Devin Martin

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Devin Martin
Born Deanna Rose Martin
July 31, 1992 (1992-07-31) (age 30)
Baltimore, Maryland
Nationality American
Alma mater Rutgers University
Occupation TV personality
Home town Baltimore, Maryland
Partner Tavon Savage (2006-present)

Devin Robert Martin (born Deanna Rose Martin July 31, 1992) is an American broadcaster and out trans man. He is best known for being a "Male Villain" on the web site Vote for the Girls, which he joined in 2016 with his then-boyfriend Tavon Savage.

Early life[edit]

Born Deanna Rose Martin, Devin was born and raised in Baltimore, the first of four children. His father, Tyler Martin (b. 1960) was from Washington, D.C. and of English descent. His mother, Andrea "Andi" Martin (b. 1957), was born and raised in Baltimore and was a longtime anchorman at the local NBC affiliate WMDW (channel 2).[1]

In 2015, Martin graduated from the Rutgers University with a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism and later pursued an Executive MBA.



Martin began his career at CBS affiliate WJLZ in Baltimore in 2013, while still attending Rutgers University. He became the station's youngest weekend anchor at age 20 and became one of the few transmen to do so, along with Leonard Lai from WVTH (NBC 25) Terre Haute, Indiana and Luka Runecraft in WDMI (CBS 4) Detroit.

Vote for the Girls and WTOR[edit]

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In 2016, Martin joined the popular and controversial web site Vote for the Girls as a "villain" panelist. Although his boyfriend, Tavon Savage joined the panel at the start of the eighth season, Martin had to fulfill his commitments at WLJZ in Baltimore which expired at the end of November 2016.

Martin announced on November 23, 2016 he has accepted the weekend evening anchor at fellow CBS affiliate (and NoSirGifts flagship station) WTOR in Fort Wayne. He will co anchor with Donna Doogan.

Personal life[edit]

Martin (as Deanna Martin) met Tavon Savage in 2006 and entered into a long-term relationship. They have a daughter Simone Ani (b. 2011).

Gender transition[edit]

In July 2007, Martin began undergoing a physical and social gender transition. He had a bilateral mastectomy with nipple grafts performed before beginning hormone therapy in August. In August 2007, an Marlyand Court granted his request for a name change and he legally completed his transition in October 2008, when he had his gender officially changed on all of his legal documents including his birth certificate. Because he wanted to have biological children and sterilization was not a requirement to undergo a valid sex change anywhere in the United States, he kept his internal reproductive organs intact.

As a man, Martin gave birth to his child, Simone, and announced he is pregnant with a second.


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