And Now There Are Fewer

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"And Now Theere Are Fewer"
Queen of the Willis episode
Episode no. Season 7
Episode 34
Directed by Alexandra Moffitt
Written by Rachael Passalt
Kendra Ray
Original air date November 22, 2019
Guest actors

"And Now There Are Fewer" is the two hour-long finale of the seventh season of the American animated television series Queen of the Willis. This and most of the season 8 episodes were produced for the seventh season. It originally aired in the United States on November 22, 2019.

The episode follows the citizens of Quillsville after they are invited by Josh Kaufman to his stately mansion on a remote island. While there, a series of murders occurs, and the group struggles to determine who committed the mysterious acts, before ultimately attempting to escape from the island, and avoid being murdered themselves. The episode borrows its premise and title from Agatha Christie's murder mystery And Then There Were None.

The episode was written by Rachael Passalt and Kendra Ray and directed by Alexandra Moffitt. It received high acclaim from critics, who praised its storyline and cultural references.

The episode features guest performances by Nicole Pence and Josh Kaufman, along with several recurring guest voice actors for the series.

The show confirmed afterwards that it was part of the show's "real" canon and those characters that died in the episode (i.e. Zach Mullins, etc.) and in "The Rape of Heather Willis" would not be brought back in the future. Exceptions are Anna Pamhouser and Josh Kaufman.


Most of the known residents of Quillsville are invited to a dinner party in his palatial mansion by Josh Kaufman, who states he has become a born-again Christian thanks to his wife, and wishes to repent for all his wrongdoings. Early into the night, as the Kaufmans go to the kitchen, Alisan's new companion, Stepfano, is mysteriously shot when he sits in Kaufman's seat, leading the guests to believe Kaufman intends to murder them all. They try to leave, but lightning strikes a tree, causing it to break the bridge. Meanwhile, the main road is flooded due to the storm. Returning amidst accusations, Kaufman pleads ignorance before he too is murdered in front of the guests by an unseen killer with a knife during a power outage, causing Mrs. Kaufman to faint. Trapped on the remote estate with no way of contacting anyone due to a thunderstorm and being out of cell range, the guests realize that the killer is among them. They also discover that Stepfano's body has disappeared.

While the guests search for clues in discovering the killer's identity, they realize that many of them have motives for wanting revenge on Josh Kaufman. After finding and reading a notebook belonging to Kaufman in a secret room, Tina Craven's husband, Former Quillsville Mayor Kelso, disappears after it is discovered that he was being blackmailed by Kaufman, causing everyone to suspect him as the culprit. However, the now former Mayor Kelso turns up dead soon after by being stabbed in the back with the same knife that killed Josh, placing suspicion on Mrs. Kaufman, who also disappeared during the commotion. Hank Wilcox's wife, Danielle, goes to an upper balcony to find a cell phone signal and contact the police, but is soon murdered by the unseen killer with Kaufman's trophy from his victory on The Voice. The guests search everyone's rooms until they locate the bloodstained award and Mrs. Kaufman's dead body in Angela Stroup's guest room. Angela is thus implicated as the killer and is chased and caught by Angie, Karly, Meghan, Dr. Coxson, Alisan, Lakemon, and New Mayor Pence.

Angela is arrested by the police and the guests prepare to leave. Ava goes to comfort Angela's co-anchor, Zach Mullins, only to intuitively realize he is the true murderer when Zach shows a suit for his solo debut on the news, even though he could not have known Angela would be leaving. Zach reveals that he had an extramarital affair with Mrs. Kaufman until he was beaten up by Josh, around which Angela arranged him to be replaced on Fox 11 Action News. Seeking revenge, Zach bribed Mrs. Kaufman to make Josh become a born-again Christian and throw the dinner party so he could murder Kaufman and frame Angela for the crime, but was forced to kill Mrs. Kaufman and the other guests after his plan went awry upon Stepfano's accidental death. Zach then attempts to silence Ava by forcing her outside to a nearby cliff, only to be shot down himself with a suppressed sniper rifle fired by Tabby and Shushu, who proclaims themselves to be the one to kill Ava.


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