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Queen of the Willis is an American animated sitcom created by Ava Zinn and Holly Everman.

Queen of the Willis has the main cast members and many other incidental characters. For an overview of the show's main characters, see the list of Queen of the Wilis characters. For an overview of the show'sone-time characters, see the list of one-time Queen of the Willis characters.


Main recurring characters[edit]

Ava's co-workers[edit]

The following characters have worked with Ava at Craven Gifts and QMPD:

Members of Quillsville Metropolitan Police Department[edit]

  • District Attorney Pia Yoque (voiced by Marti McDaniel from 2019-20, Hannah Wilson siince 2020) - Quill County DA who first appears in "The Rape of Heather Willis". Pia has been the district attorney since 1984. Yoque graduated from Indiana University. In 1994, she tried Melanie Tibbs for the female-on-male rape and murder of Kate Zobrowski. Although Melanie maintained her innocence, she was convicted of being identified in the Zobrowski house by Kate's mother, Elinda Zobrowski (also Dana Jane Zobrowski's mother), and Melanie who captured three blocks from home with blood on her boots. Melanie was home on that day as part of a story at Elinda Langston apologizing for a fight first. In fact, officer Joe Noland (who retired from Quillsville PD in 2000) took the letter from Melanie before her arrest.
    Thirty years later, Yoque was approached by Lieutenant Nick Jeffries and Captain Brad Hunter regarding the case after Elinda Langston recanted her earlier statement and Noland had died from stage 4 prostate cancer. Yoque was angered when Hunter and Jeffries asked for a warrant to search the evidence in the Internal Affairs case against Noland for the letter. Yoque was unswayed by the change in evidence, and refused, maintaing Melanie, who was due to be executed in three days, was guilty.
    The day after Melanie's execution, Jeffries searched through the evidence anyway and discovered Melanie's letter, which corroborated her story and cast suspicion on his boss Caroline Nelson (then known as Kyle Nelson). When Yoque walked into the evidence room, demanding to know what Jeffries was doing, Jeffries confronted her with the letter, which Yoque had apparently been aware of. When Yoque, completely unrepentant, still insisted in a condescending tone that Melanie was guilty, Jeffries punched her in the nose and walked out.
    Yoque went to Captain Hunter's office later that day, demanding that Jeffries be punished, and was incenced when Hunter allowed him to conduct the interview of Caroline Nelson. Caroline was later arrested for Kate's murder, and though Jeffries was restricted to desk duty for punching Yoque, Yoque herself would eventually be suspended from the DA's office and reprimanded by the Quill County Prosecutor for her actions. Yoque retired from the Quill County District Attorney's office in 2021 after 37 years.
  • Commissionier (Police Chief) Chelesa Wolf (voiced by Alisan Porter in the first appearance, Sophia Blanca in later appearances) - Quillsville's local Police Commissioner who makes an appearances on the seventh season permiere Ten Years to Life. Was the de facto Police Chief until Joanne McCall was hired.
  • Deputy Chief Joanne McCall (voiced by Jacqui Fountaine) - Quillsville's police deputy chief.
  • Captain Bradley "Brad" Hunter (voiced by Ava Zinn) - Quillsville's police captain . Captain Hunter became the supervisor of Homicide Division starting in the season seven premiere episode of the first season, "Ten Years To Life". His appearance is modeled after Hunter character Charles Devane. Captain Hunter is depicted as a more confrontational police captain, although not as hostile as others.
  • Lieutenant Nick Jeffries (voiced by Melvin Runecraft) - Quillsville's police lieutenant who made his first appearance in "Quillsville Cold Case".
  • Detective Seargant Lillith "Lilly" Rush (voiced by Kathryn Morris) - Lilly Rush was born in Quillsville but later moved east where she grew up and and became a police detective in Philadelphia, PA. She would later return to Quillsville after being offered a job as chief of detectives and the rank of Captain with the city police department. At first Wolf and Rush butted heads, but would soon become close friends. Rush also initially clashed with Elaine Reed early in the revived series, but after helping Elaine clear her name during a case where she was falsely accused of infieldy, they became good friends as well. Even though some Quillsville city council members wanted to make her police chief, Rush firmly rebuffed their offers, preferring to work with Commisioner Wolf. Her appearance is modeled after Cold Case character of the same name (also portrayed by Kathryn Morris).
  • Officer Ramona Battishill (voiced by Kendra Ray) - Officer Battishill was born Rayvon Battishill and is Quillsville's (as well as Indiana's) first transgender female police officer. She married Amber Scottsbury in June of 2001 and transitioned to female in 2004. Her appearance is modeled after Candis Cayne. She, along with Officers Dailey, Millspaugh, and Reed were seen to be 'starstruck' by fictional ex-Indiana Colt player Kelvin Rhodes (and his 2005 Super Bowl ring) and refused to arrest him for felonies against Ava and Lando after finding out who he was in the episode "New Colt on the Block".
  • Officer Jarrett Dailey (voiced by Frank Davidson) – Officer Dailey is a local (and alongside Jon Chapman are the only males out of 125 police officers) police officer in Quillsville who is not averse to tampering with evidence and taking bribes from illegal operations. In one episode Principal Halvorson states that "Officer Dailey may be a disgraced cop who tampered with evidence . . . but this here used to be a man". His appearance is modeled after Ava Zinn's long-time friend Alec Dailey. Dailey (as well as other Quillsville police officers) were seen to be 'starstruck' by fictional ex-Indiana Colt player Kelvin Rhodes (and his 2005 Super Bowl ring) and refused to arrest him for felonies against Ava and Lando after finding out who he was in the episode "New Colt on the Block". In "The Rape of Heather Willis," it was revealed that Officer Dailey and Lieutenant Nick Jeffries are the only remaining males on the Quillsville Police force (not counting outsourcing to Craven Gifts) due the department's deciding to lay off most of the male officers on Mayor Kelso's orders. Officer Dailey Lilly Rush's de facto partner after Tiffani Donovan's death until Ava Willis was hired in 2024.
  • Officer Kymberly Millspaugh (voiced by Karly Jameson) - Officer Millspaugh is another police officer in Quillsville. Her appearance is modeled after Ava's Zinn's long time friend Karly Millspaugh. She, along with Officers Dailey, Battishill, and Reed were seen to be 'starstruck' by fictional ex-Indiana Colt player Kelvin Rhodes (and his 2005 Super Bowl ring) and refused to arrest him for felonies against Ava and Lando after finding out who he was in the episode "New Colt on the Block".
  • Officer Elaine Reed (voiced by Alexandra Moffitt) - Officer Reed is another police officer in Quillsville. Her appearance is modeled after Ava Zinn's long-time friend Mona Reed. She, along with Officers Dailey, Battishill, and Reed were seen to be 'starstruck' by fictional ex-Indiana Colt player Kelvin Rhodes (and his 2005 Super Bowl ring) and refused to arrest him for felonies against Ava and Lando after finding out who he was in the episode "New Colt on the Block".

Members of Craven Gifts and Sweetheart Restaurants[edit]

Craven Gifts
  • Main Branch (Quillsville/South)
    • Tina Craven (née Lake, formerly Kelso) (voiced by Alexandra Moffitt) – Tina is the slightly overweight, greying, over-the-hill owner of Craven Gifts, and Ava's boss. Her physical appearance greatly resembles Florence Henderson, particularly her hairline, and she has a habit of hosting employee discussions in her bathroom. Originally hailing from Nashville, Tina was historically known for her modest start in business and general business smarts. These attributes have since been worn away by life and been replaced with many habits which often come in the way of her business decisions. Tina is a compulsive gambler to the point where she will use company profits to continue gambling, even betting in underground events. Also like Henderson, Tina is a chauvinist, alcoholic, and adulterer. It is often implied that Ava reveres Tina and that, in Ava's eyes, the two have a close relationship. Compared to Ava who is the ultimate model of a good employee, Tina's vices require Ava to keep an extremely close eye. Tina refers to Ava as her "Golden Goose" implying Ava is the only reason her business remains afloat and thus she would never fire her. Ava has used the threat of quitting to capitulate Tina's transition from things Ava found unsavory. Her health is questionable as she has suffered numerous infarctions and has had several cardiovascular surgeries including valve replacements. Despite her less than desirable traits, she has an ethical side although she planted evidence on Ava for murder rather than let her then-husband be arrested. Tina retires from Craven Gifts in a season 6 episode after marrying Quillsville Mayor Lee Kelso. Tina also owns Sweethearts Restaurants, Fox 11 and CBS 40 Quillsville, ABC 7/21 Port Melissa, NBC 5 Detropolis and CBS 28 Michiana Falls.
    • Jane Jill (voiced by Alexandra Moffitt) – Jane Jill is a truck driver and co-worker with Ava at Craven Gifts. She has a drinking problem and has a habit of calling people she speaks to "baby", regardless of their gender or level of familiarity with her.
    • Adrienne Fansler (voiced by Robyn Hurd from 2006-2011, Breeanna Sorensen since 2019) – Adrienne is a good-natured German-American truck driver at Craven Gifts. Originally she spoke with a very weak accent. In the episode "Adrienne-cilable Differences," Adrienne forcibly befriends Ava after a nasty fight with her husband. Adrienne ends up moving in with the Willis for a short time eventually developing a pathological attachment to the Willis family, but quickly patches things up with her husband after a fed-up Ava kicks her out. Adrienne nearly lost her house due to rent increases when property values in her neighborhood skyrocket when Angie began selling working class housing to upper-middle class Millennials. To solve the problem, Angie helped the neighborhood value decline when she fabricated the area as uncool by making it appear as if typical middle-class families were moving in prompting the millennials to leave. Afterwards she applied and became a homeowner. While a hard worker, she has poor fiscal habits, often spending money on lavish outdoor parties to celebrate any seemingly significant event such as her son's bar mitzvah or becoming a homeowner. Her last name is revealed in "Ten Years to Life" by Tina Craven after she is mentioned she became the assistant manager of Craven Gifts.
    • Reginald Wilson (voiced by Luka Runecraft) – Reginald is the brother of Cynthia and Michelle Wilson who is a tall, handsome white man who first appears in Your 24 Hour Gifts People. In that he mentions a husband (and also gay). In "What Happens on Aeverine Willis' Facebook Profile, Stays on Aeverine Willis' Facebook Profile", his most significant episode, he is briefly promoted to assistant manager alongside Ava, which initially didn't settle in well with her. He often uses Facebook during work hours and ignored Ava when she asked him for a down to business approach. In turn, Reginald is briefly fired when some of his Facebook friends mistook Tina for Ava and brutally beat her up. He sought revenge against Ava by making rude comments about her and Craven. After sifting through the blogs, she confronts Reginald for his behavior at Sweethearts Restaurant and eventually makes amends with him. After being rehired as an accountant, Reginald takes down the blogs and rearranges it to a down to business approach like Ava wanted. He is not to be confused with the similarly named Reginald John, who is also voiced by Luka Runecraft.
    • Scott Schuller (voiced by Phil Allen - Scott works as a Craven Gifts accountant, and is often referred to as "Scott from Accounting". Scott appears, albeit infrequently, as an overweight, dark-skinned man, most notably in "A Rainy Job in Indiana". In "Ava Fixes Everything", Tina mentions having discovered stolen office supplies in his bedroom (presumably during an extramarital encounter), and orders Ava to "find us a new Scott". Scott gets his job back in "After the Bedbug Rush".
    • April "Rashanna" Bonds (voiced by Shauna Guy in the first apperance, Lanise White in later apperances) – She first appeared as a comedian and traffic school instructor. Her abrasive and insulting style of humor infuriates Ava, as well as the dean of the traffic school, who terminates her employment at the traffic school for not teaching traffic safety as she was hired to do. Ava later gets April a job at Craven Gifts. Grateful to Ava for saving her from unemployment, April's attitude mellows afterward.
    • Robert "Crob Bob" Craven (voiced by Garfield Everman in the first appearance, Ava Zinn in later appearances) – Robert is the deep-voiced, long suffering husband (later ex-husband) of Tina Craven, first seen in "Death Picks Craven". In "Death Picks Craven" Crob Bob confronts Tina at an awards dinner while she is there with her misterer. He files for divorce from Tina and subsequently takes control of Craven Gifts. This forces Tina to move in with Dan. He promotes Ava to manager and attempts to seduce Ava in a gas-powered hot tub. However, the interest was not reciprocated. He brags to Tina about this, Tina, in turn, surprises Ava with a loaded shotgun expressing her jealousy. He and Tina reconcile, but later on, in "Quillsville Cold Case", Crob Bob has left Tina for good and gets involved with Julie Crawford (Ava's ex-sister-in-law).
    • Natalia Lightner (voiced by Donna Doogan) - Natalia is a new salesperson of Craven Gifts. She, along with, Bobby Joe, Amber and Zelda first appear in The Rape of Heather Willis.
    • Amber Jena Irene Battishill (née Scottsbury) (voiced by Andrea Coolranch) - Amber is a new salesperson of Craven Gifts and the wife of Quillsville Police officer Ramona Battishill. She, along with, Bobby Joe, Natalia and Zelda first appear in The Rape of Heather Willis.
    • Zelda Kellie Martin (voiced by Maribel Mort) - Zelda is a new salesperson of Craven Gifts. She, along with, Bobby Joe, Natalia and Amber first appear in The Rape of Heather Willis.
    • Bobby Joe Bones (voiced by Frank Davidson) - Bobby was an employee of Craven Gifts who was also a classmate of Deanna Willis at Babyface High School. He, along with Todd Unger, Monique Cruz and Horatio Cruz is one of four antagonists in the episode "The Rape of Heather Willis".
    • Jack Grund (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) – Jack was an employee of Craven Gifts and was Tina Kelso's paramour and the main antagonist in the episode "All Ava Wants To Do Is Work". As revenge for Tina ending their relationship, he plotted to murder her but accidentally killed himself with Tina's shotgun while attempting to climb into the dumpster she was using as a hiding place.
  • Craven Gifts East (Lawrence, permanently closed)
    • Shane Kinney (voiced by Tim Doogan in his first appearance, Ava Zinn in later apperarances) - Manager of Craven Gifts East in Lawrence who first appear in The Rape of Heather Willis.
    • Caitlyn Sparks (voiced by Marti McDaniel) - Former Assistant Manager of Cravene Gifts East in Lawrence and soon to be Ava Willis' sucessor at Craven Gifts. She is mentioned in "The Rape of Heather Willis" and "Revenge of the Male Anchors 5" by Ava Willis. She and Adrienne Fansler are the only female managers of Craven Gifts. Sparks became the manager of Craven Gifts' Quillsville Branch in "Retired and Reeled In" after Ava retired from Craven Gifts after 35 years.
  • Craven Gifts North (Noblesville/Fishers)
    • Raymond "Ray" Grissom (voiced by Devin Martin) - A disgraced former manager at Craven Gifts and recurring nemesis of Ava Willis and the Craven Gifts. His harsh feelings toward Willis stemmed from bitterness over Ava Willis being promoted to assistant manager instead of him, believing Ava Willis may have pulled in some "special favors" for the job. Although Grissom often harasses Ava Willis, he has also been sympathetic and even helpful when he knew that he and the sales staff were being harassed/targeted by genuine deadbeat customers. As of season seven (episode "Hostile Takeover in Quillsville, Indiana"), Grissom was demoted to assistant manager of Craven Gifts North in Noblesville, Indiana. Grissom returns and attacks Adrienne Fansler and April Sack for merchandise tampering before being confronted by Ava Willis. In episode ("Time of the Retailing Essence"), it was revealed that Grissom himself was the one who had stolen the merchandise, and had attempted to frame Adrienne for it. After being exposed, Adrienne finally got the opportunity to turn Grissom in the Retailer Commission, which she did with great pleasure and also proceeded to walk through the sales floor with Grissom as all the personnel looked on. It is also revealed that Grissom had been stealing cars from the Dan Skillman for a 20-year period under the alias of Cartman Stetler and also threatening the Skillman's manager to destroy his job if he doesn't help him by not telling the others his felonies, as well as other items he felt nobody would miss from the merchandise floor. Grissom was also responsible planting the bomb that killed a customer, though his intended victim was April Sack. He stated the reason behind the thefts and trying to cover it up with the bomb was for money, feeling he wasn't sufficiently compensated from a financial standpoint for his sacrifice at Craven Gifts. After being arrested by Lilly Rush, Grissom is awaiting trial on these charges, including capital murder.
    • Hunter Boyd - Assistant Manager of Craven Gifts North in Noblesville who first appear in The Rape of Heather Willis.
  • Craven Gifts South (Bloomington)
  • Craven Gifts West (Avon)
Sweethearts Restaurant

Sweethearts Restaurant is the Craven family restaurant in Quillsville. The restaurant is named after Tina Craven, a name which her ex-husband Bob Craven had given her. The restaurant specializes in Indiana style barbecue, and serves items such as hush puppies, double shortening biscuits, batter fries, which they use trans-fat on their food. The restaurant has a large backroom which is likely used for hosting various events. In season 9, Craven sold the restaurant to Ava, Mandy, Carter, and Harry, as Tina decides to hand over the restaurant to Ava. When the three are are unable to get a loan for the additional capital, Mandy comes up with the $20,000 from her job out of nowhere to the surprise of Ava, Harry, and Carter.

Angie's Co-workers[edit]

The following characters have worked with Angie at different jobs:

Members of Pourtsmouth and Souza Reality[edit]

  • Ms. Jane Portsmouth (voiced by Robyn Hurd and Kellie Rock) – The owner of the Portsmouth and Sousa Reality, where Angie originally worked under her supervision. She speaks with a strong German accent and is described as an "emasculine weirdo" by her employees. She disapproves of nearly all of Angie's actions, mainly because most of them are detrimental to the company, and fires or comes close to firing Angie on multiple occasions. In "[[]]", she is invited to the Willis' house for dinner. She promotes Angie to head of housing development and minutes later chokes to death on a red wine after it was Heimlich maneuvered out of Heather's throat and into Ms. Portsmouth's mouth. Her video will describes how the factory will be replaced by a children's hospital starting "now" as the machinery promptly endangers everyone at the factory. Her great-great-grandmother's surname was "Burmagrade" but was changed to Portsouth. In the episode "Aeverine Kills Rags", Tabby (then Rags) tells Ava, before attempting to shoot her, "Say hello to Pamhouser for me, Oh, and Ms. Portsmouth and Uncle Albert".

Members of SS Homer and Hank[edit]

  • Junichrio and Miko – A pair of Japanese immigrants who do not speak English. All of their dialogue is subtitled and not understood by the other characters. In season 4, they lament leaving Japan for various low-paying jobs in Quillsville such as caterers, fishermen, janitors, and babysitters. Angie treats them poorly. In return, they urinate in her refreshments when the opportunity arises as seen in season 6. In this episode, Miko saves Pamhouser's life after she nearly drowns by using CPR. This prompts Ava to demand that Angie take CPR classes in order to learn what to do should the situation happen again.

Members of Mississinewa Cola & Brewery[edit]

  • Lou (voiced by Fred Dryer) – Angie and Olga's supervisor who is in charge of the Shipping Department at the Mississinewa Cola & Brewery. He likes Olga far better than Angie, and treats Angie very coldly, repeatedly rewarding Olga as employee of the month. However, Lou fires Olga in a season 14 episode. Angie tried to befriend him based on his love of animals, but ended up horrifying her by staging a bloody catfight and dogfight in his house. In "Queen of the Hill", Lou attended the trial in Arlen, Texas between Alamo Brewing Company and Mississinewa Cola & Brewery.
  • Olga (voiced by Karly Jameson) – A seemingly mentally-challenged and gibberish-speaking co-worker of Angie at the Mississinewa Cola & brewery and ward of the state of Indiana. She has won "Employee of the Month" at least twenty times and has been promoted ahead of Angie. She appears to have mental retardation and never really does anything about it. She sometimes tells Angie to stick her finger in her mouth, only to bite it. She wears two different shoes on each foot. She once went for a haircut that went horribly awry. No-one other than Lou seems to understand what she is saying. However, Angie has been shown to understand him in some instances such as when she gets fired. In "Quill by Quillsville", Olga was forced to watch Angie and Angie have lesbian sex in her office at the brewery. In a season 14 epiosde, Olga is fired from her position for doing something unnecessary that only Angie understood and is replaced by a deaf black man named Stan. She makes a cameo crowd appearance when Angie proposes reinstating the city government in "Don't Tread on this Transwoman and MILF". In "Queen of the Hill", Olga attended the trial in Arlen, Texas between Alamo Beer and Mississinewa Cola. In "DUI Angie," it is revealed that Olga is not disabled, but rather she spoke gibberish due to being constantly under the influence of alcohol.
  • Gretty (voiced by Rachael Passalt) – One of Angie Willis' co-workers at the Mississinewa Cola & Brewery. She is a recent immigrant to the United States, apparently of Burmese ethnicity. In all her appearances, she has demonstrated that she is extremely earnest in her attempts to learn a Western sense of humor and understand its subtleties, such as the nature of a sarcastic or ironic comment. She laughs in a loud manner at sarcastic or ironic statements before explaining why the joke was funny (for example, "Ahh! Is funny because..."). Angie does not seem to have a strong relationship with Gretty, likely due to her comparatively short time employed at the Mississinewa Cola & Brewery, however Angie gets along much better with Gretty than she does with Olga or Lou. Gretty first appears in "Quill by Quillsville", being introduced by Angie as that foreign guy at work who helped her understand sarcasm.
  • Stan (voiced by [[]]) – A deaf worker at the Mississinewa Cola & Brewery. He debuted in "" as Olga's successor.

Members of Quillsville United Independent Schools[edit]



Eric Halvorson[edit]

Superintendent (formerly Principal) Eric Halvorson (voiced by Eric Halvorson) – Eric is the former principal of Babyface Regional High School which Deanna and Tom (and later Mandy and Brynn) attended. Halvorson is one of Ava's high school classmates; he played center for their basketball team. As an educator, his primary concerns are tight budgets, maintaining discipline and the schools zero tolerance policy for "everything". He tends to follow procedre to avoid trouble, even when it conflicts with his friendship with Ava. A highly changed person, Ava will often remind Eric of how he used to be and insinuate that Eric sold out for a position of power. He frequently rejects staff demands for better teaching aids, citing budget cuts; he once referred to wood being used in shop class as a "fancy teaching aid". Often the center of various scandals at the school (and later Quillsville United Schools), he permitted installation of soda dispensing vending machines solely for raising funds for staff vacations and purposely placed lazy students into special education classes to avoid state-mandated exams (whose grades would heavily affect school funding). Once, when one of Melissa's plots to get rid of Halvorson came to nothing before they got started, Tiffani mentioned that Halvorson couldn't hide behind inflated test scores forever. Halvorson becomes Quillsville United Schools' superintendent after Clyde Lee retired in Revenge of the Male Anchors 5.


Clyde Lee[edit]

Retired Superintendent Clyde Lee (voiced by Clyde Lee) – The retired superintendent of Quillsville United Schools (Four High schools Marla Keller High School (West side), Howard Caldwell Memorial High School (north side), Lee Kelso High School (south, formerly Quillsvile Central and Kenneth "Baybface" Edmunds), and Maureen McFadden High School (east side); 10 middle schools: including Pat Carlini, Chuck Marlow, Reggie Miller, Bart Peterson, Richard Lugar, Patty Spitler, Bob McClain, Melanie Hastings, George McGinnis, Caroline Thau; 15 elementary schools: Crystal Gayle (closed), Doug Rafferty, Bob Gregory, Loretta Lynn, Vivica A. Fox, Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, Jim Harbaugh, Scott Swan, Tom Cochrun, Bruce Kopp, Ken Owen, Ray Cortopassi, Julia Moffitt, and Tom Carnegie). Lee is also the husband of Diane Willis and Ava's cousin-in-law. In the episode "The Education of Thomas Willis," Peggy Willis convinces Lee to to overturn Prinipal Halvorson's decision to suspend Tom because he is transgender and briefly comes out of retirement to teach at Tom's school. In Ava Gets Dianed, he does daredevil stunts with Diane Willis and pushes Ava to her limits. In "Revenge of the Male Anchors 5", he retires from Quillsville United Schools and WRTV after 50 years.

Members of Maureen McFadden School (Previously 'Quillsville East High School')[edit]

Members of Marla Keller High School (Previously 'Quillsville West High School')[edit]

Members of Howard Caldwell High School (Previously 'Quillsville Northside High School')[edit]

Members of Lee Kelso High School (Previously ‘Babyface Regional High School’ and 'Quillsville Central High School')[edit]

Current staff

Ann Ryder[edit]

Principal Ann Ryder (voiced by Ann Ryder) - Ann is the principal (formrely the female vice principal) of Babyface Regional High School which Deanna and Tom (and later Mandy and Brynn) attended. Ryder is one of Angie's high school classmates. Like her predecessor, Eric Halvorson, her primary concerns are tight budgets, maintaining discipline and the schools zero tolerance policy for "everything". She tends to follow procedre to avoid trouble, even when it conflicts with her friendship with Eric and Angie. A highly changed person, Angie will often remind Ann of how he used to be and insinuate that Ann sold out for a position of power. After Clyde Lee retired in Revenge of the Male Anchors 5, Eric Halvorson was promoted to Superintendent and Ann Ryder became principal of Babyface High School.

Coach Linda Gruff[edit]

Coach Linda Gruff (voiced by Alexandra Moffitt) – Coach Gruff is the female vice principal (and formerly the girls' basketball coach) at Babyface High School. She has a difficult time relating to things outside of basketball and often uses basketball-related expressions in everyday speech. As a coach, Gruff is portrayed as something of a sexist, having displayed a very negative attitude towards football.

Current Students
  • Jennie Bosworth (voiced by Eboni Hill) - Jennie is friends wirth Brynn Willis and is the cousin of Jake Bosworth.
  • Addison Koldike - Addison is Mandy's best friend and attended Crystal Gayle Elemtary with Mandy and Brynn. In "Something About Loose Ava", it was revealed that Addison and Mandy were respectively Joanna Ferguson's ninth and tenth victims of sexual abuse. Addison is the granddaughter of Quillsville Police Detective Chris Koldike and the daughter of Jennie Barker-Koldike and Clark Koldike.
  • Allison Muntz (voiced by Breeanna Soresnen) - Brynn's on and off best friend.
  • Marla Pance (voiced by Karly Jameson) - Marla is the daughter of Quillsville Mayor Nicole Pence and is friends with Mandy.
  • Angelika Mullins (voiced by Ava Zinn) – Angelika is Deanna's deep-voiced, laconic classmate. She always sardonically intones something obvious after witnessing an event (for example, to Deanna after witnessing Aldi Mart exploding, "Your Grandma got blown up."). She also is something of a rebel — she upskirted Angie, and she is seen smoking and promiscuious. Her style of speech is similar to Elisa Donovan from Ava Zinn's previous show, Amanda & Elisa, albeit without Elisa's trademark laughter. Angelika is the daughter of Zach Mullins and the mother of Caleb Mullins.
  • Larissa Oliver (voiced by Hannah Wilson) - Larissa is Deanna's friend and classmate. In "Quillsville Cold Case: Something About Loose Ava", it was revealed that Larissa and Tom was on the Crystal Gayle Elementary School girls volleyball team who was molested by Joanna Ferguson in 1995 and in the pilot episode of The Souzas, also revealed that she was Deanna's first girlfiend.
  • Emily Smith (voiced by Emily Dwire in the first apperance, Kassie DePaiava in later appearances) – She is Deanna's classmate who was friends with Tom who appears in Revenge of the Male Anchors 5.

Members of Chuck Marlow Middle School[edit]

Members of Reggie Miller Middle School[edit]

Members of Richard Lugar Middle School[edit]

Members of George McGinnis Middle School[edit]

Members of Addison Agen Middle School (Previously 'Bob McClain Middle School')[edit]

Members of Julia Barr Middle School (Previously 'Patty Spitler Middle School')[edit]

Members of Ted Marchibroda Middle School (Previously 'Caroline Thau Middle School')[edit]

Members of Kenneth Babyface Edmunds Middle School (Previously 'Melanie Hastings Middle School')[edit]

Members of Crystal Gayle Middle School (Previously 'Pat Carlini Middle School')[edit]

Members of Mike Pence Middle School (Previously 'Bart Peterson Middle School')[edit]

  • Principal Paul Poteet (voiced by Paul Poteet in the first appearance, Glenn Swaringen from 2007-2012, and Luka Runecraft) – Paul is the principal of Bart Peterson Middle School which Tom and Deanna formerly attended. Like his counterparts, his primary concerns are tight budgets, maintaining discipline and the schools zero tolerance policy for "everything". Like Halvorson and Knox, he frequently rejects staff demands for better teaching aids, citing budget cuts.

Members of Vivica A. Fox Elementary School[edit]

Debby Knox[edit]

Principal Debby Knox (voiced by Debby Knox) – Debby is the principal of Vivica A. Fox Elementary School which the sextuplets attended. Debby once attended high school with Ava's cousin Diane Willis. Like her counterparts (Eric Halvorson at Babyface High School and Paul Poteet at Bart Peterson Middle School) her primary concerns are tight budgets, maintaining discipline and the schools zero tolerance policy for "everything". Like Halvorson, she frequently rejects staff demands for better teaching aids, citing budget cuts.

Current teachers[edit]

  • Jessica Burbank () - Fourth grade teacher. She is the grade school teacher of
  • Bethany Ganote () - Fourth grade teacher. She is the grade school teacher of
  • Jennie Koldike (née Barker) () - Fourth grade teacher. Jennie is the daughter-in-law of Quillsville Poilce Detective Chris Koldike and is the mother of Addison Koldike. She is the grade school teacher of
  • Deann Thatcher () - Fourth grade teacher. She is the grade school teacher of
  • Debbie Piazza () - Special Education Tacher at Vivica A. Fox Elementary School. She is the teacher of Brynn and Ron
  • Dana Jane Zobrowski () - Special Education Teacher at Vivica A. Fox Elementary School. Dana Jane is the teacher of Emilie.

Current students[edit]

  • Maria Aik (voiced by Andrea Coolranch) -
  • Jake Bosworth (voiced by Clark Jones) - Transgender boy who is friends with Sonia Fischer and Ron Willis after they both check him out in the transboys restroom before getting caught by Debbie Piazza in a deleted scene from "The Rape of Heather Willis." He is the cousin of Jennie Bosworth.
  • Leah Cooper (voiced by Jacqui Fountaine) - The anorexic bully at Vivica A Fox Elementary School. She has burly blonde hair and speaks as though she has a head cold and often targets Emilie and sometimes forces her to homework for Leah.
  • Nathan "Nate" Colburn (voiced by Tony Danza) - Nate is younger and abusive boyfriend of Mandy in "Hypermarket Sweep".
  • Dan Daniels (voiced by Ava Zinn) - Dan is the quintessential "nerd" who loves to tattle on people and then see them being punished. The sextuplets, Brynn, and Caleb Mullins, do not like him very much, though Caleb once stopped Chris Light from beating him up. He is very proud of his grandfather, Leonard Daniels being a successful patent lawyer.
  • Sonia Fischer (voiced by Sonia Donbar) - Sonia is Ron's best friend.
  • Billie Jones (voiced by Cathryn Swaringen) -
  • Chris Light (voiced by Devin Martin) -
  • Aiden Martin (voiced by Rachael Passalt) - First mentioned in a deleted scene from "The Rape of Heather Willis" when he was grabbed by his "ding-dong" by Hillary or Luanne.
  • Monterray McNutt (voiced by Frank Davidson) - First mentioned in a deleted scene from "The Rape of Heather Willis" when he was grabbed by his "ding-dong" by Hillary or Luanne. He moves to Detropolis in 2020.
  • Caleb Mullins (voiced by Ava Zinn) – Caleb is Brynn's deep-voiced, laconic classmate and the son of Angelika Mulllins and grandson of Zach Mullins. He always sardonically intones something obvious after witnessing an event. Like his mother, Caleb is something of a rebel — he upskirted and downbloused Brynn (much to Ava's chagrin) in order to have a relationship, and he is seen hanging out with Brynn. Her style of speech is similar to Amanda Dawson from Ava Zinn's previous show, Amanda & Elisa.

Members of Crystal Gayle Elementary School (permanently closed)[edit]

  • Principal Tracey Gold (voiced by Tracey Gold) – Tracey is the principal of Crystal Gayle Elementary School which Brynn attended. She makes her first appearance in "Quillsville Cold Case: Something About Loose Ava" after it was revealed Debby Knox formerly was the principal from 1980 to 2003. Unlike her counterparts (Debby Knox at Vivica A. Fox Elemenrary, Eric Halvorson at Babyface High School and Paul Poteet at Bart Peterson Middle School), her primary concerns are student safety and teaching aids.
  • Kayla Alter - Kayla was a student at Crystal Gayle Elementary in 1999 and the sixth victim of Joanna Ferguson.
  • Chevel Arbos - Chevel was a student at Crystal Gayle Elementary in 2010 and the eighth victim of Joanna Ferguson.
  • Fred Bono - Fred was a student at Crystal Gayle Elementary in 1986 and the third victim of Joanna Ferguson.
  • Amber Jarmon - Amber was a student at Crystal Gayle Elementary in 1990 and the fourth victm of Joanna Ferguson. In "Something About Loose Ava", it was revealed she took her own life in 2015.
  • Stephen Kaufman (born Nathalie Farmer) - Stephen (then Nathalie) was a student at Crystal Gayle Elementary in 2004 and the seventh victim of Joanna Ferguson. He transitioned from female to male in on December 1, 2017 after marrying Seth Kaufman, the son of Vinny Kaufman.
  • Vinny Kaufman (voiced by Dan Castellaneta in "Something About Loose Ava") - Vinny was a student at Crystal Gayle Elementary in 1978 and the first victim of Joanna Ferguson. Vinny was the eldest son of Paul Kaufman and eldest brother of Josh. Vinny took his own life from opiods in "Something About Loose Ava".

Quillsville Media[edit]

WRTV 6abc[edit]

The station is modeled after the real-life Indianapolis ABC affiliate of the same name yet its general branding modeled after the |real life ABC-owned station in Philadelphia.

  • Current
    • Kaitlyn "Kaity" Kendall- See Kendra's family. 6abc's anchor first seen in Revenge of the Male Anchors 5.
    • Rafael Sanchez (himself) - Main reporter for 6abc introduced in "The Rape of Heather Willis".
    • Kayla Stewart (voiced by herself in her first appearance, Ann Dwyar in later appearances) - 6abc's latest news co-anchor who was introduced in the episode "Revenge of the Male Anchors 5" as a successor to the retiring Clyde Lee. In "Revenge of the Male Anchors 5," it was revealed she, Kaity Kendall, Julian Teekerman, and Emily Smith all formerly worked with Laura Donadlson at ABC 7/21 in Port Melissa and Kayla attened college with Ava.
  • Former
    • Clyde Lee (voiced by himself) - The longtime anchorman who co-anchored with Howard Caldwell from 1971 to 1987, Diane Willis from 1987 to 2001 (now at Fox 11 since 2002), Ericka Flye from 2001 to 2016, and Kaity Kendall from 2016 until his retirement after 50 years.

WISH-TV 8 (CW) and My 10 WIBC[edit]

The station is modled after the real-life CW affiliate and former Indianapolis CBS affiliate and MyNetworkTV station in Indianapolis.

  • Karen Hensel (voiced by herself) - Karen is the main anchor of WISH-TV.
  • Brooke Martin (voiced by herself) - Brooke is the main anchor of WISH-TV.
  • Cynthia Wilson (voiced by Season Atkins) - Cynthia was formerly Fox 11's weekend evening newscasts and had been promised to become the sucessor to Cheryl Parker, only to be taken away by Fanchon Stinger and Dinae Willis. Wilson does holds a grudge against the Fox 11 News director for not giving her the job. She is the older sister of Michelle Wilson and is also Ava's high school classmates, who like Bart the Bully and Josh Kaufman hold a grudge against Ava. In Ten Years to Life, it was revelaed Wilson (as Jill Da Rippa), has lesbian raped Alisan Porter, molested Avril Lavinge, and nearly lesbian sexually assaulted Karly Jameson.

Fox 11 WXIN and CBS 40/29 WTTV/WTTK[edit]

The station is modeled after the real-life Fox/CBS duopolies in Indianapolis (WXIN/WTTV) and Jacksonville (WFOX/WJAX). WTTV's "CBS 40/29" branding is based on the real-life Hearst-owned station in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

  • Current
    • Patricia "Pat" Carlini (voiced by herself) - Pat was the weather-girl-turned-anchor for local news station NBC 13 before joining CBS 40 Action News. She anchors CBS 40/29 Action News at 6 and 11 pm with Michelle Wilson.
    • Ray Cortopassi (himself) - Cortopassi was the weekday morning anchor for Fox 11 Action News.
    • Laura Donaldson - see Angie's Family. Laura is the main morning anchorwoman at Fox 11 Action News with Scott Jones and Ray Cortopassi. She is introduced in the episode "Revenge of the Male Anchors 2"
    • Angela Ganote (voiced by herslef) - Ganote is the weekday morning anchor for Fox 11 Action News and co-anchored with Ray Cortopassi for 10 years. She, Jenna Maloney-Kooi, and Scott Jones made a cameo appearance in Aeverine Kills Rags.
    • Jessica Hayes (herself) - Along with Julian Teekerman, Fox 11's latest morning news co-anchor who was introduced in the episode "The New Mayor in Quillsville" as a reporter and fill-in anchor. In the season 11 episode "Revenge of the Male Anchors 5," it is revealed that Teekerman and Hayes are respectively a successor to Ray Cortopassi and Scott Jones as co-anchors of Lindy Thackston and Angela Ganote. In the season 11 episode "Hey, Hey, Hayes Quillsville", it is revealed that she was overweight in junior high school and harbors a grudge against Ava, who attended junior high school with her, for a humiliating sex prank committed by Ava, Melissa and Kendra and the basketball team. When Ava confides in her over drinks that she was promiscuious, Jessica announces it on the news the next day causing most of Quillsville to loathe Ava. Also, it is revealed that in order to have a name that would work on television she changed her last name from Davidson-Passalt (the name of the wife of the voice of Deanna Willis) to Hayes. When Ava showed the "Lesbian's Quest for Fur" porn film in church, Jessica was present and not pleased that the congregation supported Ava becasue Ava is a transgender.
    • Kendra Kendall - Kendra formerly anchored at CBS 28 in Michiana Falls for 22 years until moving back to Quillsville and joining CBS 40's news team where she and Stephanie Rose anchors the noon and 4pm newscast.
    • Scott Jones (himself) - Jones is the weekday early morning anchor for Fox 11 Action News with Laura Donaldson and previously co-anchored with Jenna Kooi after Kooi moves to NBC 13. He, along with Angela Ganote and Jenna Kooi appear in Aeverine Kills Rags.
    • Stephanie Rose - Stephanie was the weather-girl-turned-anchor as well as sucessor to Angela Stroup at Quillsville 24 and moved to CBS 40 where she co-anchors with Kendra Kendall at Noon and 4 pm (incidentally Stephanie formerly co-hosted Quillsville 24's morning newscast with the then morning anchorman-Ken Kendall before Ken left for Michiana Falls and became a woman named Kendra) and with Michelle Wilson at 5pm.
    • Angela Stroup (voiced by Alexandra Moffitt) - The station's news co-anchor and talk show hostess. In "Ava's Colts Movie", it was revealed that her birth name was Angela Simmons. She and fellow anchor Zach Mullins often traded insults on the air. Alexandra Moffitt has appeared in Ava Zinn's animated short Frank's Life, a precursor to Queen of the Willis. When Queen of the Willis was created, Alexandra Moffitt auditioned for the role of Angie Willis, but eventually was cast as Angela Stroup.[1] Alexandra Moffitt stated that she based Angela Stroup's voice on her own.[1] In Revenge of the Male Anchors, Stroup goes on matrnity leave and Michelle Wilson (the former Mike Wilson) fills in for Stroup and anchors solo after Rags Willis bites off Zach's leg and confessees to the deed to Angie Stroup after going into labor. In Revenge of the Male Anchors 2, after Stroup and Zach Mullins are lured away from Quillsville 24 by Melissa Rose and join Fox 11's news team.
    • Ken Owen (himself) - Fox 11's (and later CBS 40/29's) news director first introduced in Revenge of the Male Anchors 3.
    • Fanchon Stinger (herself) - Fox 11 anchor who with Diane Willis becomes Cheryl Parker's sucessor in Ten Years to Life. She co-anchors Fox 11 Action News at 6 with Zach Mullins.
    • Julian Teekerman (voiced by Julian Teekaram in the first apperance, Kylie Dwyar in later appearances) - Along with Jessica Hayes, she is Fox 11's latest news co-anchor who was introduced in the episode "Revenge of the Male Anchors 5" who was anchoring news at ABC 7/21 Port Melissa and it is revealed that Teekerman and Hayes are respectively a successor to Ray Cortopassi and Scott Jones as co-anchors of Lindy Thackston and Angela Ganote.
    • Lindy Thackston (herself) - Fox 11's morning news co-anchor who was introduced in the episode "The Rape of Heather Willis".
    • Diane Willis - see Ava's Family. Diane is Ava's cousin who co-anchored the noon and 4 pm newscasts with Bob Donaldson from "Revenge of the Male Anchors 2" until Bob Donaldson's retirement in "Revenge of the Male Anchors 5". She occassionally anchored with Fanchon Stinger, Angela Stroup and Zach Mullins on Fox 11 Action News at 10.
    • Michelle Wilson (voiced by Kathi Jameson) – Quillsville 24's news co-anchor who was introduced in the episode "Revenge of the Male Anchors 2" as a successor to Zach Mullins at Quillsville 24. She moves to CBS 40 Action News as 5pm co-anchor with Stephanie Rose and CBS 40 Action News at 6 and 11 with Pat Carlini.
  • Former
    • Gene Cox (himself) - Fox 11 reporter who becomes paralysed after having his legs bitten off Rags and Shushu in Revenge of the Male Anchors 2. As of Revenge of the Male Anchors 4, he no longer works at Fox 11.
    • Bob Donaldson - see Angie's Family. Bob formerly anchored Fox 11 Action News at noon and 4 with his niece-in-law Diane Willis and previously Cheryl Parker. In "Revenge of the Male Anchors 5," Bob retires from Fox 11 after 31 years.
    • Zachary "Zach" Mullins (voiced by Ava Zinn) – Mullins is the arrogant, baritone male news anchor at Channel 24 before moving to Fox 11. Mullins co-anchors Fox 11 Action News at 5 and 10 with Angela Stroup and at 6 with Fanchon Stinger. He was also an actor before moving to Quillsville; he was in Growing Pains. Zach tends to insult everybody around him, particularly co-anchor Angela Stroup. He disliked her and frequently traded insults with her on-air. His family includes his first wife, Sarah; his second wife, Lenore; a daughter from his first marriage named Angelika; and a grandson, Angelika's son, Caleb. He is shown to be protective of his daughter and dislikes people's use of the term "freak". Zinn stated that Mullins' voice is the easiest to do for her despite living as a woman, and he was "sort of modeled after Tom Cochrun and Doug Rafferty".[2] Zach hardly speaks in completely normal sentences, instead using his news anchor voice in regular conversation (e.g. "Back to you, [character]"). In Revenge of the Male Anchors, Zach sustains dog bites after Tabby Willis (then Rags) chews off one of Zach's legs and eventually confesses to this in "Revenge of the Male Anchors 2". In Revenge of the Male Anchors 2, Melissa (acting as Stephanie's manager), succesfully lures Zach and Angela from Quillsville 24 to Fox 11 to replace Bob Donaldson and Cheryl Parker, respectively. In "Zach Mullins: The Man and His Dream", Melissa learns about Mullins' life as an actor and had done minor TV appearances after Growing Pains. Melissa plans to get Zach back on the track in Hollywood. He started off by getting Zach a minor part in an episode of General Hospital. Mullins is murdered in the season 7 finale.
    • Cheryl Parker (herself) - Former Fox 11 anchor who departed in Revenge of the Male Anchors 2. That episode aired months before the real-life Cheryl Parker departed the real-life Indianapolis Fox affiliate on May 26, 2010. She has since moved to Ohio on The Souzas.

WTHR NBC 13 and WQIN "Quillsville 24"[edit]

The NBC station is modeled after the real life Indinapolis station of the same name. WTHR and WQIN become sister stations in "The Rape of Heather Willis." All of now defunct Quillsville 24's newscasts are now produced by WTHR under the "Quillsville 24 Eyewitness News" or "NBC 13 Eyewitness News on Quillsville 24" moniker.

  • Brian Chris (voiced by Frank Davidson) - The Channel 24 Forecast reporter. Brian Chris is a fast-talking white man who rarely speaks for more than about 1–3 seconds. His news reports are always rapidly spoken and loud. Brian has only spoken for longer than a few seconds on two occasions, one in an episode where Brian and Zach (Mullins) were talking about him stuck in a rainstorm with his umbrella blown away, and in "Aeverine Kills Rags" where he recaps the previous episode, "Rags Kills Aeverine".
  • Debbie Cochrun (voiced by Ava Zinn) - Longtime Quillsville 24 news anchor who formerly anchored with Ken Kendall until he left for South Bend and transitioned to female.
  • Tom Gaddison (voiced by Bob Imperial) – The manager of the Channel 24 news division later becomes general manager of NBC 13 and Quillsville 24.
  • Jenna Kooi (née Maloney) (herself) - Kooi was the weekday morning anchor for Fox 11 Action News and moves to NBC 13 and anchors Eyewitness News at 11AM (Quillsville 24), Noon (NBC 13), 4 (Quillsville 24), and 5 (NBC 13) with Scott Swan. She, and her former Fox 11 (WXIN) colleagues (Angela Ganote and Scott Jones) first appear in Aeverine Kills Rags.
  • David MacAnally (himself)
  • Dave Malachi (voiced by Ava Zinn) - Typically referred to as "Mexican reporter Dave Malachi" by his colleagues, he speaks in a nasal monotone cadence that Zinn has described as "all presentation and no substance". He is confirmed as being Burmese in RAGStory.
  • Mary Milz (herself)
  • Andrea Moorehead (herslef) - Moorehead and her WTHR colleague Anne Marie Tiernon first appear on Therapist Hopping 2.
  • Scott Swan (himself) - Swan makes his first appear on The Rape of Heather Willis.
  • Anne Marie Tiernon (herself) - Tiernon and her WTHR colleague Andrea Moorehead first appear on Therapist Hopping 2.
  • Rich van Wyk (himself)

Other recurring characters[edit]

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.

  • Judge Akim Anastopoulo (voiced by Akim Anastopoulo) – Judge who appears on several occasions.
  • Garfield Arbuckle (Voiced by [[]]) - The Muncie, Indiana fat, lazy, sarcastic orange tabby, who has a penchant for consuming lasagna. He makes a number of appearances on Queen of the Willis. In "The Story of Melissa's Mother", he dates Shushu after Tabby consumes the Big Ten Cheese Pizza in a record time of nine minutes and 47 seconds. His antics impress Shushu while the Arbuckle family is in Quillsville attending Karly Jameson's concert.
  • Jon Arbuckle (Voiced by [[]]) - Garfield's owner in Muncie who has poor luck with women (especially Heather Willis) and a somewhat nerdy demeanor. He is often annoyed by some of Garfield's antics, and also has an unrequited love for Dr. Liz in Muncie. He also tries to convince Garfield to do the right thing whenever the cat gets into trouble. Jon occasionally forces Garfield to lose weight and catch mice, which is always unsuccessful due to Garfield not wanting to eat mice and his friendship with one such mouse named Floyd in the Garfield franchise. This changes in "The Story of Melissa's Mother" after Garfield and Shushu finally eat a mouse as dessert.
  • Dr. Marci Bowers (voiced by herself) - An competent sex reassignment surgeon who performed the operations of Melissa Rose and Kendra Kendall in 1998 and 2002, respectively. Bowers is also a colleague of Melissa Rose, Mario Coxson and Lynsay Gerardo. Dr. Bowers is generally shown to be an killed doctor and her skills fluctuate from episode to episode. In "Bowers for Two", it was revealed Bowers trained Melissa to perform sex reassignemt surgeries on both humans and animals.
  • Peabo Bryson (voiced by himself) - Peabo is a musician and his hit song "If Ever You're in My Arms Again" was played on the show.
  • Bart the Bully (voiced by Melvin Runecraft from 2006-2012 and Phil Allen from 2019-) – A former classmate of Ava's that often fights violently and suddenly with Ava Willis, usually interrupting some unrelated event. The fight scenes are often long and melodramatic, involving the destruction of large sections of Quillsville and sometimes killing bystanders. Ava always wins, but it is then shown that the Bully is still alive. This rivalry begins in "Therapist Hopping" when the Bully took Ava's appointment with Lynsay Gerardo after Ava worked overtime, which angers Ava (however, in "Meet the Pamhousers", Ava's meddling (as a male) in her past allows her to accidentally punch the Bully while dancing at the Quillsville Central High School gymnasium, giving a new origin to the rivalry). In "Revenge of the Male Anchors 2", their fight comes to a halt when Ava and the Bully forget what they have been fighting about, and Ava is cordially invited to dinner with the Bully and his wife Danielle. Although the character's official name in scripts and production documents is simply "Ava's Bully", the Bully is referred to as "Bart" in this dinner scene. When the bill comes, both Ava and Bart try to pay. This starts out politely but quickly escalates to a fight that resumes their feud. In "Therapist Hopping 2", Bart the Bully turns up at a ballet in the Quillsville Civic Center while Ava interrupts her defense of Lynsay Gerardo to rejoin the fight. Bart is not directly referenced in the episode "Quillsville Cold Case", but in the waiting room when Ava asks a decapitated bully if he should be running around, the bully says "Don't talk to me, you stupid tranny slut. You have a bad reputation in the bully community". In Ten Years to Life, the Bully does appear with his best friend Josh Kaufman and two buddies (names unrevealed) and the fight with Ava continues while Ava and Angie discuss a second honeymoon thath ended up becoming the Karly Jameson concert. The Bully's fight with Ava continues in "Road Rage", where Ava accidentally backs her truck into the front of the Bully's car; during this brawl, the Bully is close to killing Ava at an oil rig, but gets burned alive by the falling debris and plunges into the ocean, taking on the appearance of a roasted pork—but is still alive by opening his eyes.
  • Joseph Caine (voiced by Melvin Runecraft) - A disgraced former Indiana trial judge in Quillsville and enemy of both Ava Willis and Judge Akim Anastopoulo. In "The New Mayor in Quillsville", he is discovered to have murdered a prostitute, but (thanks to legal maneuvering) he is able to get away with the crime. He appears later in another episode, releasing Ava Willis's old work enemy, Gus Grisson, from prison despite Ava Willis telling the judge that he would have blood on his hands. In "??", he was charged with orchestrating the murder of his own daughter, but he did not believe her at the time because, in his mind, there was no way a teenage runaway could be related to him. Luckily, a DNA match (obtained by Tabby Willis) later revealed the truth, and Caine was eventually arrested by Anna Pamhouser in his own former chambers ("Quillsville Cold Case: From Retirement to Homicide Detective") now occupied by Akim Anastopoulo.
  • Paul Barry Cooper (voiced by ) He is the father of Christina and Lilly, who left the family when Lilly was six because of a toxic relationship with Ellen and probably her drinking habit in Philadelphia. He remarried to a woman named Celeste and relocated to Haddonfield, New Jersey, where he was an avid chess player. He and Celeste had two children, Maggie and Finn. Paul carried a lot of guilt for leaving her, though he believed leaving her mother was the right thing to do because "some people just shouldn't stay together."
  • Dr. Mario Coxson (voiced by Ava Zinn) - An incompetent doctor who works at Quillsville's hospital and colleague of Melissa Rose and Lynsay Gerardo. Dr. Coxson is generally shown to be an unskilled doctor and his skills fluctuate from episode to episode. In one episode, he mentions his Harvard Medical School degree, but then implies it is a product of his calligraphy skills. Occasionally, he seems to know exactly what he is doing and performing great medical feats, such as where he does not even understand common medical terminology. In one episode, Angie brought up the fact that Coxson sounds very similar to Peggy Willis and Mandy Willis when he speaks. In "Quillsville Cold Case: Something About Loose Ava", Harry (Ava's father) also brought up the fact Mandy Willis sounds familiar to Peggy Willis and Doctor Coxson. As a response, Coxson tells Angie that Peggy (and later Mandy) is one of his patients and that there are only so many voices in the world; some are bound to be similar and that he never noticed because they do not talk all that much despite the fact that Peggy and Mandy in fact a patients of his. This was brought up to turn the scenario that Ava Zinn voices Dr. Coxon, Mandy and Peggy into a comical situation. His name comes from Zinn's good friend Kayla Cox and after Super Mario Brothers. In "Ratings Queen", it is revealed that Coxson is the worst doctor at Quillsville's hospital. In "Queen of the Hill", Dr. Coxson was among the Quillsville citizens to attend the trial between Mississinewa Cola and Alamo Beer in Arlen, Texas. He was shown to have been seated next to an unnamed Arlen physcian (who was also an incompetent doctor).
  • Horatio Cruz (voiced by Danny Trejo): Cruz started out as an arrogant deadbeat customer attending Babyface High School who had a relationship with Deanna Willis and nearly raped her with his Lamborghini to protect his sister Monique, who had got pregnant by Deanna ("Ode to Deanna" and "Blood Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves"). When Lilly Rush tried to arrest Horatio, it was revealed that the brother and sister's father was General Antonio Horatio "A.H." Cruz, an ambassador from the Jamacia, an area which was under diplomatic immunity from the United States. Therefore, Quillsville Police could neither arrest Horatio nor could they use any of his possessions as evidence. His younger sister (Monique) and brother (Mario Clavo) was able to be arrested, as Deanna and Monique had sex on Canadian soil (Windsor, Ontario), had Canadian blood, and because he flew the Jamacian flag in international waters, leaving him unprotected and arrestable in Jamacia.
    Horatio Cruz reappears in "The Rape of Heather Willis" after being traced by Quillsville Police Detective Lilly Rush to another rape but not Deanna's. He continues to taunt Ava Willis, Melissa Rose, Lilly Rush, and Quillsville Police officers, using the line "We never lose", a line Ava Willis had spoken after Tiffani arrested Monique. A blood test of General A.H. Cruz, the alleged father of Mario, Monique and Horatio, revealed that although Horatio, Monique and Mario had the same mother, Cindy Martha Cruz, they had different fathers, making Horatio an adoptive son of General A.H. Cruz.
    When Ava Willis, Lilly Rush, and Melissa Rose reveals Cindy’s infidelity to the family, the General becomes infuriated. Lilly Rish then reminds the General that he can disown Horatio and thus rescind his immunity at any time; he does immediately, allowing Lilly Rush to arrest Horatio.
    In another episode, however, Horatio escapes custody after a cohort steals a rocket launcher from a crime scene and blows up the courthouse in which he was being arraigned ("No Wowan's Land"). He later lures Ava Willis and April Sack into a parking lot to find a hostage, who turns out not to be there. In the ensuing gun battle with his cohorts, April Sack is nearly killed when a security guard shoots him in the head (Horatio offered him $1,000,000 to do so).
    In the next episode ("Worker Down"), Horatio seeks revenge, killing his adoptive father in the consulate. Later on, Horatio's real father is revealed, and as it turns out, Horatio had smuggled illegal gender transition related medication into Quillsville, and his escape from jail was intended to help Melissa Rose. Melissa's home is raided and temporaily shut down by Natalia Lightner and Adrienne Fansler. After being disowned by his biological father and having nothing to live for, Horatio returns to "duel" with Ava Willis, despite being unqualified. Immediately after raising his gun at Ava, he is shot once in the chest by Ava Willis (the same weapon used by her wife, Angie in "Aeverine Kills Rags"), and dies.
  • Monique Cruz (voiced by Hannah Wilson): Cruz is the sister of Horatio Cruz and the biological mother of Lina Willis, first appearing in "Ode to Deanna" who is later revealed to be Deanna's rapist, due to ancestry DNA Ava Willis obtained from Horatio Cruz in "The Rape of Heather Willis" (it was also revealed Deanna is the biological father of Lina Willis). She and her younger brother (Mario Clavo) was able to be arrested for the rape of Deanna Willis, as Deanna and Monique had sex on Canadian soil (Windsor, Ontario) and concieved Lina Willis, had Canadian blood, and because he flew the Jamacian flag in international waters, leaving her unprotected and arrestable in Jamacia.
  • Kassie DePaiva (voiced by Herself) – Kassie is a famous muscian and actress that makes an appearance in season 7's "Ten Years to Life".
  • Addison Ellissong (born Matthew Ellisong) and Stacey Ellissong (voiced by Ava Zinn and Karly Jameson respectively) – Addison and Stacey are respectively a Burmese-American transgender woman and Laotian-American woman who are acquaintances of the Abhrams. Lando and Lilly Abhrams envy and resent them, but go to great lengths to gain their favor, such as inviting them over for dinner. They live in the upscale, gated community of Indianapolis Heights, and are prominent members of Oak Hill Country Club. Addison and Stacey tolerate the Abhrams but, in reality, look down upon them. They joined the Episcopal Church despite being Buddhist because it was "good for business." Addison is also blatantly hypocritical. She referred to Lando as a "Tranny Banana" (a combined slur to identify transgendered men and woman and ethnic slur to identify an Asian American apparently lost in touch with their ethnic identity; more comfortable with Western society) even though Addison possesses far greater degree of luxury commodities, and lost most of her accent. Lando ended up having an extramarital affair with Ava Willis in "When There's Pressure, There's Affairs".
  • Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli (voiced by Ava Zinn) – The Happy Days breakout character, is parodied in several episodes. In "The Education of Thomas Willis", "Rags Kills Aeverine", and "Ten Years to Life" when each Willis family member exclaims "Oh no!" to Judge Akim Anastopoulo's sentcing of Angie, the Fonz respectively breaks through the walls of Bart Peterson Middle School, the courtroom wall and a Montreal, Indiana apartment building yelling "OH YEAH!" then backs away awkwardly. In "Earthquake in Indiana", he has an epiphany while sitting in his living room when a car crashes through his wall, which put him on the receiving end of the trademarked breaking wall for the first time. In "A Quillsville Christmas", after Tabby (then Rags) panics about the existence of the Santa Claus, Heather, Tom and Deanna fail to calm Tabby, then Pamhouser makes an attempt, then the Fonz is seen in a pair of boxing gloves at the back of a line of other characters.In "Valentine's Day in Quillsville, Indiana", the Fonz is with his parents, (Vito Fonzarelli (voiced by Bob Barker) and Angela Fonzarelli (voiced by Betty White) when they meet his date who turns out to be Roberta Tubbs (much to his father's dismay). In "Queen of the Hill", the Fonz attempts to break through the wall during a trial between Angie Willis and Peggy Hill in Arlen, Texas. However, he calls Angie to apologize that she "went to the wrong Arlen" as he broke through the wall of the courthouse in Harlem in New York City. This references the fact that the state in which King of the Hill version of Arlen is in Texas rather than New York.
  • Nick Fradianai (voiced by Himself) – Nick is a famous muscian and performs with Karly Jameson first appearing in season 7's "Ten Years to Life".
  • Paige Hall (voiced by Holly Everman) – An ultra-liberal social worker from Fort Wayne. Physically frail, as she considers carpal tunnel a disability (nicknamed "Twig Girl"). In the pilot episode, she is assigned to investigate the allegation that Ava is beating Rags. She appears in two later episode as an advocate when Ava fired an unreliable drunk and in Quillsville Cold Case for drug-abuse.
  • Barbara Hobbs (voiced by herself) – Barbara is a famous Miss Indiana contestant, and her "Hoosier Millionaire" is played frequently on the show. She shamelessly promotes Aldi Mart until she grows tired of going to every new store opening (she told Melissa that she didn't read the contract properly, stating that Aldi Mart opened 400 new stores per year and it left her no time to produce hew "Hoosier Millionaire" episodes, record or be with her family). This forced her to disappear where Melissa discovers she has become a hermit, living within the Quillsville Aldi Mart in a "Toilet Paper Castle" and stealing stocked items at night when the store is closed. When she tells Melissa that she disappeared to "stick it to the man", Melissa decides to keep her secret and Hobbs goes on living in the store undetected. In Season 7, Hobbs is replaced by Crystal Gayle as the spokesperson for AldiMart.
  • H.W. (Harrison Walter) Ivey (voiced by Scott Swan in the first appearance, Garfield Everman from 2006-2011, and Tim Doogan since 2019) – H.W. is a former employee of Craven Gifts and another antagonist who strikes out on his own and opens up the crooked Iveyland company across the street from Craven. He dresses like an old school rich cowboy with a ten-gallon hat and cowboy boots. An untrustworthy type, Ivey is a sometime foil to Ava Willis and/or Tina. His sins are similar to Tina Craven's (adultery, gambling, using people), but more pronounced. Ivey openly considers customers as little more than moneymakers and hires centerfold models or Chippendale dancers to bait potential gifts customers. Ava, who also despises him, was forced to work for Ivey for a week due to Tina losing at a game of cards. Whenever his name is mentioned, any of the Willis remark angrily, "Ivey!"
  • Deputy Mayor Linda Jackson (voiced by Linda Jackson) - Quillsville's deputy mayor since 1995 named after another long-time Fort Wayne anchorwoman who provides her voice. Jackson made her first appearance in "Ten Pretty, Pretty Angry Women."
  • Reginald John Simpson (voiced by Garfield Everman in 2006-2012, Olivia Everman in 2019-present) – Reginald John is Stephanie's Native American former "healer" and adulterous lover, and the biological father of Joseph. He is a former roadie for Winger. He works out of his trailer as a masseur, though his clients are generally only women. It is implied that he has a history of having sex with them, as Ava is horrified when Angie goes to see him, and Reginald John even states to her, "Ava, I consider you a friend. I would never heal your wife the way I heal the wives of others." He is also active in American Indian rights campaigns, and Melissa once helped her with a lawsuit that netted him twelve acres of land from the Federal government. However he was manipulated into building a casino on the property which was later found to be prohibited in Indiana whose tribes forfeit gaming rights for federal recognition and his property was permitted for hazardous dumping to pay the debt. Because Melissa had been so helpful, Reginald felt extremely guilty over what he did with Stephanie, and ended his affair by encouraging Stephanie and Melissa to strengthen their marriage. He eventually got back together with an ex-lover and became a dedicated husband and father to the children he had with her.
  • Jasper Jones (voiced by Garfield Everman) – Jasper was the slacker boyfriend of Baxter/Bianca Willis. He was killed in an explosion by his own negligence while working at Aldi Mart, having dragged a gas tank by the valve instead of its handles resulting in leak. The character did return once (as an angel).
  • Josh Kaufman (voiced by himself) – A soul singer and singer-songwriter and former classmate of Ava's as well an arch-nemisis of his former singing partner with Karly Jameson, Avril Lavinge, and Alisan Porter whose fictional persona becomes a criminal sociopath.
    A former resident of Tampa Bay and Virginia, Kaufman moved to Quillsville in the 1980s and has been best friends with Bart the Bully, Eric Halvorson and Eric Ferguson and like Bart the Bully, he often fights suddenly with Ava Willis, Karly Jameson or Alisan Porter, usually interrupting some related event. The fight scenes are often long and melodramatic, but not as much destruction to Quillsville. Josh always loses, but it is then shown that he is still alive. This rivalry begins in "Ten Years to Life" when Bart the Bully, Cynthia Wilson, Eric Ferguson and the Quillsville Mafia plan an attack at the Karly Jameson concert (however, in "Meet the Pamhousers", it was actually Kaufman who said "you're probably never going to see him again after Ava's meddling (as a male) in her past allows her to accidentally punch Bart the Bully while dancing at the Quillsville Central High School (later Kenneth "Babyface" Edmunds High School, now Lee Kelso High School) gymnasium, giving an origin to the rivalry).
    In "Serves Me Right for Giving Plasma to Frank O'Bannon", he is invited by Angie to help deal with the local zoo named for Kaufman, i.e. Josh Kaufman Zoo in Quillsville. While Heather's attentions are turned to her boyfriend, Angie becomes friends with Kaufman. This friendship ends when Kaufman becomes jealous of Heather. Angie and Heather lure Kaufman into a crate, forgetting to make holes for air, and ship him off to be studied by "top women in Ohio".
    Kaufman returns in "Willis Identity", stealing Angie's wallet and assuming her identity. Angie retaliates by assuming Kaufman's identity and ruining his credibility on the The Karly Jameson Show. When Kaufman shows up to fight Angie, he is again lured into a crate to be studied by "top women in Ohio". In "Heather Willis' House of Payne", the NBC producers hire Kaufman and fellow Hoosier Vivica A. Fox to star in Heather Willis' television show, Kaufman making multiple changes to Heather's original script that prompt Heather to back out of the project.
    Josh Kaufman reappears in "And Now There Are Fewer" in which he turns his life over to Jesus wishing to make amends for his sins. Kaufman is later killed as part of an elaborate murder plot orchestrated by Zach Mullins.
  • Lando "Lee" Kelso (voiced by Lee Kelso) – The Mayor of Quillsville from 1979 to 2019 who is named after the former Fort Wayne anchorman who provides his voice. He is a highly odd and delusional politician. He has been shown to be good-natured but generally irresponsible. He also has a love affair with Tom in "Barely Out of College". In season 7, he marries Ava's boss Tina Craven, thus making her the First Lady of Quillsville. The marriage of Kelso and Craven does not sit well with Quillsvillians and later in season 7, incumbent Kelso is defeated by Nicole Pence. Kelso's defeat marked the end of Kelso's 10 term reign as Quillsville's mayor.
  • Shelly Lloyd (voiced by [[]])
  • Lynsay Miller (voiced by [[]]) -
  • Nicole Pence (voiced by Nicole Pence) - The mayor of Quillsville introduced in 2019 named after the niece of former Indiana Governor (and current United States Vice President) Mike Pence and the daughter of Indiana congressman Greg Pence and former Indianapolis anchowoman of the same name. Unlike her successor, she cleans up and cleans up Quillsville's Police Deapartment by ordering Tina Kelso to permanently close Craven Gifts branches and Sweethearts restaurants.
  • Pamela Tallie "Pam" Peterson (voiced by Robyn Hurd from 2006-2012, Breeanna Sorensen since 2019) – Pam is Ava's mentally unstable hair stylist. Eventually, her distress affects her ability to style hair, causing Ava great embarrassment. Pam was almost forced out of business when a trendy salon named Slutz opened across the street, but she was able to secure Bianca (then Baxter) and Tiffani's services after Slutz fired them when they learned Tiffani was not the male hairstylist she'd been posing as.
  • The Quillsville Mafia is a multibranched gang which Ava Willis once told Tiffani Donovan once described as one of the most dangerous in the region and "Quillsville's new ganbangers". First mentioned late in the fourth season, they would become a regular presence beginning in season 7; many of the murder cases Officer Dailey, Ava Willis, and/or Lilly Rush uncovered were carried out by one or more of the Quillsville Mafia members. The Quillsville Mafia was also responsible for the murder of Adrienne Fansler. Ultimately, the gang would cease to be a viable threat in the 15th season after Ava Willis, Melissa Rose, Kendra Kendall, Pamhouser, Heather, Tabby, and Shushu was traveled to Mexico and Pamhouser ultimately killed its remaining leadership (its original leader, unnamed for now, was killed in the 15th season premiere as revenge for Fansler's death).
  • Christina Nichole Rush (voiced by Karly Jameson) - Christina is the rebellious and irresponsible younger sister that has long had a difficult relationship with Lilly in Philadelphia. She is 10 years younger than Sgt. Rush. Lilly still shows concern for her sister but is often frustrated by Christina's irresponsible behavior. While in Philadelphia, Christina was revealed to be involved with a prescription drug fraud ring, and the leader of the ring was the father of her baby daughter. He later abducted her on suspicion she was informing Lilly about the group (she wasn't) but Lilly rescued her and her daughter and took down the ring's leader and his sidekick.
  • Ellen Anita Rush (voiced by Karly Ryder) - Ellen is Lilly and Christina's alcoholic mother from Philadelphia who gave birth to Lilly and Christina in Quillsville, who raised her children on welfare and often neglected them due to her drinking and promiscuity. Her fourth husband had left her and Lilly was left to bail her out of jail after a particularly bad bender and then take care of her after she was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver due to years of alcohol abuse. Despite all this, Lilly and her mom bonded during what little time they had together before Ellen's sudden death in 2007.
  • Allison Ryder (herself) - Shanna Ryder is the third daughter of Karly Ryder, the older sister of Arianna and younger sister of Shanna and Karly.
  • Arianna Ryder (herself) - Arianna Ryder is the youngest daughter of Karly Ryder and the baby sister of Shanna, Karly, and Allison.
  • Shanna Ryder (herself) - Shanna Ryder is the oldest daughter of Karly Ryder and eldest sister of Karly, Allison, and Arianna.
  • Christiana Sellars (voiced by Marla McClinton) – An African-American woman who first appeared in "Ten Years To Life" where she won the audition as a permanent replacement for Lanise (Lanise frquenly hung out with Angie Willis, Lilly Abhrams, and Stephanie Rose until she moved to Milwaukee in 2001). It is revealed she was the second girlfriend of Ava Willis in their younger days before she met Angie, which made Angie jealous. However, Cynthia Wiilson (aka Jill Da Rippa) burned down Christiana's house (Cynthia thought it was Fanchon Stinger's). Angie believed that Christiana was trying to steal Ava from Angie and became jealous. Angie later apologized to her and they remained friends. In "Ten Years To Life", it is revealed that Christiana and Ava have a daughter named Breeanna and in another episode Christiana has a transgendered son named Jerome (born Laverne).
  • Rod West (voiced by [[]]): Boyfriend and later ex-husband of Brittani Hicks. He was suspected by Ava Willis in an illegal-ammunition case, and married Brittani Hicks in season 14. Brittani double-crossed him for Ava Willis in a season 14 when he was planning to escape the United States by boat. He shot at Ava Willis when she is revealed and ran; Ava Willis shot a fuel canister on the boat and blew it up, but West's body was never found. He was later revealed to have survived the explosion in a season 15 epiosde, where he was shown to have had some surgery on the left side of his face, which was burned by the explosion. He became a confidential informant for the Quillsville police, which ensured that Ava Willis nor Lilly Rush could not arrest him for any crimes (as informants are given immunity), which was his intent.
  • Jimmy Zolobrowski (voiced by Dave Coulier) – Jimmy is the town imbecile and town drunk, and the main co-antagonists (with Horatio Cruz) in "Ode to Deanna". He has had several jobs, including concession manager at the racetrack and outsider artist. Melissa notes that he may have given himself brain damage from staring into the sun for too long, although "he can't have been too bright to do it in the first place."

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