by a Denver grand jury and pleaded not guilty to a charge of attempted grand larceny on November 21, 2014.

Two more central figures in the case and one of the men with whom Christian had had a sexual relationship was Marshall Davidson (died in 2002) while he was in Denver in 1993 covering Pope John Paul II's visit and Christian was under a no compete clause after she left KIAA and joined KDNC and VFTG creator Ava Zinn when Christian traveled to NoSirGifts' offices in November 2010 (Zinn was then NoSirGifts President and Chief Executive at the time) and again in May 2014 (after Christian's last KDNC newscast), that was revealed during a Vote for the Girls episode, confirming that that Zinn had successfully auctioned her virginity for a long term relationship to the 47-year-old former news anchorwoman.

In the days following the initial announcement of the affairs and the arrest, several prominent men questioned whether Christian's affairs with subordinates created an unfair working environment.[11] Ava Zinn said that the site's moderators prohibited sexual relationships between hosts and moderators.[12] According to business news reporter Eve Tahmincioglu, "CBS suppliers are supposed to follow the company's business conduct policies" and the CBS 2008 Business Conduct Statement states that "If a consenting romantic or sexual relationship between a supervisor and a direct or indirect subordinate should develop, CBS requires the supervisor to disclose this information to his or her Company's Human Resources Department...".[13]

On December 2, 2014 after being acquitted of all charges in the shooting and later her affair with Zinn, Alvaraz (in her first appearance since fatally shooting Chow) devoted a segment of Vote for the Girls to a public apology to her children and fellow moderators.[14][15] In that episode, Alvaraz revealed she had been bisexual for 30 years and that Zinn (who is 16 years Alvaraz's junior) is in fact the first woman she's ever been in a relationship with.

Kellie Rock Facebook comment and Kathi Jameson Twitter post[edit]

Upon seeing that VFTG pick Sarah Darling had not been saved by West Coast viewers on Rising Star on July 13, 2014, VFTG moderator Kellie Rock called Lisa Punch a "nappy headed hoe save" right before Megan Tibbits defeated Darling[16]. This brought some angry responses on her Facebook page.[17]Rock then sent a series of Re-Tweets from Adam Levine with dictionary definitions of the words "joke," "humorless," "lighthearted," "misunderstand", "racist," and "stupidity" to state that it was merely a "heat of the moment" reaction.[17] Rock later provided an explanation on the site: "Sunday’s elimination of Sarah Darling was really downright emotional for me, and my comments were made based on my personal dissatisfaction with the results." Nonetheless, Kellie Rock was suspended for two weeks on July 14, 2014.

On August 3, 2014 (the day Kellie Rock returned from her suspension), another VFTG moderator, Kathi Jameson called Jessee Kinch a "rapist" upon Alice Lee and Macy Kate's eliminations and accused Joshua Peavy "of Karen Hornsby's murder." Like Rock's Facebook comment, this brought more angry responses on the VFTG Twitter and Facebook pages.[18]Jameson then walked off the set muttering, "Fucking assholes" to state that it was merely a "heat of the moment" reaction.[18] Jameson later provided an explanation on the site: "Macy and Sonnet's elimination's was really downright ridiculous for me, and my posts of calling Mr. Peavy a dick and Mr. Kinch a rapist were made based on my personal dissatisfaction with the results. I'm sure that my fellow transwoman Ava will see that my posts were completely uncalled for and as a moderators of a well known site, sometimes being a misandrist or being sexist against males is good because Ava, Julia (Passalt), and I knew what it was like living as a male and as transgendered women that are passionate to keep ladies in the competition, you have to be sexist sometimes and you think girls suck, Ava will say you're a 'Girl-Hating Commie,' blow smoke in your face, likely beat the living shit of you, and ball-bust you in the nuts."

Jameson was later fired on September 18, 2014.

Vote for the Girls pick controversies[edit]

Voting has been the biggest source of controversy with Vote for the Girls becoming embroiled in numerous controversies in various seasons over the influence of the results.

2010 Siobhan Magnus' vote-off and voting campaign for Crystal Bowersox[edit]

Siobhan Magnus's elimination caused a stir among the judges and fans of American Idol. The controversy grew when it was discovered that a phone number printed on Facebook was not a number to vote for Magnus, but to vote for Aaron Kelly. Following Magnus' elimination, the ninth season saw a concerted attempt to influence the outcome of the vote in American Idol, led most notably by Vote for the Girls. Ava Zinn encouraged her fans and viewers to vote for Crystal Bowersox who had become a phenomenon in the ninth season of American Idol, and to take delight in possibly "saving" Idol.

2011: American Idol gender voting bias, Pia Toscano's elimination, and voting campaign for Lauren and Haley[edit]

The first five contestants eliminated from the finals in American Idol 10 were all female, which led some critics to believe that it was partly due to the demographic of the voters being skewed towards females who tended to vote for men.[19][20][21] Idol producer Ken Warwick said, "It's no secret that most reality shows are female driven, either by moms or by young girls. It does mean we're going to get a heftier amount of female votes and it's always bent towards the boys, obviously, we are very much aware that the voting can be skewed towards the boys."[20][21][22] In response to the criticism, the producers considered tweaking the voting format for the following season to correct the bias.[23] The last of these five girls to be eliminated was a presumed front-runner and Vote for the Girls pick, Pia Toscano, and her elimination drew considerable criticisms, with various former Idol alums and notably Zinn's longtime friend Alec Dailey and Kristy Habiby expressing shock and surprise.[19]

However, after Toscano's elimination, the next five eliminated contestants were all males.

Hours after the tenth season of American Idol ended, a moderator by the name of "insaneinthesfv" was quick to criticize VFTG webmaster Ava Zinn by calling Zinn on the Vote for the Worst message boards[24], "This lady is certifiably insane, and builds her entire life around Idol. Specifically, she thinks there's some kind of conspiracy to eliminate female contestants and gets so worked up about it, probably to a point only seen by 13-year old girls." Zinn responded on her own site ( as "BULL$#!T"[25] post.

2010-2012: American Idol seasons nine to eleven winner ethnic and gender biases
2014: Christina Grimmie vote-off

From the site's debut during American Idol 9 through eleven and again during The Voice 6, American Idol 13, Rising Star, the winner has been given to a seemingly good-looking white boy who plays the guitar – a trend that Idol pundits call the “white guy with guitar” or “WGWG” factor - a well-known pet peeve of Vote for the Girls. This has led viewers and critics accusing American Idol of having gender and ethnic biases, with some complaining about the predictability of the likely winner.[26][27][28] Just hours before the season eleven finale, where Phillip Phillips was named the winner, Richard Rushfield, author of the book American Idol: The Untold Story, said, “You have this alliance between young girls and grandmas and they see it, not necessarily as a contest to create a pop star competing on the contemporary radio, but as…who’s the nicest guy in a popularity contest,” he says, “And that has led to this dynasty of four, and possibly now five, consecutive, affable, very nice, good-looking white boys.”[28]

In stark contrast, however, a rule on Vote for the Girls prohibited fans of the site to vote for male contestants until the site allowed male-female duos and groups that have more females than males in 2013. The site still prohibits fans of the site to vote for male soloists and "boy bands." This led some critics to believe that the site promotes sexism. Ava Zinn frequently says, "There is a reason we do sites like these, not because of sexism or sex crimes and we're going to do whatever it takes to get the same female votes to completely stop voting for the boys altogether." A notable example happened throughout The Voice's sixth season, American Idol's thirteenth season, and Rising Star in many Vote for the Girls shows Zinn often uses the phrases "WGWG commie" and "woman-hating-bastard" (to a male) or "woman-hating-bitch."

2013: Season twelve Angie Miller vote-off[edit]

Angie Miller's elimination drew considerable criticisms. Miller was considered a fan-favorite, often placing in the voting's top ranks and becoming the season's sole contestant to not land in the bottom group until her elimination in the Top 3.[29] The elimination was described by journalists as "shocking" and "surprising".

A wanted poster of Dave Della Terza has been posted on Vote for the Girls, Vote for the Worst's rival[30] that has since led to Ava Zinn, creator of Vote for the Girls, to reportedly buy Vote for the Worst.

2014: Malaya Watson vote-off[edit]

Malaya Watson's elimination caused stir amongst many fans with some stating that the judges use of the "Judges Save" on April 3, 2014 should have been used on her. Some said that Malaya deserved to win and others announced that they would no longer watch the show as they were outraged by her elimination. Judge Jennifer Lopez revealed in an interview that she was outraged and disappointed with the result and believed that Malaya did not deserve to be eliminated from the show; then added that she wished she could've done something about it.[31]American Idol Season 11 Runner-Up Jessica Sanchez stated on Twitter her anger and disappointment with Malaya's elimination. Stating "Mad and disappointed about it Malaya should have been safe. #idoldisagree" [32] Dozens of American Idol reviewers also stated their disapointment and outrage with the result saying that Watson did not deserve to go home.[31]

Holly Everman took offense of at guest moderator Khayla Chow (by calling Chow a "bi-black bimbo" after the UK Version's first ever loss) during the viewing of the Malaya's final performance Chow shoved Everman to the ground sparking the Vote for the Girls brawl. Hours later on the early morning hours of April 11, 2014, Everman was arrested under suspicion of DUI in Indianapolis, Indiana. [33] According to a source that alerted Ava Zinn, Everman has had an ongoing alcohol problem since the elimination of Pia Toscano three years earlier. On August 23, 2014, Everman was arrested for the second time for DUI on the northeast side of Indianapolis.[33]

Other controversies[edit]

2014 Brawls; June 2014 Punishment for Failure[edit]

Although public perceptions of Vote for the Girls were leading to this dubious title, the episode that solidified Vote for the Girls USA as "Trash Tube" was the April 10, 2014, episode involving Holly Everman, Kellie Rock, Kathi Jameson, and guest moderator Khayla Chow following the UK version's first loss on the third series of The Voice on the UK Vote for the Girls of which did not sit well with Chow and Jameson, as they were also moderators on the UK version, though Chow did call Lee Glasson a "fucking dick for robbing Rachael O'Connor". A confrontation between Chow and Everman (in which Everman goaded Chow by referring to her as "bi-black bimbo") led to Chow walking over to Everman and forcefully shoving Everman to the floor, and subsequently a full-scale brawl with chairs hurled and punches thrown. Audience members, several stage hands, Jameson, and Rock themselves got involved, with Rock throwing a few punches at Chow and Everman. In the process, Jameson was struck in the face by an unknown object and wound up with a black eye. The following morning, Everman was driving under the influence of alcohol in Indianapolis following the brawl[33] while Chow, Rock, and Jameson were being treated for their injuries attained in the brawl.

On April 14, 2014, Ava Zinn (as administrator and webmaster) suspended Everman and Chow indefinitely, saying that their actions were "inexcusably unacceptable behavior. It's one thing when a VFTG pick gets eliminated as a result of having the least number of votes, but the actions of the moderator panel at the most vulnerable time in our lives were completely uncalled for". Later that night, at the start of VFTG USA, "I almost feel like saying 'Welcome to The Bad Girls Club' or 'Welcome to Vote for the Worst'[34] ." Zinn's daughter, Samantha, watching the VFTG program on YouTube, recalled that she said, "As bad as it looked on YouTube, it was at least 100 times worse in person being trapped in a catfight-type scene where Dad (Ava), Holly, Khayla, and I were just trying to escape with our lives. That's how it felt. You had to fight your way out of it."

A second brawl occurred on the episode on April 29, 2014 involving Maribel Mort, the daughter of former VFTG US mod Robyn Hurd and the niece of current VFTG Mod Kellie Rock, and Veronica Willis, formerly the sister-in-law of VFTG US Founder and webmaster Ava Zinn and the then-wife of VFTG US Chief Moderator Holly Everman, upon seeing that Bria Kelly was not saved on the sixth season of The Voice of which the moderators were criticized for not including Indianapolis native Josh Kaufman as a Vote for the Girls pick because the site's operations are in the state of Indiana [35], yet the site did support Alisha Bernhardt and Marrielle Sellars on American Idol 11 and 13, respectively. Kellie Rock stormed out muttering "this is a fucking joke" while confrontation between Maribel Mort and Veronica Willis (in which Mort referring to either Willis or Everman as "slutty bi-bimbos") led to Willis punching Mort into the face and forcefully shoving Mort to the floor, and subsequently a full-scale brawl in the audience with items hurled and punches thrown. Audience members, several stage hands, Jameson, and Everman themselves got involved, with Jameson and Everman intervening to separate the pair. In the process, Ava Zinn was struck in the head by a a can of shaving cream and escaped uninjured yet washed out the shaving cream off her head.

Zinn, who had called off the season and was taking a a reduced role at the time, took to her Twitter explaining the events that happened: "Another fight on Vote for the Girls tonight. This time... It was between the girlfriends of Holly and Kathi. It's kinda sad to see Bria Kelly eliminated, but this has to be one of the most shocking as not only as a Painful Elimination but another brawl as the wife of Holly Everman (Veronica Willis) and significant other of Kathi Jameson (Maribel, my late BFF's [Robyn Hurd] daughter) go into one nasty street fight. I don't think I have EVER witnessed anything like I saw tonight on The Voice of America and in five years of Vote for the Girls USA. After talking with Kellie Rock (she's my late BFF Robyn's sister and Maribel's auntie) judging from the severity of injuries seen on both Maribel and Veronica tonight, I have to say this was a real bad night on Vote for the Girls USA. Emotions were really high tonight. In the five year history of my site I have never seen anything this bad in nearly 26 years in the public eye." Zinn also hinted about moderator changes to the site.

Nearly a month later, upon being alerted that Josh Kaufman won and VFTG pick Christina Grimmie finishing third place in the sixth season of The Voice [35] and Jena Irene finishing runner-up in the thirteenth season of American Idol, several of Zinn's friends complained about her virginity auction and the consequent Punishement for Failure that followed with Zinn and Kathi Jameson wearing strapless tops while Kellie Rock and Holly Everman binding their breasts with Rock appearing as a Breast Cancer survivor if she had a double mastectomy and Everman (after shaving her traditionally long hair) appearing as a female-to-male transgender individual [33]. Some said that Christina and Jena deserved to win and others, notably news anchors Scott Swan and Andrea Moorehead of Indianapolis NBC affiliate WTHR (13 NBC) criticized the Punishment for Failure while Ray Cortopassi of Indianapolis Fox affiliate WXIN (Fox 59) praised VFTG moderators of supporting Beards for Breast Cancer by not shaving their legs in October and November 2014. Other friends and fans of Zinn and Everman announced that they would rather unfriend Zinn and Everman on Facebook as they were just as outraged of the punishment for failure. Two long-time friends of Ava Zinn, Alec Dailey and Cortney George, commented in a Facebook post by Zinn that they were outraged and disappointed with the punishment for failure and believed that Zinn could have made a better resolution besides the virginity auction or what some of Everman's friends speculating that Zinn would become a "lesbian whore" and prostitute.

Another controversial punishment for failure was Holly Everman's biking from Indianpolis to the Van Buren Popcorn Festival and Zinn's biking from Marion to Concannon's Bakery in Muncie, Indiana (as well as Zinn going to a local Aldi, Dollar Tree, Walmart, Meijer, Speedway, and a Dollar General in Gaston, Indiana--the former of the six Ava Zinn said replaced an Aldi in Marion following an January 2013 incident.) Zinn however, did praise Everman for recommending Concannon's while others resent Zinn for "playing hardball" with stores in Marion, Indiana.

In a self-administered survey, Zinn found that three-quarters of what little fans on the site say that Ava Zinn and Holly Everman are the biggest problems on the site while Zinn's findings were met with mixed reactions. While some of her contemporaries, like Lawrence Hedrick of Vote Against The Producers, previously stated similar opinions, others like Jennifer Tedder and Alison Albucromie (whom have since unfriended Zinn and Everman on Facebook, respectively), felt "Zinn has changed in a bad way and about twenty years out of date". Zinn's intentions have been misunderstood by some who believe that she thinks women truly deserve to win singing competitions or should be voting out the males, no matter how good they are talented or simply because they are dreaded WGWG's, whereas VFTG's real desire and intentions are to help female contestants win the singing competitions, based on overall performances and not just on looks and gender alone.

Duo moderators[edit]


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